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  1. I didnĀ“t see anyone else to try to do this, so I fixed something that always have bothered me about the Native Instrument Map patch: Incomplete note spectrum on drumsets (or drumparts, as some call it), I made this patch to fill the Square noises with actual drumset samples, since this patch doesn't add any sample at all, It simply repoints the empty notes to known sound data from the same drumset, it also fixes notes 170-171 (These pointed to Bright Acoustic Piano (01) and Acoustic Piano (00) samples respectively) on the drumset 7A (122). Aside from the fix itself, the patch contains a song from RPG Maker DS + (SF Town) that I used as demo to compare before and after the fix. The .zip file contains a readme.txt, and inside of it are the install instructions, so please, read it. FE7 Drumfix.zip
  2. FE6 with the new translation patch its the base game (the one that reads ''The binding blade'' on the title, the older one reads ''Sword of Seals'') Status: Ongoing Hack: Project 6 Red Chapter lenght: doesnt change that at all. sub-status: Alpha (broken Lilina pallete on promotion) Description: This small mod (its way too small to be called ''romhack'') its used to give proper stats to Roy (here's a hint: its the sum of eliwood's and ninian's stats divided by 2), a proper promotion (Great Lord got replaced by a minor edit of eliwood's Knight Lord), and proper animation to Lilina. (using oracle_of_fire's Mage Lilina animation: Battle and Spells Animations Thread) Some minor stuff that I added just because I got bored of the FE6 music was the Precious Things and Enemies appear from FE7 The author of this small mod, is myself (thought that starting with something small might help to avoid stupid errors on the future, with a full scale romhack) and here is the download page: https://www.mediafire.com/file/d5rzv66ilxim54p/Project_6_Red_0.1.zip/file https://www.mediafire.com/file/d5rzv66ilxim54p/Project_6_Red_0.1.zip/file Also added the file to the site aswell, in case that mediafire gets in maintenance/account changes. I think that I should start a page for this small project... might do it later. Project 6 Red 0.1.zip
  3. derwolf_

    My sprite post

    English its not my first language, so excuse me if I make mistakes on the thread. Now I decided that I should make a post for my future sprites, not much to see here, but: My pallete edit of the balistae, scrapping the 32 color mode and using the standard 16 color pallete, tested to work on FE 6/7, hopefully it should show colors correctly (FE 7/8 archer version coming soon): Download My edits of weapons (tomes are a hybrid of FE Fates' tomes and RubyDragonCat's concept art): Download (I'll update them soon, these are not final) As soon as I have more content in hack-ready form I'll upload it here.
  4. English its not my first language, so please correct me/tell me if I get something wrong, thanks. Hi there, I decided to get out these questions, as newbie hacker: In regards of the weapon triangle, do you think that the weapon triangle looks somewhat empty since the update on fates?, It would be desirable to implement the updated triangle on a future romhack? It would be cool if the anima magic could be separated in the three elements (Fe 9/10 comes to mind), or I should keep it on the unified state that it is now? On a test, I made the tactician playable, and gave him/her access to all weapon kinds, It would be extremely OP if he/she had to start from rank E on everything? (This class works like a promoted one in regards of exp) I decided to use All-instrument format music instead of the old N.I.M. format, It would be reasonable/desirable to use it alongside the 16tracks12notes patch? (With proper composition/looping), Or these two patches are incompatible? I decided to nerf every weapon that follows the tier system, implementing bronze weapons, reducing might and weight to 1 for sword, 2 for lance, 3 for axe on bronze weapons (to keep this list going the next might and weight value its +1 of those from the previous tier axe) also tomes and bows suffered from this nerf. It would be wise to tier the weapons like this? I want to hear your critics/opinions about this.
  5. First of all, what fire emblem game are u using? FE6, FE7U, FE7J, FE8U or FE8J?
  6. You have to extend the battle animations list (max i know its 255, set in 127), after you applied the patch, of course.
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