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  1. I haven't tried Xenoblade but I have been considering buying it for a month or so now! Would you recommend it?
  2. It always makes me nervous when I go to a country and can't speak the language but whenever someone comes up and speaks to me I start speaking languages that aren't my native ones and I don't know why. One time I said something back to a Turk, while I was in Istanbul, in French and then they exclaimed "Ah!" and then started speaking in French and I just stood there and smiled because my French was rusty. So then I just said bye in Turkish and walked away, abandoning the toothpaste I wanted to buy. I'm trying to improve...
  3. I saw the 'introductions' groupy thing and thought I would post something. Found the website a few months ago but only just thought to join. It's nice to be here! Willing to talk about anything really
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