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  1. Ethlyn, my newest +10 and first Grail project
  2. Try clearing your web history fully, including cache, cookies and site data. Probably only one of these will be required but I forget which. For Antivirus I personally use AVG. I hear solid stuff about Avast too.
  3. My beautiful Nanna build. Also got an Ethlyn coming soon without Dragonflowers.
  4. I'm surprised May lasted as long as she did. Someone on discord said its a shame she isn't resigning on the last day of May so it could be "the end of May"
  5. Ah yes the Amazon winning message. That appears from time to time when I'm on Gamepress (only seems to happen on that site), before going back into obscurity. Months later it be like "So I heard you want to view Celica's page? Lol no have this scam"
  6. Oof the Tories have dropped below Labour. Actually not too surprising after that last election and May's actions tbh
  7. #IHaveNoIdeaWhatAnyOfThatStuffIsSinceI'mNotAmerican
  8. I'd say it depends personally. There's a time and place for it but teacher characters aren't really something that I'm too impressed to see it on.
  9. Armour knights just don't have good move. A lot of the time they're hardly doing anything, especially with map size etc
  10. It's hard to say because a super Kempfnna could be absolutely terrifying in real life. I suppose I'd offer her tea but if she's hostile I'm screwed.
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