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  1. This, all the previous polls and in game data were based on Three Houses players only, but CYL is open to all FE/FEH players.
  2. There is also a large tree trunk, makes me wonder if it was something like a world tree in the past, consider how it’s another manakete archetype
  3. Silver Snow is likely named due to lack of lords on player side, since snow has no color of it's own. So Byleth will create a new world by their own hands
  4. Yes, this one. I never paid attention to it until now. It looks like a Crest of Flame to me.
  5. I was replaying the level of Caspar and Mercedes in Sealed Forest, this time I spent some effort looking around the map in zoomed out detail. It got me wondering, what's deal of Sealed Forest? I realized I was never explained anything about this location, other than Catherine told us that it was a forbidden location in the normal circumstance. Looking around the level, there are a few strange machine scattered around the forest; a few furnace like device Obvious, in the middle is the ruin TWISTD tried to kill you with, with a large symbol on the floor (Is it a crest? Can someone identify this symbol?) But I also noticed something I missed previously, due north of the ruin, there is a cliff with red glare. I only now realized in the middle of the cliff is a Crest of Flame icon. But I can't figure out what CoF signified here. Am I missing something about Sealed Forest? Or the game simply didn't explain it's background
  6. Because Dimitri was thought to be dead, and Kingdom has cease to existed in reality. We have the hindsight knowing that he was hiding away fighting one man's war. But in the game Cronelia made it like she had Dimitri executed, even Rodrigue was fooled. Except Gautier and Fraldarius, rest of kingdom has been occupied by Imperial proxy. So for kingdom characters, their choice were either joining Gautier, Fraldarius or Byleth. Byelth was the only one taking offensive rather the just fighting to survive. Alliance characters are more tricky, they are more likely either from a pro-empire territory or that they were upset the Alliance wasn't taking active offensive against Empire but in a sitting war. Or that they simply believe in Byleth's cause Since you brought out WW2 as example, I can offer counter argument here: Many allied personal fought for countries other than their own, either by official orders or volunteered. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Flying_Tigers https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Soviet_Volunteer_Group https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Eagle_Squadrons https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_foreign_volunteers There are many reasons why someone choose to fight the same front in an allied country other than their own: - It could be money, such as the in many case sof Flying Tigers, they were paid significantly better than US Army Airforce, with large bonus for every Japanese flight they shotdown - Sense of adventure, as seen in many people joining Légion étrangère today rather than their own nation (usually because their own nation hasn't join the war yet). Many citizen of Republic of Ireland joined UK army for this reason, since Ireland was officially neutral so they could only fight by joining UK force. - Offer of citizenship: For example US provides fast track to citizenship for foreigner legally entered US, Légion étrangère offers the same to French citizenship after 5 years of service. - Sense of justice, or believe in a cause: believe they are helping out a friendly nation in need, such as those Americans fighting in Spanish Civil War often view themselves as either defending socialism or fighting against fascism oversea. There were also some American volunteer in both Soviet and Chinese army https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/International_Brigades https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Edward_A._Carter_Jr. (this guy fought first for Chinese, Spanish, then finally US Army, and awarded Medal of Honor for bravery) https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lauri_Törni (One of the pioneer of modern US Army Special Forces, he greatly dislike communists, thus fought Soviets first in native Finnish army, then German army, joined US Army as an exile after WW2) - Faster promotion: sometime foreign military offers faster promotion opportunity than their own military. Eagle Squadron is one of such, before US joinging the war USAAF was very small with obsolete equipment. Due to it's size, it has very high standard for recruits. UK on the other hand badly needs pilot, they would taken anyone who's generally health and speaks English. Marquis de Lafayette joined Continental Army also partially because the position they offered him. On the reverse, many American officers served higher rank in foreign army such as generals after their retirement in the US. - Their nations have been occupied or cease to be: This is most well known for Polish soldiers and some Czechs. Their nations have been overran by the enemy and could only join an allied national (usually UK or USSR) to continue the struggle. This is most likely reason for Kingdom character fighting for Byleth. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Polish_Armed_Forces_in_the_West - Better military: Sometimes allied foreign military offers much better military/training/equipment, thus better chance to survive in combat. I personally know a few guys leaving their home nation to join US military. - Finally, they could be ordered by their nations to serve other nation in the official capacity. For example, in WW2, every Soviet or Chinese regiment using American weapon has American technicians assists in servicing these equipment since they were unfamiliar with American made tanks or airplane. They were some tens of thousands Americans served foreign nation in WW2 in this way. https://books.google.com/books?id=A_w_EoObv-EC&pg=RA3-PA31&lpg=RA3-PA31&dq=Lend-Lease+technicians&source=bl&ots=pAAjnxiYri&sig=ACfU3U0qsZ2N2EEmPpIqjknLRFIMcYVIQA&hl=en&sa=X&ved=2ahUKEwjhre7pv5DnAhVGFTQIHd15AgMQ6AEwDHoECGcQAQ#v=onepage&q=Lend-Lease technicians&f=false
  7. Saying Claude was planning to invade Empire was dubious at the best, since Alliance never had a military force to match Empire, let alone invades it. Alliance was half the size of Empire, and was never known for its military strength or tradition. The game says the most farm land are also located in the empire, suggesting empire also has advantage in population. Most Alliance characters were from merchant backgrounds. It also stated that Alliance doesn’t have Knight of Seiros chapter. It’s lords were divided in responding to the empire. In both CF and AM, Alliance forces were no match to Imperial war machine and collapsed fairly quickly. Claude has to conduct fighting retreat to delay empire since he didn’t have the force to fight decisive battles. In VW, Claude could only attack the empire after Blyeth and knights of Seiros joined him, and again only against strategic targets. And the game still mention they were vastly out numbered by the imperials. Even the narrator states Alliance was in a bad position. Claim Claude has mean to invade the empire, is like saying Canada could invade US. Especially Claude never said he planned to lead through military strength, he could easily mean political or diplomatic maneuvers. Since as game shows, he doesn’t nearly has enough military force. Arguing that simply because Claude says he wanted to be a leader one day, so that he must mean to invade empire, thus empire has justification to conquer whole Alliance, is a long string of slippery slope fallacy and imperial propaganda.
  8. The way it doesn’t follow same calendar highly implies it’s not a traditional route, but maybe span of few days to a few weeks maximum. Thus unlikely to have a post skip itself. Students probably returns to the surface in the end (in lore) then they would join you in the main story. So while characters will have post skip design (according to datamine) the story itself seems preskip. Except probably character paralougues.
  9. About the new music Are they all "originally" directly port from Three Houses? Or is there any remix? The one in the trailer sounds like remix to me since it feels faster, but I am not too sure.
  10. Especially in the art book of special edition, it's actually called "Hybrid Class", further indicates their true purposes.
  11. Nintendo YouTube description says you can, and a few character could S support, which is also indication they would stick with you in main story.
  12. Yes, she has same stat in datamine, considering Ferdinand always says he's the legitimate son And for 38 yo Seiros guy, he's either from imperial family or some connection with Rhea. But I feel it's more likely with Rhea consider he's affiliated with church and that unique speech patter. I assume he's also fairly important lorewise. He's probably different than Jeralt since he only carries minor crest rather than major if he also had blood transfusion. Either way he's background could go major twist if they want
  13. I think it's easier if people just accept that Fire Emblem is Sakurai's favorite video game I remotely remember in one of interviews he even claimed Fire Emblem was one of reasons he want to work for Nintendo, shortly after FE1 was released. And the sole reason the Fire Emblem is alive and well today was because Sakurai brought FE to the west through Smash, should show people how much influence he has.
  14. Consider what Sothis is often referred to as sky wolf , I am curious what kind plot twist they would throwing in this time. There is also the mysterious guy (only voiced in the trailer) asking Byleth to take in the new students, he speaks very much like Rhea does. I wander if he's the Seiros crest guy we found in the datamine. Then finally we haven't heard anything about the woman supposedly share same crest with Ferdinand, if she was actually an character rather than just placeholder.
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