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  1. So the wiki statement that Rhea can't take damage was false, or that they patched her up. But what's preventing Rhea killing Edelgard here? Why Rhea only caused 23 damage rather than 28?
  2. Isn't it pretty much the same deal with AM and VW?
  3. Not too surprised to me actually, not only she's being made unplayable for unknown reason She's only S support in Silver Snow, yet previous polls all indicated a large percentile, as much as 50% players haven't even played Silver Snow.
  4. Only problem is that she doesn't move in any of those levels unless you use wrap/rescue to move her. BTW, according to wikia, she can't receive damage at chapter 12, I was wondering if you can use wrap to sent her forward to bait enemy getting killed by her.
  5. There is Ferdinand in Silver Snow, but you would expect more raised up against her. It’s a shame Claude didn’t get to pull his political genius by incite a civil war within empire.
  6. Does he even have any? Like all we know was he's being a mercenary, which he didn't even know for how long or his age. For me, any official story content regardless format (DLC, manga, novel..etc) should go on to cover Sothis, Rhea and Nemesis first, there are so many unanswered question about them and what happened in the past.
  7. I personally don't believe 4ch leaks at all, and believe Famitsu only partial information (since it didn't talk about Wave 4 free contents) I will replay regardless if Wave 3 or 4 brings any story contents (like a few paralouge or more)
  8. They don't have to change anything for Rhea and Jeralt, as long as we accept the fact Rhea would be unable for several chapters while the Jeralt dies at chapter 7. But consider we are losing characters anyway in Black Eagle, and Dedue also sets an example that character went missing for a period of time, it's not a new concept in this game. Rhea could be usable throughout part 1 between chapter 4 to 12, then fights in Shambhala again(she even said she's joining the war, she also makes several comments about enemy just like lords in other routes), that's like 9 chapters. Jeralt obvious would only be part 1 and dies after the dance. Sothis is the only one needs some rework, but considering you could already "project" Sothis in combat in NG+ without a justification, they can easily do the same as Byleth projects her for greater role. Besides, DLC characters in FE aren't necessary lore friendly anyway. Lot of them were retcon/contradicting/multiple universe, like Walhart, Yenfay, Emmeryn...etc They can simply list them as bonus character without need a lore explanation.
  9. Wouldn't the same argument works for Rhea, Sothis and Jeralt? Especially Rhea and Jeralt are actually already finished characters with all the unique lines even classes. No, they didn't confirm that. Famitsu only said he's some routes exclusive but didn't say any detail. People just filling it in saying it's Crimson Flower.
  10. Well, we don't know how accurate Famistu was, nor if more DLC will be produced (which is possible consider all previous FE games has at least twice the amount) They also didn't mention what's free update for wave 4 is, since we are getting Jeritza for Wave 3, maybe it's another current unplayable character.
  11. You are assuming Silver Snow was made second, but consider all the shared cutsecene, both animated and in game were made for Silver Snow, it's probably the other way around. (Missing Claude completely, features only church soldiers, or having context inappropriate to Verdant Wind such as Edelgard's "I wanted to walk with you") That Silver Snow was likely made first, then they took it to reuse for Verdant Wind by taking Grounder Field from Azure Moon. (also remember the glitch you could fight Hilda in that level, indicating it was a AM level first) Rhea being a completely function character fully voiced in both languages in the datamine also suggested that she supposedly had greater presence in Silver Snow, but was taken out the last moment. In that case I agree with Altrosa, they probably should save Verdant Wind as DLC so they have extra 9 months to work it.
  12. I disagree. Verdant Wind is the most disjoint one in the current setting. Even we discount all the cutscenes missing Claude... Like why would Claude sets a base deep behind enemy line, away from all resources and logistics when he has far more reasonable base in his country where he can recruit his army? Both SS and AM player began as guerilla fighters without a base before, so it makes sense in their justification using monastery. And as people mentioned, what happened to all the power dynamic foreshadowed in the alliances? They implied there are many factions in the alliances. In Verdant Wind it's just Lorenz in one level, and once his captured/killed they never mentioned about Alliances problems anymore. Then there was Almyra army, somehow they were fighting Alliance previous level, then Alliance just let them pass and they showed up as allied next level. Also what's with having Nader as retainer? How could you both fighting Almyra and at the same time having the same Almyra general governing your territory? What's with Claude's signature tactics praised by the others? In AM he's actually a brilliant tactician by luring Imperial army deep into his territory than destroy it with Kingdom force. In Verdant Wind only thing that stood out was disguising as imperial soldiers to open the gate Finally there was Nemesis, completely came out in the blue, with no developing or explanation, just some one dimensional bad guy serves no purpose other than a final boss. And Rhea having no conclusion either.
  13. Azure Moon is the easiest, Silver Snow is the hardest. Silver Snow final level has you surrounded by enemies, and they advanced at once from all sides. You can't bottleneck them at all. Then there is Rhea second form with that long range AoE attacks...
  14. Or put Silver Snow as DLC route, focusing on relationship between Rhea and Byleth with a playable Rhea.
  15. Well, there is currently no mention of outrealms in Three Houses. And outrealms theory also doesn't apply to all the games, for example, you could have Tiki died in FE10/11, but in canon Tiki would live regardless since she returns in Awakening. BTW, I don't remember if someone brought up this yet. But in Silver Snow ending, Byleth was showed as a male on the mural...
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