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  1. If you'll indulge me: Balancing is integral in rpgs in all games balancing is a delicate practice and requires many deliberate and meticulous little tweaks that on the large scale may seem inconsequential but can drastically affect the players relationship to the game. This is especially true of rpgs as in an rpg the players main way of interacting with the game is based on there stats as well as often how rng and the stats of opponents relate to it. I've spent a bit of time on this forum talking with the fanbase on binding blade it's flawed, as well as it's merits, and i've come to the conclusion that consistently people seem to feel it's biggest flaw is in it's balancing. In some of the best fire emblem games and in tactical games in general, every unit is viable, while also having strengths and weaknesses requiring you to use them to there fullest potential in tandem with other units, in chess each unit is suited to a particular role for example rooks can be used to defend the king in a practice known as "castling", pawns are limited in movement but have potential to move and knights are great offensively (Forgive my limited chess-knowledge). The idea of each unit being viable in fire emblem also parallels themes within the franchise, every individual unit is of value and can change the course of battle. Good balancing and carefull attention to stat values can also help to convey certain aspects of a character, such as a clumsy character having low skill, but then developing that stat throughout the game, both developing in a character sense and in a gameplay sense. I think if Binding Blade is to be remade it would benefit from focusing on implimenting balancing of this nature, making characters not only more viable but more developed through this kind of subtle visual storytelling.
  2. i'm in almost the exact same situation, i'd like to see a modern interpretation of these ideas cause while the graphics and UI are dated it has some really good ideas and more than most other FE games you really get this civil war vibe like a real medieval conflict moving from region to region fighting a guerilla war, taking forts, the gameplay really helps to convey the story, it's really briliant for a Famicoms game, as far as the scale and worldbuilding goes, i need to play he remake
  3. So many 16 bit games have aged well though, i think it must be because it was one of the last eras focused on sprite art meaning that the more high-tech sprites could render animation that kind of imitates hand-drawn art, it was one of the first eras where form could be considered over function and good design graphically always ages well, i think a lot of graphics before and after 16 bit look wonky because they were so focused on function (on the NES and master system they had to consider the color palette and the number of sprites they can have and on the PS1 Saturn and N64 they had to figure out how the models would animate and stuff) i love 16 bit graphics man, i wish they would make more sprite-based rpgs
  4. oh yeah definitely if you're talking the original version, both have been remade a lot and the remakes are better
  5. meh it's ok just cryptic and slow and there isn't much story, a product of the time i guess, which is weird cause i'm the freak who actually likes 2 and doesn't really like 7 i sware to god something wrong with me
  6. meh i like old dragon quest ok and a lot of 16 bit stuff is cool
  7. yeah but i started there too and i guess a quality game is a good game, even if it's dated and from interviews with the creators, it seems like they were really proud of it, it's really good for an NES game, maybe it can't hold up to contemporary games, but i dunno, it's charming
  8. So I've been playing Gaiden on the NES, and I'm honestly pleasantly surprised this game is of course dated I mean it's almost 30 years old and in the gaming world that's an eternity but I honestly think it's ahead of it's time, narrative wise it's lacking but for an NES game the sense of scale is spectacular, the tactical elements are there, the element of exploration is very well developed, i honestly don't get why this game is so ostracized by this community, it's weird and it's different but it's innovative and fun, and simple and endearing, why do people hate this so much? It's not bad
  9. especially without permadeath, i think it brings to the forefront some of awakenings design problems
  10. "Roger my prince! I have some treats for you! all you have to do is put your hand in my spooky edgelord cloak...mmmm...yeas roger
  11. it looks like the're roommates in an NBC sitcom queue song! So no one told you life was gonna be this way! I'll be there for you when the rain starts to pour! Stop fucking whining ross your a stupid whore! it's like this song is always stuck in your fucking ear!
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