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  1. A hardest difficulty that is well designed and doesn't rely on either removing game mechanics, having absurdly high enemy stats to be challenge, or otherwise adding a lot of suprise factors that a newer player can't reasonably expect. Trust me, it's possible to do.
  2. I can agree with you there. They definitely overstay their welcome. Personally, I usually have the music on for one chapter then I mute it so I can listen to YouTube in the background, so that isn't really a problem for me. Also yeah, the tracks that do reappear in FE7 are better in that game (most notably Shadow Approaches, holy shit they really made it better in FE7). Also eh, Roy's Journey isn't that bad. Sure it loops quickly, but the instruments in it compensate. Actually I would say that FE6's soundfont is better than FE7 and maybe FE8's. Its more varied and it feels more "grand" Despite the fact that the GBA's audio sort of sucks, I feel that IS did the best that they could with what they had. I would honestly say that FE6 has the most consistently good OST out of any Fire Emblem game even if some tracks were really overused.
  3. I'm curious, what rubs you the wrong way about FE6's music?
  4. HMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM - FE7 and FE8 are overrated. FE7 because its maps are just uninteresting and the story just rubs me the wrong way... While FE8's maps are better, a good amount of them are still uninteresting (most of the pre-route split maps). Also its story is a bit overhyped. -FE6 is maybe a bit underrated. Sure, it is a bit unpolished and the hit rates are awful, but there are ways to make it better (using the weapon triangle, supports, and I think weapon rank). But it probably has the best maps in the GBA Fire Emblem games and its enemies are better designed. Also its music kicks ass. -Dieck is better than Rutger overall. Both are amazing units, but I think that because Dieck gets axes upon promotion and he is around longer, he just a bit better long term. Especially for the former. - Chapter 10 of Conquest isn't well designed. Just because you have to go on the defensive and you have to secure chokepoints doesn't make it inherently good. Maybe if there were less reinforcements, or they came in less frequently, the map would've been more fun to play through. Also while Takumi lowering the water is an interesting idea, it just felt cheap in a map like this. Even though I do like that if you can take him down before he could do that, the water never changes it also forces you to go on the offensive by brute forcing your way to him and somehow not losing a unit in the process. Some people might like this about the map, but I personally don't.
  5. FE4: - The fact that weapons have durability but they're repairable. This is something that could've only worked in this game, given how huge its maps are. I'm pretty sure if there was no durability it would've felt a bit too unbalanced. If it was the traditional system, it would only be annoying. I think this is a fair middle option. - The inheritance system was probably done the best here. While it is identical to how it was in Awakening and Fates, its everything around it that made it work. Since FE4 goes chapter-by-chapter instead of Awakening and Birthright's more open-world map system, there is less chances to grind. Also the "child" characters end up replacing their parents after the second half of the game. Which allows them to shine by themselves without overshadowing or being overshadowed by their parents. Not to mention holy blood inheritence being pretty damn interesting. - This game has some of my favorite tracks in the series. Birth of the Holy Knight and Light Inheritors really stand out in my head (among many others). FE6: - FE6's map design is very good. It might even be the best in the series (from what I played, which is a good amount of FE games at this point). The maps often convey a mood and you often have to think more about how you move around a map. For example, in the Rebellion of Ostia the map is designed horizontally. Placing an emphasis on more defensive gameplay since if you just rush through without thinking, you would likely get dogpiled and assuming a unit didn't die, they would likely be killed by the Wyvern riders in hardmode. There's also the villages to worry about, which are guarded by enemies and you also need to recruit three units (and make sure they don't die) while you're at it. To sum it up: FE6's maps are generally more involved, with interesting set pieces naturally formed through said map design. -FE6's cast of characters are my favorite in the series. The supports in FE6 are honestly underrated, maybe because of the old translation of very questionable quality, or maybe because not many people really sunk their teeth into the supports to really see how nuanced some of these are. The supports in this game also manage to connect with each other pretty well. With there being some sort of build up between support sets that isn't really seen in other games. Roy is also my favorite lord character wise due to his gradual growth throughout the game. And the fact that he's just a normal kid who was sort of thrust into this situation and he has to learn how to deal with it all. -This might be an uncommon opinion, but I think FE6 has the most consistently good soundtrack out of any Fire Emblem game. There isn't really any bad tracks, with the worst tracks probably just being "okay" or uninteresting. This is honestly one of Yuka Tsujiyoko's best works in any video game and it would be cool if she could be the main composer for a future Fire Emblem game again. FE7: -Compared to FE6, this game is just refined. The hit rates are reasonable, the preparations screen allows you to use items and see your unit's movement squares before starting the chapter, and nomads are counted as mounted units (finally). While this and a few other things are relatively small, it does make FE7 a bit more easy to go back to compared to FE6. FE8: -While I prefer FE6's cast FE8 has an excellent cast of characters too. With this having a lot of my favorite supports from the series (like Seth/Eirika, Ross/Garcia, and most of Forde's). While there are a few stupid ones, the good supports are very good. Also a few of the endings admittedly got me a bit emotional... -Branching promotions. Personally, I really love games that give you many meaningful ways to approach a situation. It's why I love Fire Emblem so much. Giving players a choice in what their units can promote to is a great idea. And it adds to replayability and even offers a bit more strategy. Do you like better promotion bonuses or more mobility? Do you want an additional weapon to choose from or an ability. Things like that is what I appreciate in a game. FE11/12: -Even though I haven't gotten very far in either game, I do like how you can change the class of any unit without even using an item. It offers a lot of flexibility and it even gives more life to some new units. FE12/13: -The avatar system. Once again, giving players many meaningful ways to approach a situation. Even if my unit's execution in the story could've been done better, the way they were handled in gameplay was done pretty well. FE13: -Has some pretty great music. Stuff like "Don't Speak her Name!" and Id (Purpose) is some of the best tracks in the series. I also like the instruments used in many tracks, it feels comfy. FE15: -How magic and bows are handled. I like that Magic is learned by leveling up and how its basically unlimited (provided you have enough HP for it). It's pretty cool how bows attack at 1-2 range and that depending on the character, one could attack at 4+ range. It's nice.
  6. I was always aware of the series through Smash Bros., but I didn't get into the series from that. I got into the series via Awakening out of curiosity, where I played the first half of the game. But I didn't really get into the series until I played a bit of the GBA games then by chance to discovering one of Mekkah and DonDon's videos. From there things went tumbling down...
  7. Yes, there is most certainly a divide. And as was stated before, this isn't something exclusive to Fire Emblem -- a lot of other game series have these divides in them. It could either be a result of how different a set of games are from another set or simply because. However just because there is a divide, it doesn't mean it's necessarily a bad thing. It's really more just people sticking to their guns with the occasional bump-ins from the other group. At least, that's how it is now. I'm relatively new to all of this despite me playing the games for a few years.
  8. I leave them off for the most part, but I do put them on when I'm doing a chapter that takes little to no time to do.
  9. I played it, and from what we have so far of it; it's better than Undertale (which i found to be fine). I find the characters more likable and I think this new battle system has potential. I love the music, Field of Hopes and Dreams is the stuff of legends. While I don't LOVE it or anything, from what we've seen so far its definitely more interesting.
  10. Honestly, you're just unlucky. I more just get frustrated by the bolting users.
  11. Eh, the shading on the armor is a bit sloppy-looking . Maybe use a different tool for shading and/or use slightly lighter colors so the shading blends in better with everything else.
  12. I don't know. I'm split between FE4 and FE6 (maybe FE7 too, but it isn't as close as the first 2) . FE6 has the most consistently amazing soundtrack specifically the enemy phase themes and character themes, while FE4 has a lot of my favorites period (Birth of the Holy Knight, Girl of the Spirit Forest, Disturbance in Agustria, and Light Inheritors come to mind.). While I do like some of Awakening's tracks (Don't speak her name and Id: Purpose comes to mind). Most of the OST just blends together for me. I haven't listened to Fates' music enough to form an opinion of it, but what I heard so far its fine.
  13. Considering redoing that? Or nah, you're going to continue forth.
  14. He could use his power to wield a bazooka though a bazooka that fires silver rockets. Your point is invalid.
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