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  1. 1 hour ago, Jotari said:

    Gee, I'm feeling like my comments here are leaning on the harsh side. Feel sort of guilty about that with how my story turned out. Hopefully I'll have some nicer things to say for the other half.

    Ah don't feel guilty about it, what you said about my piece was completely fair. And frankly I agree with all of it.

    1 hour ago, Jotari said:

    So even before I start reading here, I'll say great title. And I see this is pulling from the same story as Azure's entry.

    Also lol glad my title was good, that's the most important part of the piece. But yeah like Soul said, me and Azure used separate Ott entries. I used "The Story Unknown to All" while Azure used "Always Left Behind". They're pretty similar, but TSUTA is more romance based mainly featuring Lucina, while ALB is more family based, mainly featuring Morgan. Also Severa dies in the latter entry.

    Ironically I was originally gonna use a different Ott piece where Severa dies, the one where she gets married to Laslow. Forget what it's called. Then I was like "wait I can just do Lucina x Severa" and changed. Kinda glad I did, I like happy endings.

    1 hour ago, Jotari said:

    So S Support achieved. I can't really say much more beyond that as there isn't really a whole lot to this story. It's just a confession and that's basically it. The bit with the book at the end could have been cut off and it really wouldn't have changed much. I get that this is more of a capstone to the previous entry that ended more tragically, but as a stand alone work its a bit lacking in substance imo.

    I mostly agree with everything here. As a stand alone piece, yeah it is pretty weak. I probably should've considered that aspect a little more. On the other hand, it was exactly what I was going for and wanted. I completely intended it to be that way, and I personally like how you need to read the original piece in order to completely understand mine. I could've included more details that then made it so reading the original wouldn't be necessary, but since I went for this from a sequel angle, I thought that doing so would both ruin the flow of the piece.

    All that said, I still think the story part at the end has merit, even if without the context of Ott's original piece it seems a little odd. Both as an overall ending, and to show how Severa has slightly grown, or at least that's what I tried to show. Of course the full meaning, like much of the piece, isn't apparent unless you've read both pieces, but even as a stand alone piece I think that cutting the ending would drastically shift the feeling of the piece, since it would instead end on a really cheesy Lucina line, instead of really cheesy thought Severa has. Maybe you have a point.

  2. Alright, got a lot to read this round and it's gonna be a busy week, so I'll probably keep these short and snappy.



    It's an interesting little piece, although it does feel like it could use some fleshing out. Your world for the fairies reminds me a lot of the movie "Strange Magic", although I haven't seen it in 5 years so it's probably not as apt a comparison as I think it is. Regardless, while it may be beyond the scope of a small story, it just kinda feels like the fae world doesn't really have a place.

    You have bits and pieces of stuff you could elaborate on to better portray Fae society. Vendilin's attitude towards humans, the weird contradictions of their society, but none of them really go anywhere. It ends up feeling more like a concept piece than an actual meaningful story. That said, it's a damn good concept piece that left me wanting more.



    It's a very well written piece, on a technical level, but there's just a little something that feels off about it and I'm just not sure how to place it. It might be that Byleth is a telepath, which I personally don't see the reason for. Maybe it's that Ashe lives, which both kinda ruins the whole point of the original story and doesn't really have much purpose outside of you like him and want him to survive. I get not wanting to exactly copy the conversation that Azure wrote and so changing some of the details, but by making sure he lives it kinda takes away from the more dark atmosphere of the story. Sure Rodrigue dies, but as a reader, we don't have any attachment to him, we have it to the character we start off with, Felix. Personally I would've had this all take place from Rodrigue's perspective, or just all take place from Felix's perspective. 

    And that kinda gets to what I think it is the issue that makes it feel off, which would be the sort of disparate nature of the story.

    The story is essentially split into two halves, and I don't feel like they gracefully transition or relate. The first is the part mainly based on Azure's story, with a camp scene for when he leaves. And I love the camp scene, by the way, easily the best part of the piece. Then there's the Rodrigue murder sequence. It just feels like a very harsh and fast jump. The piece really relies on you having played CF before, or at the very least understanding the general outline of its story. Granted, this is an FE forum so having that understanding isn't an absurd thing to ask for, but as a piece I feel it suffers as a result.

    As I said before, the reader doesn't have as strong a connection to Rodrigue as Felix, and as such most of the scenes involving him feel a bit flat. This is contrasted when we go back to Felix and it feels more natural, but then Annette comes in. This is another change from the source, but since Annette isn't killed on-page in Azure's piece I'd say it's fine, but I feel like you don't lean into it enough. Yes this is partially because I'm a sucker for romance, but if you want one of Felix's driving motivations to be his relationship with Annette, then have them interact. Their relationship as is feels both tacked on, and intended from the start.

    Again, the story was good, I enjoyed reading it, it's still very well written. I just feel like it needed some more time in the oven, to flesh out character dynamics more, and maybe make the timeskip more seamless.



    Welp, couldn't read the original piece, so I guess I'll just jump in.

    That was the dumbest story I have read in a while and I fucking loved it. Do I entirely understand what happened? No, but the gimmick of everything being an Anna pun is good enough for me to enjoy the story regardless. Although I do feel that the story suffers as a result of it partially relying on the base piece, but none of us being able to read said base piece.

    Still has my vote, fucking love puns.



    You said in your authors notes that you feel the piece is lacking substance. I'd moreso say that I feel the substance is slightly misplaced. I kinda feel like you got a little caught up in the idea of basically portraying what that song you posted portrays, and in doing so lost some focus, as well as overall just kinda making it a weaker piece. 

    I just personally feel like the original wasn't meant to be a shounen style story, and in trying to make it one, it just kinda doesn't work. Don't get me wrong, I love cheesy shounen nonsense as much as the next guy, but it's not great at portraying emotion. It's a cool moment, sure, but the feelings you're trying to portray with it don't fully pan out.

    Both the original, and this piece to an extent are about Fredrick and his relationships, with a side of Robin and her relationships. This piece turns and makes it more about Robin's relationships, however in the process Fredrick loses most of his significance, and it really makes the story feel shaky. In a sense, Fredrick is the foundation of the story.

    That and, the time crunch is sorta apparent. There are moments when quoting or using the original source exactly are nice and cute callbacks. This piece, relied on them too hard in my opinion. If it had just been the Robin waking up scene, I would've probably been fine with it, but adding in the first meeting scene practically word of word, and also it being about half of Freddy's lines rubbed me the wrong way.

    All that said, still a fun piece to read. Also I was really expecting like a big fight scene. Ngl I was a little disappointed. I might have to try and write one now to get my fix.



    You noted that the piece was rushed and it certainly feels that way. A lot of typos and other small errors that generally bring down the overall quality of the piece. As a whole, the piece just kinda feels unfocused. The story hems and haws but doesn't really feel decisive. The new characters aren't particularly stand out, and really don't provide much of a strong base. Degore almost gets there, but then the story abruptly ends. What this story needed was to have a few more scenes, namely a death scene for Mordred and Degore. If you want to make them seem more human, showing them in their final moments would've succeeded in that. On top of that, I would've added a flashback or two showing how Kieran developed his impression of his father and brother, strengthen the ties to the original tale and all. It's a decent enough piece, but it feels way too slap-dash and doesn't have much, if any substance.

    @Azure loves his Half Elves


    Good lord 9 pages long. I thought the four pages when I originally gave you a hand were long but jeez. Not knocking it, clearly a lot of effort was put in, and it's pretty impressive.

    In the context of some of the advice I gave you about your story, I'd say you implemented it pretty well. Your dialogue is much better, in my opinion, and the dialogue in the later parts of the story are pretty fluid. That said, the wording can sometimes get a bit jumbly. Like I said, read it out loud. If it doesn't sound good out loud, rewrite it.

    On top of that, there are some other grammatical errors and the like, most major being how on page 6 Severa's line with Inigo is just, not finished. This on top of the, sorta sloppy ending. Like yeah I felt sad, but it didn't really feel conclusive in its nature. But I think that's the flaw in writing a longer piece, the finer details can slip through the cracks. Like I said before, you did obviously put a lot of effort in, but personally I would've focused on creating a slightly shorter, tighter narrative than the one you did create.

    Although I know why your piece is the way it is, and it has to relate both with your initial idea and how you decided to execute it. Out of all the entries, yours leans the least onto the source material. I'd probably say yours is the only story that entirely would work on its own without reading the original, as the others rely majorly in some way or another on the source. Although as a result of your idea, you then had to tell the entirety of Ott's story, while also telling your story. That's what gives the piece some of its bloat.

    Like I said, enjoyed your piece a ton (Hated the ending, just give them a happy ending damnit. I don't wanna cry.), and it was fun to both read and help you out with it. However I feel like it was a real "bite off more than you can chew" moment.

    Was reading all the entries that the pieces were based on necessary? Probably not, but it helped understand where the author was coming from, somewhat. Anyways, glad we're rocking that 7 way tie. Perfectly balanced as all things should be, and all that jazz.

  3. Ah bro that shit was my jam. It's not quite a Fire Emblem game in feel, with the MP system it ends up feeling more like another SRPG game. Still really fun, if a bit buggy. It's honestly more broken than the original Gaiden, but I'd still recommend it to any FE fan.

    Tbh I just like controlling people with the mouse, it's super convenient. 

  4. 44 minutes ago, DEsyER said:

    That sounds good, the thing is, there are only two of them in EHM one of them in 26x, also it would only convert his speed to 15 and for me that sounds pretty bad taking into consideration the fact of isadora having 16 speed at base (pretty bad constitution though) and a lot of units that would get more out of those speedwings. Maybe im overwhelming a lot but its my first 0% and i wanna do things right, also i dot want to be forced to play defensively, is just not for me.

    Here's the thing though, 15 speed is generally enough to handle most enemies in FE7. Isadora suffers a bit due to her low con, but she's still fine against most foes. Pent and Hawkeye are also set. Just feed Marcus the speedwings and you're good.

  5. Just now, Ottservia said:

    Also I dunno if you saw my previous post but if I didn’t know any better you snuck into my google docs and finished the half baked draft I had written myself of this very thing. I even had some of the same imagery with Severa crying by the river and everything. 

    Great minds think alike, or something along those lines. Definitely didn't hack into your google docs account. Nope, no hacking here whatsoever.

  6. 2 minutes ago, Ottservia said:

    Also excuse the double post, SF won’t allow me edit my post for whatever reason.

    @DarthR0xas you just gotta better blend together the tsun to dere ratio. It is a vital aspect in writing any tsundere Severa especially. Still, I greatly enjoyed and frankly a little envious but that’s neither here nor there. Also no Wowaka reference? That’s a trademark of me at this point. The title itself is actually based on a line from unknown mother goose


    Yeah, I admit I leaned pretty heavily into the dere side. I wanted to write more tsun in, but I just wasn't sure how to properly do that while still getting the emotion across. So I kinda just wrote it like, in that moment Severa was in a state of emotional openness and just really channeling her dere side. And then for the mother scene I was kinda trying to portray it like she had matured past being super tsun. But I'm really glad you enjoyed it.

    Also, you're right. Gimme a sec to add a few Wowaka references 

  7. Alright, that was a blast to write, although I got stuck at a few places trying to figure out how to connect some moments. Anyways, here's the story.

    A Sequel to Ottservia's "The Story Unknown to All" (As such I recommend at least skimming over that one before reading this, just to get some better context)

    Word Count: 2078

    Smiling with Innocent Eyes


    Lucina brushed aside the dark blue bangs that hung over her face, still trying to process what had just happened. Severa had rushed out of the infirmary tent after screaming that she was sorry. Lucina had reached out as Severa ran, her red twintails flowing behind her as she flung the tent flaps open. Severa wouldn’t listen as Lucina called after her, leaving the bewildered girl in her bed.

    “She’s sorry, but what’s she sorry for?” Lucina wondered aloud. She started to lay back down, but stopped halfway through. Something was wrong, her heart was racing. But, why? The battle had long since past, she had been sitting in this tent for hours. But Severa, just her being there had made it race faster than even her toughest battles with Grima. Her mind was buzzing, repeating the conversation they had again, and again. Every sensation, every emotion, every moment, again, and again. But how could Severa make her feel like that, the only time you’d feel like that is if you . . .

    Lucina slowly turned and got out of the bed. Her body ached, and her left leg which had gotten nailed by an arrow buzzed with a dull pain. In spite of this, she grabbed her Falchion and hobbled out towards the direction she thought Severa would’ve headed.




    “It’s better this way.” That’s what Severa thought as she curled up besides a great oak tree. Nobody would want to love someone as worthless as her, she’s nothing but disgusting garbage thrown at the perfection of not only her mother, but now Lucina. She peeked out above her knees, trying to find something to focus on, to distract her mind from these horrible thoughts. But all she saw was the river, and her reflection in it. The reflection of the girl destined to roll on forever within the endless void of her mother’s shadow.

    “Why, why couldn’t I have been stronger?” She almost silently spoke between sobs. She clutched her knees tighter to her chest and buried her face in them. She had been so worried about Lucina that she hadn’t even changed out of her battle armor, the cold metal of her knee-braces turning hot against her flushed face. She wailed, “If only I could’ve told her.”

    From behind her, she heard a voice.“Told me what?”
    Severa glanced in the direction of the voice, seeing a pained, limping Lucina.
    “Wha- What are you doing here you idiot?” She said as she quickly got up and rushed over to support Lucina. “You should be in bed, those are serious wounds.”
    Lucina let go of the Falchion she had used as a walking stick, and leaned onto Severa, saying, “Well, some things were just more important.”

    Severa lowered Lucina down against the tree and sat by her. The two of them sat in silence, watching the night sky. Stars dotted the infinite blackness that seemed to absorb everything around them. Severa stared, letting herself fall into an almost trancelike state as the stars twinkled.




    “I meant it, you know.” Lucina’s words cut through the night and shook Severa out of her trance.
    “You what?” Severa asked, looking over to see Lucina staring right at her.
    “I mean it when I said that I liked you a lot.” Lucina’s brilliant blue eyes looked right into Severa’s scarlet ones.

    Severa quickly glanced away. “Oh, you were talking about that.” She wanted to run, she couldn’t do this, she had already failed, there was no chance. She was doomed to forever be a pathetic loser.

    “In fact, I think it might be more than a like, maybe more like a love.” Lucina said, as Severa’s face lit up a bright red.
    “How could you love someone like me? I’m just a burden who's standing in your way.” Severa said back, as she began nervously running her hands through her crimson hair.
    Lucina scooched closer to Severa, saying “I don’t think of you as a burden, how could I when you’ve done so much for me?”
    “Are you talking about the battlefield today? Anyone would’ve done that, I’m not special.” Severa said as her fingers began to tense up, almost pulling on her hair at this point.
    “Anyone could’ve but it was you who did it” Lucina responded.
    “Whatever, just leave me alone.” Severa said, tears beginning to form in her eyes.
    “You had something you wanted to tell me, and I’m not leaving until I hear it.” Lucina said, crossing her arms as though to prove a point.

    Severa went silent as her brain was spinning. This was her chance, it was sitting right next to her, almost literally handing the opportunity on a silver platter right to her. But again and again she was refusing it. Why? Why couldn’t she even look at Lucina?
    The tears began to stream down her face, as she silently wept into her arms.
    “Severa?” Lucina asked, with a look of caring concern. “Are you ok?”

    Severa exploded, “NO, I’M NOT! I can’t, I just can’t say what I want to, what I need to. I’m an utter failure.” She buried her head back into her knees as the tears kept flowing out.
     “Severa, you’re not a failure. And whatever you say, know I’ll accept you.” Lucina said, as she put a reassuring hand on Severa’s shoulder.
    Lucina’s touch awoke something in Severa. “She’ll accept me, you have nothing to fear.” she thought to herself. Even if she was scared, she had to take this chance. “If Lucina thinks I’m not a failure, then it’s gotta be true”.

    Severa slowly looked back towards Lucina, looking at all of her. She was wearing a simple blue shirt and brown pants that covered up the bandages. In spite of the simplicity, it looked elegant on her. Eventually Severa’s eyes met Lucina’s, and in them Severa found a world even more vast than the night sky that had entranced her just moments before. In them she saw beauty, she saw the girl she loved more than life itself. But more than that, she saw the will, the drive, the confidence to move forward, and to finally be free from her own burdens.

    Severa cleared her thoughts, and then quietly asked, “Hey Lucina?”

    “Yes Severa?” Lucina responded, her words full of kindness and acceptance, begging Severa to be open to her.

    Severa started, quietly saying “I . . .”. She began fidgeting, she clenched her eyes shut. She repeated herself, louder this time, “I . . .”. The doubts flooded back into her mind but she kept pushing them out, supplanting them with her thoughts “I can do this, I will do this, I have to do this.” She sucked in a deep breath, and looked Lucina dead in her innocent, smiling eyes.

    “Lucina, I love you. I love you more than anything in this world. You give me the strength to do things I thought I could never do.”

    Lucina smiled, grabbed Severa’s hand and pulled herself so there wasn’t any space between them. “Well I already knew that”, she jokingly said.
    Severa pouted, “Idiot, if you already knew it then why’d you make me say it?”
    “Because it means so much to hear you say it.” Lucina said as she placed her hand onto Severa’s cheek, leaning in for a kiss.
    Severa sputtered out a response, “Wha- Lucina isn’t this a bit sud-mmph” but was silenced as Lucina locked lips with her.

    In that moment Severa knew she had made the right choice. As the two fumbled their way into a kiss, they seemed to meld into one person. Warmth spread into her body as joy and love seemed never-ending. She put her arms around Lucina and held tight, not wanting the messy moment to ever end.

    The two eventually pulled away from one another, and looked deep into each other’s eyes. “Well, I guess we should start heading back.” Lucina said as she struggled to get up.
    Severa looked and saw the rising sun behind Lucina, realizing just how long they had spent together. “Oh, I guess we probably should.” She quickly stood up and helped the still injured warrior to her feet. It was at this moment she noticed the Falchion still sticking out of the ground. “Did you really use the Falchion as a walking stick to find me? Aren’t you worried it’ll be ruined?” She asked as she led Lucina over to it.

    Lucina pulled it out of the ground, “It’s fine, I’ll sharpen it later. And even if it was damaged, I would gladly have done it again.” she said, leaning back onto Severa’s shoulders.
    “Why? That’s a priceless sword.” Severa said, nodding towards the blade Lucina held in her right hand.
    Lucina looked at it, and then back to Severa, saying “Sure, but then I would’ve traded it for something even more priceless.”




    Severa was searching around the family house. She and Lucina were going off on a journey the next day, so she was trying to finish any leftover business. She was poking around one of the old bookshelves when she found what she was looking for. Behind some of her father’s tomes was a tattered, old leather book. It was one she distinctly remembered from her childhood.

    “Make Him Fall for You in a Fortnight” she said, reading the title out loud. “What a stupid idea, what idiot falls for someone that fast?” Sitting back in a chair, she cracked it open and started to read it.

    ‘Baking him pies is a great start, the easiest way to a man’s heart is through his stomach.’ I guess that could apply to Lucina too, that woman could eat a bear and still be hungry.” Severa said, chuckling to herself as she turned the page. She was skimming it when something struck her. “Wait, I think I recognize these words, lemme see here. ‘But there’s one thing men seek above all else. Appearance. A voluptuous form will catch their eye and make them fall for you in less than a fortnight.’” Severa sat there, looking at that page. Memories of the past flowed back through her mind. Her mother’s sad face when she saw the book, and how quickly she put back on a happy appearance to not disturb the young Severa.

    She must’ve sat there a while, because her mother came in. “Severa what are you doing?” Cordelia asked softly. “Aren’t you setting off early tomorrow?”
    “Oh, yes mother.” Severa said, “I was just reminiscing about the past.” She handed the book to her mother, whose cheery eyes immediately went sad upon seeing the book.
    “This is the book you’re looking back on for memories?” Cordelia asked incredulously, cordially flipping through a page or two.
    “Remember back when I read a page and you were mortified?” Severa asked, a soft smile forming on her face.

    Cordelia sighed, “I wish I didn’t, but maybe it was for the better.” She stood up and put the book back on the bookshelf.
    Severa leaned forward in her seat and looked at her mom inquisitively. “Why would it be for the better”, she asked.
    Cordelia walked over and kneeled down next to Severa, “Because you were able to avoid the biggest failure of my life.”
    Severa grinned, “Well, it didn’t stop me from making a lot of other mistakes.”

    Cordelia kissed Severa on the forehead. “Come on now little miss ‘Married to the Exalt’, off to bed.”
    Severa put on a mock pout, “MOM, she’s not even the exalt yet, and we aren’t married.”
    Cordelia chuckled, “Engaged, married, same thing. Either way, one day it’ll be my girl who sits on the throne with her.”

    Severa got up and started walking towards her room, as she got to the door she turned around, asking “Hey, what was with that ‘little miss’ comment?”
    Cordelia smiled, responding “As long as you’re under this house, you’re still my little girl.”
    Severa yawned, and instead of throwing back some joking annoyance, merely nodded and said “Night mom.”
    “Night dear” Cordelia said as Severa closed the door.

    Laying down on her bed, Severa looked up at the ceiling. She thought back to the night when Lucina finally squeezed a confession out of her. “It was a wonder she stuck around so long for me, but I’m glad she did.” Severa sleepily said to herself. She closed her eyes, resting until the dawn of the new day, when she and Lucina would go out and make the story known to all.

    Some Self Reflections:


    As I said before, I really enjoyed writing this story. When I saw this prompt, I just felt like writing something about Severa, so I started combing over Ott's entries. For a day an a half I was actually working on another entry based on his "The Sun's Gentle Hands" piece, but I ran into the issue that it was really fucking depressing, and like, I was in the mood for some romance. Then I remembered that there was a piece that focused Lucina and Severa almost exclusively, and found it. Of course, that one also had a sad ending, and I was not having that. I was getting those two the happy ending they deserved.

    That aside, writing a sequel piece had some limitations. There was a subplot I wanted to add in about Chrom being iffy about the whole Lucina and Severa hooking up thing, but I decided to cut it since it wasn't really in the original piece. I tried to make it seem like the other half, trying to seamlessly have our entries operate as one, and thusly I tried to keep similar theming throughout. I won't say I was perfect, I don't have the absolute perfect grasp on Severa's character that Ott has, and I kinda made Lucina be a bit more flirty and wiser than she normally is, to better act as a foil to Severa's self-deprecation. And Cordelia I barely knew how to write. I kinda just used my own mom as inspiration at that point, with slight reference to supports for wording choice. Although that line from Cordelia about "As long as you're under this house" was straight from my mom, since it just felt so wholesome.

    I also realized halfway through that describing romance is like, really hard. I tried to embody a more innocent sense of love and passion. Not sure how well I succeeded in that, guess I'll find out.


  8. I'm just gonna be completely biased and unrealistic with my choices.

    Men's division

    1st Forrest

    My boi got scammed with how he is in Heroes now, and I refuse to let him stay that way. He'll have the divine version of Leo's weapon from that DLC, be a blue mage cav.

    2nd Warren

    Marth not getting in is honestly a tradition now, so I've gotta make sure to follow it. Tbh I just looked in my file explorer until I found the first FE character face, which was Warren. Red bow armor.

    Women's division

    1st Felicia

    We've gone too long without a Felicia alt, clearly we need to fix that. She'll be an infantry staffer, and be like a powercrept B!Veronica

    2nd Hilda

    She got like 10th place, that means something. Flying green axe unit.

    GHB Is gonna be Marty, so we can all have a Marty Party.

  9. FE1 is, a game. I'd personally say it's one of the worse FE games, mostly because of the fact that it's a 30 year old NES RPG in dire need of some quality of life features. That said, it can still be a very enjoyable experience, just one you never really go back to.

    Magic being a static resource is interesting, but also makes magic users kinda boring. Their only important stats become speed, hp and defense, so raising them feels inconsequential. 

    Outside of the last 5 or so chapters of the game, the stat cap of 20 doesn't do much to stop units from wrecking house. Personal weapons are extremely strong, and the Regalia are in a class of their own. My strategy for most of the game was just "Send Cain at the enemy, kill them all, profit". Only when the game starts sending such a massive quantity of enemies at you does the stat caps of 20 mean something.

    Side note, this is an issue FE3 Book 1 exacerbates. Enemies are pathetic in that book. Book 2 steps it up with Dragons and other foes to keep you on your toes, but with Book 1 being limited with adhering to FE1, the stat caps of 20 are basically irrelevant. Except for the final chapter. That'll fuck you up.

    The system of making promo bonuses just go to the stat bases is something I feel works well in Gaiden/SoV, and terribly in FE1. This is because the, in my opinion overly limited nature of promo items. In Gaiden, you have access to instant promotion whenever, meaning that doing so will result in great gain. In FE1, you'll be waiting a long time for promotion items, almost half the game. At that point, you get next to nothing from promo, outside a new animation and a move boost. It's certainly a change of pace, but it's one I've had my fill of after one try.

    Weapon Level is probably the most interesting thing about FE1/3. I quite enjoy it, for the most part. Its biggest imbalances mostly got ironed out in FE3, like how it doesn't really matter past 14-ish. And while the dynamic Julian, Rickard, and Xane have with the Arms Scroll is interesting, I'd also say it's kinda pointless. Rickard and Julian are not combat units, they really don't need anything outside of iron and steel swords. As for Xane, if you're ever using Xane untransformed then something has gone wrong. It's still an interesting dynamic, persay, but it's one that doesn't allow the dependancy of an item to really shine. 

    If there's one thing I gotta give NES FE, it's the animations. They're super good, and shine through the limitations. The fact they got so many on an NES cartridge is impressive. That said, I'd say most of the little touches of this game are ones that basically all modern FE games have. Different animations depending on the weapon used is something that I'm pretty sure every FE game does, just not to the extent of the NES Ballistician, and most of the time the lords have special animations for their super weapons.

    The two FE1 remakes certainly are no SoV, but I'd say overall that they do sufficiently replace FE1. FE3 is the true gameplay experience that they wanted but couldn't quite get on NES hardware. FE11 is the true story experience they couldn't get on either NES or SNES hardware. They don't perfectly replicate FE1, but I'd be hard pressed to call that a bad thing. FE3 works so well specifically because it ditches some of the boring or bad FE1 chapters, and tries to introduce more strategy with dismounting, as well as just generally having more quality of life features. FE11 is another beast entirely, and frankly I don't consider it a remake. It's a re-imagining, just to a much lesser extent than other re-imaginings like FF7R.

    FE1 is a game that you play once you've gotten to the point in your FE playing experience where you've got a couple games left to play and are invested enough to want to see where it starts, or if you're one of those people that has to play games in order, it's where you start. Much like other NES Nintendo franchises, it works best in modern days as a time capsule. An oddity you look back into the past with, and less so as a completely standalone game. It certainly has its merits, and it's still FE, but just like Metroid and Zelda, it's very much a product of its time.

  10. The game that comes to mind most recently is Dark Souls Remastered. I dunno, maybe it's just the years of hype for Dark Souls as a whole got me excited for an experience the first game just couldn't provide, but frankly I found it to just be bad

    Another one that comes to mind is Arms. It wasn't bad, but just so bland that I never really played it. It just became "Well, I don't have Smash yet, so this is the only other fighting game I have". I hoped for more out of it, because Splatoon was super good.

  11. 1 hour ago, Glennstavos said:

    Nocturne Remaster? Does it even HAVE Dante from the Devil May Cry series? Somebody check the boxart to confirm!

    Most likely not. In the trailer we saw Raidou Kuzunoha, which indicates that this remaster is going to be of the Japanese only edition of Nocturne known as "Maniac edition". This one swapped out Dante for Raidou, as well as adding a few other things. They could potentially add Dante back in, but since Raidou and Dante are literally the same character, I don't see how they would do it.

    I kinda figured we were gonna get Atlus news in this direct. They simply have too many projects for one not to be a big announcement. My hope was SMTV, which I got, but I wasn't expecting that Nocturne remaster. Hell yeah is all I have to say about both of those. Cadence of Hyrule has always looked interesting to me, I might pick up that physical release. The other two games, I have already forgotten the names of. But man, that SMT double punch really made this direct.

  12. "There's no way he'll last until the actual election in November. This is clearly a stunt", is what I said last time when Trump ran, although Trump seemed to put a bit more thought into his presidential run and didn't start it when his chances of even getting on the ballot are unfeasible. Regardless, there is no doubt in my mind that if he gets on the ballot he will have a substantial amount of voters. A lot of my friends who just came of voting age saw this and were like "Hell yeah, let's vote for Kanye". That's Kanye's main demographic, and while he does cut a little into the conservative christian bloc, I'd say his main bloc is early Gen Z-ers/Late conservative Millennials. Granted, that isn't a massive group. There's no way he'll get the 5% he'd need, but it'd say he's gonna get the same amount of votes that third parties usually get, around 2-3%.

    And although horrifying, the prospect of him actually getting the 5% so that he'd have proper funding is even more interesting. It'd introduce the idea that third parties in America have a better shot, instead of it just being a "wasted vote". Frankly that's the only think keeping me voting Democrat.

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