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  1. With a S rank support with Keaton, a forged javelin, and cap str, my Effie had JUST ENOUGH damage to oneshot the bullshit Inevitable End Master Ninjas on Ch.25 of Lunatic Conquest. She had like -16def/res at least by the time I reached Saizo and Kagero. That chapter was still insanely difficult as much, but I was able to complete it with Kagero and Saizo defeated and all treasure chests and units taken/defeated after at LEAST 60 soft resets.
  2. One of the things I actually like about Fates is it's OST, I still listen to Glory/Ruin every now and then. I'm oddly fond of The Course of Gods and Men though from Shadows of Valentia. Especially once it hits the 2:52 marker. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H4QvtsuAyjA
  3. I'm honestly not super excited to get and play Three Houses, and I'm kinda... reserving judgment as much as I can before I ever get a chance to play the game. That might be a while yet though, since I need to buy a switch first and have other priorities on what to spend my money on. And even if I bought a switch, I might buy other games on the Switch first before Three Houses regardless (Super Mario Odyssey, Smash Ultimate, Breath of the Wild...) Who knows, maybe Three Houses will be a phenomenal FE game that's worth getting a Switch for alone.
  4. "Promise that you'll never forget me." Well at least it isn't Kellam saying that quote, otherwise we WOULD forge-- wait a second, who's Kellam again? What are we talking about?
  5. Oh man that was more responses than I expected! Still, as wonderful as supports are for giving characters-- especially non-main characters-- a bit of spotlight and depth, I'm still a bit interested on how well they could characterize their characters in the main story as well. I wonder if they'd be able to pull off good characterization without supports? Although, actually, I suppose in SoV Fernand and Berkut weren't too bad of characters and it's not like they got supports since they were largely enemy only units.
  6. Support conversations are one of my favorite things in Fire Emblem games due to the extra insight into the characters and/or setting it usually provides unless it's Radiant Dawn us with. With Three Houses in development it begs a question of if this Fire Emblem will have support conversations as well, and there's a few details involved in support conversations that they could choose to use. What kind of stuff do you hope to see if support conversations return? Personally, I'd be pretty interested in seeing support conversations again, and am not too interested in having S ranks nor 2nd gen units in a FE game again my god were the 2nd gen units in FE14 completely unnecessary, and while SoV's voice acting for support conversations was amazing, it'd be cooler to me to have greater depth known in each of the characters by having more support conversations in the game. I'm not sure if it's really that feasible to have both full voice acting and high quantity of support conversations in a FE game. Also I think it's less awkward if support conversations happen outside of chapters, since sometimes they might talk long enough that you'd start to wonder why their enemies are giving them enough time to talk that long.
  7. I'm sure they're neat for the people that want to throw money to it but first priority to buying DLC in SoV should go to the plot-related Rise of the Deliverance maps that helped solidify Lukas and Python as my favorite characters in that game imo. And yeah overclassing is absolutely not needed at all to beat Thabes anyways so the only thing it seems to have is a possible cool factor for having it.
  8. It doesn't specify whether the feet have BAD luck or GOOD luck for the rabbit because the feet aren't biased like that. If duct tape fixes everything, why is it not fixing my wounds?
  9. Be confused and tell them to explain how they got ended up there.
  10. Regular full length game. WYR have a dog with a cat’s personality or a cat with a dog’s personality?
  11. For as long as I don't bother enough to word those questions any differently. 11) a 12) mage man wins. mage man always wins. 13) Is it even possible to defeat mage man? 14) When is void man coming? 15) What kind of pets, if any, have you had in the past? Any nice memories of one? THANKS DAN YOU'RE THE BEST
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