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  1. It's quite incredible really, not that long ago Fire Emblem was a dying brand about to fold, now it won the popular vote on TGA.
  2. https://music.apple.com/album/the-edge-of-dawn-seasons-of-warfare-single/1488436985 Didn't see anyone post it so I decide to post this. Nintendo has recently released the full version of Edge of Dawn on Itune, it's has different lyrics and arrangement than the credit song version in game, but it is still based on the lament of Edelgard unable to convince Byleth to join her.
  3. Honestly, I feel the naming could hurt the sale for upcoming Xbox, just like how many casual player thought WiiU was an update version of Wii rather than a new console.
  4. Do we know if she "survives" in Crimson Flower? (without S support) Her heart was broken and disappeared. Even her S support in CF was considered by many as bad fan service, since it's so disconnected to the rest of the game.
  5. I have some problem with it actually. The Crest of Flames/Fire Emblem is the most powerful crest indeed in theory, but does Edelgard even know how to use it's power, or that does she even able to? The game rarely shown her using any particular power with the Crest of Flame, and she can't even use Sword of the Creator like Byleth or Nemesis.
  6. Speaking of the ending, I think it's interesting that Crimson Flower final chapter was known as "To the end of a dream", while Silver Snow is "Following a Dream" The dream here is obviously refereeing to Sothis, since she's known as Girl in the Dream
  7. This would brings us back to the debate of her claim that her knowledge "was passed down in secret by the emperors" Personally I think her secret knowledge was tainted by TWISTD, considering how previous emperors were friendly to the church, and her so called truth was contradicting to all other routes, especially in Silver Snow and Verdant Wind. Yet, several guys I read on Reddit feverishly rejected the idea that such secret could be influenced by TWISTD.
  8. This is the strange part about the mural as I mentioned earlier, some part of it such as Seiros, the sword, Immaculated One and Macuil are true to detail. But other dragons were only vaguely depicted.
  9. But we know that crest stone isn't an item, it's literally their hearts. "Crest stone" is actually their hearts being cut out from their dead bodies by Nemesis to make into weapons. I doubt Steth could remove his own heart, or that Flayn didn't have heart
  10. No, that’s the common misconception. Silver Snow final chapter Seteth made very clear “I have lost that ability long ago”, never mentioned Flayn (despite she stands next to him)
  11. That's an interesting thought, since Corrin is widely believed based on a Kirin too.
  12. If we consider Seteth and Flayn share same transformation due to being then the number would work.
  13. Another theory some guy pointed out before the four saints were likely based on Four Symbols of Chinese mythology https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Four_Symbols Rhea is the dragon, Indech is the turtle, Macuil is the bird. So Seteth and Flayn are likely the tiger In general they are probably still considered "dragons" in the lore, since Sothis is confirmed to be a dragon, based on she uses traditional manakete symbol and FEH put her on dragon rather than beast race. Two other things about Nabatean to considered: 1. On the goddess mural, we have Seiros and Macuil depicted to detail, but three other dragons were just vaguely flying dragon shape. Could the painter actually saw Seiros and Macuil but not the three others? 2. Contrary to popular belief, Flayn never said she can't transform, only Seteth said he couldn't in the final chapter Silver Snow. Flayn didn't say anything about herself despite she was standing next to him.
  14. Yes, I zoomed in and found the crest on the backside of each coffin No wonder I never noticed it first few times playing the chapter.
  15. The problem is that よすが in this game is far more important lorewise than blue flame with Ike, よすが is literally the recurring theme in this game. It's like Force in Star Wars or the One Ring in LotR. In the context of Silver Snow, it symbolized Byleth became the new Sothis as it's the title both Sothis and Rhea addressed Byleth multiple times (over 10 times actually) The current translation completely gut this symbolism to the point that average player wouldn't even understand the reference, what has "Wandering Flame" has anything to do with Sothis, fate or time?
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