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  1. Hey so I played through to around chapter 9. Possibly my fault for choosing bad settings, but there were a lot of characters in the 1st generation that had complete garbage growths. Chapter 6 was hilarious. Celice was a priest. Mana was a priest. Rodney was... a priest. And Rondalvan was a thief with the kind of level 1 garbage stats that Dew starts with. Tristan was a dragon knight and Dimna was an axe figther. And Oifaye is was a mage knight who can promote to paladin at level 20 even though i said, promot only to same weapon use classes. Celice later promoted to master knight so thumbsup for that. Problem: Sety starts with a Duke Knight sprite on the map, garbled dots in the status screen. Zero movement and the game freezes if you attack with him. Major Tordo and Hezul (makes sense considering his parents). And he can use C staffs, B fire, garbled sprite thunder, A wind, garbled sprite light and and C dark. Probably just garbage data with the randomizer selecting a class outside the range in the ROM? Not complaining but its funny how I got so many flyers and priests in this one. And three axe knights in generation 1. The game is a lot harder with barely any mounted units and having barely any melee units in chapter 6 and 7. Also a lot of melee units had very low HP. Like, less than 30 at level 10, so the game played more like Fates where you can't just tank entire armies.
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