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  1. Star Wars: The Clone Wars. I was heartbroken when it got took off of netflix but then Disney said they'd be putting it on + AND giving it its seventh season. It's going to be so good, especially since it looks like it's going to finally end the character arcs of the clones and cover Order 66. In general, though, I'm just super excited to see a show from my childhood come back. It's really rare.
  2. Easy enough. Took out cormag immediately with brave micaiah and then did some assist strats to get her back to safety. Petra chipped and debuffed the remaining enemies next turn while ares went in to wreak havoc.
  3. Felix and Ingrid. Both can be healers if you so desire. I think they could do well in dancer and holy knight, respectively. Oh, and Felix would be a Slytherin and Ingrid would be a Gryffindor.
  4. In general, it’s been a weaker year, and that’s just because 2 of the major companies are moving onto their next big consoles. Sony doesn’t even have enough to show for E3. Nintendo’s had a pretty decent year, all things considered. A lot of really great ports and 3rd party editions, a handful of 1st party games that sold well, and a successful switch lite. We still have Pokémon coming out soon, and that’ll give them a huge profit regardless. Some of the mid-tier companies have had some issues. Blizzard had to deal with the whole Hong Kong thing, Bethesda innovated even more ways to ruin fallout, and EA is EA. I’m not super hyped for any of the games that they’re going to be putting out soon. I might pick up overwatch but that would only be so I can play with my brother. As for me, I’ve enjoyed 3 Houses a lot. It took up the majority of my summer and I don’t necessarily regret it. At the beginning of 2019 I was still on a Persona craze that started ironically a couple days before joker got announced. I had bought P5 to try for the first time just because I heard some good things about it and I wanted to put my PS4 to use, and then all of a sudden he was in smash. Crazy. Then in the spring it was a lot of Zelda and going back to the older wii games I owned. A lot of the time I spent with games this year was trying to get the most that I could out of the PS4 and the Wii U, since neither of those would be coming with me to college. I’ve been away for a couple months and I already miss the hell out of P5 and Skyward Sword. Thank god thanksgiving break is coming up soon, maybe my brother and I will play through something together. I was only able to take the switch with me to college, so I’ve been playing a ton of smash, 3H, DBFZ and Xenoblade 2. Speaking of DBFZ, if anything went well this year, it was fighting games. Smash is doing as well as ever, Soul Calibur made a comeback earlier in the year, and Blazblue and DBFZ are still getting interesting new content. The competitive scene is alive and well, and Nintendo’s really making an effort to try and support it, even if it’s in their own nintendoey way. Jump Force happened too, and MK11. Oh, and RIP MVC, you will be remembered.
  5. Maybe I missed some stuff with the story but isn't there some dragon that never really got explored or explained? That seems relevant.
  6. Lots of crying. Can you repeat that again?
  7. Myrtenaster accelerates cooldown by 1 and grants flashing blade 4. Rally movement grants +1 movement.
  8. If I pick it up it won’t be for a long time. I don’t have the same hatred for it that a lot of fans do- in fact, I would barely even call myself a fan to the same extent. My favorite games are gen 4 and Pokémon go, and I think let’s go was fun. That being said, Pokémon has never been something that I’ve been super passionate about. The gameplays too grindy with very little reward and the characters and story aren’t that great. So basically, I might get it later, but it’s a game I have no real feelings about right now.
  9. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cYQE2kcgTcM&feature=youtu.be My first attempt on infernal. Could be optimized but I think it's pretty easy as is.
  10. I already rate Louise pretty highly for great bases, decent growths and an instant A support, and with triple effectiveness she would be even more effective in the many maps she's around for that have those pesky wyverns.
  11. Leonie would dress up as Jeralt. Jeralt would dress up as Geralt. Ingrid would dress up as some legendary knight. Dimitri and Dedue would dress up as a boar and a bear.
  12. Really only know P3, 4 and 5 and don't know TMS at all so: Joker- Robin (all those supports and a jack of all trades) Morgana- Ranulf (Feline advisor with a cute accessory) Ryuji- Kieran (Hotheaded but devoted club wielder) Ann- Dorothea (it just works) Yusuke- Either Forde or Ignatz (Art) Makoto- Mathilda or Titania (Older member of the group, smarter and generally stronger) Futaba- Lysithea (You don't even have to switch the VA) Haru- Jill (Axe girl with evil dad) Akechi- Berkut (If you played P5 then you know.)
  13. The DC Animated Universe is one of the only reasons why I still watch TV at all. I grew up watching Justice League with my dad, who's super into comics, and that show was what made me fall in love with comics in general. I still go back to watch it all the time, and I equally enjoy other DCAU shows like Batman Beyond and Young Justice. These shows have great action, great characters and really utilize continuity well to tell stories over multiple shows. Watching them for me is no different than reading comics. It's just another part of the multiverse. As for the whole thing about cartoons being for kids, I don't really care for the argument. These shows treat their characters and stories with respect and maturity. They tackle so many issues that kids might not fully comprehend as well, whether it be cloning, fascism, racism..... hell, the biggest story in the entire DCAU is all about the league having to figure out whether or not it's right to put their authority over the government's. For those of you who don't really know comics it's comparable to the MCU's Civil War in terms of theming.
  14. Add rescuing and shoving back widespread like in tellius. I really miss being able to pull off fun strats with those mechanics. Oh, and bonus experience, and more siege defense maps, and a tellius style base.... Honestly I just want more radiant dawn.
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