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  1. 4 minutes ago, SoulWeaver said:

    You say the dialogue was a tad off in a couple instances, do you mind pointing some of them out to me so I can review them for future stuff?

    Sure, let me grab a few examples.

    On 2/26/2019 at 10:29 PM, SoulWeaver said:

    “Meredith...I...I just wanted to say... this isn’t easy to admit, but...I...shouldn’t have...yelled at you like...look, you...you know how I am when someone throws a curveball at me, especially one like...well, like that...you know? So I thought...once I calmed down I thought I should come and...you know...apologize. And for trying to punch your...your...”

    So here the issue is the overuse of ellipses, some slightly clumsy dialogue, and also the mismanagement of her stutter/stammer. The best way to show this is for me to first re-write this, and show you my thought process behind it.

    "Meredith, I...I just wanted to say that I shouldn't have yelled at you li-look, y-you know how I am when someone throws a curveball at me, especially one that's like...like that, you know? So I, well I thought that once I had calmed down that I should come and...you know, apologize, And, for trying to punch yo-your..."

    Now, that isn't perfect. The use of I's in critical junctures makes it very hard for me to properly use dashes to indicate repeat uses or thinking, but it gets the point across. It makes the character come off as more scared and stubborn to apologize, rather than just thinking of it really hard. Again, I don't know the characters to well, but it follows the impression I got.

    On 2/26/2019 at 10:29 PM, SoulWeaver said:

    “He...he didn’t want to risk it - if anyone found out, I’d be targeted too - but...it got to be...it was just...I couldn’t take it anymore. It wasn’t hard to get into his room without him knowing, so I waited for him to come get ready for bed, and when he came I said…”

    Same issues as before, but this time with a few odd dashes thrown in.

    "He...he didn't wanna risk it. If anyone found out, th-then I'd be targeted too. Bu-but it got to be...it was...it was just too much. I easily got into his room without his knowing, and...and I just as easily waited for him to come get ready for bed. W-when he came in, I...I said..."

    Again, a little clumsy on my part since I's with dashes look bad (I-I looks more like a TIE fighter than a stammer), but it generally flows better imo.

    On the repeat read, it isn't quite as bad as I originally said, far less glaring things, and more nitpicks like the stammers and waits being kinda off.

  2. Alright, time for the critiques.



    This story was alright. Mecha isn't my favorite genre of things, so I'm a little biased against it, but it's well written, the dialogue is mostly good (maybe one or two odd or slightly off lines, nothing major that I would dock you points for). I feel that there's a bit of unnecessary fluff, and there's one major flaw I have with it. Both of those are somewhat linked, and the issue is that all of this is coming from the third party perspective that for most of the piece is Sally oriented. The problem being that the character in question here is Wufei, not Sally. I feel like I really know Sally, I don't feel like I know Wufei. Maybe if we had seen everything from Wufei's perspective, this peace would be improved, and we could better see the tension within him. This is where the fluff comes in, since after Wufei leaves, all the extra stuff that Sally rambles on about is a bit of scene dressing and character development for her. I personally think it would've been better to keep us as the reader more in the dark, which is where following Wufei more would've come in.



    I really liked this one. I might not get all the pairings, or the odd OCs, but that probably just comes from the more unique universe this comes from. Although it took me longer than I would like to admit that Annie was Morgan's sister. I also think just calling the Avatar Robin makes the story a little bit easier to understand. It's just an extra second of processing, so nothing that extreme. Disregarding my nitpicks, I agree with the sentiment that this is probably the best work you've ever written. The dialogue was great, characterization equally so, and I really got a feel for most of the characters. If I had to say one thing I wanted a little more of, it's a look into Fredrick's mind. What's there is amazing, I just wanted a little more of it. But yeah, amazing job. (Also sorry about the ban, Dragoncat's post about that ironically came in halfway through writing my critique. To be optimistic, at least you're only gone till the 7th.)

    @Tactician Robin


    Right off the bat, small formatting error that really bugs me. Don't indent every starting line, especially the single line ones. It just looks bad imo. Regardless of formatting, this story is alright. It feels odd that Hunter is giving Robin the advice about mistakes, and I kinda thought the whole idea with Morgan is that she came from an entirely different timeline, but there's nothing too wrong with this story. I don't really have much to say, solid story, but it has some room to improve.



    Alright, this might be my favorite story. I am completely biased since I really like Severa, but even without that it's really good. You really get into the head-space of the character, and the situation is actually pretty believable. Even with modern techniques, sharpening swords is pretty tough, so in ye' olden days it'll be even harder for poor Severa. And swords can actually break due to a really poor sharpening job, not quite to the extreme shown in the piece, but that's still an accurate thing that can occur. The father-daughter dynamic here was quite well shown, although the father just being Robin kinda felt like it was a bit of a cop out, since he can just be a generic "oh, I love my daughter" kind of dad. I think the father being someone like Gaius would've made the story more interesting (not to say you should've used Gaius, just an example). 

    I won't go into a full breakdown of your story @TheSilentChloey, since it wasn't an official entry. I liked it, and it incorporated the prompt well



    I really liked the progression of this one. From a Sothe on the streets who is blind to the truth, to Ike with Greil who learns what mistakes can do, and that you need to improve from them, to Sothe learning that lesson, to Miccy learning that lesson, and then to acknowledgement of the lesson but also a situation that lines back to the start, with them acting as if nothing happened. Really good stuff. The character interactions were all great too. One thing that bugged me was the inconsistent font size. It would make sense if maybe a smaller font indicated thoughts, but that never seemed to be the case. Formatting aside, this is my favorite story when I don't have my Severa bias. With said bias, solid number 2.



    I decided to read the author's notes afterwards, and the context that I missed was a little confusing, but not too much so. The lass had premarital sex in an era where you really couldn't do that, something happened and now they're here. I didn't quite get where they were at, or why everyone was scared of Chell (also I missed the fact that this was an original piece because I'm dumb like that, so I though Chell was Morgan for a while). It was pretty well written, no formatting errors. The dialogue was a tad odd in some instances, but it wasn't anything that took me out of the experience.



    Did you intend this as a tragic comedy? Because I was laughing basically all the way through. Names like "Master Goodness" and "Master Badness", with their sidekicks Trevor and Scott. The fucking Lucky Charms. It was all brilliant. This is like if a 90's Saturday morning cartoon was corrupted but never actually lost that jovial tone. You never cease to surprise me with your story's. Anyways, there were a few spelling errors that threw me off, and I feel that the character of Scott was a little under-cooked, but you've done an amazingly funny job with whatever small amount of time you had to throw this together.

  3. 8 minutes ago, This boi uses Nino said:

    If you can't be bothered to play GBAemblem then let me tell you that pegasus knigths there are very weak. Even then in the Telius games, very VERY powerful units can kill them easily.

    In which game? FE6 they aren't that weak, Shanna can survive an arrow on normal difficulty in her joining map. In FE7 the REALLY aren't that weak, x2 effectiveness screws archers over big time, and makes the fliers in that game neigh untouchable. FE8 slightly depends on the flier, but most if not all of them can survive the few arrow enemies in that game. It's especially easy for survival in FE7 and 8, since the enemies all such and don't scale in the slightest there. Pegasi are one of the best classes in GBA FE, only slightly worse than Wyverns and Paladins, which are both so good that being only slightly worse than them is quite the achievement. 

    Unless you meant enemy pegasus units, which I think you might've been upon re-reading that. Skimmed the post on my first go around when I saw this. Yeah enemy pegasi suck. Steel lances that kill their speed and other fun stuff you can show your friends.

    44 minutes ago, NinjaMonkey said:

    Apart from RD!Shinon, archers are complete and utter garbage, so...

    They're pretty good in FE2 and Echoes with their large range. FE6 some of them, namely Shin, are great due to the wyvern hell of that game. FE14 fixed a lot of Archer's issues, or at least made a broken archer by proxy of Takumi being a royal. RD!Shinon isn't the only exception to the archers are trash statement.


  4. Aw man, I accidentally slept past the deadline. Ah well, I'm still going to post my submission. It's alright if it doesn't get added to the poll, I did miss the deadline by about five hours, so it's only fair, but if you guys could still give a little feedback that'd be greatly appreciated.

    The Zero in Darkness

    Word Count: 1264


    DiZ sat in his computer chair, staring at the monitor as he uttered, “My sins are unforgivable, what I have done must be atoned for.”

    DiZ had spent the last year trying to reconstruct the memories of Sora, with the help of a girl named Namine and a fellow in a black hood who went by the name Ansem. Ansem had served as the muscle in this operation, securing a boy named Roxas who possessed a crucial part of Sora’s memories due to his state of being. He also influenced some other lass, whose name, as well as basically everything about her, escapes DiZ’s memory. Namine herself was set to be discarded after all of this was over.

    The hooded Ansem spoke up, interrupting DiZ’s thoughts. “Is that really what you’re thinking old man? Sora’s finally back up on his feet and that’s the first thing you go for? Celebrate your success a little, we can fix your mistakes later.”

    “There is no we about this, my friend.” DiZ said as he adjusted the red bands that surrounded his head, covering all but one eye and his mouth, and even those were disguised with a layer of darkness. “These are my mistakes, for which only I should be held responsible. You should go out and help Sora, lord knows that boy needs every bit of aid he can get.”

    “That’s nonsense DiZ, and you know it. Sora is the key to most of this, we needed him to be in his best shape, and the Castle Oblivion incident did not leave him in that position.” Taking off his black hood, Ansem looked right at where DiZ was, still facing his many monitors. The tanned man began to walk over to the chair, when DiZ stood up.

    DiZ opened one of the three pouches around his waist and pulled out two things. A photo, and an ice cream stick. “Give these to Sora, he should be able to figure them out.” Ansem chuckled, “Giving him vague hints, are we? We both know Sora isn’t the brightest, are you sure he’ll figure them out?”. As DiZ walked out the room, he turned back and said, “I have no doubts that Sora should be able to deceiver what message I’m trying to give him from those two items.” With that, DiZ headed down a long hall, towards a large, white room.

    DiZ stared at the open white pod, the one that had once housed Sora, and began to dwell on his past. It was around a decade ago when he made his first large mistake. Back then, he still used the name Ansem the Wise, and he was a professor to many students. One of them, a young albino named Xehanort, wanted to research the heart further than Ansem was willing to let him. His devout refusal led to the presumed deaths of around half a dozen of his students, as well as a few innocent bystanders. Of course, now Ansem knew that they had instead turned into Nobodies, beings without hearts. These men became a group known as Organization 13. Ansem had ran away into the realm of darkness, where he became a passive observer of these events of the years. He saw the boy Roxas, who had only came into existence a year ago, become another pawn of that Organization, as well as his growth as a person. He saw the girl Namine, who was also a Nobody, discover her advanced powers of memory manipulation, which specifically effected Sora for reasons beyond him. With both of them supposedly being heartless, Ansem had foolishly thought that this meant he could use them however he pleased.

    The kidnapping of Roxas, and the subsequent placing of him within a digital version of Twilight Town caused the boy tremendous physical and mental strain, and in the end, he would die, or at least disappear so Sora could come back. Namine was a similar story. Members of the Organization forced her into using her unique ability to mentally destroy Sora for their own nefarious purposes, which is the situation that forced Ansem to finally step in. He donned the mask of DiZ, a mysterious man cloaked in red, since his name had been tarnished over the years by pretenders.

    “Those poor children,” DiZ muttered aloud, “forced to be pawns in every game they were a part of.”

    “Still going on about that old man? Give it a rest already.”

    That hooded Ansem was back, why or for what purpose he used DiZ’s old name, the answers eluded him, but right now Ansem was all that DiZ really had for a friend.

    “How can I give it a rest Ansem?” DiZ despondently asked, “Everything we’ve done, everything I have done, what good was it for if it came at the cost of innocent lives? What good was it if the lives of two, no, three children were sacrificed for the life of Sora?”

    The Ansem in the black coat started laughing to himself. “Alright old man, I’ll let you in on some insider info. You’re fully aware that the second Sora learns what’s befallen Roxas, Namine, and whoever that third person you keep referencing is, he will put everything into getting them a proper body, correct? And that right now Sora just finished clearing out well over a thousand heartless over in Hollow Bastian? Forgive me if this seems a bit too forward, but every bit of good that Sora is out there doing is due to your meddling. If the saving of well over a dozen worlds, as well as the eventual defeat of the Organization doesn’t seem like enough good to you, then what else can we do?”

    The name of Hollow Bastian reminded Ansem of that place, the time before he had fled as the world fell into darkness. The memories of joy, love, and learning. The times when life seemed perfect. It reminded him of Aqua, and how he had met her right before Roxas and Namine came into existence. It reminded him that moping about does nothing, and that only actions could fix what he had done.

    “Fair points Ansem.” DiZ said, “Sora does seem to be fixing everything that went wrong, but how will he find out about Roxas? About Namine?” Ansem gave a bit of a smirk as he said, “He’s already in the process of doing so.” DiZ, confused, asked “What, how could he already know about them?” “Well, Roxas is his nobody, they’re intrinsically linked, so it’s only natural with the clues you’ve left him that he’d figure it out. As for Namine, it seems they left themselves a note mentioning her name, so they’re trying to figure out who she is as well.”

    It all seemed a bit too perfect, but that’s the way life was at some points. “Alright Ansem,” DiZ said with a smile, “I’ll quit brooding and start helping with the situation. You head off to The World that Never Was, I have to go grab an old invention of mine.”

    “It’s that time already?” Ansem asked, putting his hood back up.

    “Sora should be arriving there soon enough, I assume he’ll need all the help he can get” DiZ said, walking off back down the hallway.

    “I suppose you’re right.” Ansem said as he opened a portal to darkness and went off to help Sora.

    Meanwhile, as DiZ looked around for his device, his heart finally had hope. He could fix his mistakes, he could atone for his sins. Then maybe, he could finally live in peace.

    Author's Notes/A bit of explanation if you don't know Kingdom Hearts:


    This is one of my favorite pieces of writing I've done, mainly since I feel like it could actually fit in the canon of the story. I probably went a little out of character for both Riku (the person referred to as Ansem in this story) and Ansem (DiZ). DiZ stands for Darkness in Zero, by the by. That's where the title comes from. Anyways, one self-imposed challenge with this piece is that both characters are technically named Ansem, so I had to refer to the real Ansem as DiZ for most of it. Calling hooded Ansem "Riku" wouldn't really make sense until later, so I couldn't do that. That's why it seems a little clumsier than I would like at certain points, since I had to cover any misinterpretations that might occur due to the name sharing. If you guys need any more clarification, just ask and I'll try to answer anything to the best of my ability, but I'm just going to submit this now so it doesn't turn into me being six hours past deadline.


  5. Hey, this seemed like fun, and since Azure offered, I guess I'm joining. Since this seems like a pretty squishy party, I'll be the brawn of the group. I'm thinking of an Elvish Fighter. The current name I'm thinking of is Glanoa Sietrovich. I'll get back to you on her character details later.

    So are we rolling or doing point-by for stats? I normally just do Point-By, since it's way more balanced, but if we're rolling that's alright.

  6. 1 minute ago, Carmine Sword said:

    I wasn't sure if defaulting to Gen II units was the best idea for assigning units, but my line of thinking was that Gen I units could be used as fathers at the very least and thus could be potentially more useful over the entire game in an indirect way cause of inheritance. I didn't want to assign them totally randomly cause it felt like too much RNG. I'd probably change how units would be assigned in future drafts. I didn't really have a system set up for this ahead of time cause I thought 24 hours would be enough time to pick units :(:.

    It might just turn into a "Crimsonvolt gets the best Gen 2 team ever, while having almost no Gen 1 game" kind of draft.

  7. 1 minute ago, Carmine Sword said:

    @DarthR0xasTerrador can't be given Lachesis cause he already has one of her substitute children. Actually he has both I just noticed. 

    This is a rule that was in the old SOYO drafts cause it prevents people from ending up with half of their team unrecruitable.

    Oh, my bad. Skimmed the rules and missed that one. Makes sense why no one was doing that in hindsight, I thought it was a fairly obvious strategy. I'll just give him Linda.


  8. 18 hours ago, AnonymousSpeed said:

    I see. Why Roxas in particular? Why not DarthD0nald?

    Because I like Roxas. He's my favorite KH character, one of my favorite characters of all time, and also fun to play as. Also, screw Donald. He was only good as a companion in KH3, and in that game I literally couldn't understand him half the time and had to read the subtitles to understand his gibberish. 

    18 hours ago, AnonymousSpeed said:

    How dare you?

    I dare

    18 hours ago, AnonymousSpeed said:

    What level of interest do you have in philosophy?

    Some interest. Nothing major, I occasionally look over whatever philosophy book stands out to me at my local library. I don't try to get into many debates about philosophy, politics are my strong point.

    18 hours ago, AnonymousSpeed said:

    Opinions on Tolkien?

    I've tried reading them a couple times, but I've been kinda bored or fell asleep every time I've read him. Love his work, mainly since all of fantasy has in some way taken from it and despite me not being able to read it, it is immensely interesting once you get past the initial hurtle.

    14 hours ago, Roxas said:

    you know you had a period from like september 2015 - 2017 where you could have snatched Roxas from me why didn't you 

    I wasn't around on this website at that time. I might've lurked a bit, grabbed a translation patch, checked some info, but I didn't actually join until around 8 months ago. And by that point I had already been using the current handle that I do now for a good couple years. I like this one, so even if I could I probably wouldn't just do "Roxas"

    5 hours ago, Azure in a Roundabout said:

    6. Favorite moment as a DM in D&D?

    Probably the session that my players became hat merchants. The reason they became hat merchants is due to one of my players (a human barbarian) said that he was going to skin a kobold to make a hat. He was probably joking, but I had him roll, and he of course got a 20. So after that battle, instead of going to the next one they double back to town and start selling/making kobold skin hats. Due to some more great rolls on their part, and poor rolls on mine, they were doing surprisingly well, and since I wanted to see how far this could go, I introduced a few NPC who would give them an investment to start up a hat shop since they thought their hats were that good. About an hour later, I could see some of my players were getting bored, so I decided to have some pissed off kobolds attack the place. One thing led to another, and somehow the doors were locked from the outside while the building was on fire. I forget whether the wizard cast a water or an ice spell, but it was enough to protect the players from the fire. After that battle, with their shop and some other buildings being burnt and destroyed, my players put the business behind them, and went back to the main quest. But to this day, one of my players always tries to get a kobold hat, no matter the methodology. 

    5 hours ago, Azure in a Roundabout said:

    7. Favorite moment as a player in D&D?

    There are two. Both from the same campaign. I was playing a Geonosi (who was actually a human because the DM I had at the time was an indecisive git who went back on his word but never told me) Paladin named Berkut. We started the campaign on a boat, and we were attacked by another boat of kobolds. The DM forgot to tell us two important details about this boat. 1. There was a crazy powerful old wizard on this boat, 2. That there were more people than just us on this boat. So since this was my first time as a player in a long while (I mostly DM), I decided to have some fun. I climbed the mast, fired an arrow, and the next turn I look my friend dead in the eyes and tell him "I want to glide over there." My plan was to use my robes to act as a paraglider of sorts, and for me to glide over to the kobold boat, a boat that had an absurd number of kobolds, and take them all out single handedly. The DM, after trying to stop me from doing this about 5 times, let me roll. I have notoriously poor luck, ones and twos for days. So I roll a three. The DM says I fall into the ropes of the sails, getting tangled and caught up in them. Two turns later, I cut myself somewhat loose and fall onto the deck below. I'm still prone and tangled, but then I have an idea. I think back to that one boat map in Awakening, and I think to use the boat as a fiery battering ram and set the enemy ship on fire. So I tell the DM that I want to set the boat on fire. My fellow players are either hardline against it, or love the idea, about a 50/50 split, and the DM is giving the whole, "are you sure about that" thing to me. I say yes, pass an easy roll since I was so close and only my bottom half was actually tangled, and set the boat on fire. It is at that point, that I hear a chorus of screams from under the boat, and the DM informs me people were on board. Then the powerful wizard dude comes out, and the kobolds start to flee, but not before my friend, a dwarven fighter named Flappy Beard chucks an anchor onto that ship, and then gets another one of my friends, the ranger I think, to throw him over to the ship. He gets there, basically gets instarecked, and runs away. A session later, we come across a village of Gnolls. Most of the party just want to move past it, but me and the rogue are conspiring. We want to burn down the village, since the DM mentioned some sweet loot, but I didn't want to actually fight them. So I tell him that I want to burn it down, everyone but the Rogue is telling me not to do it, some because it's dumb, others because I'm the only Lawful Good character in the party who is at this point a literal pyromaniac. Anyways, I roll. I get a 2, as per usual, but at this point I do something a little sneaky. You see, two is right next to 20, so a little bump makes my two a 20. So I burned down their entire village. We then finished our quest of delivering a caravan to the Elvish king, and right as I was trying to say how we too care of that Gnoll camp to the south, so we could get more gold, an army of angry Gnolls appears over the hills. Needless to say, that king was less than pleased, and we were promptly kicked out of the capital.

    5 hours ago, Azure in a Roundabout said:

    8. The General Tabletop thread contains stuff about D&D. What would you think of being a player in a campaign, should that come around (Bhoop is DM)?

    I'd say I'd be fairly interested in doing so. As I said, I don't get to be player often, so that would be fun.

    5 hours ago, Azure in a Roundabout said:

    9. Who’s that now in your pfp?

    That was Julia from FE4, and also the change was completely unintentional. I lost a bet over on Discord with a couple of buddies, and my price was changing my pfp to whatever character he wanted. He chose Julia, I found the pic. What I forgot was the my pfp on the Forest was synced to Discord, so changing it on Discord led to it being changed here. Real big brain moment on my part.

    5 hours ago, Azure in a Roundabout said:

    10. Has that meme you’ve shown literally happened in a game you hosted before?

    Not quite like that. For one, they seduced both the mayor AND his wife, since where's the fun in only doing one of them? That and the village they burnt down wasn't the same village as that mayor and wife. It was some other village, probably a kobold one, since it was the same campaign as the hat thing.

  9. On 2/21/2019 at 3:31 PM, Azure in a Roundabout said:

    1. First and current impressions of me?

    2. What made Felicia your waifu?

    3. Favorite meme?

    4. What are your current studies?

    5. Favorite KH gameplay moment (aside from anything in 3, I have yet to play that).

    1. I'll be honest, I don't have much of an opinion on you. I've seen some of your posts floating around, you seem to like Tiki, which shows me you have good taste. You've posted some decent stuff, made that Fates/Awakening Support board that I occasionally glance at. You seem pretty chill.

    2. A combination of an amazing design, a decent amount of screen-time compared to most minor characters, and her personality. Felicia looks great, that's basically a fact. She has one of the best character designs in Fates. Since she is a character that sticks with the Avatar for all three paths, she gets a decent amount of screen time. Sure, it's no Nohr/Hoshido Royals screentime, but it's around the same amount Kaze gets, which is enough to get a good enough impression of her character that I feel the desire to dig deeper. And what I found was an adorably clumsy girl with a will and stubborn resolve to try her hardest. I really like traits like that, so they drew me closer to her.

    3. Probably this one:


    Mainly since I'm a DM

    4. Currently I'm just doing some basic school stuff. Bio, World History, that junk. Next year I''ll get into some more interesting stuff, like the Theory of Knowledge.

    5. I'd say basically all of KH2, but I'll narrow it down a tad more. I'd say anytime you get one of the Data Org Bosses into a position where they take a lot of damage when you're doing it with a form like Final form. Another moment would be the 1000 Heartless fight, although I replayed KH2 recently, and it wasn't quite as cool as I remembered it. Flowmotion was awesome until you realized it was broken and just spammed it. I really enjoyed all the bosses (minus that one flying boss) in 358 Days. I'd probably think of more from other games if KH3 wasn't on the mind. That game has quite a few I'd point out. Also, play on Proud when you get it. Trust me, it's the better option.

    23 hours ago, AnonymousSpeed said:

    Hey man, the Rock is a busy man with a long list of lonely people to visit, he doesn't got all day to act as customer service for you.

    Well if he wants a good rating on Yelp he'll give me the time of day

    23 hours ago, AnonymousSpeed said:

    So, what you're saying is...unless maid waifu (who I will continue to call maid waifu if that's alright) was into it, you wouldn't be into it?

    No, if all my conditions were met, one of them including if "maid waifu" got in on it, then I would be into it.

    23 hours ago, AnonymousSpeed said:

    Tell us about some more absurd narrative stuff.

    In KH? Sure. So with the introduction of time travel we get the idea that one can only go to a certain point that their body was already at. This gets abandoned in KH3, by them basically introducing a catch-all plot element that lets them ignore that condition. Another dumb thing is the realm of darkness. It's stated that you need to wear a dark coat (the ones that all those organization nerds are wearing) to be safe, but then Aqua is able to exist just fine without one (she only falls in KH3 due to losing a fight, not since the darkness of the realm destroyed her from within). You could say that it's due to her heart being pure, but then why do Mickey or Sora need special clothes? If there's an answer to that, I don't know, but it's fun to watch.

    23 hours ago, AnonymousSpeed said:

    Why not DarthRoxas? Why DarthR-Zero-xas?

    DarthR0xas comes from Darth, as in Darth Vader since I'm a Star Wars geek, and Roxas, as in Kingdom Hearts. The zero was a stand in for the o since someone already took "DarthRoxas" when I made it on Youtube about three years ago. I've just kept the zero for consistency. But as for why I don't spell out the zero, that's mainly so it looks nicer. Most people just say Roxas, ignoring the 0, which is what I prefer to happen, so spelling out the zero would be counter-intuitive.

    23 hours ago, AnonymousSpeed said:

    How was Kingdom Hearts 3?


    Honestly, it was fine. I'm really underwhelmed by the story, but the gameplay was alright. It's worse than two in almost every area. But I'll start with the one area it destroys 2 in, presentation. The graphics are gorgeous. Legit, drop dead amazing. It felt like I was playing one of the opening movie sequences in KH1 or 2. Graphical effects were on point, loading was surprisingly fast most of the time (I'm not on a PS4 pro so it wasn't instant, but pretty good), and the game only slowed down on me once. With the amount of stuff that can be on screen at once, I thought that was pretty impressive. The story is a cluster-fuck. That much can be expected. The problem is that it's an unsatisfying cluster-fuck. As I said before, I mainly stick with KH for its utter nonsense, and while I did get some of that, there wasn't enough done in a conclusive manner. When half the worlds feel static, and like retelling of movies that Sora barely interacts with, then I'm not having fun with the stories. In KH1 and 2, sure they were mostly retellings of the movies, but you felt like Sora and co were actually there, participating. Here it feels more like Sora and co are in the background, not really doing much. This is sometimes literal, like when Sora and co are literally just sitting on a window in the Tangled world, not even doing anything. That one had me mad since "YOU HAVE CURE" "JUST USE CURE" "OR THOSE KUPO COINS, I HAVE ONE IN MY INVENTORY RIGHT NOW" (Kupo coins are basically automatic revival tokens that are cheap, but you can only hold one of them. I used like 4 of them on Proud). There were some points when this was funny, like Sora and co watching "Let it Go" happen, and they keep commenting on it. Sure, I hated the song, but Sora helped me get through it. The best moments in the game are in the worlds with original stories, where the Disney characters just show they don't care about the plot and just tell whatever villain it is there to screw off. Woody telling Terranort to piss off had me on the floor laughing. And Mike and Sully throwing Vanitas through a door, and then that door through another door, and then that door through another door, one more door, and then shredding that door was also funny. But what was really annoying was the way that the main plot was just shoved aside for most of the game, and then felt rushed at the end. Gameplay was fun, great even. The issue is that when compared to KH2, it's a downgrade. In some ways, this isn't fair. It's a different team, different engine, different software. But then again, they've been working for six years, they have plenty of quality games to look at for inspiration, and they just kinda give us an unbalanced easy mess. Granted, a very entertaining mess, but a mess nonetheless. Attraction commands are basically free summons, with no downsides. The addition of command styles and shotlocks is something I do like, and they're implemented well, but the attraction commands really drag it down.


    23 hours ago, AnonymousSpeed said:

    Alright, so you're going about your business playing Kingdom Hearts: Diners Drive-Ins and Dives when you are suddenly kidnapped by Gabe Newell and his Gravity Gun. He then forces you to answer him one question, or die: What should Valve do now that Kingdom Hearts 3 is out?

    Well, obviously they should release Portal 3. Just Portal 3, since that's the only third entry of a series that Valve hasn't put out. Only that one.

    23 hours ago, AnonymousSpeed said:

    This might not be quite what you're looking for, but I personally found the following readings quite useful:

    It wasn't, but those are good passages.

    23 hours ago, AnonymousSpeed said:

    Did anyone besides you finish that FE8 draft?

    I think the dude who started it did. Absolutely annihilated me too. First draft I did and BOY did I suck.

    23 hours ago, AnonymousSpeed said:



    Where can I buy one?

    23 hours ago, AnonymousSpeed said:

    When are you planning to become a straight-up fascist?

    Next week

    23 hours ago, AnonymousSpeed said:

    What are some things life is most definitely not about?

    It isn't about the Big City Slider Station, that's for sure.

    On 2/22/2019 at 10:04 PM, AnonymousSpeed said:

    Let's go back to the waifu metaphor for a second. If someone has a preference between vanilla ice cream and chocolate ice cream, is that racist?

    Uh, I don't think so? It's just a preference, and if it's based on taste buds I don't think that's racist. 

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