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  1. I did not Play the entirety of FE4 soo i dont know the characters of the second Generation Well,But can someone refresh me the story of geneology? I remenber not beaing soo great as people says,i dont care much about Story of RPG's (shame on me if you want)soo i am more about what the game gives me about gameplay and music and others things
  2. This cannot be a problem because if you want,You can Level up really fast the Staff rank on the Armads Gaiden Chapter,If you have enough Staff to do it for it. at least 5 entire heal staff can make to at least B rank
  3. Imao you giving many kills to rebecca is worst than me giving Delthea from the FE7 Mangs pme
  4. for some reason i Though that the Falkner gym was a Tower
  5. Lucius Even with the low Might of light magic solve this issue,And lucius is also Fast that he can Basic Double Everything because FE7 enemies Are soo slow (except on hector mode)But squishy like Serra when is about physical attack,Also he is quite the best staff user If you don't count Serra our Priscella.Erk have high stats on Averege but his Magic is low,But due to low Res of anything except Magic base enemys this is not a problem,And Anima tomes have Average Might. he is not as Squishy as Lucius in Defense but still Squishy. Canas have a Mid mag growth and dark tomes Have the higher might,Canas i think is The most defensive? but i am not that sure,He have Enough Speed to promo and Growth/base to relible Double enemys
  6. The one Time that lyn is better Than marcus is for Waifu Material Oh boy i guess i Gone get a Bomb of Comment like the same bomb that Japan Take it
  7. For me I only have Low rank On Turn's Count Because All of the others Are 5 Stars.I am low like a Snail when is about Play fast
  8. Renault Stats Are more hero-like Than bishop,If renault was a Hero but with Streng and Defense as a Hero He could Be the Gadoh Of the game
  9. Every time that a 69 appers YOU NEED TO HIT,No meter if kills the unit or not. Also who well is your Ranking's?
  10. I don't think that ORAS is Easy,Do to the New Mechanics and Moveset Fixed Makes pokemon Better than there Are on Emerald/ruby/Saphirre. Due to the Phiyshical/Special Spilt Some pokemon Can finale Make A Spot On the times. Also People Say that "Exp.Share ruins the difficult of the game"....REALLY? Grind only Exist to make your Save to have more than 40 Hours and half of that Hours is BORING GRIND.Like wtf,If you like the old Times Just turn Off the Exp.Share (You are doing a Giant mistake doing this)
  11. Even if is the frist Lord Introduced in a fire emblem game outside of The Japan,Is just like she is Created Just to Introduce With that BORING lyn mode,That if you played Another Fire emblem before (like awaking or sacred stones our ever other fire emblem) it can be boring because you cannot Skip shit ok ok,i guess that i talked More about who Lyn mode sucks more than lyn,Ok at frist look she seems ok if you start on Lyn mode and level up She until the End,BUT (butt) If you start at Eliwood or Hector Mode She can be kind Shit Due to Her Stats,Like you waste 3 Levels on He,Even thought you can just play the mode and not use Lyn that much just to Not have shitty Stats Basic:She Sucks,Bad lord And unit
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