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  1. Well, Mercedes is also a die hard church loyalist on the other hand. In some support like with Alois, Mercedes decided to join the Knight of Seiros to fight for church, even cites that she has killed many already, when Alois warn her about the nature of knighthood. There is a major difference between Napoleon War and Three House was that Napoleon war well anticipated by the French public before the official hostilities by more than six months ahead. Edelgard's war was a completely secret even among many of her ministers, let alone average Imperial citizens. Unless anti church was the popular stance across the empire (which clearly wasn't consider most students were), there was certainly going to be dissents Honestly, I think it's a pretty poor example since the circumstances were very different. Speaking for defecting and fighting for opposing countries, it's actually quite common. In WW2 alone, there were "defector" units on every sides. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Collaboration_in_German-occupied_Soviet_Union Soviet citizens fight for Nazi Germany, many out of spite of Stalin https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Manchukuo_Imperial_Army Chinese fighting for Japanese https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Indian_National_Army British Indian fighting for Japanese, btw, they are consider a Indian patriots today by many in India. And in US during both World Wars, a sizeable number in the military were immigrants, some just arrived US recently, many from the hostile nations (such as Germany) but choose to fight for US rather than for their birth nation. Another thing to consider here, Silver Snow is labeled as "Path of the Empire" in the in game data and official Famitsu guidebook in Japan. It's possible that Dev considered Byleth holds some legitimate legacy to the empire, and Silver Snow is defined as some kind civil war, then Black Eagle students supporting Byleth as "true" imperial authority would make sense. https://tcrf.net/Fire_Emblem:_Three_Houses/Unused_Quests#Free_The_Merchants
  2. Could be, but it also seems strange to carry an icon if he states to hate the goddess.
  3. On my recent playthrough, I noticed that Hubert carries a "goddess icon" during his final battle against anti-Empire force in Silver Snow/Verdant Wind https://fireemblem.fandom.com/wiki/Hubert#The_Enbarr_Infiltration I was wondering if this is just a ironic joke, or actually implying Hubert is secretly a believer of Sothis but torn between his oath to serve Edelgard? If the latter, it gives more reason(besides loath of TWISTD) why Hubert is willing to give up Imperial Secrets upon Edelgard's defeat. Maybe he also has a role in keeping Rhea alive as prisoner like by convincing Edelgard that Rhea is still useful to them. I admit that I haven't dig enough about Hubert's background, maybe someone here could enlighten me?
  4. Rhea in Silver Snow isn't really the same as in Crimson Flower, she's in the even stronger form. In fact, she has the most HP as an unit in whole FE series I believe.
  5. Ah? Isn't the treasure vault right next to the cemetery? A priest told you that in Chapter 4 And Linhardt in Chapter 10 And staff room is the area just south of Knight's Hall, it's not even connected to the east wing physically.
  6. There are also several area strangely built but never opened in the game - The whole East section that was never used, it's block by a strange tree next to the cemetery You could see from afar there are several dormitory, a tower(called Black tower in the art book), and a gated area - The area west of the Cathedral, a gate guard by a solider. It seems to me like some kind facility - The tower far north behind Cathedral, it's known as White Tower in the artbook.
  7. I think we also need to consider a variable here when discussing value of Silver Snow vs Verdant Wind: Had VW was not rushed on release date, but as a post release DLC content, both Silver Snow and Crimson Flower might look very different today I don't know how much time and effort they spent on Verdant Wind, but the same resources could be used to greatly improve other routes. Besides, if Verdant Wind was released later, it is almost guaranteed it would be a completely unique path rather than copy of Silver Snow.
  8. I think it's interesting that her "heart" is actually another Crest Stone But that is another unanswered mystery: Are all TWISTD member having artificial heart? What does it do? Which crest does she use? What's the whole deal with Sealed Forest? Why would TWIST build a magic ring so closed to the monastery? Why is there a Crest of Flame symbol on the wall? And considering Is there a lore connection between the two?
  9. So much in this game screams about a follow up title Like pretty much every arc of Sothis was ended in cliffhangers, she keeps talking about getting her memory back, we even have a paralouge about yet she told you nothing about her discovery; she talks about her true form and adult body, even Rhea implied her wolf form in DLC, (that Ashen Wolf was named after her) yet again was never revealed to us. Or everything about true nature and power of Sothis; truth of Agarthan War; or between Sothis, Rhea and Nemesis...there are so many question just about Sothis.
  10. Verdant Wind might even have weakened Silver Snow further by taking it's content, for example, why isn't The Sleeping Sand Legend present in Silver Snow too? Wouldn't it make more sense that Seteth and Flayn asking Macuil to assist them in the war? Seteth should know where was Macuil hiding at more than Claude did just from a few books. I don't think we should remove Verdant Wind whole as a route, but it should not be a copy of Silver Snow, which weakened both routes From game developing perspective (rather than marketing), given the limited time and resources, what they should do is keep Verdant Wind back from the release and focus on improving current routes (SS, CF particularly), then focus on VW as a post release content, preferably free to keep complains away.
  11. Well, considering the game baseline was based on Silver Snow according to interview, and Silver Snow showing male Byleth. So yeah, probably written with male Byleth in mind.
  12. I think Silver Snow default is Male Byleth, since the ending mural clearly showing male version. If they wanted the gender to be obscure, they could show Byleth facing away like Azure Moon. And it makes S support ending with Rhea even more ironic, that Rhea trying to recreated her mother but ended up creating a man instead. Verdant Wind I believe it should be Female Byleth, since you couldn't learn the whole truth about Claude unless you S Support with him. Other wise the game abruptly making you the king without an explanation.
  13. On Rhea, Nabatean and transformation:
  14. It's from a dataminer's wiki, listed out tons of used texts. From reading the text describing each regions, maybe it was tied in with war situation. https://tcrf.net/Fire_Emblem:_Three_Houses
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