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  1. A quick question about weapons: are special effects randomized? For example, can the "eclipse" effect or "luna" effect get put onto other weapons? I got a devil axe in my run, and it could backfire as usual, but I was watching Mekkkah's self randomizer stream, and the runesword didn't self heal. If it matters, I was playing with weapon stats randomized.
  2. For me, it was Guy in Blazing Sword. I was going to just use him for the early game, but then he leveled up strength a bunch of times and grew crazy strong. I gave him killing edges and threw him at bosses and it all worked out. This happened on my first playthrough of the game too, so when people told me other units like Raven and Harken were better, I was baffled. Guy is probably the reason I love early game myrmidons so much.
  3. Zonan

    Hey there!

    So, about me. My first fire emblem was fe7 a few years back, followed by fates and awakening. I've been lurking around the forums here for a while now, so i guess its about time i made an account. Though i don't really have the time now, i hope to eventually play some older games like fe4, Thracia 776, and the Tellius duo. Anyways, I look forward to interacting with the lovely people here!
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