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  1. Depends on the game really. If it's any GBA game, then you have an easy tool with FEBuilder GBA. Any other game and you're in for a whole 'nother world of pain.
  2. Born in New Hampshire, where I was quickly moved to Wisconsin, at the fine age of two. Eight years later moved to Florida, and have been kinda stuck here since.
  3. Neat, I know you said forgive you on grammar, and I will, just be sure to improve. So with that, by the by, Strength has "th", not "ht". Also "reliably", "enemies", leveling only has two L, not three, and business is spelled like that, not "buisness" (really common mistake. I misspell it all the time, but thankfully auto-correct exists.)
  4. Pop down a "Port-A-Fort" and last the night. Is that even relevant? Haven't played Fortnite in months. Anyways, You wake up and find that you're stuck in a 2D plane, but still in the real world, how do you adapt to your new life?
  5. Has an epilepsy warning in his signature
  6. Oh yeah, @Sturm, question on the rules. What would qualify as meat-shielding? Because I was thinking that by simply killing off some of the characters I'm not using would result in a faster/easier time for some chapters, but I wasn't sure if performing actions like that would count as meat-shielding.
  7. Man, I was going to take Devdan, er, Danved. I guess I'll go with Muarim @Shimmerfang
  8. That prompt looks interesting, and a couple good ideas come to mind. I'll throw my hat into the ring if I ever get the time to actually write a story of that calibre.
  9. But how would Flora's death work in that? The ice would melt.
  10. Simple answer: Because our Lord and Savior Kaga-Sama willed it so. Long answer: All that stuff everyone else wrote, haven't actually finished Geneology (Just started Gen2), or Thracia (Chapter 9), so I don't really know much about the endings. Really should've put a spoiler tag in the title, how would I have known that two princes would win and become kings in a Fire Emblem game? Major spoilers right there.
  11. Ah yes, the old "Thracian Fans are irrefutably the hottest and sexiest people in the universe." I too cannot find that study, but I do recall what was said on it. You see, the reason they are so beautiful is that the map design seeps into your pores, and it's sheer greatness affects you as a person. In addition, Thracia has by far the best looking characters in all of FE, have you seen my man Marty? That boi is looking like a snacc 24/7 (gods that hurt to write). I'm sure someone has that study somewhere, just need to find the right fellow.
  12. Somehow is alive despite being on a star.
  13. Hey Waleed, if it wouldn't be a burden to you, I'd like to request Felicia from Fire Emblem Fates for either a Profile picture or something to include in my signature. Thank you in advance.
  14. Hope that it's a jazz concert so you can pretend that all the wrong notes you're playing are just intentional stylistic choices. You need to give a five minute comedy show, that is actually funny to most people, and you only have a minute to prepare. What anecdote do you give?
  15. Is a fellow man who understands who the true best Fire Emblem character is.
  16. Is a Norwegian guy who likes grief filled winds
  17. Ah, I see. This was all a ploy to get likes on Steam. Well you won't get me, I REFUSE TO FALL INTO YOUR TRAP.
  18. Accept your death. JK, you beat that lame ninja's ass and go on to win the tournament! You really don't like some dude's mustache, what do you do?
  19. I feel I should mention I've finished my run, 222.3 turns if I did my math right. I've just been too busy to edit the final chapters into a video with decent commentary on my strategy, along with a unit review. I hope that I'll have the time to do that stuff soon.
  20. I tell them I am the leader, and that anyone else is merely a puppet of mine. If you could try any drug and be free of any legal consequences, which one would it be and why?
  21. Try it, realize I go blind from turning invisible because science mumbo-jumbo that you could Google if you were really curious, and ask whoever magically gave that power to me if I could have another one. A pair of indestructible sunglasses has been permanently affixed to your face, and a suit has been permanently stuck to your body. How do you cope with the fact that you will now be a generic spy movie goon?
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