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  1. Ethlyn, my newest +10 and first Grail project
  2. Try clearing your web history fully, including cache, cookies and site data. Probably only one of these will be required but I forget which. For Antivirus I personally use AVG. I hear solid stuff about Avast too.
  3. My beautiful Nanna build. Also got an Ethlyn coming soon without Dragonflowers.
  4. I'm surprised May lasted as long as she did. Someone on discord said its a shame she isn't resigning on the last day of May so it could be "the end of May"
  5. Ah yes the Amazon winning message. That appears from time to time when I'm on Gamepress (only seems to happen on that site), before going back into obscurity. Months later it be like "So I heard you want to view Celica's page? Lol no have this scam"
  6. Oof the Tories have dropped below Labour. Actually not too surprising after that last election and May's actions tbh
  7. #IHaveNoIdeaWhatAnyOfThatStuffIsSinceI'mNotAmerican
  8. Thank you, yours is also nice , TF?rururu
  9. I'd say it depends personally. There's a time and place for it but teacher characters aren't really something that I'm too impressed to see it on.
  10. Just look at that beautiful low resolution
  11. Armour knights just don't have good move. A lot of the time they're hardly doing anything, especially with map size etc
  12. It's hard to say because a super Kempfnna could be absolutely terrifying in real life. I suppose I'd offer her tea but if she's hostile I'm screwed.
  13. Oh yes I love these kind of threads. If only I'd have found this much sooner.
  14. Alright, I haven't done this myself but I'll ask you the following question: Have you tried applying the Project Naga patch to a clean FE4 ROM?
  15. I think we'll definitely get something, but not necessarily quite as much as we did in the last direct.
  16. I'd say give Lewyn the Magic Ring, Arthur really appreciates it. Midir - you haven't paired Jamke so give Midir all the decent bows I also recommend passing the Elite Ring to someone you get in chapter 6. I'd personally say Ayra or Chulainn, but other people may disagree You should actually be fine for inheritance until chapter 5, after you capture a certain castle which I'll mark below as a spoiler Ethlyn: Sell your staves at the end of this chapter before you capture the last castle, and give the Follow-Up Ring to her, it's super useful to have on Leif Deirdre: Again, sell the inventory, this time at the start. You can not deploy her on this map. This is all subjective stuff really, but these are my suggestions.
  17. It's a very odd choice of fighting game, if it even counts as one, but Ultimate Gohan, Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Z "Hey, even if you'd fought someone else, you probably would have lost anyway". Wording may be slightly wrong but that's basically it. Might edit some more in later if I think of them.
  18. In addition to the above the bonus may also vary slightly by game, but usually not by much
  19. The following TV ads: Panda Cheese, the Terry Crews Old Spice adverts and Direct TV. All can be found with compilations, and they're all super crazy
  20. Honestly a good thing, and I really wish the localisation of Awakening had retained this option.
  21. Showcase thread eh? Count me in: Here's my defence as of now. I don't know what the biggest weakness is since I don't really watch the replays, but I can imagine it's probably either Ethlyn or Lewyn. Lucina however is probably the build I'm least happy with because lack of IVs etc. Gacha right? The big problem here in placing is Julius though I think. Now I'm not exactly an expert so apologies if this description is brief. The basic idea is the standard Ophelia stuff, as well as trying to completely stop any forms of effective approach into the map. Julius as the set in display highlights is mostly intended to be an annoyance here, as is Ethlyn (although she's probably gonna be switched to Nanna very soon, once I get Physic+, since I don't want it wasting dances on debuff removal). Lewyn and Lucina are meant to be more immediate threats and then Ophelia is just Ophelia. As for success... Now that's actually quite hard to say. While I was in tier 19 if I even had this then (I don't remember) I think it was quite favourable, but it generally tends to vary by season. Last I checked I didn't have a single win last season although this may have changed since.
  22. The sad part is armour seasonals are basically the norm now. Kagero, Lukas, Flora and Felicia have absolutely no reason to be armours, they just are.
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