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  1. Oh thank god it's finally over. Biden winning is a fucking relief to hear. Makes this week of hell and sleepless nights all worth it. Of course now Trump's having a fit and is gonna demand recounts wherever he can, claiming any votes that let the Democrats win are fraudulent, take it to the courts yada yada. I don't get why he thinks all of that is gonna change much, but at least I can start resting easy for a little bit.
  2. Hmm, I do have some time this weekend. Guess I'll have to go the dream drop distance for this one.
  3. I'd give him a 9, but I really don't like his personality and design, so 8/10. Warp is just that good imo. Sure 3H does have Stride, which is absolutely amazing, but a lot of maps have terrain or other blockers that limit the power of stride. Not so with Warp. Stride + Warp is the best combo in the game, and I'd honestly argue that Linhardt is the best warper in the game. Yes Lysithea is good and gets warp slightly earlier than Linhardt, however she still lacks Physic. This makes it so Linhardt can warp and cover for those who he just warped. He's at the very least, leagues better than Manuela, who has a worse magic growth, and joins later, with stats that are generally going to be lower than Linhardt's. Yes he is hurt by the fact that most of the best magic classes are female locked, however he still has very viable options. Bishop and Holy Knight are both obvious, but sending Linhardt into the Dark Mage/Bishop pathline is an equally viable option, and the skills they give compliment him quite well. He is not an amazing combat unit, so poison strike and lifesteal (which if memory serves are what you get from them, if not sorry) both fit him quite well. Even on Black Eagles, there are still enough Dark Seals (presuming you don't fail an exam on one of them) to have both Hubert and Linhardt branch into them, so there's no need to be concerned about resources for him either. Frankly his charm being meh seems like a bit of a non-issue imo. Frankly most magical offensive gambits are pretty meh overall, and just having him utilize the utility ones is a much better idea. Overall, I'd definitely say that the sheer utility of Linhardt leads to his high ranking
  4. I've never seen the show myself, but I've seen some memes about it and it confuses me to this day.
  5. Well that's a shame. Her writing really has seemed to improve a lot through these. I'd wish her luck, but she can't see this so I guess I'll just hope it gets to her on a spiritual level or something? I dunno.
  6. Great. I was kinda surprised this prompt hadn't been done yet, I checked every past round just to make sure. A character is transported into a different world. What happens?
  7. Well technically there's still 2 hours left in the voting, so something could happen. But I do already have a prompt picked out for the next round whenever y'all are ready. Also @Shoblongoo if you don't mind me asking, why'd you pick my entry over the others? Just curious.
  8. Ah don't feel guilty about it, what you said about my piece was completely fair. And frankly I agree with all of it. Also lol glad my title was good, that's the most important part of the piece. But yeah like Soul said, me and Azure used separate Ott entries. I used "The Story Unknown to All" while Azure used "Always Left Behind". They're pretty similar, but TSUTA is more romance based mainly featuring Lucina, while ALB is more family based, mainly featuring Morgan. Also Severa dies in the latter entry. Ironically I was originally gonna use a different Ott piece where Severa dies, the one where she gets married to Laslow. Forget what it's called. Then I was like "wait I can just do Lucina x Severa" and changed. Kinda glad I did, I like happy endings. I mostly agree with everything here. As a stand alone piece, yeah it is pretty weak. I probably should've considered that aspect a little more. On the other hand, it was exactly what I was going for and wanted. I completely intended it to be that way, and I personally like how you need to read the original piece in order to completely understand mine. I could've included more details that then made it so reading the original wouldn't be necessary, but since I went for this from a sequel angle, I thought that doing so would both ruin the flow of the piece. All that said, I still think the story part at the end has merit, even if without the context of Ott's original piece it seems a little odd. Both as an overall ending, and to show how Severa has slightly grown, or at least that's what I tried to show. Of course the full meaning, like much of the piece, isn't apparent unless you've read both pieces, but even as a stand alone piece I think that cutting the ending would drastically shift the feeling of the piece, since it would instead end on a really cheesy Lucina line, instead of really cheesy thought Severa has. Maybe you have a point.
  9. Alright, got a lot to read this round and it's gonna be a busy week, so I'll probably keep these short and snappy. @Shoblongoo @TheSilentChloey @SoulWeaver @Ottservia @Jotari @Azure loves his Half Elves Was reading all the entries that the pieces were based on necessary? Probably not, but it helped understand where the author was coming from, somewhat. Anyways, glad we're rocking that 7 way tie. Perfectly balanced as all things should be, and all that jazz.
  10. Ah bro that shit was my jam. It's not quite a Fire Emblem game in feel, with the MP system it ends up feeling more like another SRPG game. Still really fun, if a bit buggy. It's honestly more broken than the original Gaiden, but I'd still recommend it to any FE fan. Tbh I just like controlling people with the mouse, it's super convenient.
  11. Here's the thing though, 15 speed is generally enough to handle most enemies in FE7. Isadora suffers a bit due to her low con, but she's still fine against most foes. Pent and Hawkeye are also set. Just feed Marcus the speedwings and you're good.
  12. Does anyone have a link to the released covers? I've been searching around and haven't been able to find them.
  13. Great minds think alike, or something along those lines. Definitely didn't hack into your google docs account. Nope, no hacking here whatsoever.
  14. Thank you, that means a lot. But yeah I threw in a few small Wowaka references. I decided to use this song, it seemed pretty fitting
  15. Yeah, I admit I leaned pretty heavily into the dere side. I wanted to write more tsun in, but I just wasn't sure how to properly do that while still getting the emotion across. So I kinda just wrote it like, in that moment Severa was in a state of emotional openness and just really channeling her dere side. And then for the mother scene I was kinda trying to portray it like she had matured past being super tsun. But I'm really glad you enjoyed it. Also, you're right. Gimme a sec to add a few Wowaka references
  16. Alright, that was a blast to write, although I got stuck at a few places trying to figure out how to connect some moments. Anyways, here's the story. A Sequel to Ottservia's "The Story Unknown to All" (As such I recommend at least skimming over that one before reading this, just to get some better context) Word Count: 2078 Smiling with Innocent Eyes Some Self Reflections:
  17. I'm just gonna be completely biased and unrealistic with my choices. Men's division 1st Forrest My boi got scammed with how he is in Heroes now, and I refuse to let him stay that way. He'll have the divine version of Leo's weapon from that DLC, be a blue mage cav. 2nd Warren Marth not getting in is honestly a tradition now, so I've gotta make sure to follow it. Tbh I just looked in my file explorer until I found the first FE character face, which was Warren. Red bow armor. Women's division 1st Felicia We've gone too long without a Felicia alt, clearly we need to fix that. She'll be an infantry staffer, and be like a powercrept B!Veronica 2nd Hilda She got like 10th place, that means something. Flying green axe unit. GHB Is gonna be Marty, so we can all have a Marty Party.
  18. I'm glad I had some free time when this prompt came up. There was a story from past rounds that I really liked, but I wished for a different ending. Here's the chance to write in that ending.
  19. Pff, do 10 push ups per post and maybe I'll consider posting.
  20. FE1 is, a game. I'd personally say it's one of the worse FE games, mostly because of the fact that it's a 30 year old NES RPG in dire need of some quality of life features. That said, it can still be a very enjoyable experience, just one you never really go back to. Magic being a static resource is interesting, but also makes magic users kinda boring. Their only important stats become speed, hp and defense, so raising them feels inconsequential. Outside of the last 5 or so chapters of the game, the stat cap of 20 doesn't do much to stop units from wrecking house. Personal weapons are extremely strong, and the Regalia are in a class of their own. My strategy for most of the game was just "Send Cain at the enemy, kill them all, profit". Only when the game starts sending such a massive quantity of enemies at you does the stat caps of 20 mean something. Side note, this is an issue FE3 Book 1 exacerbates. Enemies are pathetic in that book. Book 2 steps it up with Dragons and other foes to keep you on your toes, but with Book 1 being limited with adhering to FE1, the stat caps of 20 are basically irrelevant. Except for the final chapter. That'll fuck you up. The system of making promo bonuses just go to the stat bases is something I feel works well in Gaiden/SoV, and terribly in FE1. This is because the, in my opinion overly limited nature of promo items. In Gaiden, you have access to instant promotion whenever, meaning that doing so will result in great gain. In FE1, you'll be waiting a long time for promotion items, almost half the game. At that point, you get next to nothing from promo, outside a new animation and a move boost. It's certainly a change of pace, but it's one I've had my fill of after one try. Weapon Level is probably the most interesting thing about FE1/3. I quite enjoy it, for the most part. Its biggest imbalances mostly got ironed out in FE3, like how it doesn't really matter past 14-ish. And while the dynamic Julian, Rickard, and Xane have with the Arms Scroll is interesting, I'd also say it's kinda pointless. Rickard and Julian are not combat units, they really don't need anything outside of iron and steel swords. As for Xane, if you're ever using Xane untransformed then something has gone wrong. It's still an interesting dynamic, persay, but it's one that doesn't allow the dependancy of an item to really shine. If there's one thing I gotta give NES FE, it's the animations. They're super good, and shine through the limitations. The fact they got so many on an NES cartridge is impressive. That said, I'd say most of the little touches of this game are ones that basically all modern FE games have. Different animations depending on the weapon used is something that I'm pretty sure every FE game does, just not to the extent of the NES Ballistician, and most of the time the lords have special animations for their super weapons. The two FE1 remakes certainly are no SoV, but I'd say overall that they do sufficiently replace FE1. FE3 is the true gameplay experience that they wanted but couldn't quite get on NES hardware. FE11 is the true story experience they couldn't get on either NES or SNES hardware. They don't perfectly replicate FE1, but I'd be hard pressed to call that a bad thing. FE3 works so well specifically because it ditches some of the boring or bad FE1 chapters, and tries to introduce more strategy with dismounting, as well as just generally having more quality of life features. FE11 is another beast entirely, and frankly I don't consider it a remake. It's a re-imagining, just to a much lesser extent than other re-imaginings like FF7R. FE1 is a game that you play once you've gotten to the point in your FE playing experience where you've got a couple games left to play and are invested enough to want to see where it starts, or if you're one of those people that has to play games in order, it's where you start. Much like other NES Nintendo franchises, it works best in modern days as a time capsule. An oddity you look back into the past with, and less so as a completely standalone game. It certainly has its merits, and it's still FE, but just like Metroid and Zelda, it's very much a product of its time.
  21. I did the "I like this lord" order, so VW->AM->CF->SS I wasn't aware that my boi Seteth was gonna be the SS lord
  22. The game that comes to mind most recently is Dark Souls Remastered. I dunno, maybe it's just the years of hype for Dark Souls as a whole got me excited for an experience the first game just couldn't provide, but frankly I found it to just be bad Another one that comes to mind is Arms. It wasn't bad, but just so bland that I never really played it. It just became "Well, I don't have Smash yet, so this is the only other fighting game I have". I hoped for more out of it, because Splatoon was super good.
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