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  1. Mavericks fan here and boy this is the worst team we've had in a long time. Overall Thoughts: Russell Westbrook is the most hilarious stat stuffer I've ever seen. I hope it's not gonna be another Warriors vs. Cavaliers finals, but it kind of looks like it will. It amazes me how the Timberwolves can get great new players every year and still manage to suck as a team. I love how everyone thought this was going to be a comeback year for the Lakers. Hahaha, no.
  2. NES: I think Super Mario Bros. is the only game I've actually played on NES. SNES: Tie between Donkey Kong Country 2 and Super Mario RPG GBC: Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Ages/Seasons N64: Tie between Paper Mario and Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time GCN: Tie between Skies of Arcadia: Legends and Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door GBA: Tie between FE7 and Mega Man Battle Network 3 Wii: Tie between Super Smash Bros. Brawl and Monster Hunter Tri DS: The World Ends With You 3DS: Tie between FE13 and Devil Survivor Overclocked WiiU: Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate
  3. Favorite bands are: 1. Rush- My dad introduced me to them and we've been to a couple of their concerts, which were some of the most awesome things I've ever seen. Yay Canada. 2. Dream Theater- The definitive prog metal band. Love their instrumentation and the complexity of some of their songs and albums. 3. Coheed and Cambria- I don't understand half their lyrics, but damn I love the music. 4. Kamelot- My favorite power metal band. Plus Epica and The Black Halo area retelling of Faust which is just awesome. 5. Rise Against- The only punk rock band I've really been able to get into, mostly because they actually manage to strike a balance between aggression, social commentary, and actually good sound that most bands screw up. Thumbs up to those above who mentioned Porcupine Tree, Pink Floyd and others. Clearly Serenes Forest has awesome taste in music.
  4. Seconding Saul because he's the only one ballsy (or just dumb) enough to pretend to be gay in attempting to get a girl. Plus all of his supports with Dorothy gave me chuckles.
  5. You're right. I was pointing her jointime out since Seven Deadly Sins mistakenly said in his original argument she joined at the end of chapter 10, meaning she had only 11, Para 4 and 12 to level. Having chapter 10 as well helps a bit. I'm not objecting to Henry moving up, I just don't think he's anywhere near better than Tharja.
  6. Tharja has a 10% higher magic growth than Henry. How is he "hitting harder, healing more"? Also, why can't Tharja do exactly what Henry does in chapter 14? The only notable advantages he has on her are skill and concrete durability and the skill only really hurts her for the first couple chapters after she joins. As a minor point, Tharja joins in Chapter 9, not 10 meaning she has 4 chapters to grow before Henry shows up.
  7. Sure Libra can do some of what Anna can do and Gaius can do other stuff she can do. However, would you rather deploy Libra and Gaius or be able to just deploy Anna and get the exact same thing done while having an extra deployment slot open?
  8. To be fair, some perceptions of good and bad characters are based partially off what difficulty the game is being played on. Edward's a good example since in normal mode, he's quite good. I think FE6 Lugh might fall into that same category of being a great mage on normal, but pretty mediocre on hard. Other units (basically any "Est") are bad no matter what mode due to availability, bases etc.
  9. Snowy_One, I'm curious as to what your definition of a good unit is. From glancing over this thread, I get the feeling some of the discussion is just talking past each other. Maybe defining what a "good unit" is to you would help. Is it just stats? In short what I'm asking is... What makes the first unit "absolute crap" and the second "very good"?
  10. I suppose they could have thrown in a knife or dagger as one of the joke weapons with 1 Mt.
  11. I am pleased to have inadvertently been a source of amusement for someone. I don't have an avatar because I'm lurking 90% of the time and it fits with my image as a faceless but benevolent internet stalker.
  12. I just finished watching the first season of Index, started Railgun. I didn't dislike Index (the character) at first but yeah, she got annoying by the end. I am enjoying Railgun more than I did Index so far. Both more laughs and better characterization. I'm actually liking Touma in Railgun better than in the original...maybe he should have been a side character instead of a main from the beginning.
  13. Best: Nah. Honorable mention to Haar for his eyepatch, Virion, and all females who wear combat appropriate armor. Worst: Nowi. Dishonorable mention to all, both girls and guys, who leave vitals exposed in a combat situation.
  14. Yay, a Lunatic playlog, this should be fun. I seem to remember the enemy stats for Chapter 4 being lower than those of Paralogue 1. Maybe that's why the chapter was so hard?
  15. I really like Nah. I suppose she's not really unpopular, but it seems like she's forgotten a lot of the time because she's basically just Manakete #3. With this game it seems hard to keep track of characters' popularity because a lot of the more disliked characters (Severa, Tharja, Vaike) also seem to have an equal number of people who love them to death. Maybe that's just my experience, though.
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