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  1. Getting my two cents out on the topic of the Smash DLC being set in place, with them being specifically chosen by Nintendo, I think it likely at this point to be based on properties that are guaranteed to be recognizable and make money, and from recently released/upcoming titles. That said, I feel the most likely characters are going to be a Xenoblade Rep; Fire Emblem Heroes or Three Houses Rep; an upcoming Pokemon Rep; and either 1) a another Nintendo Rep and Third Party Rep, or 2) 2 Recognizable Third Party Reps. NOTE - These are not at all characters I necessarily want, but these are characters I feel are likely with evidence to back them up. Xenoblade is kind of a no duh choice. Xenoblade Chronicles 2 sold over 1.5 million, and had a prominent DLC Expansion released with Torna, and Sakurai himself loves the game. To not include a Xenoblade Rep would be an odd choice considering that games success, and I'd be shocked if they didn't do so. The choice would obviously be Rex, though characters like Lora or even Elma shouldn't be out of the question, should they want to promote the Xenoblade franchise as a whole. FE is one that also spells safe choice, the series has been getting larger and more popular as time has gone on, and Heroes has made over $400 million in revenue with about 10/15 million downloads - as such, Nintendo may find it wise to add in a character like Fjorm, Veronica, or perhaps even Kiran into the game as a playable character, and I honestly find a Heroes rep the safest bet at this point. At the same time, TH is shortly on the horizon, and developing a fighter to tie into that games release would be an effective way to promote it, with the likely choices being either Byleth or Edelgard, and FE is no stranger to having characters included to promote a new release - such as Roy's inclusion in Melee before the release of Binding Blade, and Corrin's inclusion of Fates release in Japan, but before its western release. Pokemon has generally had a Pokemon of the newest generation included in its release - such as the case with Greninja and now Incinaroar, and with a new generation of Pokemon scheduled for next year, it would probably be smart for them to add a fighter from the title into Smash. A possible 4th Nintendo Rep - This I'm honestly not too sure on, since really it could go to any series, from Zelda, Splatoon, or even Kirby, or perhaps even Dragalia Lost to promote that title(never count anything out). Although as I mentioned earlier, it would likely be from a recently released title, or an upcoming title. Though if I had to pick a character, I'd say Bandana Dee, since it would be another Kirby rep, a unique fighter, and a fighter a lot of people have wanted, and Kirby had a major release recently with Star Allies. Third Party Reps - Of course Smash would benefit from a 3rd Party Rep or 2 as DLC, but who would work. Even though Geno is a popular choice among fans, I honestly don't think its possible at this point, as he's not recognizable enough, and he doesn't have any new major appearance coming up as far as we're away. Realistically, Sora has a higher chance due to being more recognizable with a major release on the horizon, despite being owned by Disney, but Disney and Nintendo generally have a friendly history with one another. Banjo-Kazooie is a HUGE maybe due to being owned by Microsoft, a direct competitor, so having another developer that's working closely with Nintendo would likely be more realistic, so I could better see either a Ubisoft or Bethesda rep as a third party choice, seeing as Nintendo has been very buddy-buddy with those two companies in particular, or another rep from a company already represented, such as Namco.
  2. My guesses are as follows. 1). A Fire Emblem Rep - Simply put, compared to most other Nintendo IPs with recent/upcoming titles, Fire Emblem is the one that is most likely- but the question is who would it be? Honestly, there are quite a few good choices- the most likely one would be a Three Houses Rep(hopefully Edelgard for the axe and not Byleth) to promote that game, and the timing would make sense. Although I can't help but feel a Heroes rep likely as well. Yes, its on a non-Nintendo platform, but they are still Nintendo characters from Nintendo's most successful mobile experience, and imagine how cool and different a move set for someone like Kiran could be, a projectile character with the gimmick of calling upon different FE characters for attacks, or Fjorm as an ice-based lance fighter, or Sharena as a lance-fighter in general, or this games version of Anna. Either way I see an FE rep happening, and I don't think Heroes should be counted out just because it is a mobile game. 2). A Xenoblade rep- This one is probably going to be Elma, due to the fact that Xenoblade Chronicles is becoming more popular as we speak, and with Rex seemingly not in the game, along with other potential XC2 candidates, Elma really has the best chance, plus she could be a potentially very unique and different fighter hit an emphasis on quick movement and gun play, almost a type of hit and run style. Although, Rex may still have a chance later on and shouldn't necessarily be discounted, especially with the next point I will bring up. 3). A fan requested Nintendo character- with a catch... - Pretty self explanatory, could be anyone from Nintendo. Although, in case In case you don't know, we got a small glimpse of Robin's Final Smash with the video below... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=un44CDKDqIY - Did you notice? Chrom is still part of Robin's Final Smash. Which makes Chrom not only a playable character, he's also part of another character's Final Smash, meaning there's a chance for Chrom to actually beat himself up - which explains why they never showed off Robin's Final Smash before this point. On a serious note, as you can tell this potentially opens up a huge amount of possibilities, and it's now not out of the realm to see perhaps some character's that got 'deconfirmed', to have a new chance in the spotlight- like perhaps Waluigi and Isaac. Now of course, they could likely replace the Chrom in Robin's final smash with another FE character... or Alfonzo, if playable Chrom is on screen, but it really does raise a ton of questions. Could we potentially see formal assist trophies become playable characters, while still maintaining AT status? Does Rex and other Mii costumes maybe have a chance after all? How do Spirits factor into this? 4). A heavily requested third party character - Again, pretty self explanatory, could be anyone; though I will say the one I most want would be Sora. 5). A Pokemon Rep for Next Gen - I feel this is another safe bet, Pokemon is huge enough that they could add in one of the starters from the next Pokemon game on Switch as a playable character to promote its release, as they sort of did with Greninja and Incineroar, having them planned before the release of their respective generations, only this time, it would be a DLC character.
  3. Agreed with all of that. I myself am not very religious, though when I used to go to church I always admired how much of a welcoming place it was and how nice the people were, and its sad to see how hard line institutions have become throughout the past few years because of events like these. Just a few weeks ago I found out that my old high school now has security guards throughout, and students used to travel between buildings between certain classes, though not any more, resulting in overcrowded class rooms. @Hawkwing @Dragoncat Sad to say that that's how things have since politics have been a thing, and the two party system, among many other things in the government are so outdated to the way the world is now days.
  4. Thanks a bunch for all the prayers and support. And for the record I know that every shooting is deadly no matter what, I guess since it was just so close to home and my father was so close when it happened it just really shook me up a lot, and when people throw terms like "deadliest" around it doesn't make things any better. There have of course been higher degrees of violence with other groups, so keeping that perspective is important. And I totally agree, the way the political system is right now is totally a mess and needs to seriously get a change. It really does feel like constant arguing with nothing really getting done, it other words just rhetoric. (NOTE: When I say anti-Semitic, I'm more specifically referring to its uses as essentially a synonym for Jewish, since that's what its typically associated with.) @eclipse Understandable and apologies for that, wasn't my intention.
  5. So I want to start with all my prayers, love and respect goes out to all of those affected by the shooting this past week, and no matter what you may think of Trump's decision to come to Pittsburgh, all I ask is that you keep any discussion respectful here. But the reason I made this post is because I myself live Pittsburgh, and have lived there for all my life, and that day for me was perhaps one of the most intense in my life. My father at that time was in the area at lunch with a date when the events occurred, and without getting too into it unfortunately one of the victims of the shooting happened to be a member of the community I am from, coming only a short walk away from where I live. Honestly, just being able to talk about my feelings anywhere on the matter helps a ton, partly because right now many people in the area are very tense about the situation(even more so now since as I'm writing this Trump will soon be arriving in the city). Part of what made this so hard for everyone around our community was that Pittsburgh, in general, has always been a city about its community, from all walks of life. No matter your ethical background, sexual preference, or political alignment, or religious beliefs, their was always a sense of community, and it felt like no bad could ever happen, and very rarely, if at all has anything truly horrific happened in the city. So when you hear the news that perhaps the most deadly anti-Semitic shootings in the history of our nation happened at your own home, and one so close knit as what I'm used to, there's truly no way I can really describe it other than soul-wrenching. I guess really why I'm making this is that I want to find some semblance of solace with the situation because already I have a lot going on in my life right now; with college, a new job, and a complicated family relationship, and a copious amount of anxiety, so getting out my feelings about the situation right now feels like the best I can do. All I ask is that you remember how precious love and life are, and please send all your prayers to those affected by the incident.
  6. In regards to the incentives that can be given to have units marry, I personally think they could do a variety of things; from unique weapons @RexBolt really like the idea you have for them, marriage bonuses to stats, unique skills that can be unlocked based on the pairing, sharing skills between units, and gaining access to the class or weapon of the partner. @Shadow0809 They can still do child units, again, if it's tied to the story, and this game had a few years of development, which should be more than enough time to properly implement them, if that's what they are going with (which likely isn't if Byleth is the avatar). I do think that they are definitely going to take the feedback into account, seeing as that was one of the major complaints of Fates. So while I personally think children have a 50/50 chance, marriage definitely isn't going away; IS knows that it's one of the major appeals of FE these days. In regards to a Geneology remake, well, there's quite a few challenges that a remake would face, given the controversial and mature elements of the games story, unless they were fine with censoring some things or giving it an M rating, or at the very least push the boundaries of the T rating. Otherwise, if a multi-generational story is to occur again anytime soon, it would prove challenging as @Regal Edelgard Axe Master brought up the point that characters would likely be killed off or aged given some sort of time jump, which could turn people away; unless they were to do another time travel type of story like Awakening, which I wouldn't have a problem with, if they could make it interesting. Perhaps focus on the repercussions of changing history, turning a bad thing into something worse, like making something that was initially a civil conflict, into a world wide conflict, thus causing even more devastation in the world in the future, or similar to Awakening, making it a moot point as all it did was just create a different timeline, so that bad future still exists. It could thus allow for a unique opportunity to travel to said future to end the conflict there, while simultaneously discovery whatever chain of events lead to that destruction in the first place, so you could go back to the present and end the conflict before it goes further. Perhaps it could also make for a unique game play idea; where similar to Gaiden/Echoes, you control two armies, one in the present, and another in the future. Depending on what you do in the present will affect the future in some way, and information you find in the future can be rallied back to the present to make whatever move is necessary for correcting history. Thus, when you marry two units a head of time, you get unique units for that future timeline, as apposed to filler units, like in Geneology. This was just me spit-balling a possible idea, so I didn't really have time to flesh it out, but I think it would be a nice solution to the problem.
  7. @Zangetsu I understand your sentiments. At the same time, I can't say I can't be mad at Sakurai. I feel that Sakurai wants to deviate away from Sword users, given the reason Robin was chosen over Chrom initially was because he was more unique; the only reason Lucina got in was essentially just a happy accident. Heck, even though Sakurai was initially hesitant on including Corrin, he allowed the character to be in the game due to her unique dragon abilities. So, not only does he have to chose a character important to their respective game in some form, but he has to make them unique. Even with Roy coming back in Smash 4, he went out of his way to try and make him stand out from Marth, redefining his play style around his hilt mechanic. Now, I'd much rather have characters be chosen based on weapon variety, for sure, but again, if they aren't that important to the game, chances are they won't be in the game, and unfortunately, most main FE characters, use swords. That's why I'm really holding out hope for Edelgard as DLC, because not only is she an ax wielding magic user, but she is a main character in an upcoming major release who has already proven to be quite popular with a good amount of people. If this roster were to get a complete revamp in a future game, or DLC down the line, I think Sakurai would do his best to get away from sword-users as much as possible given his track-record with recent FE newcomers (with the exception of Echo Fighters).
  8. @Dinar87 I'd be shocked if voice acting wouldn't be included, seeing how positively it was received in Echoes, and the fact that was in Warriors. @Regal Edelgard Axe Master And if romances/supports tie into the story somehow, like Awakening and PoR, that'd be really cool to see.
  9. @PersonWithTime Given the return of durability, and the more, traditional European style, as apposed to Fates style, I do think that they are going to take quite a number of steps back from Fates. As for gay marriage, seeing as there reasoning for including the option in Fates was because of the growth of the fan base and the fact that their is more diversity in the fan base now days, I definitely see them including more options for it, especially seeing as IS hasn't shied away from same-sex characters before. In regards to kids, again, at this point it's hard to tell how it will be, but seeing as this game seems to be stepping away from some of the controversial elements introduced in Fates, it may be possible they won't be included. @Chopper... I'd like to see choice matter quite a bit as well, again if they can pull it off well. Perhaps depending on how you approach a map, fulfill certain options outside battle, dictate the course of conversations, or fulfilling one of a few victory conditions presented on a map. Fates kind of hinted that there would be more choice then ever when they were first promoting it, but really the choice ultimately boiled down to what game do you want to play, so if they could go all the way with it, that could seriously help in the replay ability, again, if they can pull it off properly. Of course, we could simply follow the paths of the three heroes, and they could present different story perspectives and game play scenarios. I could totally picture a map where you gain access to the other army for a large scale battle. Not only would this happen in whatever routes share the map, this could be a nice way to reintroduce yellow units, controlling the other army indirectly. Or perhaps you visit a map that another character was at earlier in the story, and have to deal with the after math of the other. And each character could present a different game play style; ex) Claude = simple maps, simple objectives; Edelgard = simple maps, varied objectives or complex maps, simple objectives; Dimitri = complex maps, varied objectives. Honestly, there are a lot of possibilities they could do.
  10. @Zangetsu Yeah, like I said, these aren't necessarily characters that I want, nor would that be how I would want them, especially in regards to Hector. I just feel like it is a possibility to be taken into account. I definitely feel Hector should be more unique if he gets in somehow, but I do think people are using the fact that he uses an ax to meaning he would definitely play different than the others, when he could just as easily be made into Ike with an ax (again, not something I would want for him, as if that were to happen, I'd rather not have him, but I could see it happening). As for Kana, size may go against her, although I wouldn't say that necessarily roles her out. Young Link in Smash Melee was a Link clone, and while sure he may not have been that much smaller, there was still some sort of size difference. So in my mind, Kana makes sense because the character would literally just be Corrin, just smaller and maybe a bit faster and lighter. Not to mention, the character is really the only one that is similar to Corrin in terms of what they are capable of, at least one that I'm aware of. And if Chrom and Dark Samus have different properties compared to the character's their based on (Dark Samus' mobility and electric effects and Chrom's special and blade properties). A size difference, at least to me, seems like it would fit a similar criteria.
  11. I was thinking quite a bit about possible Echo Fighters for a bit, and honestly there are some many characters that could easily get echos. But, in terms of possible Echo Fighters for the other FE characters, here's what I think is possible. For the record, I'm not saying these would be character's I would want, nor would they get in; I just think if we get more Echo Fighters for FE, these characters I feel are the most likely. Ike ) 1. The Black Knight - In my opinion he has the best likelihood as an Ike echo. Not only does it make sense from a lore perspective, but it'd be the first FE villain and he had a Mii costume in Smash 4. As for how he could be different, of course there'd be the aesthetic changes to give him a more imposing appearance, but perhaps he could also have somewhat slower mobility, to trade off the fact that he has a lot of weight, leading to him surviving for much longer. 2. Hector - This maybe be an unpopular opinion, but I can totally see him being an Ike Echo, just with maybe a different special to be his ax throw, and maybe a different up special. Otherwise, I feel, he could be a slightly slower or faster Ike, with less range on his ax, though he does a bit more damage to compensate, though hit boxes would be adjusted to account for the ax having a wider blade, as apposed to the length of a sword. Like Chrom, Hector has popularity going for him, so I don't see it out of the realm of possibility. Robin) 1. Morgan - Definitely not the most popular choice, especially since it's another Awakening rep and she's not as important, but hear me out. In terms of aesthetics, Morgan and Robin are very similar, and she(or he) likely wouldn't take much time to develop as a result. Second, both are fundamentally very similar, though do have differences that could be translated to smash. For starters, if she starts out in the tactician class, Morgan starts out with a fire based tome, thus she could potentially have a higher focus on fire magic than Robin. She also starts with a steel sword if I remember correctly, and this can be made to have infinite uses like the bronze sword, and it could be slightly more useful, though it would be no where near as potent as the Levin Sword. Also if Robin still has pair up, and it calls upon heroes from the 1st gen of Awakening characters, Morgan can do the same for 2nd gen Awakening characters. Though it is more likely that she could just be a bit smaller than Robin and have her animations and taunts be more reflective of her personality. 2. Celica - A similar case can be made for Celica, she's equipped with the Lady Blade which has infinite uses, but isn't as useful as the Levin Sword. And she could have the same specials as Robin, though like Gaiden/Echoes, she'd always have access to them, but it damages herself(the only exception being Nosferatu). Perhaps that may be too much of a change, but if she has the exact same moves and frame data as Robin, she would still likely count as an Echo Fighter, her animations would probably be changed slightly to be a bit more graceful though. Not to mention, given that she comes from a game called Echoes, it'd be kind of a nice little joke. Compared to Morgan, I feel like she as an Echo Fighter would definitely be more different than Robin, though I feel Morgan is more likely, despite Celica being far more popular. This is due to how recent Echoes came out and the fact that Morgan is just inherently very similar to Robin, making her a quick and easy candidate. Corrin) Kana - This was really the only option that made sense. Kana, like Morgan, isn't the most popular choice for an FE echo, but she(or he) and Corrin are still both very similar. So at best, she would probably be a smaller, slightly faster Corrin. Though, seeing as Echo Fighters don't have to be completely identical to the fighter they were based off of, it could be possible that perhaps Kana could get away with not having a sword at all. It may seem like too much of a change, and is very unlikely, but hear me out. Given that most of Corrin's attacks pull from her ability to turn into a dragon, any attack that did use a sword could easily be reworked to fit the shape shifting nature of the character (ex: for up and forward air, instead of swinging a sword, Kana swings her transformed arm.) Thus, many of her attacks would have similar range, similar animation, and the same frame data; she'd still play very similarly to Corrin, the only difference being is that instead of sometimes using a sword, she only uses her body. It may be a stretch for an echo fighter, but I don't see it out of the realm of possibility. Animation wise, her attacks, taunts, and victory poses, would probably be given a more playful spin on them, given the characters's personality, though that's about it.
  12. @YingofDarkness Byleth definitely has me on reserve. As someone who didn't really mind Robin that much, at least not until the last 3rd of Awakening, if he at least took that role I'd be fine. But if he is going to be more like Corrin, especially Conquest or Revelation Corrin, I would probably tune out very fast. If he somehow happens to not be an Avatar and more of a set anti-hero type character, that could be a very interesting way to look at a story (As someone in the middle of writing his own story, with one of the main characters being that of a nobleman from the enemy nation, it can allow for a lot of dramatic tension) but chances are he's going to be an avatar. I've been trying to think of what Byleth's role in the story could possibly be based on all the information that we know and can interpret, but honestly, until we get more information, it's impossible to tell what in the world this guy's deal is. Though for me, teacher seems like a perfect position for a supporting main character (like Robin being Chrom's tactician), so I'm hopeful that he will at least be more Robin(sans last third of Awakening), less Corrin. EDIT @Regal Edelgard Axe Master I'm not gonna deny that I don't mind Avatar's being in the game, they allow for different approaches for game play and if done right, can potentially help you feel more immersed in the experience (also in agreement with choosing eye color, and skin tone would also be cool, speaking as a man of multiple backgrounds). The thing is, doing an avatar in a story correctly, especially if they are the main character, is very tricky to pull off, and that's where most of my concern lies in regards to the story. Case in point, Corrin. A neat idea for an avatar, but the execution was so bad because the character had to be right no matter what, even if the decision made should be eating away at them through out the story. If there were more moments of Corrin not being so naive, mary sue, and especially having more gray moments, then I wouldn't mind much. Like imagine if depending on the route you chose, each respective side would talk down about the other family, which would cause Corrin to snap at those around him based upon what they were saying about the other families, I think it could've made Corrin a more interesting character that could stand on his own, while simultaneously mirroring the players regret on having to face off against characters they came to know and care about. Mind you, Fates all around could've really used more moral gray in its writing, or better writing in general, but it would at least make Corrin not as bad as the character turned out.
  13. @eclipse I see, seems pretty interesting, I'll definitely try to check that out whenever I get a chance, whether that be playing them some day, or checking out an LP or something. (As someone who is going into creative writing, and loves fantasy, politics, and religion especially when it comes to world building and character development, these seem like interesting things to check out for what I have interest in.) @YingofDarkness I think Dimitri's cool enough, though I do hear people pick on him quite a bit (most common thing I've heard people say about him is that he looked like he had Cup Noodle dumped on his head for hair.) Other than that, Claude isn't really doing much for me in terms of design. As for Byleth, I don't know what it is but something bothers me about his design. Maybe it's the hair or the the fact that the other characters have more color to them and just stand out compared to most other main characters in Fire Emblem, but Byleth isn't really doing much for me.
  14. @Maimishou Yeah, the Tellius series was a very bold approach for Fire Emblem all things considered, and given the addition of the modern elements of FE, such as Classic, Casual, and Phoenix, I think having them brought back would be really cool to see. @eclipse Interesting, without spoiling much, what do those games do to make you like those two themes together? Don't really have experience with the Tales games, though I hear good things about them, and I might pick up Vesperia or Symphonia since those are the ones I've heard mostly about.
  15. Went away for a bit, and I love what I see from the poll and posts, definitely quite a few differing opinions and thoughts and I appreciate everyone sharing. I suppose I'll talk about what I want; 1) Focus on the three - While I like the idea of Byleth growing as an instructor alongside the three protagonists, I feel like it shouldn't be the main focus, instead I think it should focus on the plights of, well, the Three Houses and their relationship with one another as the conflict progresses. 2) More Tellius Elements - I feel the Tellius series had a lot of great ideas that unfortunately never caught on as much as they could due to poor sales. Bonus EXP, shoving, direct commands, the skill wheel, etc. I feel that some of these features could really make for a fantastic experience when pair with some of the modern conventions. 3) Have to go with Edelgard - I absolutely love everything about her design, but what takes the cake for me are her eyes. Weird as it may sound, to me, I'm a sucker for eyes as I feel they can say a lot about a character and people in general, and Edelgard is no exception, there just so serene and pure to put it in some way and it really makes me love her design all the more, @Regal Edelgard Axe Master honestly right there with ya, definitely gonna pursue. 4) Aiming for the limited edition - While I have my reservations towards the game(mostly with the story and writing), I'm a shameless fan of the series, and given that I personally really like the art style of this game, I'd get it for the art book alone. 5) Nintendo Direct - One of the biggest reasons I feel so many people were against FE Warriors was because they didn't show people a full, in-depth look at the game/game play until much closer to release, and instead only showed characters and bits of the story mode(which most people didn't really care for at that point) But, seeing as this is a major spring title and brand new game, and the fact that Fire Emblem is now a major IP, I feel a Nintendo Direct for the game, or heck, even just a ten minute segment showing off the game would be a wise idea. @LucarioGamer812 I really like the idea you had for the story, and while I don't think it will go exactly as you stated, I think that it would be an amazing take on an FE story. @RexBolt I also like the idea of being among the bigger kingdoms, and it could very much delve into possible moral gray of high nobility, along with the heavy theme of religion. @Maimishou What I meant by the Birthright and Conquest mode is that picking a Birthright mode would open up the option to grind and take up side chapters whenever you like; while a Conquest mode would push you forward like the classic games(with the exception of rest areas like base in the Tellius games, or My Castle in Fates), meaning no grinding, and you have to take up side chapters when they appear, otherwise you can't do them later; so that way you can choose what type of experience you want to have; something more relaxed and dictated by your own pace, or a hardcore, tactical experience. Just gave it those names because I'm use to saying that in discussion. Also, in regards to the Tellius games, those games had certain mechanics like reward EXP, in which after a battle you could give EXP to any of your units to level them up; or direct command units, which were basically yellow units who were allied to you, though unlike blue or green units, you don't directly control them, rather you control their AI patterns(ex: if you want it to attack, click attack, if you want it to retreat you hit a fall back command). There was also the skill capacity, in which characters/classes had a certain capacity for learning certain skills, and depending on the skill, it used a different amount of points, so you had to careful choose what skills you want to have within the capacity available to you. Also in Tellius, building support was more of a matter of units simply partaking in the same battle with one another, rather than whether or not they were close by when in an action phase. @RexBolt brings up good ones as well, such as 3rd tier promotion, choosing secondary weapons upon promotion, and the mastery skills.
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