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  1. I mean, I like these characters, but none scream "I NEED THIS" to me. I'll probably just use the free summons on trying to get Larcie since her mother still evades me, and leave it there. On a side note, when was the last time Fates/Awakening got a new banner? Kinda feels like we haven't gotten like, any of them in the past year.
  2. When I went to see it about a week ago with my father, we both thoroughly enjoyed it. We both also will probably not watch it again in the next 10 years. It's a good popcorn flick, like most of JJ's movies. The issue comes when you dig deeper, which if this were like, Mission Impossible, you wouldn't do because those movies are just pure popcorn flicks. Star Wars is just more than that. It's been built up to be more than that. The sheer scope of the EU proves that. So most of the time you expect more with a Star Wars movie. I feel that The Last Jedi was so close to reaching that, it just had a few key fumbles with it that completely screwed it over in the long run. If Rian Johnson had been writing the entire trilogy, or if JJ had been writing the entire trilogy, OR IF THERE WAS A PLAN FOR THE ENTIRE TRILOGY, then we probably wouldn't be in this state right now. Except you do still have your nobody Jedi, kinda. Finn, who was hinted at being Force sensitive, is an absolute nobody. If his arc wasn't screwed in TLJ, and ROTS, then I feel both sides of the fanbase would've been appeased. We could've had a very interesting story about how one girl seeks to cleanse her blood line of evil, and how one boy journeys through the force with no guidance and no connection to another big family. It sounds super interesting actually. And that's what annoys me most this new trilogy, the missed potential. The Force Awakens, as safe and similar as it was, opened so much up for these movies. There were plenty of plot threads hanging, and plenty of interesting routes to take them in. But then Rian comes in, resolves a few of them, then adds a few of his own, except he ignores some of the other plot threads. And that's really the issue, too much on the plate for anyone to handle. And you can see it in ROTS, most prominently imo, with the Knights of Ren. In TFA, it's supposed to be this big deal that Ben became one of the Knights of Ren, and that they're this super cool evil force that's hyper powerful. And in ROTS, since they got no development in TLJ, they just kinda feel doofy. They sorta chase our main cast around, except they never find them. And then Ben comes in and solos all of them. It's all, very anticlimactic. Technically, in the 2003 tv series Clone Wars (The Samurai Jack one, not the one getting a 7th season), Mace Windu does use the Force on General Grevious. We also see it used multiple times on him, although it's mainly only force push. Windu force grips his midsection, crushing it onto itself. I'm pretty sure that's why he coughs a lot in Episode 3, although it might just be something he does a lot in general. I like to think that you aren't able to use the force on Grevious due to his fighting style. It's a very fast, powerful style focused on overwhelming opponents, so maybe since he takes on so many lesser Jedi, they just aren't able to use the force fast enough, or at all in able to grab him. That's mostly headcanon, and while I could point to some scenes that I'd use to support said headcanon, it's fair to not agree with it. Plus like, half the times they were shown to die, they probably would've survived regardless. Kylo gets stabbed by Rey with the lightsaber, except it isn't really through any major organs that would lead to him dying immediately. He could feasibly have made it back to a ship, and just use the magic healing juice of bacta. Lightsabers canonically cauterize wounds due to their heat, so it wouldn't be bleeding too much, plus he could use the force to stay alive. Vader could stay alive without his suit for hours just using the force (although that might be EU now) Kylo falling into the pit is like, of course he's gonna survive. Since when has falling been an issue for force users? They are shown to jump extreme distances using the force, so it was pretty apparent imo that he wasn't gonna die. The Rey one, yeah I dunno. Force transferal of remaining life force? Is that a thing? I'm fine with people being annoyed at this one, it is kinda an asspull. Eh, yes and no. The real importance of the last two movies was more character development, or at least that was the point in TLJ. It does kinda invalidate the main conflict of TFA, that is true, but The Last Jedi was mainly a very small-scale combat movie. While it illustrates the size of the resistance, it doesn't do so for The First Order. Although all the character development from TLJ is kinda ignored, so maybe you're onto something
  3. I've never tried accost on a primarily ranged unit, so I can't tell you how that will play out, although Tanya isn't exactly known for bulk or dodging ability in my experience, so keep that in mind. Against Ballista and Seige tomes, she'll probably get shredded. Then again, 4 attacks might be useful Giving it to Halvan will basically just create a better Dagdar. If you like Dagdar and his utility, then giving it to Halvan is a good idea. If you find Dagdar's utility to be not that good, or if your Halvan isn't growing that well, then it's probably not a good idea. Salem is a tome/staff unit. Generally it's a very bad idea to give accost to these units due to how squishy they are and the weapons they use. Salem will eventually just become another Staff bot if you keep using him, which he is very good at, but giving him accost is a bit of a waste.
  4. First of all, how did you kill Galzus? That man is practically invincible. But yeah, he wouldn't have appeared in chapter 24, since he was killed.
  5. Yeah, if you kill her in chapter 5, you can't recruit her. The game really presumes that you won't kill her, so that's why the line is there. And like, it just kinda seems implied that if you kill a character, you can't recruit them later. Regardless of what the game says, since this is Thracia, Kaga is out to get you. Don't trust a single word that man typed. The line also might've been a slight mistranslation, so you could ask around about that.
  6. I'm sorry, maybe I'm not understanding this, but what are you on about? There are route splits, but none of them change the roster or divide the cast. Once a unit joins, they're joined for good. Unless you're referring to Lyn mode? But all of those characters come back in Eliwood and Hector mode. You don't need 3 groups, because the cast isn't separated like that. And while there are some small route splits, and by small I mean, literally one chapter depending on your lord's level, your group isn't split up, it only decides whether or not you get Wallace from Lyn's mode or Geitz. The cast never splits up, you can always use the units that you have recruited as long as they don't die. This isn't Radiant Dawn. Also if your "Longest Playthrough" didn't even reach Lyn's return, then I really don't think you can understand the intricacies of this game. It just kinda seems like you're basing your opinions on these proposed changes, based on other FE games, not on FE7. Granted, they are some neat ideas I'd like to see, since it'd be interesting to see in action, but it just seems that you don't understand the game at hand.
  7. The Japanese VA for Kirby, one Makiko Ohmoto, is also the voice actress for Lyn, Nephenee, and Viridi. More notably though, she is the voice for Sayaka Maizono. But even MORE importantly, she voices a random dude named Jeff in an anime I've never heard of in my life.
  8. Welp, guess I've gotta give a prompt then. Also I feel kinda called out Anon, since that was literally just a comedic short I hammered out in an evening with a tight framework that I'd crafted in like 10 minutes. Anyways, the prompt this time is fairly simple. Two people drifted apart in some manner, could be over years naturally, could've been with one big blow-up. Regardless, something forces them back together. What happens?
  9. Yeah, sorry about that lol. I've only had the time to read your story, and normally I try to give everyone critique at once. But since you asked, I'll just give you what thoughts I remember from like 5 days ago. Eh, it was alright. Good from a writing standpoint, didn't have too many issues. I personally would've added a little header saying like "3 weeks ago" above the flashback and "Present time" for the regular stuff for the first time we see them, since it took me a little bit to realize that's how the italizized vs regular text looked. My main thing is that I wasn't really grabbed by the plot. It's probably because I've only heard of the show once, and thought it looked boring so clicked away. By the end I was somewhat interested, but then it ended. Sorry that wasn't very detailed.
  10. I'm just, kinda trying to pretend it doesn't exist because the sheer fact they powercrept Distant Counter confounds me to my core. Well, I suppose it was going to happen eventually, but it still feels too soon. Besides that elephant in the room, I like this banner. Anna looks like a good debuffer, Selkie looks like good fodder, Lethe I could care less about, and Alphonse I need simply for that gorgeous art, and also so I can finally have a duo unit. I will be waiting to see who the mythic is/who is on that banner before investing into this banner though.
  11. My lord that is some beautiful artwork. Also Anna alt, finally. Probably won't diminish her CYL4 results enough for her to lose, but you never know. Seem to be very res-based characters this go around. Interesting. Hope they have some good skills to go with the art.
  12. Ah, thanks. Hopefully the Steam Winter sale will bring that down a bit Sorry for being a bit out of the loop, but what's this controversy with Dangen I keep seeing vague mentions to?
  13. I don't fault you for that, my entire entry is basically just "reference obscure Star Wars junk with a loose theme around a Christmas-esc event". I'd stagger to call it a movie, it's more like a TV special. A movie would have an actual budget, the only thing the special has going for it is that they have all the original actors. Yeah, that's why I decided to add Boba to the story. Just seemed fitting with all the Life Day stuff.
  14. I wrote this in like an hour, so yeah, it's not the best. But hey, gotta get into the holiday spirit. I originally had a much grander idea for this story that, didn't pan out. Finals also took a lot out me. Anyways, without further adieu, Solo: A Star Wars Holiday Story Word Count: 1410
  15. Sure, but is the video surrounding the song not an extension of the song itself? There are many songs where the video is the main point. A recent (recent as in, like, the past 5 years) example is Childish Gambino's "This is America", where most of the symbolism and meat of the song was found in the video. As long as the inspiration comes from the link that was shared, then I see no issue in the interpretation. To compound on this, Anon has already stated what he meant. That's it, you have to be inspired, period. He specifically said you don't have to take inspiration from the song.
  16. I dunno, but playability isn't really a requirement for that category. Sure, some of the ones he added are playable in some for, but reminder, it's a combination of all the villain archetypes. So, you know, the Camus's (which is basically defined around their lack of being playable), Rudolf's (Which none of them are playable), Gharnef's (Same applies to none being playable), Michalis's (You get the point), and Hardin's (Which are playable in games where they aren't the villains). I am not counting Heroes for playability, that's cheating. The only reason I can think of her only being added later is that she isn't really a major villain, and since those categories really only apply to major villains, then it's weird for her to fit in. I'm fully convinced he named it "Bad Guys Gone Good" so he could fit more vague Camus types in there, i.e. Renault, Rinkah, and Bruno, and just vague villains in general, i.e. Loki, Jeritza, uhhh, Aversa?
  17. Oh, Ralph. I'm used to another spelling, that threw me off. Thanks I guess, but even then I wouldn't really call him a mentor to the group. Ah, ok. Now I can hear/see it. Thanks
  18. I thought the pronunciations would be awful, but for the most part he was good. Vaike was bad, but otherwise there weren't any flaws. Although there were, other issues. Sothe is an Oifey apparently, even though he falls off immediately after Part 1 ends, never to get back to being good unless you invest way too much into him, or get extremely lucky. They don't list Marcus as an Oifey, which like sure, repeat appearances are weird but come on man. Finn is also not listed for Oifeys or Jagens, which he should be under since FE5. (They also used young Oifey's artwork which like, sure you could use that but it feels a little disingenuous) His explanation of Gotohs is also kinda bad. The whole archetype is that it's an OP boss murderer that you get near the end of the game in case you really fucked up. Is Chuaninn the official english name of Holyn, or however that's spelled? Just feels wrong man. The explanation of the Villain archetypes also kinda suck. Camus's are fine, but "Power" and "Ambition" could mean virtually the same thing. Also not saying that a key trait of Minervas is that they're playable, that's iffy. I get that it's just one 15 minute video, but it's about archetypes for christ's sake. The people they left out on the Est chart is just questionable. Nino is an infamous Est, and calling Jesse an Est is kinda stretching it. I'd call him an Ogma or Navarre before I'd call him an Est. Also he didn't include the entirety of the Three Houses cast in the Villager Archetype how could he. Although for real he left Tobin out. I get leaving Gray (Grey?) out, but Tobin? Luchar and Lucharaba hurt me with how bad they are, but same thing with Chuaninn. Putting Quan and Sigurd as Corneliuses just feels wrong to me. Like, they're both main characters in their own rights, I'd say they have a much more important spot than to limit them with that label. Wasn't Kris a tactician, or wasn't he called Marth's tactician? Besides that, the omission of Mark is odd. He ain't much of a character, but there's more there than most of the Archenea cast. That thieves list is horrifically short. None of the FE6 thieves, no Gaius, no young Sothe (this is why not splitting up characters based on the game is dumb since they can change archetypes between them), ect. I'd probably include Nah, maybe Kana, in the Tiki list Some of those additions when he combines the archetypes really feel like they should've just been there to begin with, or also don't make any sense. Starting with the "Bad Folks gone Good", which is just a terrible name that only fits the Camus archetype to an extent. Like, Bruno probably should just be in the Camus archetype, and Rinkah/Rinea shouldn't even be there. Why the fuck is Finn in the "Cain Siblings Inc." section, that is not where he should be in the slightest. Yoder should be in "Mentors", not "Diamonds in the Rough", and Say'ri should be in "Spicy Swords". Why is Nolan with "Mentors", just why? Also a large chunk of "Spicy Swords" should've just been in the "Navarre" category in the first place. And why some characters were kept out of "Linde" or "Maria" but are now in "Magic Babies" is just perplexing. Then we get into the massive amounts of Archetypes, and like, even I have a life so I'm not gonna do as in-depth analysis into this because I want to still have my sanity. Who the hell is Ralf? This isn't even a criticism I'm just curious. Hrid shouldn't be in "Loyal Knights", he's a prince for Christ's sake. I don't blame Brian for forgetting that, Hrid is such a non-character that it's hard to remember a thing about him other than that he looks like Ninja, but come on man. This entire category has some more issues but I'm just not gonna bring those up. The ones based on general summations of their personalities feel weird, but ultimately there's nothing wrong with them, The "Blank Slate" category feels like a cop-out. Characters in there could've totally gone elsewhere, like Dalsin whose only major character trait is that he has a sister, so he could've gone in the sibling section, or Artur, who is totally a Merric, or Barst, who should've just gone with the Axe Boys, or Astolfo, who should've been with the thieves and also totally isn't a Blank Slate since he is literally the best thief in that game. Also Nanna probably should've gone with Lena's. The "Thembo" category is just confusing to me, I don't get it. The main issue with some of these is that many characters fall into multiple of these archetypes. Like Forde is a classic Cain and Able archetype, but is also a Painter, and Lazy. So now it just feels like Brian put them in categories randomly so that each category felt like it had more that 3 characters unless it's comedically viable for them to have less than 3. Also the listing of characters by alphabetical order instead of by game order was annoying, especially for the linked characters. Like, I know which characters belong together, but the average non-weebs won't. But even then, it made it so much harder to actually analyze his lists because I couldn't see if anyone was missing with a quick glance since they aren't ordered by game. I could look and see "Wow, Marcus isn't between Oifey and Seth, that's weird" instead of "Welp, gotta analyze this whole thing". And sure, for that it's easy but if you don't remember ever character exactly, then the ordering would help with that. I really like Unraveled, and this is a fun episode, but geez it just falls apart under closer inspection.
  19. Clumsiness might just come from not using swords as much as he used to. Lack of use means that you lose some of the skill you have with something, as your brain stops needing those memories. Also could potentially come from some other things, Greil multi-tasking by also lecturing Ike while he spares, maybe he's going easy on Ike. A lot of potential reasons besides medical junk
  20. It worked on Golden Deer, doesn't mean it'll work every time. If you're struggling super hard, just form a protective formation at the top and let the two sides kill each other. Stride is a thing, so is Bernie missing. She had around 27 hit at best on my fliers if I recall. This is why you use wyverns, who have avoid enhancing abilities. Ashe should have it, Alert Stance? Just wait in the trees, should give him enough avoid, and he should be in range to hit her. If he isn't he should at least be out of Ballista range That's how that works? I thought you just waited on it. Learn something new every day.
  21. Without your character stats, there isn't too much I can say about the issues you're going through. I've beat the map on both Hard and Maddening with only a little difficulty, and I generally am pretty rubbish at FE. Sure but she's also pretty dang weak. One or two shots will easily kill her. And she won't do too much back, around 15 damage at most. Also, everything is basically pure luck, it's how you use that luck to your advantage. Divine Pulse doesn't change the RN values used, so you can use that to your advantage. If a character misses, just rewind and have another character with a higher hit chance go, or end turn and have the enemy miss instead. You might've circumvented the exact squares she does it in, I can confirm she does do it on GD route. I mean, no you aren't the only one having a hard time, that's just pure statistics going on. But generally, 3H is an absurdly easy game provided you know what you're doing, or even if you don't. I'm honestly not sure why Divine Pulse can't be used in the enemy phase, other than that it generally increases difficulty. However I do think it's good because then you have to see everything the enemy does, so then you can get more info for one use of Divine Pulse. Not always, sometimes it really only was one small move that you can easily alter, and on the longer maps you really don't want to restart, going back several turns is easily better. First, Sage isn't even a thing in 3H, so rest assured your Annette is a Warlock. Second, those are some, interesting class picks. I notice three of your units had a heavy armor focus, those being Sylvain, Dedue, and Gilbert. Generally, this is bad. You want to focus Sylvain down a more flier/cavalry based route, Dedue down a more fist/axe based route, and Gilbert down to the bench. Felix, eh, not horrible. Mortal Savant is an awful class, but if you want to use it, go ahead. I'd honestly say stick with Assassin, or go down fists for him. Ingrid should be a wyvern lord, not a Falcon Knight, she needs the strength boost to do passable damage. As for the strategy, if you're really struggling then taking it slow is the best option. Divide your force in two, with a light force on the left and your main force on the right. Claude's force is easily the harder of the two, so use those tanky units for tanking and baiting. After you bait out most of Claude's forces, and pick off what you can of Edels, then you move down. If you're confident in your fliers, you could send them to take out whoever holds the center. If you wait long enough, sometimes the forces pick off each other. I've gotten Petra killed by Claude's forces once, which basically neutors the BE side.
  22. Perfection Nah, I'd just hoped you'd hit a few more of the major plot beats. A lot of those chapters are just Job and his friends, and just talking and talking, easily skippable.
  23. Well, I'll try to get to all of y'all, but since I was specifically asked I'll quickly look over yours.
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