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  1. Whelp here's the sad news... (Spoiler alert we're shutting down and Chromasia is going away) https://steamcommunity.com/games/689470/announcements/detail/1691563671371442880
  2. Chromasia is now on a deep sale at 33% off as a last attempt to save our company. If this fails we'll be removing the game from Steam around February when we are forced to close our doors. We have a 100% positive Steam score but sales just aren't happening, and we've been buried by steams algorithm because we haven't sold well preventing us from selling at all. If we don't sell a lot of copies at once(during these 2 days) then we'll stay buried and won't sale much from here till Feb, but maybe we'll get a few dollars to at least not be as huge of a loose when we shut our doors. So if you want the game, nows the time to buy it. https://store.steampowered.com/app/689470/Chromasia__Rock_Paper_Tactics/
  3. We have completed our new trailer https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tcG-TDX8Yqs Also, a new Halloween update https://steamcommunity.com/games/689470/announcements/detail/1683677297999685560 I hope everyone enjoys, and if anyone has any questions or feedback let me know :)
  4. Oh, rock paper scissors are just the ground level, It's got a majority of the stuff that's in fire emblem, but with an improved UI that makes things faster, more intuitive. I'm unsure exactly what we are missing other than the usable in battle items(consumables). However I do know we have many things they don't, Such as a 3 phase combat system, not just player phase, enemy phase, but we also have boost phase that adds in a minigame game of RPS that the result of which effects your and the enemies crit rates for the following 2 phases. We have what we call level scaling where you can take any map(once you unlock it at the end of the tutorial) and adjust the levels of the enemies on every map, and as you progress you have more levels of adjustment that you can do. We also have random generated recruitable characters with PWR ratings which are kind of similar to pokemon's EV and IV systems to where the PWR effects all of your base stats(PWR is just all of the individual stat mods added together to give you an overall PWR stat so there's like probably 5,000 different characters that have 50PWR maybe more) and the higher your base stats are the more stats you gain per level. Where the difference between a 0 PWR and a 100 PWR may only be 0-5 stat points difference at lv1, but at level 200(max level) there will be a MASSIVE difference.
  5. Thanks, Despite it looks it actually has quite a dark story, but that's offset by the comedy and cuteness so that it becomes a good balance of emotions. Sadly we are still very much in the danger zone(and not the song I wish it was the song).
  6. Alright, the topic has been restored :) Please ask me any questions any of you may have.
  7. Yeah, it is. Hopefully, we'll be able to turn it around. Small YouTubers that have at least 100 views(sub count doesn't matter) avg on their videos, that cover indie games, or RPGs will work wonders. Any word of mouth will be a huge help as well and we're really thankful for everyone whos even interested in the game. Because we built it for all of the players to enjoy. I just hope that we can continue doing so. Because we enjoyed making Chromasia overall(like any job there are parts that aren't fun) We're already started on our next game, while still updating Chromasia.
  8. Financial troubles. We have to pay a fee on Aug 2nd to remain legal as an LLC, and right now sales have yet to hit double digits, We're unsure as to why, but we know that Steam sale just ended is a factor, as well as nearly no Youtubers, or streamers are willing to accept a free key to even give the game a try more or less make content on it. So no one knows the game even exists. There's probably other factor's as well, and there is no set formula on how to make a game a success. Steam is a place where many games fail, and I had thought we had things set up in a way that we wouldn't, but from the way things are going, we will.
  9. Hopefully, it'll still be available then because we are in the danger zone of having to shut down the company. Hopefully, we'll find a way to prevent this, but things aren't looking good ATM
  10. What are your laptop specs? Because the game runs on potato systems.
  11. Hello, I'm the lead developer of Nexus Games LLC, We are a small indie team of two with a little bit of outside help. I myself was heavily inspired by the Disgaea series in making it, and Monkey(my teammate) was inspired heavily by Fire Emblem. So you'll probably notice many similarities with those series in the game. We streamlined the combat system to make it really easy to learn and use, but still having the same depth as normal tactical RPGs (of course we had resource limits too) The game is roughly 15-25 hours long for the base story(the 3 people I know that beat it did it in 17hrs, 19hrs and 22hrs) There are 8 different endings plus secret ending(s)(not saying how many) to 100% the game it'll take roughly 50-80hrs(This is just a wild guess since I don't know anyone who's achieved it, but the one that was going for it was at 50 hours last I checked and still had a ways to go) So it's smaller than your normal AAA tactical RPG. The story is a dark one of red vs blue where the world teeters on the line of balance, but to lighten the mood there is a good dose of comedy, so you should always be in for a ride of emotions. With 64x64 high bit sprites(like those in Owlboy, but in a more simple style.) We have a nearly seamless tutorial to where it "feels" like there is no tutorial, but it's super easy to learn. Controler support, All controls are mapable and the entire game is friendly to many of those with disabilities that make it hard to game, such as different types of colorblindness, loss of limb(you can play 1 handed in many different ways), etc. We hope that all of you will give it a try, but more importantly, we hope that you all will enjoy it and it'll have a lasting good memory for you, as all kinds of RPGs have had on us. Also, it's on sale for the next 2 days I think from the time of this post. You can find a trailer on our steam page(I wish we were better at making trailers) https://store.steampowered.com/app/689470/Chromasia__Rock_Paper_Tactics/
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