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  1. A little late, but I hope you had a happy birthday.

  2. Hey, thanks for wishing me (and everyone) happy birthday! I used to do that a while back. xD I am glad people still do that. :)

  3. It's also my first one since a really longtime.

    It's quite good actually.

    I'm playing in Casual.

  4. Oh ok. So your status says you're playing FE12? How's that? I haven't played FE in a while. xD

  5. Same here.

    And now that I'm hanging there again,

    I'm really reducing my sleep time... ;)

  6. Hey there, what's up? :P Pretty busy these days so I'm making the best of my free time. How about you?

  7. Nice to see you're continuing again. Sucks for you that Serra had to die though. =/
  8. *claps* Great run! Shame Nino couldn't catch up but other people made up for that. :P Can't wait to read your next playthrough, very fun.
  9. Oh man, it's almost over! Also it looks like Nino's staging a comeback. :O
  10. Nice to see you're continuing the run! :P Magic ftw!
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