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  1. jajajaja remember when you said I used to treat Sanaki as if she were my girlfriend ❤️

  2. Greetings from an old member
  3. I see you binch

    1. Ϲharlie


      What brings you here?

    2. Fox


      Drunken nostalgia?

  4. Are you absolutely sure you exist?
  5. Doesn't it feel kind of sad to shout that into a void, Roxas?
  6. I think the bigger problem here is the lack of interest
  7. The fuck are you talking about?
  8. 1. Did you know there was a time when I thought you and "Tiena" were different people? 2. Will you actually answer any questions?
  9. It was only tangentially about FE4 in the beginning
  10. Have you ever encountered any neckbeards in the wild?
  11. What would you do for a Klondike Bar? Ever dance with the devil in the pale moonlight? When was the last time you got sick?
  12. I liked Ike/Lethe, but from what I remember, it was entirely forgotten in RD.
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