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  1. Mmmm my favourite type pasta. S is for Soviet union
  2. The closest you can get to street fighter irl. L is for Lootbox.
  3. Swords have been a staple in many fantasy genres. Everywhere the main hero is usually the one to hold the sword but the companions have other weapons like bows, lances, magic or axes. The main character is usually the one with a powerful sword. Swords are easy weapons to use and are well rounded against anything which is why its used so much. Many of main protagonists use these like Link for example, various Lords from Fire emblem, Cloud strife you name it. Many protagonists in this genre will wield this weapon while the secondary characters often wield another weapon. Yeah, I've started to get a little disgruntled by the amount of sword wielders many fantasy type genres have. I have yet to see an actual protagonist that mains a weapon apart from swords like bows, lances or axes. I know they aren't very popular but i would just like something new for a change. So far i can remember main protagonists that don't wield swords are Simon Belmont (Whip), Thor (Hammer and axe), Kratos (Used to have swords, now has axe), Ruby rose (Scythe gun) and Ephraim (Lance). I would really like to see more main characters who wield those weapons, like they are very underrated. I don't think this trope would die out because its already an icon of culture, its generally accepted so i don't see it becoming negatively overused. I don't dislike swords but i just think they are starting to get very repetitive. I just feel that a different weapon could break away from this trope. Its might be a flawed opinion i know but you may have the same thoughts as me. So anyways your thoughts about this? Swords are getting tiredly overused or are they still an important symbol of the culture? Positive or negative thoughts are welcome. (Im not sure this is the right thread to post this, go ahead mods move it if necessary)
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