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  1. I might really like Thracia, but some of its mechanics are quite annoying and I do see why people don't like them. Heck, I don't like some of their implementations myself.

    22 minutes ago, forsettipatty said:

    I don't count fog of war as a core mechanic because every GBA game has FoW, hell, even 3 houses has FoW

    Just because you don't count it as a core mechanic doesn't mean it all of a sudden isn't a core mechanic. The specific way that FoW works in Thracia is unique to it and it alone. All other FEs when implementing it still show you the general shape of the map, meanwhile Thracia is pure black, you have no clue. Thematically, I quite like it. Gameplay-wise it's a pain in the ass and I loathe dealing with it more than any other version of FoW.

    26 minutes ago, forsettipatty said:

    minimum unit deployment limits

    This is something that only works in Thracia. I'm fine with it (besides trying to draft Thracia with it because it makes drafting a pain), but I couldn't imagine another game in the series using it. Most of Thracia's core mechanics only work when combined, not apart. Sometimes people isolate the mechanics from one another when analyzing, which makes them not work. Think about minimum unit deployment limits in a game like FE7. Since it doesn't have fatigue, you'd just use the same units over again. Plus it actually makes sure that in the examples of maps you've listed that they actually work. Speaking of fatigue,

    30 minutes ago, forsettipatty said:


    Fatigue needs more ways to work around it. It works, but it's too punishing for certain units while being negligible for others. Either decrease how much staff uses add to the fatigue meter, or increase staff unit hp. I also wish that there were items you could pick up the partially reduced fatigue. S drinks are rare, but if we had those partially reducing items it'd add more strategy. As is now, if you have a unit who's almost fatigued and no S drink, you just use them non-stop for that map because it doesn't matter. If we have like an orange that reduces fatigue by 10, then you have to put more thought into using them if you want to use them for the next map. Again, this is a mechanic that really only works in the system that Thracia has set up. In SoV, the only other game it's featured in, it's so meaningless that I wonder why it was included. The pointless inclusion in SoV has also colored the perception of fatigue into thinking it's not a necessary addition to the games and is overall pointless and lame.

    44 minutes ago, forsettipatty said:


    45 minutes ago, forsettipatty said:

    Not being able to bring cavalry indoors is great, and a good balacing mechanic. it's also realistic because nobody fucking brings horses inside castles dismounted knights typically don't fight with lances, but with swords, since lances are usually a cavalry thing.

    Not bringing horses indoors is fine, the issue is them being forced to use other weapons. I'd be fine with not being to use lances if there weren't infantry lance enemies basically every map. This absolutely destroys the idea that "lances are usually a cavalry thing", since even with Thracia that isn't true.

    Also Fire Emblem is inherently unrealistic. You have magic for Christ's sake. Realism is nice and all, but we're not making a war sim, it's a fantasy TRPG. Realism is going to be broken.

    51 minutes ago, forsettipatty said:

    99 hit cap/single RNG

    Single/Double RNG is just preference. I think if it were double RNG with the 99 hit cap, more people would be fine with it. Or vice versa, single RNG without the 99 hit cap. People just like the assurance that a 100 hit chance gives them, since everyone's got their 99% miss into enemy 1% crit story.

    53 minutes ago, forsettipatty said:

    It's some of the best balancing mechanics in the series imo.

    It balances Thracia, but they just wouldn't function as well in other games, absent of each other. As I said, most of them are inherently linked in order to work.

    As for not being able to reposition your troops, it's bad design because it isn't communicated to the player. When we have no clue where are troops are going to be until we deploy, then we can't plan around that. If the game told you where each troop would go, even that would make the game more strategic. Sure, at that point just allow repositioning, but if you want to keep that aspect there, just tell me where my units are going to be. This is why I consider blind Thracia to be one of the worst experiences in the series, while guided Thracia is one of the best.

  2. Males: Ike, Roy, Hector, Ephraim, Alm, Claude

    Female: Lucina, Miccy, Lysithea.

    I chose from a combination of gameplay factors and character factors. Roy is kinda a lame unit in Heroes imo, but I like him in Smash enough that I keep him. Ike is Ike, he's been on my team since I've got him and hasn't ever come off. Hector is a chad, Ephraim looks fly and can wreck town. I like Alm from Echoes a lot, although he's also kinda lame in Heroes. Claude is Claude, Fear the Deer.

    Lucina is a great buffer and also I like her character. Miccy is a guilty pleasure of a character I enjoy, and also pretty good. Lysithea is one of the 3H best girls.

    As for the other units I didn't pick, Eliwood is boring, decent art, but that's it. Dimitri is gonna be hit or miss, so I'll get back to you once I see his design.

    Lyn is a character I got over fast. I am still absolutely sick of her. I still have her on my team since she's still absurdly good, but blah. Celica is good fodder, that's really it. Veronica is just a character I find boring. Another good unit, but again, blah. Camilla is a character I am less sick of when compared to Lyn because I have never been pity broken by a Camilla, and she hasn't wasted a spot that should've went to someone else instead of that useless green bow legendary. Edelgard is Edelgard, Black Eagles bad.

    If I had to pick just one from each CYL, it'd be Ike, Hector, Miccy, and I'll just say Lysithea for 1:1 male and female ratio

  3. Sorry, but that is never going to happen. The devs themselves say so.


    If you don't want to read through all of that, here's the portion speaking to that.

    "Kusakihara: If we had created a route for Three Houses like Revelation was to Fates, that route would have definitely ended up being perceived as the “correct” route. In Three Houses, each route is its own history, and we wanted players to be able to decide that for themselves. In this game, the leaders of the three houses have their own unwavering beliefs and worldviews that are unique to themselves. We wanted to model the story and its themes after a dilemma that was grounded in reality, so from the beginning there were never any plans to make something like Revelation."

    There were never plans, and as far as we know, there won't be any more plans. The DLC is done, they're moving on.

    If you want to pretend that after Cindered Shadows nothing bad happens and the world is at peace, then you can feel free to do that, but aside from fanfiction that's the best you're gonna get.

  4. 14 minutes ago, AnonymousSpeed said:

    The answer is that the people are wrong.

    Anon, man, just give up your crusade. It was you who put this conflict to a public forum. You cannot say the public forum is wrong when you specifically turned to it for the answer. If they agree with me in saying that long hair is better, then that is simply the answer in this case. Overall, the general conclusion is that long hair is better than short hair. You are fully allowed to hold your opinions, but at least yield in this debate. On all accounts, you've lost.

  5. 3 minutes ago, Shadow Mir said:

    The problem is that aside from being worse than Dark Knight, Holy Knight is also inferior to Bishop - doubled white magic uses and extra healing are a LOT to sacrifice for a horse, and frankly, it's not worth it, especially since all you get in return is stronger offensive white magic spells, which is pretty much useless when the offensive white magic spells are pretty lousy, other than maybe Seraphim (to say nothing of the fact that most units only get one, that one being the pathetic Nosferatu).

    Wait Holy Knight loses doubled white magic uses? Forgot about that. Nvm then.

    16 minutes ago, Shadow Mir said:

    The thing is, I'd consider Warp not enough of a reason to recruit Linhardt over Mercedes, in that case.

    I have no clue what point you're trying to make here, I'm sure it's a valid point, but could you elaborate on what you mean?

  6. Just now, Shadow Mir said:

    The problem is, Dark Knight is just better than Holy Knight if you wanted Marianne in a mounted mage class (and I still consider it underwhelming)

    Alright, then just do Dark Knight. I found the two to be basically the same thing in my experience, so I just said Holy Knight because Marianne is generally more Faith focused. If Dark Knight really is the superior class, then go that route.

    2 minutes ago, Shadow Mir said:

    Why would I want my dancer to be the same unit with Warp??? That's...rather questionable.

    Because you already have a warper in Lysithea. That, and so he can do something after he warps. It offers variety in what he can do

  7. 8 hours ago, Shadow Mir said:

    I don't know why you're recommending this course of action, because Linhardt has terrible charm, which is likely to cause him to lose, and Holy Knight is a lackluster class I can't recommend in good faith (heh).

    Because while Marianne has decent charm, dancer is a lackluster class that holds her back, since she can actually deal a pretty heavy amount of damage. While Holy Knight is lackluster, OP seemed intent on utilizing her riding proficiency, so I was merely mentioning that as an alternative within the ideal he wanted. Obviously I'd recommend Gremory as her final class, but Holy Knight/Dark Knight aren't awful classes to venture into for a little bit.

    Linhardt, in comparison, is basically pure support. He can do some damage, but his other stats just aren't up to snuff, and he can't access Gremory. This, in my opinion, means that making him the dancer is just offering him another option of support that he could utilize. Adding more tools to his kit. There are honestly enough charm boosting stat boosters through the game to midigate his mediocre charm, and like, who else would really want them?

  8. 2 hours ago, T-Doggo said:

    I'm definitely not against using Hilda! I seriously considered her but I didn't feel like she would hit as hard as Felix/Sylvain/Ferdinand and she won't dodge like Petra/Ingrid/Catherine. Her low dex combined with being an axe user also made me concerned she'll be inaccurate. What are some of Hilda's strengths over other characters?

    On paper she looks like the same old axe unit, but in practice she is one of the best units in the game. Sylvain and Ferdinand in my experience don't actually hit too hard on Maddening, mainly since they have issues doubling. Felix is normally fine, keep using him. Dodging is something you shouldn't rely too much on anyways in Maddening, at least for the the early-mid game. By the late-game, everyone is fine and has settled into their niches, so you won't need to worry. Hilda as another flier over Ingrid and Catherine for sure. Just follow your plan for Petra with Hilda too. Wyvern Lord is debatably the best class in the game, so the more of them you have, the better. Also, don't worry about inaccuracy, Axes have fairly solid hit in 3H. Hilda for sure over Ingrid. On top of this, Alert Stance basically makes her a late-game dodgetank anyways.

    2 hours ago, T-Doggo said:

    I'll likely want at least one of them as a Falcon Knight, but is there a strong reason to use one over the other? I hadn't considered taking my dodgetanks' charm into account to avoid enemy gambits, but based on that I'm leaning Ingrid for her much higher CHA growth. 

    Not particularily one reason to pick Ingrid over Catherine or vice versa, although Catherine has a way easier time getting kills compared to Ingrid. 

    And for the rest of what your planned team is

    7 hours ago, T-Doggo said:

    Byleth - War Master - I originally planned to use female Byleth as a Falcon Knight because it's a great class (and free Sylvain recruit), but decided my three other fliers were probably enough. Like Felix, using Byleth to clean up/demolish the enemies that approach my party seems to help the team more overall than what I had originally planned for him/her.

    Go female Byleth, and then Wyvern or Falcon Knight. Another early game recruit cannot be undervalued, and fliers are super strong. While Quick Ripose is a very strong skill, it'll come at such a point that it's usage will be niche enough to only need one user.

    7 hours ago, T-Doggo said:

    Lysithea - Gremory; training reason/faith makes sense to me to get warp, but I also see people recommend Dark Knight for canto. She's the best mage, so she'll be on the team with Thysrus regardless.

    Just give her levels enough horse/lance levels to make Holy/Dark Knight anyways for the option. Lysithea will easily master any class you set her too, so just letting her have options is nice.

    7 hours ago, T-Doggo said:

    Leonie - Bow Knight; her skills are set up for it and she gets the coveted Point-Blank Volley. Seems like a no brainer. Ideally she'll have Death Blow, Darting Blow and Hit +20 but Death Blow will be the priority.

    Cyril - Bow Knight; I feel like I'm missing something here because I rarely see anyone recommend Cyril, but on paper he's a second Leonie. His growths are similar to (slightly better than) hers, his strengths align with Bow Knight, and he also gets Point-Blank Volley. Just no Darting Blow.

    Really just personal experience speaking here, but Leonie and Cyril have never turned out good for me. They just struggle to actually deal competent damage to any enemies. 

    7 hours ago, T-Doggo said:

    Marianne - Dancer; Riding strength makes getting +1 Mov easier.

    Linhardt - Bishop; All he needs to do is spam Physic to keep the rest of my team alive. Warp is also very useful.

    I think you should make Linhardt the dancer. Lysithea already has warp, and while she will be mainly on magic damage duty, she'll have time for a warp or two. Marianne also still has physic, and with riding strength you might as well just focus on making her a holy knight.

    7 hours ago, T-Doggo said:

    Using only four students from the Golden Deer, will Chapter 13 be doable? I realize I'm not using many students from my original house, so most of my party will be very underleveled for Chapter 13. Claude, Byleth, Lysithea, Leonie, and dancer Marianne will be my only units at an adequate level. Is it a realistic goal to complete the map with only this group on maddening without anyone dying?

    As long as you don't completely ignore your other units, you'll be fine. Just make them adjucants and they'll be a decent enough level to at least do something. As others have said, Ignatz is someone you might just keep around anyway for his rally skill, so he might just naturally get exp from being out. 

    7 hours ago, T-Doggo said:

    In general, when should I look to recruit my students?

    IMO, do it asap. The sooner you get them, the easier it is to influence the skills you want them to learn.

    I also might recommend picking up Dorothea for another magical nuke unit, or maybe just focus Lorenz down the dark knight path. You could honestly replace Ferdi with Lorenz and it'd be basically the same result, but easier Chapter 13 if that's what you're concerned about. 

  9. 8 hours ago, AnonymousSpeed said:

    I oppose wrong attitudes wherever they lurk.

    Hard to call my attitude wrong when the people are supporting my side.

    8 hours ago, AnonymousSpeed said:

    Why should one work to do many things poorly, when for no effort they may do fewer things well?

    Depends on the girl for whether they do it poorly. Most of the women I know can do basically anything with their hair and they won't screw it up. The reason they'd work for it is mainly that it's fun.

    8 hours ago, Slumber said:

    I'm a dude. I've had long hair. More hair =/= more styling options. I'd actually argue the opposite

    Well this isn't about dudes with long hair, obviously dudes have more limited options that look good.

    8 hours ago, Slumber said:

    After about your shoulders, there's not much you can do with your hair before it just becomes so heavy and unwieldy that any normal measures of styling just stop being an option. At that point, unless you want to either perm/crimp into an 80s nightmare haircut, or straighten your hair, all you can really do is change where it parts and how it sits on your head, and then alter how "messy" it looks with some hair spray. Both things you can also do with short hair. You can braid your hair more easily, but I haven't seen many girls braiding their hair much these days.

    First point depends on the kind of hair you have. If it's thinner hair then naturally it won't become that heavy or unwieldy. I'd probably say the point of where it becomes unwieldy is around where the scapulas (the bigger bones below your shoulder blades) end, and maybe a little lower.

    I actually like perms You forget how it sits around the head, which is how I'd classify braids and the like. With those additions, you really do have a lot more styles to work with. Sure, you can alter how it parts and where it sits with shorter hair, but it doesn't change that much. It all looks similar because you're just limited by the amount of hair you have. 

    Also it might just be where I live, but I still see people sporting quite a few braids and a lot of other styles.

    8 hours ago, Slumber said:

    Going from long hair to short hair is like going from simple arithmetic to algebra with the extra variables.

    Neither of those are actually hard though

  10. 31 minutes ago, AnonymousSpeed said:

    I challenge the heretic

    How humorous, the heretic is labeling me as a heretic. I merely speak the truth, you are the one who dares to oppose me. Although Mr. Acacia raises a very fair point.

    11 minutes ago, Acacia Sgt said:

    What exactly is the dividing line here? The shoulders?

    Where would the dividing line for this be? When do we declare a haircut to be short vs long? I'm fine with it being the shoulders, since that's about when I consider hair to be long, and start liking the hair, but it's only fair for us to agree with this statement.

    12 minutes ago, Slumber said:

    Upsides: Pragmatic, practical, and the woman has more options on how to style it. All around just nicer to look at most of the time.

    Let's deconstruct this

    Pragmatic/practical: Claiming the same thing, that long hair isn't practical. I will yield this point. Long hair is naturally harder to handle than short hair.

    Styling options: This is just flat out wrong. Long hair has way more styling options than short hair, because there's more of it to style. There's only so much you can do if your hair is a few inches long, but if it's even a foot long there are a ton of ways you could go. Short hair is practical because you don't really need to consider style, it styles itself for the most part. Long hair is harder because you need to work to style it, but as a result you get a lot more options and varieties to style it.

    Nicer to look at: Blasphemy, your unholy words desecrate the great name of long hair. Claiming that short hair could even stand toe to toe with long hair is bad enough, but to say that it's better in the looks department? Utter nonsense.

  11. 3 minutes ago, AnonymousSpeed said:

    I object on several grounds.

    I object to your objection.

    4 minutes ago, AnonymousSpeed said:

    Vanessa is prettier than Tana

    I'm sorry your opinion is wrong, you should change it before I call the opinion police on you.

    4 minutes ago, AnonymousSpeed said:

    Lucius is a prettier girl than Micaiah. Of course, Oliver is the most beautiful light mage.

    Damnit, I knew was forgetting someone. This is because I haven't been praying to my Oliver shrine 24/7. I must fix this

    6 minutes ago, AnonymousSpeed said:

    Most importantly of all, Felicia is just a promoted troubadour, thus she should be here.

    That, is a fair point. Uh, Felicia is too important to not have her own special spot. Yeah, that's totally why I did it.

  12. Sure, why not.

    Avatar: Jimbo (Because in fantasy casts, there's always room for a Jimbo)

    Class: Whatever the edgiest class possible is, because edgy equals cool. Also changes hair color in the middle of the game for no reason.

    Lord: Ephraim (Critical animations are probably the best in the series, an obvious mainstay)

    Mercenary: Severa (Gotta have your waifus in order)

    Myrmidon: Rutger (Much as I despise FE6, having the most broken myrmidon in the series would always be fun)

    Thief: Ashe Pahn (I originally picked Ashe since he has innate lockpick and then I could just go Bow Knight for max move, max bowrange thief, but I figured that was cheating so I went with my boy Pahn)

    Fighter: Othin (Pugi, Buhj, Rouge, whatever it's called these days, it's a classic, what else do you want out of me?)

    Brigand/Pirate: Dozla/Darros (Either work. Berserker is just promoted pirate, and Darros really needs some love)

    Cavalier: Franz (Franz, because Seth is too broken)

    Armor Knight: Oswin (Bosswin coming in clutch)

    Soldier/Spear Fighter: Nephenee (Continuing to make sure my waifus are in order)

    Archer: Claude (An absolute lad who is needed on any team)

    Bow Knight: Takumi/Leif (Kinshi Knights are close enough to bow knights, even though I've never made Takumi a Kinshi Knight. If not, Leif is totally a bow knight, after all, his famous Silver Bow liberated all of Jugdral)

    Pegasus Knight: Tana (Is she worse than Vanessa? Yes, however counterpoint, she's hotter. I rest my case)

    Wyvern Rider: Hilda (What do you mean she isn't a wyvern rider? Warrior? Who'd go that class?)

    Anima Mage: Arthur (either of them. Fates Arthur is the best anima user in the game. But fr Forsetti Arthur is a fucking ride)

    Light Mage: Micaiah (There are like, two people in this whole series who can use magic at base, I just chose the hotter of the two)

    Dark Mage: Lysithea/Constance (Ah yes, an order of Dark Spikes to go would be great. Or maybe a side of flying destruction. Ah, I can't choose.)

    Cleric/Priest: Lachesis (Master Knight promo is very juicy)

    Troubadour: Elise (Nanna but with long hair is pretty good) 

    Dancer: Leanne (Best looking dancer in the series, don't @ me.)

    Trainee: Ross (Only reason he wasn't in the pirate section is because he's here. Saves a turn, what a chad)

    Villager: Gray (Trainees and villagers are totally different things. Anyways, Gray the Jagen villager will plow through everything.)

    Manakete: Adult Tiki (Gotta specify which Tiki)

    Beast: Tibarn (Just an absolute lad, and a good unit to boot)

    Green Unit: The Black Knight (Might as well make all the green units unkillable)

    smh y'all forgetting dagger units, the most important units.

    Dagger: Felicia (literally best girl)

    So that is 1 Archanea units, 5 Judgral units, 2 Elibe units, 4 Magvel units, 5 Tellius units, 2 Awakening-landia units, 3 Fates-landia units, and 4 Fodlan units. Surprisingly even spread.

  13. On 2/20/2020 at 11:41 PM, Interdimensional Observer said:

    Then FE6 makes Fae using Tiki, and possibly Idunn is Tiki too. But Jahn means that it's a mere 2:1 female male, unless you count Sophia's half-dragon status.

    Well if you count Sophia's half-dragon status, then you really ought to count Roy's potential half-dragon status as well, which makes it a 3:2 ratio.

  14. 6 hours ago, eclipse said:

    Final Fantasy Tactics:


    Of all the reasons why Mewt's Ivalice had to stay, RItz is worried about the color of her hair.  Really?

    It's actually Final Fantasy Tactics Advance, not Final Fantasy Tactics.

    I disagree that this is actually a plot twist, or at the very least that it's bad. I'd say the twist is that the heroine of the game sides with the enemy, rather than the protagonist at first. The whole hair thing is motivation. Plus, the hair actually makes sense when you take a step back. She was bullied for having white hair. This makes sense when you take into account that all the main characters are just kids. Tweens at the most. Being incredibly self-conscious about these kinds of elements is natural at that age. I'd argue that by having her reason be so superficial, it helps the game's overall themeing. Mewt has a very real reason for wanting to stay in a dream world. His dad's a worthless drunk and his mom is dead. Meanwhile, Ritz just wants to escape being bullied for having a weird physical trait. They're two sides of the same coin. A seemingly pointless reason that a character clings to because she isn't mature enough to grow beyond it, and an actual strong reason that takes mental fortitude to overcome. It's a story about maturing, coming to terms with who you are and what your situation is. If Ritz's situation was equally as serious, it would've taken the spotlight away from Mewt. It injects a more human feeling element into the game, at least in my opinion. 


    Now a twist that I will always say is bad is the "suddenly this other bad guy appears" subversion that ruins build-up. Twilight Princess has this, Sonic Lost World has this, it generally sours a game experience. 

  15. I'll address your questions one by one.

    15 minutes ago, MisterArrogant said:

    I'm looking at starting playing Three Houses for the first time and given the new story DLC just released I'm curious if people would recommend playing Cindered Shadows first to unlock those characters for my main routes playthroughs or begin with the original campaign?

    No, I would absolutely not recommend that. Abyss mode is a neat addition, as are the characters, but they are far from necessary. Maybe after your first you could dive in and do it, but not as your first route. It's called "Side Story" for a reason.

    16 minutes ago, MisterArrogant said:

    Part of me wants to have everything available from the get go when I do the main routes and have access to all the possible characters and other gameplay features. The other part of me worries the DLC story might spoil or "ruin" a main campaign playthrough with some of the salient plot points presented as something the players would already know as potentially the DLC would expect you to have already beaten some or all of the routes? Or maybe it presents a truncated version of the original game's introduction into the story assuming that you've probably already played it?

    I get that feeling of wanting everything from the get go, but even if you do Cindered Shadows first, you won't really have everything from the get go. You gotta completely finish the game once to fully unlock most of the features. 

    The DLC doesn't technically spoil too much. However, it does heavily hint at some things, and by heavily I mean with the subtlety of a bag of bricks. Again, at least play through one campaign before giving this a shot. It does not give you a truncated version of the original game's intro. It presumes you know the story, and starts in the middle of the game.

    19 minutes ago, MisterArrogant said:

    The other thing is this would be my first mainline Fire Emblem game and I'm curious if the DLC gives you the same introduction to the game's mechanics as the original campaign does? I've heard the DLC is harder than the main campaign. I'm an experienced gamer and I'm fine with a challenge, but I'm more concerned about being dropped into the deep end without a proper explanation of the game's mechanics as again potentially the DLC already expects you know those things?

    Yeah, no, the DLC assumes you understand all of the game's mechanics. It fully expects you to utilize everything at your disposal to beat these maps, especially on hard. Even on normal I wouldn't recommend you start with CS. The DLC purposefully subverts a few of the game's mechanics, and unless you understand those mechanics you won't really understand that subversion. So yeah, no introduction to game mechanics

    21 minutes ago, MisterArrogant said:

    Regardless of whether I start with the DLC or main campaign, would people recommend I read up on the game's systems and mechanics before I begin playing so I don't botch things up too much or just go in blind and let the game teach me?

    I'd say look up something if you're confused or want more detail. The game does a pretty good job of teaching you most of its mechanics. If you're struggling, then turn to Google. If not, keeping on trucking.

    If you want my personal opinion on which path to do, Blue Lions or Golden Deer are both great choices for a first playthrough. Black Eagles are a good second playthrough, imo.

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