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  1. A secret gay support option in 3H unlocked only by listening to Jeralt tell you how he met Byleth's mother 100 times. Chris Pine
  2. Butter by itself. Would you rather have your crest (if you had one) proc while you're eating or while you're driving?
  3. A tellius remastered bundle. No question about it.
  4. I really, really, really want a prequel story for the Tragedy of Duscur. Having a playable Rodrigue and Glenn plus all of the other parents and lords of the time would be amazing, and would hopefully give those characters a little more development. You could even throw in Hilda's brother or Caspar and Linhardt's fathers. But... I doubt that will actually be the case. A fourth route is the most obvious and practical way to go. I just hope said route has a few unique maps and characters. A playable Jeralt/Rhea/Sothis is probably inevitable, considering they have data.
  5. This is pretty much perfect timing, as I just finished up another blue lions run. Time to test some costumes and auxiliaries in a golden deer ng+ maddening run!
  6. Your math’s a little off. 91+1000 is 1091, not 1980/90. Technology does experience huge leaps forward, but there were long stretches of time in history where things didn’t improve a whole lot. You’re assuming that the 1000 years that passed in Three Houses are the same thousand years that passed in real life. We have no idea how much time had already passed for humanity before in three houses. For all we know, 1181 in three houses could be 5000 BC for us. The leaps that have happened in the past millennia have been staggering, but that doesn’t mean those leaps happen every single millennia. As for Rhea, who’s to say she wants people to advance, or that she even knows how to help them? She’s a religious leader, not a scientist.
  7. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t05hX5TaTGM I knew that MonolithSoft had been quiet for a suspicious amount of time. After Torna, I assumed they had gone right back to working completely on XC3, but if they're tiding us over with this remaster then the third game must be something huge that'll close out the switch. I can't wait to play the game in updated graphics- not to say that I don't appreciate the original, but I'm a huge fan of how Shulk and Fiora looked in the XC2 DLC. This is kind of an odd move for them, though. Maybe they weren't satisfied with the 3DS port (I know I wasn't) and wanted to try again. I guess we'll have to wait a little longer for an X port. They don't really like going back to previous games in general, so the mere existence of the remaster is surprising, but I'm all for it. If this version of the game adds anything more than a graphical update, I'd probably hope for a more updated UI and a challenge mode similar to what we had in XC2. But the game is practically perfect already, so I can't ask for much.
  8. RIP my wallet. I can't help at least putting some money in, with how much I love berkut, rinea, neph and ishtar. As for gameplay implications, I'm hoping my PA azura gets a weapon refine now, since, well, you know, power creep.
  9. Xenoblade Warriors please, or generally news of whatever monolith is working on right now. They’ve been too quiet for too long. A persona 5 port or even p4 golden would be nice. And tell us what the three houses dlc is!
  10. I'm not receiving the Aegis Shield when I complete Felix's paralogue. Is there a specific objective that I need to complete or a support level that I need to have?
  11. The characters within each tier aren't organized in any particular order. S: Favorite characters, the best supports and designs A: Good characters but have some lackluster supports or aren't fully explored B: Just okay C: Kind of boring but might have a good support or two or a decent design D: Just.... trash. Especially Cyril.
  12. I didn't see a topic about this, but if somebody already brought it up then feel free to remove this. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cmgwTOxkp-I&t=0s According to the GameXplain video, lunatic will feature bosses moving and enemies having more skills (ie: thieves having pass). Infernal seems to feature all the enemies at level 99 with super high stats, and we don't know much else at the moment. It looks like the higher difficulty will, in general, require people to check info on enemies more often, while infernal will be only feasibly playable on NG+.
  13. I made a list. I've finished 3/4 routes, so think of it what you will.
  14. I haven't finished all the paths yet so I won't try to speak to what new story maps or characters could be added, but I really like what the 3DS games did with letting you play maps from other games with your own units (I'm mainly hoping to play Elincia's gambit again), so some of that would be nice.
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