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  1. As long it's something overall important to the story or gameplay. For example, I'd rather see split simultaneously paths with two lords, freedom to recruit characters to each side similar to o Tear Ring saga or the end of Radiant Dawn but adapting such features through the entire game, but this would imply more voice acting considering all possible alternatives. As for the ball example you gave it's imo inconsequential but adds a bit to the role playing aspect, despite not being necessary. So my answer is yes, I like choices but mostly regarding to gameplay integrated to the story, not necessarily random ball scenes.
  2. I wish they would explore more the not so common weapons in good classes with great bonuses: knives, shapeshifing stones and knuckles.
  3. Yes, at first I thought on the Baron class but idk if such overpowered class would be available to a playable unit, but who knows? Every game has its broken classes and the holy weapons are super powerful as well so why not. I was trying to think in the classes related to lore already available the in original game, that could make the subs appealing, but it's quite possible that they add new classes as well.
  4. Maybe they could show Edain's father in a scene, and he could have blue hair, similar to Chrom and Lissa's family, so Lester took after his grandfather, it happens a lot. That said Lana is also a redhead and apparently no one in the direct family has red hair. Or they could just do like Awakening in which the sons have the father's hair colour. This was the initial idea of FE4 developers but they couldn't do it due to limitations.
  5. This. Exactly. Making the skill systems more concise and adding some useful and unique skills to the subs. Also, the second gen should be able to inherit the father's class so everyone would be able to use the weapons. With that in mind, the subs would also need to have alternative classes to promote and those shouldn't accessible by the blue blood kids so it would give more reason to use the alts: * Jeanne could have Wyvern Rider as an alternate promotion since she comes from Thracia * Charlot could access General or any armour class duo to his relation to Hannibal * Laylea could promote to Pegasus Rider since this is the basic alternative promotion to dancers (Azura, Olivia) * Amid or Linda could promote to Dark Bishop due to their family connections. I suppose they know some dark magic. Or any class related to dark magic. Idk for the othe subs, but for sure there's a need for more axe classes.
  6. I have the headcanon that Manuela is the side fuck for Byleth when they are needy. And not only Byleth but most of her colleagues, she is the chick to go when someone want to have easy sex 😕
  7. Heroes low key canonized the multiverse for every game. I dare say that every playthrough and remake is a different timeline. So, there's a timeline in which Byleth sided with Claude and Marianne died, while on another she survived. In another universe Byleth sided with Dimitri and recruited idk..Ferdinand and Bernadetta, etc... In one timeline, Caeda died while on another she survived. The possibilities are almost infinite considering the variations available in the games with the player's input.
  8. I think the best way to go ins introducing the DLC Cypher characters as Valentia Units. If they do that they will still have three more years of banners with new characters to introduce. Not making a banner exclusive to Cypher, but mixing them with Echoes characters. There's also the possibility that they add new Heroes OCS like they did in the recent Echoes banner, to get the attention of 'casuals'.
  9. Niiice. Eirika x Saleh shipper here, I find them adorable and really unique, so I'm another to join the team. I also like Claude x Petra even though I ship the 3h characters with a lot of people since they have a lot of interesting dynamics. Also I like: Ephraim x L'arachel, Tana x Cormag Roy x Sue, Eliwood x Fiora, Hector x Farina Chrom x Olivia, Ike x Soren Etc .. I think there's place for every taste in the fandom 😅😅 It remembers me the Butterfly Effect movie, that one with Ashton Kutcher, it's really interesting and makes a lot of sense.
  10. Thracia: Daisy, Hermina, Asaello, Jeanne. The substitute children who were excluded, should be playable in Thracia. Sacred Stones: Dara, Saleh's grandmother, should had been the Niime of FE8. Awakening: You remember that old guy that betrays Chrom in the early chapters? I don't think he properly has a name, but he should had been the Orson of the game. Also the betrayal would have more emotional impact, since it felt really random, but he was a father figure to Chrom. Blazing Blade: Mark should be a playable avatar. Binding Blade: Guinivere, even if only in the last chapters, or if she is recruitable in a very hard paralogue.
  11. Marth: Bland, white bread, but overall inoffensive. I don't like his design and don't care for him at all, but I give him a pass since he was the first and he was sa nice character by the time period in which he was released. Alm: What are his struggles and his failings? I think they could had done more with Alm in his remake Celica: She has a great design and is the only lord that address the religiously of historical people, which is often ignored in historical fantasy, understandably. That said, she is annoying, I understand what they were doing with her but she felt flat when they portrayed Alm as the righteous lord that can't do no wrong, and saved her. Celica needed to die to learn from her mistakes, which is cheap and often bad writing. Why they did that? If she was kept dead she would be the first tragic heroine, but idk if it would help Celica's case in charisma, but she would at least be unique. Sigurd: He is iconic because he is the first tragic hero, and the better one at that. He is portrayed as the average naive hero and faces realistic consequences to that. I roll eyes to his romance with Deirdre but I like his character arc, and it had proper consequences instead of the plot bending itself to make him correct. Seliph: I like him, I can't put my finger why. But he has way less characterisation than Sigurd and at first he can look like a generic hero. His tibits of characterisation like his imposter syndrome and his fears are hidden in random supports, which are easily missable. Leif: I didn't pay Leif any mind when playing his game, because that game has less characterisation than Genealogy. But he is the only few lords that was really failing in his mission, which is a very interesting concept. He leads a group of misfits which is quite cool. It just falls flat when you realise that he is a prince by birth and had special blood, but his arc is better done than Alm since he doesn't have an "enlightning cliche moment", he is just a guy put in a life and death situation and needs to survive through that with even less support than Seliph. Roy: I like him. Like Seliph, his characterisation is missable because of the scrappy supports mechanic. He is the first scholar lord, he doubts himself a lot and is aware that he is not more special than anyone else, he got depressed during the war... He is not the most unique lord, but people exagerated in his blandness. He has more going on than Marth, and his father. Eliwood: Diet version of his son Roy. He is redheaded Marth and a the blandest of the trio, but an overall alright character. He had an advantage over Roy, that he had other two interesting main characters to interact with during the game 'scenes', but as a character and hero he is a bit unremarkable imo. Lyndis: She is Sue's Expy aka she is Sue if she were a lord, but I prefer Sue even if she is a side character... That said, I like Lyn. She has a proper background that differs from other lords, a proper unique personality instead of being another prim and proper lady. She is upbeat, lives in the wilderness, rejects her noble side... There's no other lord like her, so I don't see how she could be bland. That said, it seems they didn't know what do to with her and reduced Lyn as a waifu for Eliwood or Hector, since birthing Roy or Lilina is the only way to justify her relevance and status as lord, unfortunately. Hector: He is a meathead, obnoxious, but he has hidden depths and is the most iconic of the trio and the first and best of his kind. I wouldn't like him much as a person but I like him as a character. Eirika: A bit unremarkable other than being female Marth. I like Eirika's light blue hair but her design is generic and remember me of Marine/Guy for Rayearth. Other than that I find exagerated the criticism she gets from trusting Leon, I can understand why she did that, and it's ironic that some of the people that criticise Eirika's decision defend Celica and Sigurd who are way worse in this aspect, and lost their own lives duo their short sightness. Also she was overshadowed by Ephraim who is treated as more talented and righteous than her, even though I prefer her route since she has more growth than him. Ephraim: Another male lord that overshadows the female. He is diet version of Hector but not as interesting. He has his flaws but... He really struggle with that? Ike: The first commoner lord, which is great. I like his design and the discussion of his sexuality is amusing. I like him overall. Micaiah: The first and only mage lord. Overshadowed by Ike... I have mixed feelings about her but she is well writen overall. Just not a lord that I care about. Chrom: I see him as a composite character of Sigurd and Marth but more likeable than both. He is alright, another average blue haired lord. Lucina: She is another tragic heroine since she basically failed to save her world (granted some of it was the previous generation's fault, and she was basically doomed, but still...). I like her though I find her personality a bit bland. The interesting aspect of her is when she interacts with the previous generation. Robin: Heh... He is indeed the protagonist of Awakening. The story is his whole arc of trusting in bonds and making the right choice to defeat Grima to save the world and give a better future in this timeline. That said I think Robin would be better if it wasn't an avatar. Robin is a nice character and stands as it's own, but by being an avatar its potential is not reached. Also I need to say that I dislike female Robin's design and personality. Why did they change some of the convos between genders and made the female more unlikeable? Kris: I like Kris as an avatar in a mechanical perspective. I couldn't care less for Kris (or Marth) as characters so I don't feel rage for the infamous stolen quotes but I completely understand why Kris is disliked by Archanea fans. Corrin: I have mixed feelings about Corrin, I think some of the flaws of the character is duo to Fates disjointed writing than Corrin per se. Also it's crazy Corrin is criticized for things that Byleth is praised. Byleth: ... The closest to a true avatar. Would be better if Byleth had quote options instead of being properly stoic because I have some hard time to understand why everyone like them if they act like an emotionless shell most of the time. I'm a bit tired of avatars or protagonists looking like Marth expies. Couldn't next avatars have more unique designs instead or generic blue hair guy/girl with bangs? Granted I don't mind them. Edelgard: I like her as a character and she is a breath of fresh air. I wouldn't like her as a person though. Also another female character that is in the wrong since she is a villain in three routes. Are you seeing the pattern? Dimitri: I like him and another breath of fresh air. His character arc is interesting but rushed. Claude: I love him and he is one of my favourite lords. But he is wasted potential. Claude was overshadowed by the other three lords and he would be better in a game on its own since his route could easily be fullfilled by the church, and Almyra is a very unique setting that should be explored in a game on its own instead of getting lost in the middle of Fodlan stuff.
  12. I'd suggest 2 conversations until they marry and one or two big conversations after marriage. Not a confession out of blue, but a conversation post marriage. The units would marry manually in the castles or churches, and there they could have a small exchange of words. The supports will be unlocked by the player so the characters won't marry automatically. The biggest problem would be Finn and Tailtiu but it could be Chrom x Olivia over again in which the player would see it off screen. So, summing up C - The first support, the characters meeting each other or giving the tone of their interactions B - A more intimal conversation but that can also be vaguely platonic. The friends/siblings will also have platonic supports until B - then, every couple will automatically have a small exchange of words that is more romantic if the player chose to marry them. Nothing too long, but just to not make it out of blue and signal that they are together. A - A conversation after marriage, some can be based on the lover convos in the desert/last chapter, even though most pairings will have original convos.
  13. Female Byleth is more optimal and gets you free Sylvain.
  14. Iuchar? Or her flirts just with Larcei and Creidne? I believe his personality will be expanded to something like that in the possible remake. Same for Alec. There's also Roger but he is more of a simp, I suppose.
  15. Top 5: *Sigurd - and all the army barbecued by Arvis * Deirdre - .... *Lyn's father - and possibly her mother's death, when Lyn needs to lead to tribe but they leave her * The Kutolah clan massacre when Sue is separated from them - Hector's death PS: I thought it was about scenes I'd like to see on screen. Well, I don't think the games would show any graphic death. The scenes would be just the context and pure dialogue, with some lights behind and a character holding another, to show they are dying "magically"
  16. SOV is a decent game considering it was a remake of a obscure and even bad game: no plot at all (or a really basic one), almost zero characterisation, bad maps and imbalanced power/items. Shadows of Valentia style of remake is the best way to go: respecting the base game, but expanding and modernizing it. I think improving gameplay and narrative is both important in a remake. A game nowadays needs both to stand a its own.
  17. Crimson Flower and similar routes is the closest we will get with "siding with villain" route.
  18. I said pair up, not necessarily breeding. There's a difference. I think it's a distinguished feature of Fire Emblem games that is an attractive for the franchise: choosing the ending by pairing characters. So trying to control what is canon with questionable points is not nice at all and creates a lot of problem and toxicity with in the fandom imo
  19. Chrom x Olivia is my favourite ship for both, so I'm really happy to see fanservice for those two. Inigo is the best son of Chrom. But I think some people that prefer other ships will be pissed or sad, to have their preferences ignored. Having a cutscene that doesn't even happen in game doesn't mean it's canon. For the heaves sake, the main mechanic of most Fire Emblem games is pairing characters choosing among some options and the developers never confirmed anything outside than one Thracia ship. I wish people would stop using the "canon" word randomly cause it often creates disinformation and make everybody in both sides very defensive. It's a easy way to start a ship war even not being the intention.
  20. Imo the list of candidates for Legendary and Mythical in Heroes is: Archanea: Legendary: Marth, Caeda, Kris, Nyna Mythical: Nagi, Artemis, Medeus, Gotoh and Anri, Naga Valentia: Legendary: Alm, Celica Mythical: Duma, Mila Jugdral: Legendary: Seliph, Julia, Leif, Sigurd, Deirdre, Eyvel/Brigid, Lewyn, maybe Nanna, Lachesis and Finn Mythical: Lewyn/Forsety, Naga Elibe: Legendary: Roy, Eliwood, Hector, Lyn, Nils, Ninian, Lilina, Sophia, Sue, Guinivere, maybe: Elffin, Cecilia, Mark (if he ever get a design) Mythical: Bramimond, Athos, Roland, Elimine Magvel: Legendary: Eirika, Ephraim, Myrrh, Lyon, L'arachel. maybe: Innes, Joshua and Tana Mythical: Morva, maybe: Nada Kuyia, Latona Tellius: Legendary: Ike, Micaiah, Elincia, Soren, Mist. Maybe: Sothe and Titania and the major beasts like Naesala and Tibarn Mythical: Altina, Yune, Ashera, Lehran, maybe: Dheginshea Ylisse: Legendary: Chrom, Robin/Grima, Lucina, Morgan and maybe: Olivia, Maribelle, Sumia (Chrom's possible waifus, though it's more likely brave alts) Mythical: Naga Fates: Legendary: Corrin, Azura, Ryoma, Xander, Camilla, Leo, Sakura, Takumi and Hinoka Mythical: Anankos Fodlan: Legendary: Edelgard, Dimitri, Claude, Byleth, Rhea and maybe: Yuri Mythical: Sothis, Seiros, Cichol, Cethleann and maybe Indech and Macuil
  21. I don't like it too. It's dumb and remember me Pokemon with the nurse Joy . I headcanon that it's always the same Anna but she is a time traveler. As for Jake, I'm surprised that he is not in Heroes yet.
  22. True, I forgot Elincia in the "lords" list, she is a huge candidate to have a legendary next. Kris is an avatar after all. I don't remember if their death resulted in "game end", but for good or bad, Kris is co-protagonist in the remake, and the female Kris is another waifu to sell as a legendary, by a commercial perspective. I don't see it happening soon though, also I wouldn't be surprised if Caeda got it first.
  23. The only game that I can't think of a mythical is Ylisse, unless you consider another Grima alt. Jugdral has Forsety, and stretching a bit, the 12 crusaders. I think the crusaders are very unlikely for now, but who knows in the future? Fodlan Dragon Seteth and Flayn as Cethleann and Cichol. So finally we can see how their dragon forms look. Also background characters like the ten elites if they run out ideas. From Elibe I can see Athos, maybe Roland and St Elimine getting in one day. Archanea: Anri, Artemis, Medeus Magvel: Morva. maybe Nada Kuyia, Latona and Grado, but very unlikely Fates has Anankos and Tellius has Lehran, Ashnera, etc...
  24. The only lords/avatars to not have a legendary yet are Micaiah, Sigurd, Byleth and Kris. They all will eventually get legendary alt in, but IS is "saving" them and for sure will "mix" the legendaries release with OCS, and other major characters like Julia, Lilina or Ryoma. I'm pretty sure that Xander, Leo and Camilla will eventually have legendaries alts as well, if the game keeps going for the next years.
  25. Do they do though? Lilina was in the banner because Guinivere wasn't in and there was no other obvious options. Sure, there was other Roy waifus like Cecilia, Sue, or Shanna but Lilina is more iconic to the casuals because she is Hector's daughter. It doesn't make her a lord as she doesn't fit the requirements for a lord in any way. As for relevance, Lilina became the first Queen of Ostia, so she has some background importance in her respective universe, even if it doesn't affect the story, at all. But I think that one day they Heroes can release a legendary Guinivere or a legendary Sue or legendary Cecilia cause why not? L!Lilina expanded the legendary poll to major characters like Nils, Lewyn, Deirdre, Nyna, Elincia, Mist, Brigid, Yuri etc... Soon, after all, the Lord options will run out and the legendaries will need to focus on major characters.
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