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  1. From reading of what we know so far from datamine I think most likely we will get villains from DLC
  2. I think it's more to do with their low tier classes. like how Shez and Dimitri clearly are faster than rest of the cast in demo
  3. What's everyone's thought/prediction on Arval?
  4. I don't really think they will give Rhea the sword, most likely it will be reserve for another Seiros alt. Since Sword of Seiros is mostly associated with Seiros rather than Rhea, even 3H datamine shows Rhea(Archbishop) being more magic while Seiros(Saint) more physical And maybe they will eventually also do "fallen" Rhea from Silver Snow* (I found common term "fallen" Rhea for SS kind ironic comparing to CF ending for story reason, maybe berserk Rhea is a better term here) -------- Also, I think Serios MGB is a reference to Red Canyon massacre, since most enemies are dragons.
  5. Actually it's quite common in navies, most navies have midshipman or similar ranks (naval officer students who haven't receiving their commission) on actual combat vessels both in peace time and in war. Since you can't learn sailing in a classroom. And unlike armies, navies still have to fight pirates, privateer or enforce blockades regularly even during peace time. Historically, quite a few midshipman were killed in combat, and also many were awarded for bravery. For US Army, MS-3 cadets (equal to junior year in college) could be assigned to a real platoon one month at a time to get them experience leading real unit. They are very unlikely to see combat since most units are stateside or in Europe, except those who assigned to Korea. But theoretically they are assigned to real combat units.
  6. This, In fact only church character religious in the traditional sense would be Gilbert, everyone else, including most senior knights (Captain Jeralt and Catherine) outright stated they don't believe in the practice. Seteth and Flayn obviously knowing the deeper knowledge different from the doctrine Cyril actually said Rhea told him it's ok not to believe in CoS doctrine. Rhea cares really only about if they will carry out their duty, rather than if they believe in the religion. The game also stated at least twice that deploy students into combat requires direct approval from Rhea herself, obviously Byleth often work around this by pretending field studies or other excuses in paralogues.
  7. Considering you seem to be still very early in the game, maybe at least finish two opposing paths first? A number of the issues here would be resolved once you experienced perspectives from different characters.
  8. Just curious, from a leader's (Rhea) perspective what's wrong about executing a group of accused assassins against you? Especially they were accused to be working with Lornato, who was just saying he's goal was to kill you. It's actually a much bigger conspiracy behind that event but I won't spoil for you, which you probably have to play multiple route to find out. just wondering what you think about it first.
  9. Consider my earlier posts, it's possible that "Nabatean Civilization" in the ancient time included Foldalian, if not the majority of their citizens. Since the game implied there were only dozens of Nabateans before the war broke out (including those buried in Holy Tombs, and rumored in other lands), I highly doubt they could build massive cities and called a civilization with just dozen people. We saw large number of citizens in Sothis' flashback, most of them were probably Fodlanians On the other hand, if Nabateans were numbered in tens of thousands, that Agarthan or later Nemesis would stood any chance opposing them. As for lore, maybe InISys has grander plan for future related titles, so they intentionally left out some lore details. In interview they did mention some lore questions could not be answered yet.
  10. Just wondering, how do we know the story passed down by House Hraelverg were actually accurate? Edelgard never told us the detail of what exactly was passed on, just her interpretation of it. Unless it was recited in verbatim, how could a complex verbal story maintain accuracy over 1000 years?
  11. From DLC we know that Agarthans are consider separated race from Nabatean and Fodlanian. And from City Without Light Considering a few other factors: - We never know any Agarthan sire a children with Nabtean or Fodlanian - No Agarthan carries a Fodlan Crest or use relics. They have their own unique crest system that's not explained in the game - No Agarthan ever changed into demonic beast - Fodlanian, when exposed to crest stone, could change into demonic beasts. I think the most likely conclusion is that Fodlanian were creation of Sothis, thus share similar heritage with Nabateans. While Agarthans were completely different "specie" in terms of genetic. This reminds me of JRR Tolkien's Simarillaion, where Iluvatar created both elf and man, both known as Children of Iluvatar. While Dwarf was created by Aulë in a completely separated attempt and shares no blood connection with Children of Iluvatar
  12. Yet, there wasn't even a named enemy character in BotW besides Master Kohga, who wasn't born in AoC era, yet they made the era into a Warrior game without an issue. Ganon might not even be playable in history mode since he's not corporeal. Only really solid characters we have are 5 champions and Zelda, and none on the enemy sides. We also already getting OC characters like the Eggbot Guardian. (I wouldn't consider Impa or Purah solid characters since they only have few lines and never show carrying weapons in BotW, but they are likely playable with unique moves) In that sense, Nemesis War would already have more characters to use, especially if we counted Agarthans, and almost certain Emperor Wilhelm,. As for OC character, likely ancestor of each crest carrying Black Eagle except Dorothea, and they were probably lieutenants to each Saints. Wouldn't the historical vagueness an equal argument against Zelda? Zelda games is famously known to be vague about events outside the games. I remember hearing exactly same argument before against having a BotW prequel, but here we are...
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