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  1. I liked Ike/Lethe, but from what I remember, it was entirely forgotten in RD.
  2. Just when I thought this topic had died for real
  3. Well, I just spent about half a week's paycheck on Fate Grand Order Please end my existence now
  4. No. I'm afraid they'd wreck the house with pokemon battles.
  5. Strange, this duplicate wasn't here three minutes ago.
  6. Orange juice is okay, but I'm not big on oranges otherwise.
  7. Is it strange that I misread oregairu as oregano?
  8. Hi, Back. How are you doing? I think I vaguely remember your avatar... maybe? I don't know.
  9. That occasionally happens when you post in a topic with a ridiculous numbers of posts.
  10. I laughed harder than I should have
  11. I'm okay. I've been trying to cut my expenses down, but I keep finding things that make me want to throw my money away Other than that, I've just been laying low
  12. I think he was trying to make it seem as though that sort of thing was happening on every street corner or something.
  13. I hear Trump is an expert on that matter. Bolsonaro should ask him.
  14. Hey dude. How have you been?
  15. Urgh... Why did I have to look that up? Curse my morbid curiosity.
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