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  1. FE 9&10 are gems. No need for a remake. I am scared that they would ruin my nostalgia to those games
  2. I think that the ranking system of Spirits is not about power but about popularity
  3. But I think that The Black Knight as a (final)boss wasn't that hard to make. Just use the Assist Trophy & buff him Yeah I know right
  4. Yeah. At least do a dragon at the end because few FE games do not have a dragon as a final boss Besides Ike's voice & his final boss, I do not have any complaints yet Nice. I 'only' got like 8.5.
  5. The Classic Mode of Ike is called The Black-Clad Warriors The theme of Ike's classic mode is that the fighters are dressed in black. Most likely a nod to the rivalry between Ike & the Black Knight Who else felt the same?
  6. I really like the idea of 'canon strength' & 'canon match-ups'. I already did Ike vs Marth, A battle-royale of the Swordmasters of Tellius, and the Greil Mercenaries VS Dawn Brigade. Roy should be weaker than Marth. But I am not should whether Marth > Lucina or vice-versa. I always assumed that Marth was stronger but I don't have enough knowledge of Lucina to be certain.
  7. When I was 15 years old, I got very sick. After that, I saw the world in a whole other view. I was 'mature'. I barely had any real connection with kids of my age. To this day I still got trust issues Fun fact: when I became 18, I felt kinda right. I agree. A number does not define if you are an adult or mature. It are the events that ones experience in life that determined whether you feel mature. But I am not saying that you cannot grow into an adult without any drastic event. In fact, I envy those (in a good way) who turn into a mature adult in a natural way without any drastic experiences. I think that, mature adults are those who realize their existence in this world, who can listen to another with an unbiased view and who can respect each other for the person they are.
  8. Hawk Army: Tibarn & Haar. Silver Army: Fliers Greil Army: The 'overkill' units. Mostly the Greil Mercenaries The rest I just divide (according to their levels)
  9. With paragon you´ll reach levels sooner, with both ´normal EXP´ & Bonus EXP BEXP doesn´t affect any stat changes. It's not that you get fewer skill points when you level up
  10. I did it on easy difficulty. I can look up which characters I got to lvl 20. But I did not use boss abuse or something like that, because that is kinda boring
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