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  1. I suppose though, that if Nyna's kingdom being usurped were the reason that she left, after getting it back she would stay in her kingdom to rebuild her lands and restructure the economy and social structure of royal houses. It doesn't make much sense, that's why I always thought that she vanished for Camus added to some some trauma that resulted in her wanting to be far away from the court. Unless Arachnea is too sexist, that she wasn't elegible at the time to rule without a husband. In this case the question would be if Nyna would be able to fall for Marth, and the real reason that she vanished. Maybe Marth would be a more positive influence and with lucky she wouldn't go through the same experiences of almost dying resulting in a more stable marriage. Idk.
  2. Here are some shapeshifter races that I'd like to see, not all in the same game: * Serpent, merfolk: Perfect for an aquatic dragon race with serpentine body * Deer: Come on, there's sacred deers in a lot of myths, why not a deer race * Unicorn Cause why not. Shapeshifter unicorns is also a common recurrent elemnt in fantasy. * Bat, vampire: there's werewolves represented by the wolf laguz and wolfskin, angel-like creatures in heron, but no vampires and I'm surprised with their absence honestly * Butterfly: probably would be the similar or even same race as the elves/fairies in Heroes, functioning as refreshing units I wouldn't mind if they expand on the existing beasts, bringing back kitsunes and Wolfskin in a setting, explaining it's in the same world of Fates, but without further connection in the plot. Or even making a new game in Tellius to bring back all laguz.
  3. If I remember well Nyna vanishes or suicide in the end of the story. So supposing that Camus returns and choses Tatiana either way, she would meet the same fate even if she is married to Marth. So in this case Marth would still end being the ruler of Arachnea, but instead would have a second marriage with a random nameless lady - or maybe Marisha or Catria if they are lucky. If Camus decides stay with Nyna idk what would happen, maybe a political, open marriage in which Marth and Nyna stay together to produce heirs but have their own lovers lol I think, in general, the same events would happen but under slightly different circumstances, and Nyna's brief life would be slightly happier due to have a more understanding husband. Marth's life would be sadder due to losing the love of his life, but I don't think he would be corrupted into the darkness due to losing Caeda or someone else he loves, it seems out of character of him. More likely he would make an effort to make life easy with anyone he marries, since he is an understanding and diplomatic person.
  4. A) What would be the rough storyline? Hentai B) Who would you cast? Everybody C) How would your movie be different from yet another generic medieval fantasy flick? ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) Honestly I doubt that if there's ever a live action, they will wear coloured wigs. Their hair would be normal, not even dbz movie had wigs. It will be similar to the live action trailer but with a better quality in... everything. Lyn is blonde here but I think in a serious live action of FE7 the actress would need to look Asian since she is Sacaen. But after all it's a fantasy ethnicity so they can look whatever the director want. They put a blonde girl so the developers don't care for this stuff. I think live action Fire Emblem with a good budget, good writing and good directors could be similar to game of thrones, regardless of the game adapted.
  5. Promoted Arden and grinded him until level 15. He was a killer. He also married hottest girl Brigid.
  6. Lyn can be Roy or Lilina's mother so it wouldn't be possible since their mothers are said to be dead. Well, at least Roy's mother. Honestly I don't think the future games need new characters, except maybe the other Cipher characters via DLC like in Shadows of Valentia, I would welcome it very much. Fe6 could add Tiana and Al via DLC since the game have a sword and staff with their names so why not, and maaaybe an avatar being Mark's child but I don't think avatar is necessary, and as far I know this community, some fans would riot. Sacred Stones could add a bard and one or two new units IF they decide to make Eirika and Ephraim routes simultaneously playable, otherwise new units aren't needed. As for Arachnea, proper supports would do wonders for that game. It would be hell to pay all the voice acting because the cast is gigantic but if they ever remake Marth games again, this is the first thing they need to focus and plus avoid adding any new character. New units were created to be in SOV because the cast was relatively small and story was barebones so they needed new NPCs to tie the plot, even if it wasn't done perfecly. Jugdral, Elibe and Tellius have already gigantic and solid casts that just need some fleshing out. Sacred Stones has a smaller cast but it's ok as it is as well.
  7. The avatar now can have a harem. Children units return and if they remarry they will still unlock the children paralogues. Like in Persona the partners will fight each other because of jelousy system, so if you give more attention or gifts to just one of them things will get messy. If the marriage is too unhappy that a character is constantly angry, they will ask divorce and leave the army. You can also go the the sauna with all your husbandos and waifus. Actually the sauna is exclusive only to members of your harem.
  8. I agree completely with this. Some people have a fixed narrative of how love, attractiveness or marriage should work but it functions differently for every person. Some people can decide to marry in months, or be in an arranged marriage, while others wait years, and a lot aren't even interested in settling at all. I said "no" because I think four conversations is not enough to establish realistically any relationship, romantic or not. But this is a video game with mechanical limitations, so the details of the relationships are left for the fanbase to complete with fics headcanons; or extra official material to explore the most popular relationships through novels, cd dramas, spin offs, etc.. Overall I'm honestly satisfied with how supports works, it's more than what most games without fixed pairings provide. Not to mention that Fire Emblem has a huge playable cast.
  9. More or less this I guess? But the thing is that design is also an important component of a fictional character, so imo it's not fair shaming or calling attention of people for having waifus husbandos, as long they aren't being obnoxious about it.
  10. Honestly no. But the supports give the tone, the basic script of the relationship, it's quite obvious that a couple or even friends didn't talk only four times in the game. Most of the development happen off screen.
  11. I agree, it's a poor decision. But I think avatar exists as a -cheap- momentary self insert. Avatars have a background, standard name and appareance, but they still want to provide the gamers the experience to role play, especially the casual gamers that won't overthink details and won't engage in "canon wars"
  12. I think Byleth is the chosen one to represent Three Houses because picking either Dimitri, Edelgard or Claude would piss a lot of fans, so Byleth is the "neutral" choice.
  13. Female. Only because there's a lack of good female lords THAT aren't sidelined, outshined or treated in a bad light. I'd rather though, to have a game with a solo female lord - like Chrom or Marth, or two female lords - like Seliph and Sigurd. Because, after all, avatar's gender is never fixed and always open to discussion, regardless if one gender is default or more popular. Ps: I know that Robin and Kris are lords in Chrom and Marth's games, but they are avatars, so their gender is open to discussion.
  14. I agree that reducing a character to a prize love interest is sexist - be it by the fans, or writters side. But finding characters cute or having waifus or husbandos, - or in my case discussing playfully who are your "waifus"- is not sexist, as long you can appreciate other aspects of the characters and games.
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