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  1. Well, every topic and poll I've seen about the issue, Ike x Soren is brought up and is the winner romance option for both characters, winning by a great margin so I believe it's majority that interpret this way. There's margin to interpret it as platonic friendship, but theres strong shipping tease with the two though. Yeah, canon pairings are just default or confirmed romances, which is clearly not the case of Ike x Soren, Ninian x Eliwood or most Fire Emblem romances no matter how popular the ships are.
  2. Of the list, Alm x Celica and Micaiah x Sothe are the most developed. Not my favourites but they are the most recent canon pairings and get more screen time in their respective games. Eliwood x Ninian is clearly not canon. I for once prefer Eliwood x Fiora because Ninian is actually very annoying in the game and I don't like how her role is mainly being a damsel in distress to be saved by Eliwood. She has a better ending returning with her brother instead of dying because she is thristy for a dick. Most people interpret Ike x Soren as being a romantic pairing, so it's not "well established" that they are just friends. But obviously it's not canon considering that there's other options
  3. A simple way to make permadeath integral is adding mourning quotes from people that character is supposed to be close or has high rank in supports, also if it's a major character that appears in cutscenes, substitute them instead of making them retreat.
  4. A cute young lady A major character Mother of previously known characters Her chemistry with Jaffar make them a quite popular shipping Can be shipped with other character Bittersweet ending It's rewarding turning an average or bad unit great
  5. Once promoted priests and troubadours are great units so they are worth the effort. Of course, there's a lot of ways of playing the game though
  6. That would be interrsting too but I was thinking on Hentai OVAs like Bible Black, basically a lewd adaptation of the games in which each the avatar/protagonists bang every character they meet. Each ova follows a different game.
  7. Flayn and Seteth in Crimson Flower. He was first husband in almost every route and she was my adopted daughter, aka my family, it hurted needing to fight them
  8. There's a similar discussion in Genealogy of Holy war about how much Lewyn maintened his conscience or if he was completely replaced by Forseti personality. I think there's not pattern in Fire Emblem of how much the conscience is overwritten. Is it confirmed that Robin was 100% rewritten by Grima? That said Grima was a malicious entity, I believe "good" dragons prefer not mind rape other human beings even if they can do it
  9. A lot. I will exclude variations of the names cause the list would be immense, but here we go: Bruno: A very common name in Brazil, there's one Bruno in every corner Tatiana: name of two of my cousins, it's a very common name here too Stefan: I know a lot of Stefan's too, ironically all of them are hot Ingrid: professional dog trainer that trained my dog Manuela: One of my high school best friends. She loved reggae, new age stuff, nature and all this stuff Laura: A best friend for life Marcia: A cousin Isadora: Cousin, I know quite a lot of Isadoras though Leonardo: A guy I used to date Alice: a surfer, chill girl, she was a former friend but we lost touch. We used to travel to beach on weekends often Leon: A party friend and former classmate at University Karla: My high school teacher. I know a lot of Carlas though Lena: Common nickname for Helena, my aunt and summer friend are often called Lena Olivia: My best friend toddler daughter. Nanna: A nurse that took care of me when I did a surgery years ago Constance: a colleague at college, she was a very nice, pretty and refined girl Henry: a famous actor, his family used to have a summer house next to my parents Flavia: The horrible grumpy grandmother of one of my friends Priscila: childhood friend Lucina: a very annoying coworker Lucia: my aunt through marriage. Oscar: An old man that was my neighbour Igrene: Another old lady that was a neighbor Mia: Nickname of a friend Meg: My puppy, a daschund Rebecca: My late dog Linda: My friend dogs and an old woman I know Hilda: An old lady that was my classmate at a mandatory class at University. She was quite funny and fought a lot with the professor Julian: two different acquitances Roger: the drummer of the band of my friends Abel: gardener of the workplace, very nice old man Louise: acquitance Jeorge: old great uncle Tomas: a photographer I used to work and sometimes go to happy hours after work. I know a lot more Tomas though Athena: An acquitance from university Flora: A classmate in literature class. I know some more Flora's though Elen: A friend Astolfo: My cousins dog Cecilia: I know quite a lot of Cecilias Maria is a very common name but it's often composed like Maria Carolina, Maria Theresa, Maria Lucia, etc... There's more but now I'm tired of typing names
  10. She wants everyone. It's worse Corrin marrying Percy, Kiragi or Midori imo
  11. I prefer multiple endings depending of choices, so no, I dislike "true" endings, Fire Emblem doesn't need that and I'm happy the developers probably also realized this. Also Fire Emblem is not a game that will give game over for making certain choices but instrad it's a game about customising your units and playing with a lot of possibilities so I feel true endings and pushed pairings or "holier than thou" paths are a bit disrespectful to the player. Why give the option if there's a correct end that few will get making the whole previous experience hollow? Also I don't think Revelations should be considered a true ending. It's mostly the happy ending but the most unlikely to happen
  12. SOV: Mathilda and Randal Genealogy Gen 1: Edain and Lewyn Genealogy Gen 2: Linda and Seliph Thracia: Eyvel and August Binding Blade: Cecilia and Dieck Blazing Sword: Fiora or Louise and Pent Sacred Stones: Neimi and Lyon Path of Radiance: Soren and Titania Radiant Dawn: Ike and Elincia Awakening Gen 1: Sumia and Robin Awakening Gen 2: Noire and Brady Fates Gen 1: Felicia and Xander Fates Gen 2: Velouria and Dwyer Three Houses: Shamir and Seteth
  13. Frederick , I found him really good looking. Unfortunately I don't ship him with female Robin cause their supports suck
  14. Well, female Byleth outfit is exactly like Sothis.
  15. * A Laguz/beast lord similar to Corrin. As someone mentioned, the unit is oriented to transformation, with lance being secondary weapon, mainly used to attack in distance. She/he is way stronger when transformed and considerably weaker when attacking with weapons, but still useful. *A lord that uses knifes/daggers as the main weapon. Beloved Zofia is the only dagger used by a lord but it's actually coded a sword in it's game.
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