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  1. Phoenix Wright, because he offers the most unique playstyle out of every other rep and is arguably the most iconic character of them all. Bringing him in also offers the opportunity for an easy sell for the next entry in the series on switch. The original trilogy has already sold pretty well on it, after all. Then there's the stuff like a courthouse stage, and all of the amazing music/remixes, and the general flair that Wright brings with him. Dante and Monster Hunter to me are just not as interesting, and someone like Amaterasu just doesn't have as much of a legacy in gaming as Wright.
  2. 1: 4/10 2: 3/10 3: 10/10 4: 9/10 5: 7/10 6: 6/10 7: 4/10 8: 3/10 9: 1/10 Rogue 1: 7/10 Solo: 8/10 Clone Wars: 10/10 Rebels: 6/10 Mandalorian: 9/10 And I'll throw in video games too since they're worth mentioning. Fallen Order: 8/10 Battlefront 2: 10/10 Lego Star Wars: 10/10
  3. As someone who plays DBFZ avidly I can say that the graphics that ArcSystemWorks can put out would be great for a FE fighting game.... However- a 3 on 3 fighting game doesn't make that much sense for fire emblem. I could see a 2v2 game (Blazblue Crosstag being the most recent example) to better match the pair up concept. I don't much care for story or OCs. Especially considering how warriors went nobody should expect much. As for characters, I'd much rather trade having no special costumes for having more fighters in general. Crosstag again does this pretty well with giving every character a set of the same basic alt colors, and giving each individual character some specific color sets that have some significance to the character or a reference to other characters (hell, even smash does this). There are currently 39 characters in DBFZ, with 15 of those being DLC and more DLC to come, so here is my roster of 39 (I'm not going to try and figure out who would and wouldn't be dlc). Infantry Swords: Marth, M!Byleth, Ike, Lyn, Alm, Ryoma Sword Cavs: Eliwood, Xander, Sigurd Sword Fliers: Elincia, Ashnard Infantry Lances: Ephraim, Dimitri, Azura Lance Cavs: Camus Lance Fliers: Caeda, Tsubasa Infantry Axes: Hector, Edelgard Axe Cavs: Titania Axe Fliers: Minerva, Camilla Archers: Takumi, Claude Daggers: Sothe Anima Mages: M!Robin, Arvis, Celica, Sanaki Light Mages: Micaiah, Linde Dark Mages: Leo, Gharnef, Lyon Dragons: Tiki, F!Corrin, Duma Laguz: Tibarn, Ranulf
  4. Marth, Ike, Robin and Edelgard sound good if only for proper representation of the series. Marth has the older games/general series legacy covered, Ike represents the series' refinement, Robin represents the series' resurgence/evolution, and Edelgard represents modern FE. And none of them will have a similar playstyle, which helps.
  5. None of the Crimean Knights or their friends are in yet. No Geoffrey, Kieran, Makalov, Astrid, Marcia, Danved, Devdan, Calil, Largo, Lucia, Bastian or Renning. It's criminal that such a huge part of the game still doesn't have representation.
  6. Oh boy... FE3H: Ingrid Dragonball Fighterz: Trunks (yes, I want more swordfighters) The Jackbox Party Pack 3?!!!.... pass? Tetris 99: A tetris block, unironically one of my most wanted characters. Pokemon Sword: Froslass Xenoblade Chronicles 2: Morag Phoenix Wright Trilogy: Franziska Von Karma ft. a whip tether grab. Pokemon Let's Go Eevee: Finally, a way for me to shoehorn in Alolan Ninetales. Mario Oddysey: uhhhh, the Bass player in Pauline's band. Astral Chain: Akira BOTW: Mipha Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3: Crystal Splatoon 2: The Octoling Dragonball Xenoverse 2: Another Dragon Ball character? SSBlue Vegeta, I guess. Blazblue Crosstag Battle: Weiss Schnee. Never thought I'd see the day. Civ VI: Teddy Roosevelt Hyrule Warriors: Lana Octopath: Ophilia
  7. It's time for the quintessential Brave Lance unit, the best unit in all of Fire Emblem period, General Geoffrey of the Crimean Royal Knights. @Gator
  8. Honestly, not a lot has been affected- I'm doing better work for my classes from home than I was at college, and I'm having better sleep and eating better food. And my spring break was right before all this started so I was able to do a whole bunch of fun stuff with my friends. All that I've really been upset about is all the movies getting delayed. I was really looking forward to seeing Wonder Woman 1984 (I'm a huge dc nerd) but that got delayed, and poor New Mutants is literally never going to come out now. If you don't know the story with that one, TLDR it started production many, many years ago and got hit by delay after delay and then the fox-disney merger, and we thought it was finally coming to theaters for sure but then a pandemic happened and I'm starting to think we're not meant to see this movie.
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