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    I love to draw, animate, and write. I also take great interest in the Fire Emblem franchise, thus my reason being here.
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  1. @Michelaar Alright, what do you prefer chatting on? Discord or on here?
  2. Hello everyone! As you see this is an average Fire Emblem RP or is it...? I'm wondering if anyone would like to RP with me, if so you can message me or comment on here! I am letting everyone know now, I do RP as my OC. It's cool if you want to RP as your OC or a canon. I usually RP in the setting of Fates or Awakening, since I take greater interest in those two games. So if you want to just comment or message me if you want more details and so on, I'll be happy to talk to you!
  3. It was fun doing this poll. It was interesting seeing everyone's preference on which quote they liked more.
  4. @(s)ad touch I know... I know... I am amazingly lucky, thank you for your compliments!
  5. @(s)ad touch It seems I may have better luck than you as of right now, so it's only kindness to wish you more. So I wish you even more luck!
  6. Some of us now a days are late to join, so don't worry about it. You'll fit in just fine!
  7. @(s)ad touch I have no regrets. Better luck next time?
  8. I hope you enjoy being here, and also, welcome to Serene's Forest!
  9. Welcome to Serene's Forest, it's great to have you here. Have a good day!
  10. Oof, sorry. But then again, I have no regrets on doing so.
  11. I don't know about that, someone might respond after you. Like me for instance.
  12. This is never ending, but in the end who will win?
  13. In my first run in Awakenings, it was Gregor. I thought he was going to be a poor unit, but I was proven wrong so quickly. So that run went pretty good.
  14. I wish you luck on your all-wyvern run!
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