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  1. Would it be simpler to work with those who developed the FE Cipher Tabletop Simulator plug-in? They already have the translations up to set 14. Not sure if that would make life a bit easier, though I don't know if they have the same format as you guys.
  2. +2 jiayejoe thank you for the cards again! +1 Zenakku thanks for the cards :)
  3. Hi everyone! Here is my updated list with Set 16. Selling or trading is OK. Haves: Wants: Thanks for stopping by! :)
  4. Does anyone have these cards? I'd like to buy them please. :) B01-047N Tiki x1 B05-045N Fae x3 B08-078HN Shannan x1 B14-040aN Risen x1 S09-004ST Boey x1 B04-018SR Marth x1 B05-048SR Narcian x4 B07-004SR Hector x1 B08-045SR Aversa x1 B09-025SR Mae x1 B11-053SR Celica x2 B11-066R Genny x2 B13-001SR Eliwood x2 B13-004SR Lyn x1 B13-051SR+ Marth x3 P11-009PR Delthea x1 P12-008PR Tiki x1
  5. +1 yunjaelove Thank you! ^o^ +1 341 Thanks for the purchase!
  6. I'd recommend joining the Cipher discord if you aren't already on there! In the "tourney results" channel you can see the deck list for which decks have won in each weekly tournament. This can help you get an idea of how cards will work together and possibly how to start building a deck. https://discord.gg/ed3PSMn The YouTube channel, Cipherfaire, has a couple deck building videos if I recall correctly.
  7. +1 jiayejoe Thank you for the quick responses and helping me knock out a good chunk of the cards I need!
  8. Hello! I am located in the U.S. and I am wanting to complete a few of my decks. Trading or simply selling is okay! Cards I want: Cards I have for trading/selling: Promos: Set 7: Set 11: Set 13: Set 14: Set 15: Thanks for looking. :)
  9. +1 FaranRenais - Cards arrived neatly and safely packed. Thank you! +1 jiayejoe - Cards were nicely packaged and arrived with no issues. Thank you!
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