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  1. No person in avatar but otherwise good background. 5/10
  2. I give you a wish, say it and you shall use it wisely.
  3. Bland profile from anime 3/10
  4. It is a gaming desktop. I am not really gonna get those games that would likely require you to have best graphics to experience or ones normally on consoles. I would only want to run at stable levels. I wanted the new pc to run the games like Black mesa, Gmod, Minecraft and Doom 2016 to be smooth. Recent games have been upping their graphics and patches so its starting make the old pc slower. If you need a bit more info here's the processors and graphic cards. If you'd like i can also give specs on the old pc.
  5. Help can you hear me? I'm in the mountains i'm quite a distance to see but i'm somewhere at the summit!
  6. Come to Tatooine. Its much more habitable here.
  7. So I've just gotten a new desktop to move on from laptop but now I have started to have second thoughts on my decision if this is worth it. I settled for I5 since i thought I7 was mostly for streaming or modeling, the former is mainly for budget. Now I'm not entirely sure if processors themselves are the main thing to consider since there are also graphics cards. My desktop has much higher graphics card which i should be fine enough. I did intend to move onto the desktop phase to play the games that ran mediocre on my old pc to get a smoother experience. course it would depend on what games i would be playing but I'm not really gonna set them up on the highest settings, i'm looking for the reliable performance. I could consider maybe upgrading processor at a future date but would that be still worth it? Is i5 a better compromise than i7? Should i keep the i5 processor or consider upgrading later?
  8. Use it as wig hair instead. WWYDif someone accidentally formatted your whole desktop?
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