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  1. I will be contrarian and say that Donnel can be one of the best units due to his high growths. He is not worth touching in Lunatic in which side quests are harder than normal story related chapters. But in hard, Donnel can become a beast if you train him in just one paralogue. From then on, he breezes in the game.
  2. Personal tastes aside, as it's subjective, commercially Three Houses is bigger than Awakening though. Awakening had a way better post game/dlcs, and thats it. I have a soft spot for FE13 since it made me come back to the franchise after years though.
  3. Yeah, I can see Lyn supporting male and female Mark, and Raven or Lucius supporting both Mark genders as well.
  4. Marth's birthday being the release of the first game, 20 April, and Caeda's birthday being the date of the remake 7th August, would be a nice detail. Same for the other lords.
  5. Considering the Cipher lore, I believe that Emma, Randal, Yuzu and Shade are time travelers that took part or at least saw a lot of the wars of the games. When they say they are from a distant land, it's simply a vague way to say that they are from another time period and travel through events. So for example Emma and Yuzu are born in Hoshido but traveled through time and met Randal and other Cipher characters at some point. Apparently Shadows of Valentia is the only war that they are relevant enough to be remebered by name . Why and how they time travel is open to interpretation.
  6. Honestly I did my second run just to experience the story again and focus the training on my favourite characters for Thabes, so I gave them the fountains and other stat boosters like the Pegasus cheese that raise speed. You can't beat Thabes without grinding Take time to promote your villagers. Train your villagers (the ones you want to use) until they are in a high level Make the Dread Fighters loop as villagers and train them Give them forged or legendary swords. Give the fork to the units that aren't dread fighters, so they can have better stats. You can get three free forks in the free Mila dlcs. Units like Tatiana, Silque and Mae that can summon units are very useful to distract the enemies, take at least one of them to your team
  7. Awakening. Not my technical first but well.. 1) More diverse map objectives 2) Allow Chrom to marry Tharja, Miriel and Panne. Also let Sumia marry the rest of the cast to add more customisation for Cynthia
  8. Leave Black Eagles: Ferdinand because of his rivalry with Edelgard Petra because she is a political hostage Maybe Dorothea. She is neutral but would easily change sides of she is in love with someone of other house and because she hates war, that Edelgard started. Leave Blue lions. Sylvain, for female Byleth. Mostly played like a joke but it's canon Mercedes for her brother in Black Eagles Felix because of his rivalry with Dimitri Leave Golden Deer: Lorenz because of his rivalry with Claude Leonie to side with Byleth to honour Jeralt Lysithea if the "winning" side is doing researches that can save her life Leave church: Shamir All characters can leave their own lords under the certain circumstances, but those are more likely to leave.
  9. Also another point is that it was overdone to death in Fire Emblem. So a lot of people want to see other perspectives and scenarios. Being gritty just for being gritty is not good writing. Being good just for being good in a shitty situation and talking about power of friendship ignoring all political implications is also bad story writing, unless the plot recognises the consequences.
  10. Yes. I'm very welcoming to more interesting settings. It can work in a Gaslamp or Renaissance, dark fantasy set with a lot of suspense. Final Fantasy VII was first written as a detective story in which the pieces are fixed together as the plot progress, and later it was adapted into sci fi, and is considered one of the best stories of the franchise. Fire Emblem could do something like that but reskinned into a historical fantasy 'horror' set. Also this. I wouldn't like to fight mindless monsters most of the game, or another church is evil plot. Also please, not another vampire x humans cliche plot though I wouldn't mind vampires being playable characters and being a subplot if the story don't revolve around it.
  11. Yeah and just one random detail to add to that: Edain and all Genealogy characters have two children, so unless Lana and Lester are twins, she was already a mother and Claude impregnated her - or his other possible wives - again. Maybe he wanted to leave his bloodline alive because he was aware he would die? Some people think like that even today, despite being a extremely selfish and flawed mindset
  12. In this case the bases would need to be barracks/the moving war troop/caravan with the background changing depending of the city they are.
  13. * Dagger user lord. It can have a secondary weapon, hopefully white or dark magic. The concept fits if the lord is a commoner. * Pegasus rider lord with lances. For sure a female lord. * Shapeshifter lord that can use a weapon when not transformed. Unlike Corrin, the beast form is the focus of the class. He/she becames really strong when shapeshifting but is an average unit when not. Can work in a game set on Tellius, if they ever return to that continent. I thought I already answered a similar topic so not sure if I am repeating myself. But those are the classes that I'd like to see in a lord.
  14. I think they bath more frequently because of magic and what not. So they can develop technology for bathing through spells, especially if water spell is a thing. Probably they don't shower everyday but they are not that stinky or have serious health problems due to lack of hygiene. Not to mention that magic is a better medical system than the Medieval doctors in real life. Cynthia is just sloppy imo Well, this is an easy one. They use the dogs excrements as fertilizer. The real problem is the human dirt and horse's dump in the cities. Capitals like Ostia, Ylistol, Enbarr etc... for sure stink. This is the only real Fire Emblem sanitary problem that probably is a thing, that is correlate to irl historical issues.
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