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  1. Simple, use revolver and headshoot it.
  2. No, they aren't old enough yet and don't look too experienced.
  3. Go out to a store and get supplies. Its kinda hard since new restrictions are getting implemented. I mean you could do it still but during this time its way too risky for your safety and I'd have to shop quickly and not linger around.
  4. No person in avatar but otherwise good background. 5/10
  5. It is a gaming desktop. I am not really gonna get those games that would likely require you to have best graphics to experience or ones normally on consoles. I would only want to run at stable levels. I wanted the new pc to run the games like Black mesa, Gmod, Minecraft and Doom 2016 to be smooth. Recent games have been upping their graphics and patches so its starting make the old pc slower. If you need a bit more info here's the processors and graphic cards. If you'd like i can also give specs on the old pc.
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