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  1. Lets replace that candidate with this.
  2. Banned for celebrating Christmas early.
  3. Directs anger toward the cook.
  4. This is a thread discussing about the current state of video games and gaming in general for this year.?In this thread, you can give a brief summary on what you think about this year's gaming; How it's doing, the future of it, personal experiences, etc. My thoughts: 2019 gaming has been a rocky year. Lots of good and bad news but bad news seems to outweigh the good slightly. The current state appears that smaller indie game studios are slowly rising to the top while the big Triple A companies are slowly lagging behind. The big ones EA, Activision, Ubisoft and Bethesda, have been cranking up their monetary practises so much that it has been receiving government attention. Even if those companies are still making money, their games show that they are losing their grasp. There are still some companies like Gearbox, Nintendo, Blizzard who still have their touch on their original properties and maintain their ratings. There is a bit of hope since games like Outerworlds, Death stranding and Cyberpunk 2077 prove that revolutionary titles can exist. And then there is the next generation of consoles. Cloud gaming is the next evolution of consoles. (If you don't know about it, its basically a streaming service to play your games.) but there has been doubts about this working properly. I don't think it would replace traditional console gaming. I'm not really up for cloud gaming though. Then there is the PS5 and Xbox Scarlett coming next year. I am not very certain about the years console since i'm not really a gamer who uses them much but something feels that it they may not be as good as their predecessors. Overrall, 2019 is just opening the gates for an uncertain future that may be for better or worse. 2020 is gonna be a new era for gaming. This is the end of my brief thoughts on this years gaming. Go ahead post your own thoughts about this too.
  5. That desert bandit guy in FE7 along with his bro Paul. Best bandit twins. K is for Kojima.
  6. Bottom cheeks. C is for Camilla.
  7. Get demonic eyes that can fry anyone you look. Inflation.
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