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  1. Hey, thanks for wishing me (and everyone) happy birthday! I used to do that a while back. xD I am glad people still do that. :)

  2. Oh ok. So your status says you're playing FE12? How's that? I haven't played FE in a while. xD

  3. Hey there, what's up? :P Pretty busy these days so I'm making the best of my free time. How about you?

  4. No problem, I like to comment on the runs that I follow so that the players know that people are enjoying it. :P

  5. Thanks man! *looks through your past names* I remember when you used Reinfleche as a username. xD

  6. Thanks! I remember back when I always wished happy birthday on this site. xD

  7. I've actually been lurking nowadays since I've been playing FE10 but I was too lazy to log in. xD

  8. Thanks! :D Never too late to wish happiness to others.

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