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  1. I guess it really depends on what point of the story you're looking at, because Ashera would technically be the person who would destroy the world, only because Sephiran woke her and showed her the evil in the world, which was instigated by Lekain due to his selfish desires. So either you could say the Ashera is the villain because without her the world can't be destroyed, or that Sephiran is because he woke Ashera, or Lekain because he convinced Sephiran. I'd personally say that Sephiran is the main villain of FE10 because he was the one who woke Ashera, which then in turn set the events for Endgame RD. But honestly it's kind of all three because they all contributed to it in some way, shape or form. I honestly like Sephiran the most as well because he doesn't have any stupid plot device like Lekain had, and Ashera was just kinda there to be the final boss,
  2. Hey there! My name is RosesThorns, but I mainly go by Rose. I'm new to Serenes Forest as I don't really join many forums and the such but I guess I just felt like it. My first game was Awakening, I played it a while after it came out, about two years after to be exact, so my first experience with Fire Emblem was in 2015, three years ago, but ever since, I've played almost every game in the series after FE4. I just don't feel like playing FE1 and FE3 but I did play the original Gaiden and I played FE11. My favourite game(s) are Genealogy or Thracia. Mostly for the story behind them. My favourite class is the Swordmaster. They're really cool and I love Forging more crit on Killing Edges and Wo Daos and watching my Swordmaster crit every enemy in sight., and by association any Swordmaster in FE is probably a character I adore. I play other games, like FEH, Pokemon, Smash, Final Fantasy, Tales and a bunch of other RPG games. Fire Emblem is probably my favourite because I really like Turn-based strategy and I love things that have to do with medieval themes. A big thing for me in any game is the soundtrack, and I love the OST in Fire Emblem. I'm super hyped for FE16 hopefully it'll be a great addition to the franchise. Well that does it! Thanks for reading I guess. See ya!
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