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  1. Hey, I don't know if these are still open, but if they are I have two request for badges.

    One is of this image:

    Felicia from FE Fates

    Text: Best Girl

    Style: SF

    The second one is this image: http://static.tumblr.com/b5e7108f4f1f4f0f2e8cd219886621ef/pkaadwv/0b8mibzaq/tumblr_static_tumblr_m7irqkytoq1r26ey8o1_5002.jpg

    Mia and Nephanee from RD

    Text: Peace

    Style: SF

    If you can only do one, then just do the Felicia one. Thank you in advance

  2. I suppose worse Felicia deserves a chance to get into the game.

    Jokes aside, if that actually is Flora, which I kinda hope it is, I'm both excited and terrified.

    Excited because despite the pretenses, I actually like Flora

    Terrified because I'm going to assume that she will be very similar to Felicia, and that means that she'll probably power-creep her, which I hope isn't the case.

    I also hope she takes a while to come out, I am very low on orbs at the moment due to using them all on CYL 2 and getting nothing.

  3. Forgot to put my unit stats in, and I can't edit my original post, so I'll throw'em here

    Unit      Class  Level     HP  Atk Skl Spd Lck Def Res Stat Boosters
    Eirika    GLrd   20/4.23   33  18  25  23  22  14  13   Draco-Shield Energy Ring
    Seth      Pali   --/20.00  49  22  20  22  18  15  13  Swiftsoles
    Natasha   Bshp   10/5.88   31  12  9   13  14  7   18  Secret-Book
    Tethys    Dncr   10.69     26  1   3   17  15  8   11 
    L'Arachel MgKn   10/7.58   27  19  16  15  21  9   17  Secret-Book, Talisman
    Rennac    Roge   --/6.53   31  11  19  22  5   11  12
    Duessel   GrKn   --/14.47  47  21  15  14  8   19  10
    Knoll     Drid   10/2.38   27  12  10  12  1   5   13
    Ephraim   GLrd   20/6.75   43  21  24  23  19  18  12
    Syrene    FcKn   --/2.93   28  13  13  16  13  11  13


  4. Barring chapter 16, I'm to some easy chapters, thank god.

    1 hour ago, JudgeWargrave said:

    For LTC Summoner is better for killing eggs, D Anima and small stat differences aren't going to save a turn anywhere but a Summon might on chapter 18.

    Summoner's the name, whoops. I doubt a summon would've helped much in my case, but who knows, maybe it could've. Not going back to see now though.

    Chapter 16 (14/195)

    Turn one, I warped Rennac up to take care of the berserkers. Also, I wanted the loot up there, and he needed a good position to get there. It took a bit luck (and slight RNG manipulation) so he doesn't get hit by the mage twice, but otherwise an easy strategy. You'll notice I try to use exclusively axes on Dussel, because I want his Axe rank to get to S, he is my only Axe unit and I want to use Garm. Anyways, Seth and Eirika take care of the top left area, meanwhile the magic squad with some help from Dussy take care of the mid-bottom, where Dussy then loops back around since I realized that Ephraim couldn't solo that entire cav/great knight squad. After a bit of baiting the siege tomes, I stroll in and casually murder everything. Kill Orson, witness necrophilia, remember how f-ed up Sacred Stones can get, and move on.

    Chapter 17 (2/197)

    Since this is just a defeat boss map, I just do some warp shenanigans, and kill Lyon on turn 2 of the enemy phase. I couldn't have possibly done a 1 turn clear with my current team, so I'm proud of this.

    Chapter 18 (13/210)

    Feed the egg kills to any unit who needs them, use Seth and Dussell to take care of the actually threatening enemies. Knoll got luck, so that's neat.

    Chapter 19 (2/212)

    Apparently giving the Swiftsoles to Seth was a brilliant idea. It took me ten attempts before I realized that "Hey, I could just blitz Riez". So that's what I did, and two attempts later, I got it. I sent Rennac right to distract the foes there, and Syrene went northward to distract some of the knights if they move first on turn 2. I dance for Ephraim so he and Seth can block off the bottom entrance in order to better control the torrent of enemies. Break through with my other units, damage Riez with Seth, who the suicides on him in the enemy phase. 

    Video here


  5. 1 hour ago, Epoch5 said:

    Priscilla: 3.96, (hasn't quite leveled up yet, so she just has her bases)

    Enjoy slowly leveling up Priscilla. As a guy who got 2 healers in a draft, they are an absolute nightmare to train up before barrier. Abuse any Barrier or Torch staffs that you can, and use her to heal any damage another unit takes, no matter how insignificant. You don't need to worry about heal/mend staff durability, it's FE7, you'll have enough gold to buy her another staff if you run out. Also promote her as soon as humanly possible. 

  6. 11 hours ago, JudgeWargrave said:

    Nah, if that was bending the rules

    Great, because I really abused that with Rennac.


    11 hours ago, JudgeWargrave said:

    you may just want to use him and take the penalty.

    I ended up doing that.

    Now, I ended up losing my video for Chapter 12, but 13-15 are in good condition, since I realized I could just record with the Xbox app on my computer. Chapter 12 was a 13 turn clear, with and added 4 for Saleh penalty, or at least that's what I wrote down. Saleh took care of the bottom-left, Eirika bottom-right Seth took care of the top. So chapter 12 is (13+4/138)

    As for the others,

    Chapter 13 was a five turn clear (5/143) Seth killed the boss, everyone else just farmed for experience.

    Chapter 14 was a twenty-five turn clear since I severely messed up by going in the wrong door. However, since I got some good level-ups, I decided to stick with it. I know I am certainly not going to win this draft, but hey, if I'm going to fail at winning, I'm going to fail with decent units, and also a lot of physic staffs. (25/168)

    I haven't actually ever played Eirika's route in Sacred Stones, always picked Ephraim's, but since I heard her route was faster, you know what I did. Plus Rennac is harder to recruit (at least in my experience.)

    Chapter 15 Guess who got his healers to promote, this f-king guy. Mage Knight for L-Arachel, since anima magic is better than light. Bishop for Natasha since I like the sprite more, also Slayer I suppose. Druid for Knoll, because Druid is better than sorcerer, and the badass sprite. I gave the Swiftsoles to Seth because hey, 10 move Paladin, that's fun. (13/181)

    Unit      Class  Level  HP  Atk Skl Spd Lck Def Res Stat Boosters
    Eirika    Lord   20/--  29  15  20  20  20  10  7   Draco-Shield Energy Ring
    Seth      Pali   19.24  48  21  19  21  17  15  13  Swiftsoles
    Natasha   Bshp   2.16   28  11  9   13  12  7   16  Secret-Book
    Tethys    Dncr   8.28   21  1   3   16  14  8   9 
    L'Arachel MgKn   2.17   24  16  13  13  18  8   12  Secret-Book
    Rennac    Roge   3.02   28  10  17  19  5   10  12
    Duessel   GrKn   11.12  44  18  13  13  8   18  9
    Knoll     Drid   1.53   26  12  9   11  0   4   12
    Ephraim   Lord   17.75  33  15  16  19  15  14  5

    That 0 Luck, love you Knoll. Should be a decent staff bot.

    Also, how does Warp work? It says that it instantaneously warps a unit anywhere, but it doesn't seem to obey that, since it's only magic halved. Don't really know how to make warp strats out of that, although I might just be thinking about it all wrong.

  7. 6 hours ago, Kruggov said:

    IMO you should've went Ephraim route, cause earlier Duessel. Other suggestions - not deploy one of the non-combatants, or take Saleh penalty.

    Well, in hindsight that probably is a better idea. Unfortunately, I don't have my old save-state from before the switch to do so. I'll probably just have to take the Saleh penalty, since my healers need experience.

  8. Alright, it's a lot later than I would've liked it to be, but here we go, a few more chapters.

    Oh, and I know I said I would be recording them from here on out, but the thing is some of my files got fully or partially corrupted, which is entirely on me for messing with them too much. Fortunately, I had foreseen this (as my computer is just that bad, and video files got corrupted on a previous project, long story) and made a few screenshots, although not enough to tell give the full impression of tactics. So I present to you, the chapters where I really begin to regret only having two combat units.


    Chapter 8 11/85

    I'll be perfectly honest here, I really don't know much of what I did. I only took one screenshot, since at this point I though my computer could handle it, and that it wouldn't be that important of a chapter. Now, what I do remember of my strategy was trying to keep the Christmas cavaliers from enemies was bogging down Ephraim, and I probably lost a turn due to poor Eirika management, since I always do that. Anyways, here's my screenshot, unsurprisingly of Seth murdering the boss

    Now, what I do have saved are my units stats, because I have weird priorities. 

    Unit     Class  Level  HP  Atk Skl Spd Lck Def Res Stat Boosters
    Eirika   Lord   15.78  26  11  18  20  17  9   5   Draco-Shield
    Seth     Pali   9.31   38  18  15  18  14  12  10
    Natasha  Cler   2.58   18  3   6   8   7   2   7   Secret-Book

    Finally got Natasha a level, and later thanks to the power of the torch staff, she'll get a few more.

    Chapter 9 14/99

    Almost breached the triple digits, dear lord this map was bad. This is where I start hating my draft picks, since I only have two combat units right now. And I won't get another for awhile, Naga have mercy. Anyways, Seth took care of the bottom and side while Eirika took care of the pirates and top. Seth killed Jar Jar Binks (Shown below), and it was all really tedious and I'm thankful my emulator has a turbo button. 


    I could've cleared it a turn or two faster, but Seth's Javelin broke, and I only brought one.

    Chapter 10 7/106

    Seth and Eirika blitz the castle, and Natasha, acts as moral support


    I remembered to show the Status screen.


    Chapter 11 (17/121)

    It took me awhile to get a run that I was satisfied with. I never actually got said run, but my best was a 17 round run. I sent Seth down the left side to take out everything (Which actually got him killed a couple times as I tried to also take out the entire bottom of the map with him as well, mainly due to me running out of Javelins). Meanwhile, I sent Eirika, dancer girl, Natasha, and Colm (I brought him along for vision purposes) along the right side of the map into the building. This differs from an original plan of mine, to send Colm with Seth, which fails since I can't keep Colm out of combat, which does mean Seth gets ambushed. Torch staff spam, since I really need my healers to promote soon. I never actually recruited Axe dude, so he could help with killing and I would technically still be fine since he was a green unit. Does that kinda bend the rules, yeah, but I have two combat units give me a break. Eirika got to level 20 this map, but you'll see that with my last unit summary of the map.

    Status screen


    Unit      Class  Level  HP  Atk Skl Spd Lck Def Res Stat Boosters
    Eirika    Lord   20/--  29  13  20  20  20  10  7   Draco-Shield
    Seth      Pali   13.42  42  19  17  19  16  14  11  
    Natasha   Cler   5.62   20  5   6   9   8   3   9   Secret-Book
    Tethys    Dncr   2.74   19  1   2   12  10  5   5 
    L'Arachel Tbdr   4.38   18  7   8   11  13  5   8   Secret-Book


    I am currently working on Chapter 12, but honestly, it's near impossible. With only Seth and Eirika as combat units, who need to protect two healers, a dancer, and ensure Saleh doesn't enter combat, it is an absolute nightmare, and I think I literally can't do it. If anyone has any advice for me in that regard, I'd be glad to give it a shot.

  9. On 8/15/2018 at 10:34 PM, MrGreen3339 said:

    If you look up Fire Emblem Gaiden PC and click the reddit post, someone put working DL links in Google Drive.

    Thanks for the tip, just beat the game. While I have some major issues with how it was designed and executed, I can say it was quite fun. I'd say Echoes beats it as a remake of Gaiden, although it was fun to go through the game and laugh at all the dumb stuff due to the mediocre translation. But yeah, Duma was the most pathetic final boss in FE history, since Palla literally one rounded him, thanks to the power of the TRIANGLE ATTACK, which actually crashed my game against Medius

  10. 14 hours ago, AnonymousSpeed said:

    The video quality isn't coming through too great for me. I guess that's what using VBA's default AVI recording gets you. Anyone else seeing that in the above videos?

    Well, it's only coming in at 144p. A popular method for recording would be Bandicam, but that would involve either being fast, or cutting it into multiple segments due to how the free version works. It'd probably have higher quality. There are obviously other recording methods, but Bandicam was the easiest system to me. Another thing I've done is record it on my phone, which came in at 240p. The Bandicam method is what I'm going to start doing, typing all of those witty jokes, while fun, took up a lot of time. You'll see with my my next update post (which I hope I'll have the time to do so on Saturday).

    Also, and this is something that you don't need to do, but many others make a small graph showing what their units stats look like, as shown with Sturm and my posts. It makes it easier when you're scrolling through to see how units change from time to time. Click to two arrows going in opposite directions, and just follow what Sturm did, as his looks better. 

  11. As I said, I've come back to do some more playing. I've used some strategies which will undoubtedly cost me some turns early-game, but I'm hoping with Seth and my team, in general, I'll be able to make up for lost turns, as for said strategies those will be listed below.


    Where did I leave off? Oh yeah.

    Chapter 4 Ancient Horrors (7+4/40)

    Pre Battle Preparations: Nothing much happened here, just the usual upkeep of vulneraries.

    I used Seth again for this chapter, Eirika simply can't handle all of the foes here (I tried, it just get's too long) without me getting any early game units, I just had to use Seth again, and for the next chapter to make the strategy I used work as efficiently as possible. But enough about the next chapter, or my team based more around end-game, let's get to the chapter

    So to no one's surprise, I failed. BUT THIS TIME it wasn't because Eirika died. No, it was because this idiot had to attack Artur

    So in my good attempt, I was aware of the reinforcements, and thusly was able to keep Artur away from any danger

    Eirika went left, Seth right, and Artur went away from any enemy.


    After a solid few rounds of Seth and Eirika cleaning the upper half of the map, they began to advance towards the bottom.


    Well, Seth did, Eirika got a little distracted by the reinforcements.


    So Eirika went up, and got welcomed by these fine gentlemen, which she promptly murdered.

     Monster: "Hi, how are yo-" ded.

    I did all of these in one go, so I'll just tell you guys all the stats at the end, since I didn't keep track of all of those throughout, I must apologise for my lack of upkeep on that. But now, we get my relative failure of

    Chapter 5 The Empire's Reach (7+4/51) The hopefully last chapter where that +4 will appear.

    Pre-Battle Preparations: I gave Natasha the heal staff.

    Now my strategy here involved getting the Guiding Ring, as it is the only promotion item I need, and I need 3 of them. This will allow me to early promote Natasha, and by the time my other two ring requirerers come I'll have more rings for them.

    I sent Natasha down to the bottom right house, Eirika straight up, and Seth to the left. (I would get a picture of all of them, but they're too wide apart for that). Anyways, after turn one ends, I sent Natty to get the DRACOSHIELD

    Wonder who'll get that. 

    Seth continues to make his way up, so he can visit this lonely houseso he can get Eirika the torch

    Meanwhile, Eirika get's bodied by the surprisingly hard-hiting soldiers, and thusly kills yet another vulnerary.


    She goes through like, one a map. I thought I had healers to fix this, but appearantly all they do is fetch shields.

    I'll be efficient here.

    Killed Joshua (wanted his killing edge, but this was faster)


    Got 4000 gold (which I think I actually used instead of selling it, whoops)

    Got this weapon which I didn't even use thanks to the power of Seth

    And Killed the boss

    Showing my turn counts

    And from here, we get the Ephraim castle seige. 

    Chapter 5x (11/62)

    Orson leads the charge, with Ephraim honestly just getting as many kills as he can while moving forwards as fast as possible.

    Nothing much interesting happens, just a lot of killing generic foes. 

    Here we see Ephraim do it 

    Here we see Orson do it

    And here we see Orson, taking out the boss.

    Honestly, not much to talk about with this map. Just a straightforward rush to the boss. Pretty satisfied with how this chapter turned out.

    Chapter 6: Victims of War (4/66)

    Finally, no plus 4, it's time for Seth to shine. 

    Pre-Battle Preparations: Used Draco shield on Eirika, and Secret Book on Natasha, also got Seth a new Javelin


    So I'm playing the map, when somehow, I manage to kill Seth


    I didn't even know that was possible.

    So restarting, and with a newfound sense of fear, I decide to better use Natasha's torch to see the area Seth will rush into to see what foe killed him.


    It turns out, the dude had a Halberd


    Killed that dude, but unfortunetally, Seth then gets poisoned.

    Seth didn't like that, and thusly criticaled that bandit. 

    He went on to kill the boss, as Seth does. 



    Hey, that's almost what the Black Knight said (No it isn't but that was the reason I took this screenshot, so I'll stick with the joke)

    And lastly for a while, I present to you Chapter 7: Waterside Renvall (8/74)

    Didn't do anything pre-battle prep-wise, and this entire chapter can be summarised as such:

    Seth kills literally everything, picks up Eirika, ferries her to the boss, kills that, while I sit and wonder how the hell I'm going to get Natasha any levels, as I kinda want her to promote before I get La'Rachel

    The following are pictures of the Renvallian masacre


    Here we see two men, so in fear of their lives that they'd rather back away then save their general


    More showing of my status


    Anyways, as promised here are my units

    Unit     LvL   HP   ATK   SKI   SPD   LUK   DEF   RES   ITEM
    Eirika   13/-  24   10    17    19    15    8     5     DraShi
    Seth     -/7   36   17    15    16    13    12    10 
    Natasha  1/-   18   2     6     8     6     2     6     SecBok

    I must say, I'm kinda disappointed with Natasha. I had assumed that she would at least be to level 3 by now, but as you can see, that didn't happen. I was still thinking like I was playing regular FE, not an LTC. Natasha just doesn't have that many times to heal on open maps. I'm hoping that perhaps I'll be able to use her much more indoors on the next map. 

    As for my other units, Eirika is doing pretty dang good, and Seth is Seth.


    I'm honestly amazed at how much fun I'm having. Normal Fire Emblem is a blast, but speed-running it with only a few units is quite the rush. I just hope I can recover from my Seth unit penalty hole. I probably won't be able to work much on this run for a little while, school's starting back up, and homework comes with it.

    Also, should I go Eirika or Ephraim's route? I'm thinking Eirika, but Ephraim's would get me more experience for him. Although I think his path is longer. Anyways, I'm just not sure

    Ignore these images, Serenes Forest refuses to let me delete them



  12. Alright, glad we got that all sorted out. I should mention first and foremost that I am not that good at Fire Emblem, but hey, this'll  be a way to improve my skill


    With that, the prologue (4/4)

    My strategy was to trade Seth's sword to Eirika, which she can't use (dangit), anyways, I put her in front of the first enemy, and wait. When the enemy's turn happens, I get hit by the first foe, but then get a crit and kill him, then the second brigand comes and Eirika


    Dies. Consider this proof for my first statement

    Ok, trying again, hope I get some better RNG this time

    Attempt 2 goes marginally better, unfortunately, I didn't get any crits on the bandits, meaning it took me three turns to clear them, but Eirika didn't get hit, so I consider that good. Anyways, got a crit on O'Neal, and get this decent level up

    I'll be honest, I'd like some strength with that, but more defence on Eirika is always good. 

    So the Prologue ends with me clearing it in four turns, and my units as such

    Unit	Lvl	  Hp  Str  Ski  Spd  Luk  Def  Res
    Eirika  2/-       17   4    9    10   5    4    2

    Next, we get Chapter 1 Escape! (5/9)

    This map took me four tries. I won't bore you with three pictures of my Eirika failing, one right before the boss (COME ON EIRIKA)

    Now, on my fourth, and successful attempt, I essentially blitzed it with Eirika, keeping Seth out of the way of all foes, since I can't use him yet. I moved to two under the rightmost brigand, then waited, he thankfully missed, then, since I don't know how to explain this move well, I did this (shown in picture) , rescued Gilliam with Franz to allow them to avoid combat. Eirika then proceeded to murder everyone, get a great level-up (I'll show her stats at the end, she get's two more great level ups

    Then I move her here, vulnerary, and wait. After murdering a few foes, and getting a decent level, I move Eirika and finish off my vulnerary. 

    Of course, I kill Baguette in one turn, due to the power of the 69

    Anyways, here's my Eirika, since I'm only using her for a while, I'll just show her stats instead of making that graph thing that I'm not good at

    Yep, the RNG Gods heard my plea and granted my Eirika to gain 3 points of strength in my three level-ups. This might be normal for all I know, but in my other playthroughs, Eirika rarely levelled strength, at least early game. 

    I realized now I could've used Seth, and it would be worth the penalty to speed it up. Ah whatever, next chapter

    Chapter 2 The Protected (5+4/18)

    Pre Battle Preparations: I gave Seth a Javelin, an iron axe, and his steel sword back. I gave Eirika a fresh vulnerary and an iron sword.

    I bit the bullet and used Seth this chapter, simply to speed things vastly up which I'll probably do next map as well. Anyways, I start turn one by just moving Seth down and using Eirika to visit the red gem village. Turn 2 Seth kills a bandit, and Ross dies. I thought I was going to fail because he died, but the map kept going, and Garcia, in a blind rage, looks at his son's killer, and then promptly goes over to an archer

    He doesn't even kill the archer. Kinda disappointing. Needless to say, Seth takes the next two turns killing almost everyone down there. Meanwhile, Eirika handles the mountain-side reinforcements.

    Seth, you missing was not part of the plan.

    Garcia runs away from the enemies, but fortunately the bandit suicides on him. 

    At this point, it's chapter five, and due to Garcia's running away, I am worried that this'll take 6 turns. But the AI was on my side for once, as Garcia takes out the final enemy, allowing for the finished turn to be 5, plus 4 for Seth penalty.

    And I'll do one more chapter for now, Chapter 3  The Bandits of Borgo (7+4/29)

    Pre-Battle-Preparations: I didn't do anything here

    I should mention that I continue my trend of failure here, right at the boss again (This is going to become one annoying trend)

    On my successful second try, I used Seth to break down a wall, Eirika attacked the bandit inside, and killed him on enemy phase. Repeat that, except the bandit now has a hand axe, so he wasn't killed on enemy phase.


    Also, for the heck of it, Moulder and Vanessa went out on a nice romantic walk, while Gilliam, Neimi, and Franz worked on a support triangle


    After clearing all of the immediate foes, Seth went on to kill the axe door guard, the sword door guard, and the boss

    I recruited Colm for the items he stole, and then seized with Eirika. Here are the results for proof


    These are how my unit's stats look so far

    Unit     LVL   HP  STR  SKI  SPD  LUK  DEF  RES
    Eirika   07/-  19  9    13   14   9    5    3
    Seth     -/02  31  15   13   13   13   11   9

    I'm pretty happy with how my units are turning out. Seth is the man of 13's and Eirika is becoming a bit of a pseudo-glass cannon.



    Looking back at my gameplay, I can tell I'm playing pretty sub-optimally. Despite all of my failures, this was a ton of fun, and I'm super glad I signed up for it. I'll try to update later today, and if you guys have any tips I'd be glad to hear them! 

  13. I'm not sure about the best boss fight, most of them are pushovers that feel epic.

    The GBA games have the best pre-final boss fights. FE6 dude (I forget his name, it's been a while), Nergal, and especially Lyon. The problem comes with the final boss, who is either a pushover (see Idunn), Comes out of literally nowhere (see random Fire Dragon), or just kinda make the plot a little worse (see Demon King)

    I've only played RD in the Tellius series, but Ashera was kinda neat. I didn't like the Ike can only kill mechanic, or more accurately the way it was implemented. At least with Duma, who is decent in his own right, his health didn't regenerate to full when you tried to kill him with a non-main character unit. Thankfully, I knew that you shouldn't kill Ashera with another unit going in, but had I not it would've been maddening. 

    Awakening's Grima was pathetic, beat him with literally only Robin and Chrom in my R/C solo of the game. But, the atmosphere was great, with that amazing song in the background.

    Fates bosses, oh boy these guys. Birthright's Garon, thing, was dumb and a pushover. Anankos was dumb, and an interesting boss since it accommodated FE being a game where you focus on multiple targets. Takumi was, admittedly, kinda cool, and a decent challenge (or at least his map was).

    That's another important aspect of a final boss, their final boss map. The Fire Dragon has an awesome final boss map, with all of the villains getting cool morph forms, and you get awesome weapons.Or Takumi's which forces you to move forward quick or be crushed. Or Duma's, which is a boss rush. All of these add to the boss, making it cooler when you kill them, instead of Grima, where you literally just blitz him (you don't even have to give Robin the final kill to get the good ending, which would've been a nice call-back to Ashera/Duma)

    So to put it into three neat lists.

    Story-Wise, the bosses go as:




    Demon King




    Fire Dragon


    Gameplay-Wise, the bosses go as:





    Fire Dragon

    Demon King


    Garon/Grima (both equally bad)

    Final map wise, the bosses go as:


    Fire Dragon


    Demon King






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