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  1. I needed a good laugh like this today. Thanks, and whatever you're on, keep taking it.
  2. Sure, I'll let her go down Cavalier --> Paladin.
  3. I suppose I'll do your Avater. Male, second body type, fourth eye style, fourth hair type, 18th hair color, and 1st voice. I'm not sure whether Asset and Flaw are included, so I'll just say plus speed, minus luck. Barbarian --> Berserker for him, and last but not least, let's make the people happy and have him marry Lucina.
  4. How dare you good sir. I'll have you know that she is perfection incarnate, and that your mortal brain is just too weak to underst- Nah, it's a fair complaint. I personally really like that, but since it's one of her defining characteristics it's a "take it or leave it" thing. Anyways, onto the units I use. FE1/11 Most of Archanea's cast is dull, so I'm just going to single out my favorite unit, purely based on performance. Ogma is my favorite unit to use in all of Archanea, and I am bored to tears by everything about him. His backstory is more character development for Caeda then showing much about him. Echoes People have said Faye, but I actually have a soft spot for her. So I'm going to go with Catria and Matilda. Catria is basically just always sad. That's the impression I always get from her character. And if there's one thing I like less than a bland character, it's a sad character. But she's a pegasus, which are on steroids in Valentia, so what are you gonna do. Matilda's character is liking Clive. That's it. But she also is either on par, or better than every cavalier in Alm's path at the point she joins, with pretty good growths, so I always use her. (The same things apply to FE2, sometimes even moreso). FE4 I like most of the characters in FE4. If I had to pick one, it'd be Cuan. Cuan is basically lance Sigurd without Pursuit, and I used him well before he left. FE5 Fergus. What little I read of his character didn't impress me, but he is legit one of the best units in the game. FE6 Anyone not named Lilina or Dieke who is good. FE7 I never really use anyone I don't like. If I had to pick someone, I suppose it'd be Erk. But even then I like him a lot in Lyn mode, he just doesn't quite stay as good in Eliwood mode. FE8 Same story with FE7. Again, if I had to pick someone, Tethys. She's a dancer, so you have to use her, but at the same time her interactions aren't my favorite. FE9 Yet again, same story as with FE7. I can't even pick a unit here, since I really only use the units that I like, and they all end up good one way or another. FE10 Nolan. He barely has any character, but what little he has I'm not a fan of. Also Keiran. Not the best unit, but one I enjoy using. FE13 It's hard to think of a good unit I hate in Awakening. I suppose Cordelia would fit the bill. FE14 Again, it's hard for me to think of any specific units that stand out as awful characters while they're good units.
  5. Gordin. First reclass him to Myrmidon, then upon promotion reclass him again to either a Paladin or a Dracoknight. I'd prefer Dracoknight, but your choice.
  6. Happy about the units on the banner, and mostly happy with the units themselves. I have issues with Ike's skill set. A great weapon, with a semi-personal special, with DC AND Special Fighter, not to mention Even Speed Wave 3, is honestly too good. It's like IS said "Let's combine the best parts of some of the best armor units into one unit, and also some parts of Legendary Heroes since we don't care about them anymore, and then make it a seasonal." He's totally going to outclass Zelgius, who to my knowledge is still the top sword armor. As for everyone else, I'm pretty happy with them. Greil's Fury 4 is one of the few tier 4 skills I'm fine with, since it's extra risk for extra reward. He's still an Axe armor, and he doesn't beat Valentine's Hector, but I'll take it. Soren is neat, still not sure how I feel about the opening skills, but I'm mostly fine with it. Token buffing unit of the banner. Mist is adorable, and also finally not garbage. Basically a green version of the Eirika alt from last year. Not that I'm complaining, I love that Eirika alt, and I use her in one of my side teams. I'm going to assume Titania is going to have a similar weapon to Soren/Mist, with one good skill and one garbage skill, like all the TT units. Also IkexSoren for life. I'm going to hold off on this banner for a little bit. I think if the timing windows match up right I can see all the Binding Blade units before this banner ends, since I really like a few Binding characters, but I hate most of them, so I'll need to see if one of the few characters I love end up on that banner. If not, then I'm blowing all my orbs on this. CYL is still long enough away for where I can use a ton of them now and not regret it then.
  7. I feel I should update you guys on some of my antics. Finally unlocked Hard Mode, and currently I'm working on a 5 turn clear for the Prologue. I don''t think it's possible, but I'm still trying. There's bound to be one route where Edward survives. It's actually quite annoying, since no matter the RNG string, one of the axe enemies hit either Edward or Miccy so they die, or at least theat's what I've gathered in my 20-odd attempts to get a 5 turn.
  8. Sure there is, make it all about politics. And then make it really badly about politics, like Prequel levels of bad, and that's how you ruin that. Fortunetally, IS seems to be incapable of reaching that level of bad politics without injecting some other hilarity into the equation, whether it's needless death, hilariously bad character interactions, or some other thing.
  9. Mainly because of the team he's on. If he was on Alm's side, he'd be alright. On Celica's team, he's more of a hindrance than a help. He's mounted, but not flying, so with the abundant terrain in Celica's path, he's going nowhere fast. He also doesn't have much notable otherwise, the fliers can fly and deal extra damage to all the terrors, the main enemy type on Celica's path, Mercenaries can do the Dread Fighter loop, Mages can ignore the high defense of the many terrors, Archers can attack far away to remain safe, Cavaliers get hung out to dry with Armor Knights on Celica's path. And late join time, and starting as a Paladin. At least Mycen had the decency to join as a Gold Knight, and Zeke had the decency to be awesome, and also a Gold Knight.
  10. Imagine Bambi with a Falchion going out and killing whatever killed his mother (never watched Bambi, so I'm just going to assume it's an evil dragon). Along the way to kill the evil dragon, Ibmab, Bambi has to find his friends, all featuring guns and the like to kill the dragon. Oh, and the Falchion is a gun sword, since I'm pretty sure the message of Bambi was that we don't need gun control. And that's why Bambi is the best FE game.
  11. I think you meant to say the opposite, since direct sequels or sidequels are very common in FE. Also since that sentence doesn't really make sense with the one preceding it. FE1 has the sidequel of FE2, showing, at the very least, that the Pegasi sisters and Camus canonically survive/were recruited. Then FE3 comes, and basically everyone survives/was recruited. With FE4, you have the sidequel of FE5, which establishes that Bridget, Leif, and others who I'm too lazy to properly go into survive/were born/were recruited. Despite the final chapters being a significant retcon of FE4's chapter 9, the fact that they still remain canon, and that Leif continues with Seliph's army afterwards is enough to say that the games are intrinsically linked. That said, as the latter game, anything FE5 says is taken at a higher precedent, since it shows a more accurate vision of what Kaga wanted. FE7 has FE6, showing that basically any person who has kids canonically survives in order to bear them so they could be recruited, which also means said unit was canonically recruited, and any character who appears in the story also survives. FE8 is the only odd one out, since it has no connections. FE9 has FE10, everyone survives/was recruited, even if you transfer over (except for poor ol' Largo). FE11 and 12 are remakes, re-establishing the canon of FE1 and 3. FE13 shows at the very least that Marth, Caeda, and Tiki survived, as well as some others that the game makes reference towards that I am blanking on right now. FE14 shows that Owain, Inigo, and Severa are canonically born/recruited, which means their parents would have to survive. I'd also wager the existence of Asugi, Rhajat, and Caeldori means that Gaius, Tharja, and Cordelia survive, and for Gaius and Tharja that they were recruited, but that's more headcanon than anything else. FE15 is a remake of FE2, already went over that.
  12. Wow that's a lot of stories, I'm going to need to set aside an evening to read all of them. I personally hit some pretty bad writers block here, since I couldn't really think of a true "media res" story. All my ideas were just beginnings disguised as middles. Then again, still have one more day, so I might think of something.
  13. It's on the FE TV tropes page To quote - https://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/GameBreaker/FireEmblem "A glitch in FE1 gives Crutch Character, Bantu, 15 defense anytime he uses a promotion item. Keep in mind, Bantu's unbreakable firestone already gives him 15 defense. The promotion item doesn't even get used up when it's used by Bantu, and can be used until Bantu's defense reaches 99, breaking the stat cap. This means Bantu can be rendered invincible to physical attacks, even without his firestone, as early as chapter 10!" Haven't tested it, but will test it soon.
  14. Oh yeah, Superbowl was tonight. Well, since most of my friends like the Patriots, I suppose I was rooting for them, so yay. I think this was their sixth year winning, so that's neat. Didn't watch the game, although it looks like I didn't miss much.
  15. No, give it to Marth instead. That or another front line unit, they'll make a much better use of it.
  16. Aside from one time when I was really tired, and said to my parents that the graphics for the trees, as in real life trees, were so realistic, before realizing that this is real life, I've never thought that a game was in real life. Now I have certainly adopted mannerisms of game characters due to playing their games. For about all of 7th grade I basically used every Miles Edgeworth gesture I could, whenever I could. I've thought about things in a game terminology, such as "talking to a girl increases my support rank with them" (also seventh grade, yes I was that loser in seventh grade).
  17. Duesel is a Baritone. Not quite a Tuba, but not quite a Trombone. Any pegasus user is a clarinet, since they're always fairly prevalent. Likewise, archers are oboes, since there are never any good ones (ooh oboe burn). Besides the joke, I am serious. Oboes really only sound good later, like archers are only good as prepromotes, and most people quit on the oboe, or the archer, way before they could even get to that point.
  18. Armored Edgelord gets beat up by an angsty teen who later gets addicted to protein shakes.
  19. Welp, that was a wasted summon. I got the only unit I didn't want, being Spring Camilla. There were two greens, and I picked the one with Spring Camilla. My terrible luck is only matched by my apathy towards this.
  20. If I recall correctly, the method to giving the Ayra children the Balmung follows as such 1) break it with Shannon 2) Sell it to the Pawn shop since it's now a broken item 3) Buy it with either child 4) Repair 5) Profit
  21. Year 1: Red - No one. If I get completely boned and have all red, I'll hope for a Summer Leo since tomato. Maybe a Winter Tharja for good fodder. I'd say NY!Camilla, but I already have a red flier on my flying team, and I'm not about to build a second one. Blue - Not a priority, but I'd grab either Caeda, Summer Robin or Summer Corrin since I like their art. Green - The main priority. Summer Tiki for the art, PA!Azura and NY!Azura for the merges, and winter Chrom/Lissa since I hear they're good. Colorless - Secondary priority, since these are the actual good units. Bridal Cordelia, Halloween Jakob. That's it. I already have Soup Takumi, and I don't even use him so I don't need a second one. Year 2: Red - Tana for the art, Michiah for dancer and art, and Gunthra since I hear she's good. Blue - Summer Camilla and Winter Ephraim, mainly for art. Lowest priority. Green - Valentine's Hector for merges, Elincia for dancer and art, and Innes, Sanaki, and Valentine's Lilina for art Colorless - Rabbit Kagero and Summer Takumi for memes, Noire and Winter Eirika for a back-burner choice, and Halloween Mia for the prize. So Green for year one, and really any of them for year two. I'd say the pecking order is Red/Green>Colorless>Blue.
  22. Neat. Problem with the seasonal summon, that was literally shown in the video, is that it's still up to luck. I might want another Valentine's Hector to merge so I can fix his -Res nature, but I'm not guaranteed that. I feel a lot of unnecessary anger could easily be alleviated by having a sub-menu when you summon, like you pick a color and then a unit from said color, or by splitting the units up more. Find and Vote heroes is neat cut to all the top heroes being Camilla. Not sure who I'll do yet. I hope the related summoning event works like the CYL banners, since the way the video explained it had me a tad concerned that it was luck based on which of the top 4 heroes you get, or that it's the most voted one. Dragonflowers, also kinda neat. Small buffs, but should be beneficial to a lot of my teams. Also like the idea of that process to get them. Seems fun if done right. AR is AR, I could care less We've known about the Merge update for some time, still like it. Also I have to thank FEH for the most blessed image on the planet This is literal perfection. Humanity has reached its peak. It's downhill from here.
  23. Use this https://fireemblemwiki.org/wiki/Class_change/Nintendo_Entertainment_System_games You aren't going to see how many from this page, but scroll down a little, and under the FE1 section click expand and you'll see the class changes. Click the names of the items to go to the pages about them, where you'll be able to find locations. To save you the hassle for guiding rings, or "Bishop rings", the wiki says chapter 19 is the first chapter you get one, and Lena is not the first person you should use it on. I'd recommend Merric.
  24. I would say the two that immediately come to mind are RWBY, as you said, and Aldnoah Zero. I got into RWBY mid volume 3, and now at volume 6, I can look back and pinpoint the exact moment where the series started going downhill. And that moment is Pyrrah's death. Up until that point, some of the writing was shaky or cringy, but it was charming in an odd way, and the action was amazing. Then Pyrrah died, which made sense. Her arc was over, and she really didn't have other purpose. Plus her death would effect everyone significantly and really change the show. Well, it did one of those things. Sure, it triggers Ruby's Main Character powers, and then she and Jaune are sad, but that's it. Nora and Ren are too busy having a romantic subplot to really show any emotion about Pyrrah, and everyone else wasn't even pretending to care about Pyrrah herself and more her powers. But it did change up the series, for the worse. Volume 4 was a meandering mess, with like one meh action scene (That scorpion dude v Crow and the dumbass squad), and volume 5 was bad. It was just plain bad. The only redeemable part was the one fight with Sun and the Lizard lady, and that was basically the last good fight in RWBY. I haven't seen all of Volume 6 (got sick of it at episode 3 and haven't watched it since), but episode 1 had some decent action. It was nowhere near as good as the old stuff, but it's a marked improvement. And then I got to the episode 3 exposition dump, and hated basically every second of it. It was so boring, and for exposition, it was surprisingly vague on too much. "Why is blank here?" "Those two god brother dudes." "That's it?" "That's it." And then I saw it's pathetic excuse for an action scene. This is the moment where Ospin and Salem finally break off and start their overly convoluted chess match that makes Kingdom Hearts look like a "put the shape in the hole" toys, and they thought it would be appropriate to have a few grunts, some flashes of light, and then show the aftermath? Really soured my opinion. And then just to put a cherry on top, they make the most obvious foreshadowing I have ever seen with wording that is so designed to be applied in a specific situation and then later be said "ah, but that only applies to blank, NOT blank", but I won't get into that. As for Aldnoah Zero, this is so disappointing because of the first episode. Now, I don't know if you've seen it, I doubt you do, but I recommend you watch the first episode, and just episode one. It is one of the greatest opener episodes in anime history. And then they proceed to squander it all. This show has two main protags, and they're on opposite sides of a war between Mars and Earth. This sounds great, and super interesting, and for exactly one episode it is, but then you realize that only one of those protags is remotely interesting. The dude on Earth, whose name I won't even bother to remember, is the most generic and bland military Gary stu you can think of. Think of a piece of cardboard that has the ability to be a god at piloting mechs, and you have this dude. He never breaks his monotone voice, and he makes everything sound so boring. This is not helped by the atrocious secondary cast, and also the rest of the primary cast. Princess chick, super dull and boring, love interest, cheerfully dull and bland, drunk dude, the one character on Earth who is remotely entertaining, and then they f-ed him up in the second season which, yeah this garbage fire got two seasons. They even managed to make an emo, racist, double agent chick boring. I don't even know how they did that, it's such an interesting concept. Meanwhile, the alien protag is interesting for season one, since he faces discrimination due to his social rank, and we can see him start to overcome it and move up the ladder. Then in season two, they try to do the same thing, and they f-ed it up. See, the reason why A-pro's rise in season one was so interesting is that he was mostly a quiet force, letting the other commanders take themselves out due to arrogance, or their ambition being their undoing. The in season 2 he literally just challenges them all to mech combat, and then he falls to the exact same strategy that he did himself in season one. What makes this worse is that the alien doing this to him, was literally introduced in the second the last episode. And he's also the one who ends up marrying the princess if memory serves. So the dude who ties up basically every loose end of the series was introduced in the second to last episode, I repeat, THE SECOND TO LAST EPISODE. You can't do that, that's stupid. I never even learned his name, granted that I barely remember anyone's name in this show, but I swear they never even said it. Now, the music and animation are good, but after episode 5 of season one, the emotion isn't there. The fights still look nice, but there's no substance behind them. The music is nice, but it's over meaningless drivel. It's wasted quality on a show that wasted its amazing potential. Neither of these things are the worst piece of media I've seen on TV (well Zero is pretty close, not rock bottom, maybe like third worst), but they are the most disappointment I've gotten from a piece of media.
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