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  1. I hope the second generation at least can get their fathers primary classes, so they can be "edited" through who their mothers marry, pretty much like Awakening system. The substitutes and first gen would need to have fixed alternate class trees though.
  2. I searched quickly 'draconic tiger' and found this pic n tv tropes. Actually its lion but is easy to imagine it with a tiger face. There's a whole trope for cat like dragons - I had no idea. Particularly I imagined Seteth like a serpentine dragon or a four leg wingless dragon, as he is related to earth. By the way, turtle is considered a dragon in some cultures. In Chinese folklore, there's turtle dragons and feathered dragons
  3. Well, If it doesn't look ridiculous. A helmet would be the best option but there would need to be limited hair colors and hair styles cause the helmet need to cover it all. Also two different cutscenes would still need to be done for both genders. Honestly I'd hate it deeply. I don't want the main character have the face of a monster all the time in cutscenes. I'm down to have a shapeshifter main character like Corrin again; a Laguz lord would be awesome, but not a full time monster.
  4. I agree. The parents don't even need to be important in the plot. They can be random old villagers or workers that you can visit, so they give some items or lore exposition like the villagers and npcs in Shadows of Valentia. Them being very old or with frail health also works in a story that they want to make the parents absent in the plot without killing them. For once I'd like to see a protagonist that is not royalty, nobility or a reincarnation of a god. Just an average underdog soldier that gets stronger and more important in the story but is not predestined to be a hero.
  5. Shapeshifter classess based on animals or mythic creatures is nice and I would like to see it returning. But bestial monsters don't appeal to me, I'd rather to see it only as enemies.
  6. I thought... thought..The church would be the best route and would trigger less people. Cause Byleth won't side with any lord at all. All of the lords would die and the story is more focused on Byleth. If Byleth needs to side with a lord, I'd rather see a Claude story run, it's the most complete story. Also the tv show would need to show Dimitri and Edelgard arc on screen. If it's successful they could release spin offs adapting the other routes in movie format. I wouldn't be surprised if Dimitri is the chosen lord for an adaptation simply because he is the most popular.
  7. If you are doing Hogwarts run you need to recruit Ignatz! He is the Harry Potter of Fire Emblem
  8. Honestly chosing one path and pairings for a sequel would validate that route more than others. Obviously the logical reasoning is that all possiblities are canon but you know that's not how the fanbase works and a lot of players would get pissed . With the recent games the developers learned to tone down pushed and favoured stuff and honestly it's better this way than the annoying "ship" and "canon choice" wars that the happened in most previous games. Let the players have freedom and make their own choices if the game allows it, without taking it down later.
  9. Yeah but what language is that? Maybe translating the tittle can give a better insight PS: I got it, Imran is the name of the guy. Lol I found the supposed title very strange, sounded like a given name, that's why I asked
  10. You mean Joshua from Sacred Stones representing Red Fox house? If so, this is the members I can imagine for the Red Fox house: Joshua Selkie Lewyn Noire Charlotte Randal L'arachel Noah I'd like to see those characters interacting in a house, they would make each other crazy
  11. I think a direct sequel of Three Houses wouldn't be the best way to go. A distant prequel or a midquel in the same continent following another story is the best option. But if it were to happen, most of the times the developers go for the most popular option, so Dimitri would be the hinted canon route. Being the most popular lord is not reason enough to get a game for himself honestly. Canonizing one route, pairings or other optional stuff will piss a lot of people and it's not the wisest move. Also Almyra, Brigit and Dagda are the only countries that weren't explored enough so would make more sense a game settled there if they want to return to Fodlan - if they avoid referencing Claude's fate in Almyra's case - though in this scenario probably it would be a prequel or distant sequel.
  12. Dragons being central in the plot is a constant in Fire Emblem, like the emblem itself. I think it's mostly people being tired of dragons being the final boss, possessing an human and so taking out the human conflict by making the villains not responsible for their actions. This kind of conflict can be twisted more often instead of repeating this plot formula. I don't see dragons stop being important in the story though.
  13. Eastern Europe, particularly countries based on Romania, Russia and Poland. Romania particularly has already the lore of a dragon that turns human, fitting the Manaketes perfectly. There's also the Iele, nymph-like women that dance in the forests that could fit a songstress/fairy like unit. Fire Emblem has a game named Thracia that is the actual location of Romania and Bulgary, so why not have a proper continent based on the Balkans and it's culture? Also I want an unit dressed like this, based on the Romanian national costume: Witcher is a good example of a medieval fantasy with an Eastern European twist. Most Fire Emblem games focus mainly in Western Europe settings but there's more things beyond that. Europe is much more than France, Germany, Italy, Greece and UK
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