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  1. Pet cat. WYR: Promote to paladin or general?
  2. This is just a thread basically discussing your general thoughts on manga genre. You can also discuss some of your favourite manga you've read here. So i'll put my thoughts on manga here: I favour manga more than anime. The compact format, the fast paced action and not too much dialogue. Those are the qualities that i favour about them. I like reading them physically on paper than digitally. Sure there is anime but i feel manga is more easier to follow and a bit more comfortable to sit through, its that i like to see the original format instead of adapted. There are light novels, comics but these are bit text heavy for me. Manga tends to be more creative than most other genres and they don't really tend to be too realistic or let logic control them most of the time. A cons would be that i'd have to collect all volumes which tends to be costly and also clutter space. Currently reading: Murchelango, Demon slayer, Jojo bizarre adventure: Phantom blood. So yeah that's all my thoughts, may update this later on another time. I would to hear your words on the genre.
  3. They hop in the car, its their Uber ride. A warrior is critically injured and is about to be finished by a knight, WHN?
  4. Its now official, gaming is faced with a game breaking law that will change the industry. After so many years of milking and exploiting the system, it appears enough is enough and action had to be taken against them. Recently, a U.S. senator has proposed a new bill that will ban monetary mechanics in games that are under 18. The argument is that the monetary practices are harmful to minors under 18 and constitute as gambling and are causing addiction. Loot boxes, pay to win mechanics, premium currency, even rare limited virtual items are the factors which are considered manipulative to children. Many games such as mobile games and Multiplayers have these kinds of systems. Its quite recent that big game companies have pushed to monetise their games aggressively. If this bill were to pass, the entire gaming industry would be impacted by this. Developers would be forced to remove their monetary mechanics in their games, we would see the entire mobile games store get wiped off for having a ton of monetising games (Rip FE heroes.) Games around the world wouldn't even distribute such mechanics. Possibly more parental controls would be made to verify if the user is legal age to buy stuff and quite possibly the age limit could be amended for some games. I think its good that this bill should pass. I do think that kids shouldn't be exposed to these kinds of systems that would encourage them to spend and beg for virtual items. Its concerning for me as i feel kids nowadays want to feel more special by spending and really is worrying for parents and the child's behaviour. Having this blocked off would make gaming for minors a lot more safer. Games wouldn't be bloated with forced paywalls or DLC, it would make these games alot cleaner. I've had enough with games shoehorning a paywall in their game to suck up more money than the game already needs. Anyways, i think that;s all i got for now. I could talk about this more but i would let people have the chance to speak about here. I would like to hear your side of the story. What do you think about this new bill? How will it really affect the gaming community? Is it really for the better or worse?
  5. Quan dance (Hit the Quan): That 2015 dance trend. R is for Reinhardt.
  6. 8/10 Rosalina, say no more.
  7. Banned for having animated signature.
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