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  1. Oh boy... FE3H: Ingrid Dragonball Fighterz: Trunks (yes, I want more swordfighters) The Jackbox Party Pack 3?!!!.... pass? Tetris 99: A tetris block, unironically one of my most wanted characters. Pokemon Sword: Froslass Xenoblade Chronicles 2: Morag Phoenix Wright Trilogy: Franziska Von Karma ft. a whip tether grab. Pokemon Let's Go Eevee: Finally, a way for me to shoehorn in Alolan Ninetales. Mario Oddysey: uhhhh, the Bass player in Pauline's band. Astral Chain: Akira BOTW: Mipha Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3: Crystal Splatoon 2: The Octoling Dragonball Xenoverse 2: Another Dragon Ball character? SSBlue Vegeta, I guess. Blazblue Crosstag Battle: Weiss Schnee. Never thought I'd see the day. Civ VI: Teddy Roosevelt Hyrule Warriors: Lana Octopath: Ophilia
  2. It's time for the quintessential Brave Lance unit, the best unit in all of Fire Emblem period, General Geoffrey of the Crimean Royal Knights. @Gator
  3. Honestly, not a lot has been affected- I'm doing better work for my classes from home than I was at college, and I'm having better sleep and eating better food. And my spring break was right before all this started so I was able to do a whole bunch of fun stuff with my friends. All that I've really been upset about is all the movies getting delayed. I was really looking forward to seeing Wonder Woman 1984 (I'm a huge dc nerd) but that got delayed, and poor New Mutants is literally never going to come out now. If you don't know the story with that one, TLDR it started production many, many years ago and got hit by delay after delay and then the fox-disney merger, and we thought it was finally coming to theaters for sure but then a pandemic happened and I'm starting to think we're not meant to see this movie.
  4. Reyson not free.... this'll be interesting. Guess I'm in too.
  5. BXP does not carry over between armies. However, it does carry over between parts, so if one army left and came back any BXP you had would before they left would carry over. BXP is guaranteed to level up 3 stats. Because of this it’s better to use it when a unit has their higher stats capped or is close to promotion time. Everyone can benefit from BXP so it’s a little subjective but usually I find Jill needs some in the end of part 1 to give her an extra boost before she promotes, since she doesn’t usually have enough availability to reach 20 regularly. Haar benefits the most from it in part 2, and if you play all your cards right he can even reach tier 3. In part 3 pretty much everyone benefits from it since they’re that damn good but I’d suggest mia, Oscar and Soren in particular. In part 4 BXP should go to the units you’re using for the endgame. BXP in PoR is more powerful for sure but it’s still useful in RD for just giving some units an extra push. You’d do well to save it but not hoard it. I usually use it when someone has two or three stats capped and is a couple points away from thresholds they need to meet. Playing optimally for more BXP is always nice but it’s really not required at all to get good units. You can go either way and still be successful. 1-7, 1-E, and 4-5 come to mind for grinding. I’m not one for grinding so there could be more but those are definitely the easiest. 4-5 in particular is your last and best chance to raise units for the endgame. The Crimean Knight maps tend to have a high BXP yield. They’re pretty easy to manage, though. 3-9 and 3-10 will be huge for BXP so try to get a lot in those two and not use any until 3-11 comes around- or save it even further for part 4.
  6. Unfortunately most of my real ultimate team would consist of lance cavs and peg knights so I can't give proper credit to my favorites but here goes anyways. Avatar: Neil, a lance cav Lord: Dimitri Mercenary: Harken Myrmidon: Ayra Thief: Petra Fighter: Caspar Brigand/Pirate: Ross, I guess? Cavalier: Geoffrey Armor Knight: Dedue Soldier/Spear Fighter: Nephenee Archer: Klein Bow Knight: Astrid Pegasus Knight: Ingrid Wyvern Rider: Cormag Anima Mage: Pent Light Mage: Micaiah Dark Mage: Pelleas Cleric/Priest: Tatiana Troubadour: L'Arachel Dancer: Leanne Trainee: Pitfall Manakete: Ninian? Beast: Nailah
  7. Broken: Tauroneo, Black Knight, Nailah, Muarim, Rafiel Really Should Be Used: Sothe, Volug, Zihark Will Serve You Well: Nolan, Jill, Tormod, Vika Probably Shouldn't Bother: Edward, Aran, Laura Liabilities: Micaiah, Illyana, Leonardo Completely Unsalvagable: Fiona, Meg
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