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  1. I don’t think the “human experiment” were the same. From reading Jeralt’s diary and Rhea’s confessions. It seems to me the twelve clones were well treated, they were unaware their origins and lived out their lives as mortals. They were not confined or tortured, could free roam even outside Monastery(as Jeralt bringing his wife to various activities). Rhea seems not concern about them at all since she let them to marry other people. on the same topic, it’s pretty clear to me that Byleth was an accident, and Rhea wasn’t sure what to do with him. She wanted an exact copy of Sothis, not a human dragon hybrid. She also doesn’t know how would Sothis interact with Byleth, obviously she was hoping Sothis would take over him. (And would come to term that fused Byleth is a New Sothis with both soul rather than original one, in all none Edelgard ending)
  2. Yes, you lost all items on units that turned hostile
  3. If we go by what-if, how about a path where Rhea’s plan works and Sothis got her body back? Or even that Sothis decided to take over Byleth at Chapter 10, and united Fódlan as a full reincarnation?
  4. Another one for me: Sothis I thought she would be another creepy fan service loli like Nowi. Turned out she’s wise and cares about Byleth much. It’s really sad for me every time watching her fuse with Byleth and losing her own identity. The game feel a lot empty post skip without her commenting. She’s my number 1 request for DLC content
  5. The game also biased against Rhea in pre-skip by letting you overheard bunch of Rhea’s private conversations but only one of Edelgard’s. Making Rhea sounds more conspiracist than Edelgard.
  6. Like I said before, it’s just weird not having manakete in this game. We have wholly 4 dragons in this game as main cast, more mentioned in the background, yet the only one that transforms is non-recruitable. i understand they probably haven’t figure out in balancing issues. But maybe they can put it in NG+ like crest stones.
  7. That’s because from neutral perspective, Byleth is unlikely to choose Edelgard to begin with. From Byleth’s perspective in the Holy Tomb, Edelgard was the one murdering Jeralt, sent you to the darkness and she just order you and rest of the class to be killed by her soldiers. She also never explains her plan to you yet. While the diary implies Rhea has some secrets, it’s not open threat or hostility like Edelgard. So the game makes the neutral path as going against Edelgard.
  8. She has TWISTD soldiers fighting for her to the bitter end in all other routes. I think it’s reasonable people assume she’s willing cooperate with them somewhat.
  9. Sorry, but where does limiting technology part came from? Consider Sothis was the one teaching them technology in the first place.
  10. Seteth and Rhea turned out better for me I started my game on Empire path, so my initial view was very negative on them (“Rhea is literally satan”) But once I got to play for other routes, I get to see other perspectives. Seteth as mentioned, turned out to be a very decent person. He’s quite honest, loyal, polite and wise. His support with Felix and Ingrid were excellent. Rhea on the other hand, while still a grey character, turned out to be much better than I anticipated. She indeed try to keep peace and cares about those suffered. In Dimitri’s support he mentioned Rhea once took in some orphans sired by bandits even knowing they hated her. Despite her history involved with Byleth, if allowed to live, she turns around and try to atone her guilt by resigning and asks forgiveness from Byleth.
  11. Just wondering, why are we even arguing due process in FE to begin with? It’s not something enforced by government law until US Constitution of 1792, and not an universal concept until late 19th century. It’s like the “child soldiers” argument we had a dozen pages back.
  12. What I really want is info to cover all they mystery/ cliffhanger on Sothis, Rhea, Nemesis, and TWISTD. Maybe either prequel or Byleth searching for lost memories for Sothis.
  13. Since you brought this up.... Do you guys think Rhea was tortured during her captivity? Either by Edelgard or by TWISTD? It's hard to believe TWISTD would simply leave her alone consider they were so eager to get dragon blood to advance their "projects", and all their hatrey toward her. It's also weird they would just lock her up without any agenda for her. Edelgard is also quite ruthless in all anti-imperal route without Byleth. Her health was certainly weakened by the time she was rescued regardless.
  14. Just pointing out, those few Western Church guys were sentenced to death not because they held different view, but because they were accused participating plot to kill Rhea. Consider Catherine and Shamir's bad endings were "executed as church spies during 5 years by the Empire", I really don't think Rhea's judgement were any harsher than other nations when comes to spy or assassin
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