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  1. 42 minutes ago, SMEDIA said:

    If I risk talking to Gale in Chapter 21 with Miledy or Zeis, do I get anything? I couldn’t do it on my play through cause Miledy unfortunately died before I could recruit Zeis.

    Nope, nothing of importance. What was originally intended was for him to be recruited, but that fell through last minute.

  2. Jokes on you, never said what kind of car it was. My car is an open top, and thusly I can easily reach in to get the evidence. 

    You're stranded on an island, except that island has a secret entrance to an underground lair with all of the items you'll need for survival and getting home. However, you can't inspect everything, as after awhile, the island will explode due to the self-destruction sequence being activated by a wrong attempt to enter the lair. There are about 20 trees, 30 rocks, and 10 odd-looking locations to inspect, and you think you can reach about 25 before death. What do you do?

  3. Get a swimsuit, and a surfboard, and get ready to ride some wicked waves. 

    A scientist finds a way to make Pokemon real, but it's really expensive so he's only going to choose one Pokemon. You're that scientist, which Pokemon do you choose?

  4. I think at best, it'll get a quick shout-out in a November Nintendo Direct, maybe show off some better animations, 30-45 seconds at the most. What will most likely happen is January direct, with a decent chunk of time devoted exclusively to Fire Emblem. As for a spin-off, I'm doubtful of FEW2, at least this soon. I'd say give it another year or so, and instead they'll either do something akin to TMS, with a cross-over (as for with whom, yeah I got nothing. Maybe Pokemon since I heard a few of the developers wanted to do that), or another Echoes game. While the fanbase really wants a FE4 remake, FE6 is definitely coming before that. So let's say January, 5 minute go over of Three Houses, giving it a release date sometime around May, with a trailer showcasing Fire Emblem Echoes: The Elibe Chronicles (or some other foreboding yet cheesy name.) slated for an early 2020 release. Pure speculation, of course.

  5. Neat, I know you said forgive you on grammar, and I will, just be sure to improve. So with that, by the by, Strength has "th", not "ht". Also "reliably", "enemies", leveling only has two L, not three, and business is spelled like that, not "buisness" (really common mistake. I misspell it all the time, but thankfully auto-correct exists.)

  6. Pop down a "Port-A-Fort" and last the night. Is that even relevant? Haven't played Fortnite in months. Anyways,

    You wake up and find that you're stuck in a 2D plane, but still in the real world, how do you adapt to your new life?

  7. Simple answer: Because our Lord and Savior Kaga-Sama willed it so.

    Long answer: All that stuff everyone else wrote, haven't actually finished Geneology (Just started Gen2), or Thracia (Chapter 9), so I don't really know much about the endings. Really should've put a spoiler tag in the title, how would I have known that two princes would win and become kings in a Fire Emblem game? Major spoilers right there.

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