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  1. Alright, sure sounds interesting enough.

    FE1: 4.5

    It's the start of the series, has some nostalgia and kick-ass animations. Nothing else really. Play it once if you're really into the series, or if you're into retro games, and use a guide for the weapons. It's mostly just a whole game of meh

    FE2: 4

    I'd say Gaidens highs are higher than FE1, but its lows are horribly lower. The starting two chapters are some of the most fun I think I've had with video games, ever. But that really just goes downhill fast.

    FE3: 5.5

    Slightly better than FE1, but not much better. Some quality of life things, but still not on the level a modern gamer would expect them to be. Story is, decent I guess? Actually, they replaced Wrys with a vulnerary, 0/10 worst game.

    FE4: 7

    This is a good game that thankfully IS never repeated most of the mechanics from. It's like 3H in that regard. For the game, as a little outlier, they work. If we see unit-limited cash, absurdly large maps, or some of the other junk in this game again, it ain't gonna fly. What really keeps this up is the characterization and story. The storytelling is limited, sure, but it's still a great experience. It's a fun game, but it'll be a while before I'll even consider picking it back up.

    FE5: 9

    Screw it, this game rocks and I stand by it. It has some of the dumbest, worst, most esoteric design in this entire series, and I love it. I love all of it, every last minor idiotic decision that should harm the game experience just works. It's just a fun game to play, although it does lose some of its sheen near the end.

    FE6: 2

    Hot garbage. Boring, bland, and slow. I could count the number of characters I like from it one one hand, and Roy only counts because Smash bros. It really just feels like the game where IS was struggling to get their footing back after Kaga left.

    FE7: 5

    FE7 is a good game. On some days, I might even call it a great game, today is not one of those days. It is one of those games that gets worse the more you play it. The difficulty is all out of wack, it's one of the least tactically involved games in the series, and at the end I just don't have much to praise. It is the most middle of the road game, which is why it gets the most middle of the road score. The best part about it is the characters. These guys show an upward trend in character writing that is best shown in ...

    FE8: 6

    It's best shown in FE9, but first we have FE8. FE8 is piss easy. This also means that it's the easiest to make absurd modifications in that actually somewhat work. That's what really brings this game up. I can do randomizers, and RR, and all that junk and it works without me needing to finagle in the games settings. The characters are good, the plot is the best of the GBA era, and it's overall decent.

    FE9: 10 (-1 for animations)

    This is peak Fire Emblem. Beautifully realized characters, a deep engaging story with morally grey tones. Pure and classic Fire Emblem. The series simply doesn't get better than this. I know the score 10 signifies perfection, which FE9 isn't. Maniac mode is a mistake, and some of the junk it pulls is a little absurd, but that never detracts from the experience, unless it's the animations. My lord they are slow, thank god for speed up buttons on my, uh, totally legit Gamecube copy of the game I own.

    FE10: 7

    Gameplay wise, it's the best Fire Emblem we've ever gotten. Or it would be, if not for that damned splitting mechanic. This game gets a lot of its clout off of the greatness of Path of Radiance, which doesn't necessarily mean bad things, but it does lead to some meh. The plot is way too big for its own good, which isn't to say it's bad. It has its dumb moments, but it's still above average for an FE story. But it all just falls short of the game that precedes it. It's a bit of a shame, but it's a fun shame.

    FE11: 3 - 5

    I used to hate FE11. I still do, in some aspects. But it does do some things insanely right. Marth is characterized perfectly here, and reclassing, broken as it may be, is a great addition to the series. But oh my god it is so bad. It just gets less and less fun as you get on higher difficulty levels, around which the level design was not balanced for. The wing spear can only do so much.

    FE12: 6.5

    A solid improvement in almost all areas. The prologues are like little puzzles, I quite enjoy them. Probably why I like Heroes so much. Difficulty seems more adaptive, although the map design is kinda eh in some spots. Looks way better, and offers characterization where there was none.

    FE13: 6

    It's good, but not as good as it could be. The plot is an FE10 level mess, the characters vary from awful to actually really good, and the translation at some points makes me cringe, but the gameplay is mostly solid. It broken as all hell, but it's solid. Until you get to Lunatic +. Fuck Lunatic +. Anyways, decent overall.

    FE14 BR: 3

    Birthright is just boring. It's got nothing going for it. It isn't even bad in a fun way, it's just, boring. None of the characters exclusive to this path are any good, barring Takumi who is the one shining example of a good character.

    FE14 CQ: 8

    I'm biased, this was my first FE. It's also great and I stand by it. I enjoy almost all of Conquest's playable roster, its gameplay is very fun, and it looks great to boot. The story is what holds it back, as with most of Fates.

    FE14 Rev: 7

    Revelations gets overhated, imo. It's a solid game, that just falters in some key aspects. It's far from perfect, but it's also pretty darn fun.

    FE15: 8

    It's the voice acting man. I'm a sucker for good voice acting, and even with 3H, Echoes still beats it for the most part. It's hard not to enjoy Echoes. It's Gaiden if you actually made it playable. Berkut was an excellent addition and features a killer performance by Ian Sinclair. Gotta love Echoes

    FE3H: 8.5

    It's good, it's real good, but also the most repetitive of the FEs. It's repetition to a fault. I still haven't finished the game because I refuse to do Silver Snow for just one new map. But that first playthrough was still godly. Before any of the analysis kicked in, before I could realize the optimal strategies. Just playing Golden Deer and trying to figure out how everything works. I spent hours playing this in times when it would've been much better to do something else.

  2. 8 minutes ago, mrwanton said:

    People legit like Pants-less Marth?

    It looks horrendous and I love it. It's just like Alm's dick-armor. It's just kinda a meme at this point. Plus he's probably guaranteed to get it, based off of everything we've seen. The Early FE characters always get a slight redesign of their original artwork for their brave alts. Celica and Alm had their FE2 designs, so it's only fitting.

    In other words, how could you not like pants-less Marth?

  3. Weapon level is just meh imo. It does make some sense that someone would know how to use a sword if they've used an axe, but this idea really breaks in modern FE. Reclassing is a feature I hope never goes away for any mainline entries, since it introduces a great tactical element. However if we add in the weapon level mechanic, it's just kinda nonsense. Ah yes, I, a mage who has only practiced magic in the 27 years of my existence and hasn't even touched a bow until today, can now wield the legendary Parthia without effort. FE may bend the rules of reality a little bit, but that's just a tad immersion breaking. That and like, there isn't really a substantial benefit with weapon level. It feels like a dump stat more than anything else, at least in the games it was implemented in. If brought back, there'd need to be some heavy tweaking in order for it to work.

    Weapon rank has a sensible impact in the games it's in. This is mainly due to the weapon triangle, since past FE10 the higher your weapon rank is, the more the weapon triangle gets factored in. I just don't see how you'd be able to do that with weapon level without breaking the concept of the weapon triangle. To be fair, Three Houses did ditch the weapon triangle, so that might be the direction IS is heading, but if it's not, then I still don't see weapon levels making it.

    Gaiden only works because it's Gaiden. Thrust it into a modern FE design and it won't work. It works in Echoes because Echoes is just Gaiden. 

    The static weapon levels in FE4 are just, blah. There's no fun, no feeling of growth there. Nothing happens for 20 levels, and at that arbitrary point they might gain some useful weapon ranks, or might not. Master Knight's absurdity is just an example of that, and it goes along with the nonsense I mentioned before. Ah yes, I Lachesis, a healer who has only touched a blade on occasion but no other weapons can now crush everyone to smithereens with every weapon type in the game, including stuff I didn't even know existed. If refined, it could potentially work, but I would hope that it never returns.

    Really, weapon rank is just the best one to go with. Even without the weapon triangle, 3H shows that having it can create interesting tactical situations. I was watching a 3H speedrun a few days ago, and one of the key factors is getting weapon rank high enough to use warp. This is something that the runner could plan for, and plan around. Now imagine that same situation, but it's weapon level. Now that runner has to rig a ton of levels in order to succeed. Yeah, not really that fun.

    The potential that weapon rank has is just greater than weapon level. In theory, sure, weapon level is nicer than weapon rank, but in practice? Weapon level either becomes a worthless stat that no one needs to care about, or a vital element that completely screwed a character. Weapon rank is much easier to control, since hey, I can control which weapon I attack with. You complain about how new promotion weapons are worse than the ones you've been using, which to me is just like "well, duh". Why wouldn't they be? It just makes logical sense, and it introduces a different tactical prospect. It's another factorance into either reclassing choice, or how early you promote. Sure, you could get some more levels, but staff utility now would be nice, and you could start getting the rank up. Weapon level would just be "man, there is no benefit to promoting early, guess I'll wait". 

  4. Hilda - Probably the best non-lord unit in the game if you ask me. Just give her an axe and let her loose, she'll snowball no matter the difficulty. 

    Marianne - I refuse to have Hilda without her lover, that and I just love using Marianne, always really good utility.

    Lysithea, Linhardt, Manuela - Warp is warp.

    Dorothea - I just naturally get her in the course of playing the game, since my Byleth just naturally gets good Charm every time. One of these days my Byleth will stop being Charm blessed and I won't get her.

  5. I always wanted the 3H trainer concept, mainly since I thought it'd appease everyone. Claude would be like Squirtle, a fast combo character. Dimitri would be like Ivysaur, a slower well rounded character with range, and Edelgard would be the powerhouse, like Charizard. None of them use swords, so people can't really complain, plus they technically only count as one character according to how Smash counts Pokemon Trainer. Seemed like the best possible outcome.

    With Byleth revealed, I like how he was done, but I still would've preferred the trainer concept. At least now we kinda have the weapon triangle implemented into Smash, which we've needed for a while. Byleth's lance outranges the swordies, the axe can tank the lance hit and hit back hard, and the swordies can just counter the axe. I'll take solace in that.

  6. 1 hour ago, Johann said:

    I genuinely think the only appropriate punishment includes all of the following

    • Life sentence
    • Seizing of all his assets
    • Castration

    I think that'd fall under the eighth amendment for cruel and unusual punishment.

    It's cruel to the American populous that Trump would get off that easy after all he's done.


    Jokes aside, while I do see in theory why Trump's fans like him, I don't get it in practice. Plenty of Republicans pride themselves on being fact-driven patriots who believe in what's right. So then why do they support an idiot with no facts, who feigns patriotism while being influenced by foreigners, and does literally everything wrong. I know how he gets a lot of his votes, since Republican voters never vote down party lines (my grandparents who disagreed with what most of Trump said and hated his guts still voted for him because he was Republican). And the worst part is that Trump has almost single-handedly engineered a decent chunk of folks who will just attack anything related to another party, without doing any research on it in the slightest.

    A friend of mine shared an Instagram post by Trump. By most accounts, this is a stand-up dude, I love him to death, but he is the biggest Trump shill I know personally. It was another one of his "Democrats have devolved into a party of these things which I'm using language that both strawmans and misrepresents this issues, meanwhile I'm the best", and it took all I had in me not to call him and yell at him for believing this junk. They focus on tiny little things that one person in the entire Democratic party does, and then blow it WAY out of proportion. I won't act like the democrats are entirely innocent in this, they're not, but they only do it now because Trump has created the environment where that's just what naturally happens.

    But the thing that really gets my blood boiling is when they complain about Dems not focusing on bipartisan issues the second that they propose a bill that even slightly veer away from their very narrow platform. Like impeachment, they were all like "Dems force partisan issues on us", like bitch, you're the fools who are making it partisan by not looking at any of the facts. One of these days someone has gotta come to their senses, somebody.

  7. 2 minutes ago, NoirCore said:

    And is this the first time the characters have English VAs?

    Yep, they only have Japanese VAs in the game, which as far as I know stayed the same for Encore.

    2 minutes ago, Etheus said:

    They should have removed Mamori. Because that's just dumb.

    But Stand Draug man. How can you call Stand Draug dumb?

  8. I mean, I love TMS, but where's my boi Touma at? This all girls banner kinda sucks, ngl. I'm happy they're finally in, since it's about time, but Touma and the Navarre dude are probably never gonna get in (unless they do some weird banner some other time rounding off the spinoff characters. Touma and Navarre dude, plus Rowan and Lianna. Darius GHB? Sounds pretty good actually).

    Anyways, mostly underwhelming units. Tsubasa looks pretty fresh, but otherwise it's a solid meh from me. I'm still recovering from trying to get Alfonse and Sharena, so don't really have many to spare, but I'll spend a few to try to get her.

    This also just makes me wish that TMS was fully English voiced. I enjoy the Japanese voices, but hearing them for the first time in English is just, it's a weird form of catharsis.

  9. My first Fire Emblem was Fates, and the character I resonated the most with is Felicia, if you hadn't already gathered that. I've always had a thing for cute, clumsy people, but a few things made me like Felicia more. She's a genuine hard worker, has a great personality with more layers than the rest of Fates cast (she isn't the deepest character out there, but it's enough for me), and maid is obviously a big plus. She also made me realize that despite thinking it looks terrible in real life, pink hair is the best hair color.

    She's also not a half-bad unit. She's technically a prepromote (hey look at me, avoiding pitfalls), pretty good with staves, and daggers are a neat weapons. Obviously you should reclass her, but I didn't think she'd be good in any other class, at least in my original playthrough. Just a fun unit overall.

    I've moved beyond Fates, and most of what I originally liked about it has faded upon playing other entries that do what it set out to do better, but the one thing that still gleams in the night sky is Felicia, and some of Conquest's map design. But more importantly Felicia.

  10. There's a personal few I like that you don't have included

    Mia x Rhys - They've got a support in FE9, and a base conversation or two together in FE10. Plus they've got a nice dynamic, feels very fitting, might be canon, I forget.

    Zelgius x Michiah - Plenty of in-game interactions, Zelgius goes out of his way for her, plus they're both branded so they've got that going on.

    Leanne x Tibarn - Not sure if this is in game, but it feels pretty canon. Both are members of bird tribes, and very important members of them. Tibarn is shown to care a lot about Leanne.

    Nailah x Rafiel - Another one that is heavily suggested in game, but I forget if it's actually canon. They're practically always together, so it's fitting.

    Boyd x Nephenee - Bit of a personal one, but I think it's very fitting. Both have a grassroots nature thing going on, and I think them marrying and Boyd going to work on a farm is sweet.

    Lastly, Jill x Zihark - They have a few battle conversations in this game if I recall, and I like their dynamic.

  11. Here's how I think it's gonna go down.
    At the midterm standings reveal, we're gonna have something akin to


    1. Dimitri

    2. Marth

    3. Claude

    4. Chrom

    I'm guess it's gonna go like this at the midterm based on a few things. Dimitri is very popular, practically a shoe-in at this point. Marth, despite having recently gotten an alt, still has many fans salty over that CYL3 loss. Plus with all the 3H characters having votes split amongst them, they'll slightly impede each other, which is why I say Claude is lower than Marth. I slap Chrom on there mainly since I think his recent addition to Smash and the fact that Awakening hasn't had much love is going to boost him up a fair bit. As for the Females,


    1. Bernadetta

    2. Edelgard

    3. Anna

    4. Eirika

    Alright I know this one is a little odd, but stick with me here. Edelgard is a lord, and extremely popular, but I've personally found, and last I checked the polls also said that Bernie is the most popular 3H character. She also has a rabid fanbase (nothing against y'all, it's just a fact) since she hasn't gotten into the game yet, so I think they'll come out in droves to vote for her. Edelgard is up there because, she's obviously gonna get there in some way. Anna is still high due to the her not having much, but her recently getting an alt will dull the "Anna has gotten nothing" narrative. She's still very popular, and if IS finally has it so all characters are combined then I think she'll make it. Then again, if IS does that then the polls will all be very messed up, so if they keep them split then Anna will probably not reach number one or two by midterms. Eirika is there, but Azura is also possible.

    As for the final results, that's a bit more variable. Males have two possible results in my eyes.

    Possibility 1

    1. Marth

    2. Dimitri

    3, Claude

    Possibility 2

    1. Dimitri

    2. Claude

    3. Marth

    Upon seeing the Midterm results, Dimitri fans might become complacent, meanwhile Claude fans will become spurred on. Marth fans have already learned what happens when you become complacent, so they will keep voting. Dimitri will have a nice enough cushion of votes to stay in the Top 2, but Marth might be able to overtake him. The Dimitri voters might also help Claude out, so it's very possible. Females basically have one possibility in my mind.

    1. Bernadetta

    2. Anna

    I just don't see Bernie falling from the Number one spot, and I think it's possible that the Anna train from seeing how close she is will result in her barely beating out Edelgard.

    As for the overall final top 10, I think y'all are missing the fact that we have 3 new female Heroes OCs. I'd put good money of either Peony or Plumera making top 10, especially with the "Fairy of Lewd Dreams" comment making Plumera basically the new Camilla-esc character. Thorr will likely make top 20. The love that Judgral has gotten this year may dull their fans, which may keep Sigurd and Seliph out of the Top 10. Reinhardt's meme status is practically gone, so he'll be lucky for Top 20. Lif is going to stay in Top 10, I'm gonna guess spot 8 unless IS release a banner with him, which will dull the support. The Byleths are probably gonna replace Robin/Corrin. Whoever the least popular character was last year is probably going to go up about 200 places. And lastly there's going to be some other brand new weird meme option IS adds which is going to make top 100.

  12. I mean, I like these characters, but none scream "I NEED THIS" to me. I'll probably just use the free summons on trying to get Larcie since her mother still evades me, and leave it there.

    On a side note, when was the last time Fates/Awakening got a new banner? Kinda feels like we haven't gotten like, any of them in the past year.

  13. When I went to see it about a week ago with my father, we both thoroughly enjoyed it. We both also will probably not watch it again in the next 10 years. It's a good popcorn flick, like most of JJ's movies. The issue comes when you dig deeper, which if this were like, Mission Impossible, you wouldn't do because those movies are just pure popcorn flicks. Star Wars is just more than that. It's been built up to be more than that. The sheer scope of the EU proves that. So most of the time you expect more with a Star Wars movie. I feel that The Last Jedi was so close to reaching that, it just had a few key fumbles with it that completely screwed it over in the long run. If Rian Johnson had been writing the entire trilogy, or if JJ had been writing the entire trilogy, OR IF THERE WAS A PLAN FOR THE ENTIRE TRILOGY, then we probably wouldn't be in this state right now.

    5 hours ago, Armagon said:

    It's incredibly messy and Rey being a Palpatine pisses me off because i loved that she was just a nobody in The Last Jedi. Star Wars fans have a weird obssession with wanting every powerful Force wielder to be related to someone (i blame the old EU and it's thousands of Skywalkers for this) and imo, that'd just make the universe feel a lot smaller. But nah, Disney wanted to plese people who didn't like The Last Jedi so Rey's a Palpatine now. Was it worth it, Reddit?

    Except you do still have your nobody Jedi, kinda. Finn, who was hinted at being Force sensitive, is an absolute nobody. If his arc wasn't screwed in TLJ, and ROTS, then I feel both sides of the fanbase would've been appeased. We could've had a very interesting story about how one girl seeks to cleanse her blood line of evil, and how one boy journeys through the force with no guidance and no connection to another big family. It sounds super interesting actually. And that's what annoys me most this new trilogy, the missed potential. The Force Awakens, as safe and similar as it was, opened so much up for these movies. There were plenty of plot threads hanging, and plenty of interesting routes to take them in. But then Rian comes in, resolves a few of them, then adds a few of his own, except he ignores some of the other plot threads. And that's really the issue, too much on the plate for anyone to handle. And you can see it in ROTS, most prominently imo, with the Knights of Ren. In TFA, it's supposed to be this big deal that Ben became one of the Knights of Ren, and that they're this super cool evil force that's hyper powerful. And in ROTS, since they got no development in TLJ, they just kinda feel doofy. They sorta chase our main cast around, except they never find them. And then Ben comes in and solos all of them. It's all, very anticlimactic. 

    5 hours ago, Armagon said:

    Even the classic Force Grip has stuff like "well why did no one use the Force on Grevious".

    Technically, in the 2003 tv series Clone Wars (The Samurai Jack one, not the one getting a 7th season), Mace Windu does use the Force on General Grevious. We also see it used multiple times on him, although it's mainly only force push. Windu force grips his midsection, crushing it onto itself. I'm pretty sure that's why he coughs a lot in Episode 3, although it might just be something he does a lot in general.

    I like to think that you aren't able to use the force on Grevious due to his fighting style. It's a very fast, powerful style focused on overwhelming opponents, so maybe since he takes on so many lesser Jedi, they just aren't able to use the force fast enough, or at all in able to grab him. That's mostly headcanon, and while I could point to some scenes that I'd use to support said headcanon, it's fair to not agree with it.

    1 hour ago, Quiyonce said:

    Maybe it's cause I'm very sceptical but if there's a rule that something happens to a character's soul/body when they die (in this case body poofing), I'm not gonna believe they're dead til it's shown onscreen, so while overdramatic and silly, it didn't feel like a fake out to me.

    Plus like, half the times they were shown to die, they probably would've survived regardless.

    Kylo gets stabbed by Rey with the lightsaber, except it isn't really through any major organs that would lead to him dying immediately. He could feasibly have made it back to a ship, and just use the magic healing juice of bacta. Lightsabers canonically cauterize wounds due to their heat, so it wouldn't be bleeding too much, plus he could use the force to stay alive. Vader could stay alive without his suit for hours just using the force (although that might be EU now)

    Kylo falling into the pit is like, of course he's gonna survive. Since when has falling been an issue for force users? They are shown to jump extreme distances using the force, so it was pretty apparent imo that he wasn't gonna die.

    The Rey one, yeah I dunno. Force transferal of remaining life force? Is that a thing? I'm fine with people being annoyed at this one, it is kinda an asspull.

    6 hours ago, Sasori said:

    However Palpatine's return has a bit of a problem in the fact that it swallowed up the entire movie and caused very few things from the last two movies to actually matter.

    Eh, yes and no. The real importance of the last two movies was more character development, or at least that was the point in TLJ. It does kinda invalidate the main conflict of TFA, that is true, but The Last Jedi was mainly a very small-scale combat movie. While it illustrates the size of the resistance, it doesn't do so for The First Order. Although all the character development from TLJ is kinda ignored, so maybe you're onto something

  14. I've never tried accost on a primarily ranged unit, so I can't tell you how that will play out, although Tanya isn't exactly known for bulk or dodging ability in my experience, so keep that in mind. Against Ballista and Seige tomes, she'll probably get shredded. Then again, 4 attacks might be useful

    Giving it to Halvan will basically just create a better Dagdar. If you like Dagdar and his utility, then giving it to Halvan is a good idea. If you find Dagdar's utility to be not that good, or if your Halvan isn't growing that well, then it's probably not a good idea.

    Salem is a tome/staff unit. Generally it's a very bad idea to give accost to these units due to how squishy they are and the weapons they use. Salem will eventually just become another Staff bot if you keep using him, which he is very good at, but giving him accost is a bit of a waste.

  15. 11 hours ago, Zemuria said:

    Assuming same goes for Galzus if he was captured or killed in chapter 5 or 6, right?

    I managed to kill him in my very first run in chapter 5, but did not play further with this save file, so I cannot say if he would appear in chapter 24.

    First of all, how did you kill Galzus? That man is practically invincible.

    But yeah, he wouldn't have appeared in chapter 24, since he was killed.

  16. 4 hours ago, Zemuria said:

    I guess, she did not join because she was "killed" in chapter 5.

    Yeah, if you kill her in chapter 5, you can't recruit her. The game really presumes that you won't kill her, so that's why the line is there.

    And like, it just kinda seems implied that if you kill a character, you can't recruit them later. Regardless of what the game says, since this is Thracia, Kaga is out to get you. Don't trust a single word that man typed. The line also might've been a slight mistranslation, so you could ask around about that.

  17. 7 hours ago, mangasdeouf said:

    Maybe I could finally play the full game, since I really don't like it divided like it is, with multiple route splits (in my longest playthrough I went until Eliwood and the axe lord gathered and nearly to their gathering with Lyn). It's really too long and you face too many roaster changes for me to enjoy. I feel like I shouldn't raise anyone since I don't even get to play them, get sent wherever the game wants me to without justifying having 3 groups (while Eirika and Ephraim shared the same army after chaper 8 and the route split).

    I'm sorry, maybe I'm not understanding this, but what are you on about? There are route splits, but none of them change the roster or divide the cast. Once a unit joins, they're joined for good. Unless you're referring to Lyn mode? But all of those characters come back in Eliwood and Hector mode. You don't need 3 groups, because the cast isn't separated like that. And while there are some small route splits, and by small I mean, literally one chapter depending on your lord's level, your group isn't split up, it only decides whether or not you get Wallace from Lyn's mode or Geitz. The cast never splits up, you can always use the units that you have recruited as long as they don't die. This isn't Radiant Dawn. Also if your "Longest Playthrough" didn't even reach Lyn's return, then I really don't think you can understand the intricacies of this game. It just kinda seems like you're basing your opinions on these proposed changes, based on other FE games, not on FE7. Granted, they are some neat ideas I'd like to see, since it'd be interesting to see in action, but it just seems that you don't understand the game at hand.

  18. Welp, guess I've gotta give a prompt then. Also I feel kinda called out Anon, since that was literally just a comedic short I hammered out in an evening with a tight framework that I'd crafted in like 10 minutes. 

    Anyways, the prompt this time is fairly simple. Two people drifted apart in some manner, could be over years naturally, could've been with one big blow-up. Regardless, something forces them back together. What happens?

  19. 17 minutes ago, Anacybele said:

    Well, I'm honestly disappointed I didn't get critique this time

    Yeah, sorry about that lol. I've only had the time to read your story, and normally I try to give everyone critique at once. But since you asked, I'll just give you what thoughts I remember from like 5 days ago.

    Eh, it was alright. Good from a writing standpoint, didn't have too many issues. I personally would've added a little header saying like "3 weeks ago" above the flashback and "Present time" for the regular stuff for the first time we see them, since it took me a little bit to realize that's how the italizized vs regular text looked. My main thing is that I wasn't really grabbed by the plot. It's probably because I've only heard of the show once, and thought it looked boring so clicked away. By the end I was somewhat interested, but then it ended. 

    Sorry that wasn't very detailed.

  20. 7 minutes ago, Marquess_Ostia said:

    Are we going to talk about Distant Ward? Because I feel like we should talk about Distant Ward?

    I'm just, kinda trying to pretend it doesn't exist because the sheer fact they powercrept Distant Counter confounds me to my core. Well, I suppose it was going to happen eventually, but it still feels too soon.

    Besides that elephant in the room, I like this banner. Anna looks like a good debuffer, Selkie looks like good fodder, Lethe I could care less about, and Alphonse I need simply for that gorgeous art, and also so I can finally have a duo unit. I will be waiting to see who the mythic is/who is on that banner before investing into this banner though. 

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