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  1. I'm interested. I've finished Risky's Revenge (love that game), and I almost finished Half-Genie Hero (it was alright, I prefer the sprites of RR, and it wasn't as fluid or fun, but still a fun game). I imagine it'll be more like HGH, but I hope that we can get the true expansion upon RR that it deserves
  2. No, that was the Wii Channel, which was discontinued like a month ago, the Wii U and 3Ds Eshops are still up and usable. FE8 is on 3ds if you're one of the early adopters of the system, FE7, FE8, and FE11 are on the Wii U store. FE1 is on Famicom Online.
  3. Eh, they're kinda similar. At least at base. As we see in the tutorial of KH2, Roxas is very similar to KH1 Sora in his fighting style, meanwhile in KH3 it's more akin to Final Form. It should also be noted that he is wielding two keyblades (which I don't even want to think about how Roxas could still be wielding two keyblades since Ventus isn't still in Sora's heart but that's neither here nor there), so they seem much more different there than they otherwise would. I think Roxas is a little more magic based, if his KH2 boss fight is anything to go off of, so he'd probably have some light come out of his attacks, similar to Roy in comparison to Marth, just with light.
  4. Hey, five entries isn't bad. we've had as low as three before. It wasn't a bad prompt, I certainly had some ideas, I just didn't have the time to write anything. It is down from last time, where we technically had nine entries (although two didn't count so it's more like seven), but don't get down on yourself. Five is a great number, and from what I've read so far, they're great stories. Quality over quantity.
  5. https://gamefaqs.gamespot.com/boards/114533-fire-emblem-fates-conquest/71577028 Here's a GameFaqs thing where three people argue over whether only females can ride Pegasi, bringing up a lot of points that boil down into this: Depends on the game, since in Fates we have a playable male pegasus rider, and in a lot of games the enemy riders look male and can be datamined to show that they are actually so, I think Mystery of the Emblem is one of those games. In the GBA games, it was because Pegasi simply didn't like males, or most men weren't gentle enough for them. I think it's in one of Florina's supports. That's generally the reason used. Karin says so in FE5.
  6. I support this happening wholeheartedly. Roxas for smash, my dream might finally happen. Anyways, I hope Nintendo does a deal or something for those fighter-passes, since I do not have 75 dollars to spare on Smash characters. I might just have to do what I did in Sm4sh, which is pick my 3 favorites, although I might to 5 since there are that many this time.
  7. https://the-dere-types.fandom.com/wiki/Mayadere Or to quote that if you don't want to go there "A mayadere refers to a character who is often a dangerous antagonist of a series, but switches sides after falling in love with another character."
  8. I disagree wholeheartedly. A lot of the free units are often really popular fan favorite characters. IS has given away Camilla (which while it would've made them bank would've also drawn the ire of the fanbase moreso than it already did), Cecilia (which with her design would've been a shoe in for the whaling unit of that seasonal), Azura (also very popular), Aversa (who would've made them bank since she's a rare weapon and movement type combo), Dorcas (memes), Finn (one of if not the most popular Genealogy/Thracia character), Lyon (one of the most beloved antagonists in all of FE), Oliver (memes), Joshua (one of Sacred Stones's most popular characters), Arvis (the most beloved antagonist in all of FE), The Black Knight (well, there was Zelgius so this kinda doesn't count), Berkut (probably the best received new character in Echoes), Camus (literally has an archetype named after him), and F!Robin (Robin always sells well). Those are only the ones that stand out to me when I quickly look through the Heroic Grails tab, there are others. Garon was a new combination of movements, or at least one of the first, Naesala is the only blue flying laguz right now, ect ect. To say these units would draw in no money and are forgettable is absurd. Many could be the stars of their own banners. I admit, many of them aren't as popular as some other contemporaries, but to say that IS is just throwing us scraps for free is absurd. This lets popular units who could very well just be put on a banner instead be given out for free, which could deinsentivise some folks from summoning from a banner. They're literally about to give away Loki, who by all accounts should be the banner character of the Spring festival banner, instead of Bruno's abs.
  9. Does that mean IS is going to go the F/GO route and
  10. Certainly an interesting bit of statistics. I think the overall total of playable units is alright, they're within 5 percent of each other, which seems fairly fine to me. The seasonal units is pretty egregious, although it might've been slightly boosted due to the inclusion of TT units. The 5* exclusives is basically the same as the seasonal units, just without the possibility that the TT units might've slightly skewed the percents.
  11. Dorcas's issue isn't enemies doubling him, which for a chunk of the earlygame, they don't, but Dorcas will never double anyone or anything reliably. This is FE7, where if you can't ORKO foes in the mid-game, you're generally a bad unit. Dorcas's inability to double consistently keeps him away from this goal. He might do decent damage with one hit, but it's only one hit. Even at 20/20, he only averages 13 speed. At 20/10, he only averages 11 speed. You know who has 11 speed at base? Freaking Nino. Speed-wise, a trained Dorcas is on par with base Nino. That's pathetic. Making this worse is that he promotes to a Warrior. FE6 this isn't, and Warriors suck. I would say, on paper, that Bows compliment Dorcas well. Bows are highly-accurate but low in mt which covers and is covered by Dorcas's strengths and weaknesses, the issue is that bows suck in FE7. 2x effectiveness destroys their usefulness, and makes the Warrior's combo pointless, since you could just use a hand-axe for better results. And with bows locked 2 range (with few exceptions), Dorcas's paper thin durability will get him torn to shreds while he just stands there. I'd say he has a bit of potential early-game, but he drops hard by the end of the Dread Isles.
  12. I don't really see the outfit as that egregious, or really very egregious at all. For one, saying she's been reduced to "just tits" is absurd. While we don't have the plain artwork yet, from what we see in the trailer that clearly isn't the case. She's basically dressed like Spring Catria, just green and without the gloves. While she is showing a little more cleavage, it really isn't enough for me to say she's "just tits". Plus, they aren't even close to the main focus in her attacking pose, unlike another spring alt, Spring Kagero. This blasting of the artwork feels unjustified imo.
  13. Freaking sweet, I've wanted a Palla alt for a long time. She looks pretty good too, B skill is worthless since I don't do Aether raids, but still I like her. Plus this means there's going to be an uptick in fanart for her. Marisa is like a seasonal demote? I dunno, she just seems kinda underwhelming with her skill-set. Bruno joins the very short list of characters who have a seasonal version but not a regular, and Veronica is just kinda meh. Loki being the TT is whatever, I still can't muster up any will to care about her.
  14. Basically just in the same situation as Otts. End of quarter, so all my teachers have been unloading their work on us. I'll have plenty of time over the weekend and the following week to hash out my story, and I have some, let's call them interesting, ideas.
  15. "Gods above, why is it so loud in this joint?" Venitus asked himself aloud, already knowing the answer. Arcades were naturally loud, a combination of machines set to maximum volume, and a variety of people celebrating whatever achievements they had just, uh, achieved. Despite being a larger man, Venitus was being pushed around to and fro by the whims of the crowd, to the point he had lost any of his new friends, or really anyone who he could recognize. He was able to squeeze himself out around a couple of Frame Ops themed skee ball machines.Taking a look around, he saw where the crowd he had just gotten out of was heading towards. The Megasims, hulking behemoths that were way too large and way too loud for Venitus's tastes, there were seven if he had counted correctly. They seemed to be gearing up, I imagine Team Odyssey grabbed a few for try outs, since they're great for publicity and entertainment. I should go grab one of the normal sims, not only are they cheaper, but they're better since less people will be gathered around them. Venitus took a more roundabout way towards the normal sims. They're certainly not as elaborate or fancy as those large hunks of metal, but they work just fine. Venitus got to his destination and grabbed a timeslot with a normal machine around the time those Megasims would be ready, although at the rate set up seemed to be going, from whatever Venitus could see, he might've scheduled it a tad too early.
  16. It was your wording. Using words like "have" over such an inconsequential post is kinda an ass move. I'm well aware of that fact, which is why I said at the end that she should post her entry there, but said transition doesn't have to be immediate, and there's no need to be rude over it. You didn't, but the wording Ana used seems very forceful to me.
  17. With all due respect, you don't need to be an ass about it. Chloey doesn't have to do anything. There is no rule that states we all have to immediately transition to a new post. Plus with all the notifications coming from this post as opposed to Anon's, making this the more active thread, it would make sense for a quick post about whether you have an idea to write about to be made here. She should obviously post her entry in the new post as opposed to this one, but again, no one is required to do anything.
  18. I mean, it's neat. Certainly more flashy than plain ol' Forest voting. But it just seems to take our number one spot into account when voting, so it's really not all that different. Maybe that's a setting or something, I dunno, but it just seems like extra work right now. Although interestingly it seems like none of the people who voted Ana have voted in the thing yet, so her piece isn't actually winning in that vote.
  19. I'm fine with getting rid of rule 8, or at least loosening it. As for the minimum word count, I can see it being reduced a bit. Not too much, since while poems are nice and all, if we do away with it I can see some lazy last minute entries occurring. Well, Severa trying to kill herself was, well let's say it's a twist that I should've expected but didn't and caught me off guard as a a result.
  20. I'm fine with whatever for rules, I'm not very picky with how things are run, or where we start and all that jazz.
  21. This, goldfish are the second best cracker out there. Saltines beat them, but hard second.
  22. Sure, let me grab a few examples. So here the issue is the overuse of ellipses, some slightly clumsy dialogue, and also the mismanagement of her stutter/stammer. The best way to show this is for me to first re-write this, and show you my thought process behind it. "Meredith, I...I just wanted to say that I shouldn't have yelled at you li-look, y-you know how I am when someone throws a curveball at me, especially one that's like...like that, you know? So I, well I thought that once I had calmed down that I should come and...you know, apologize, And, for trying to punch yo-your..." Now, that isn't perfect. The use of I's in critical junctures makes it very hard for me to properly use dashes to indicate repeat uses or thinking, but it gets the point across. It makes the character come off as more scared and stubborn to apologize, rather than just thinking of it really hard. Again, I don't know the characters to well, but it follows the impression I got. Same issues as before, but this time with a few odd dashes thrown in. "He...he didn't wanna risk it. If anyone found out, th-then I'd be targeted too. Bu-but it got to be...it was...it was just too much. I easily got into his room without his knowing, and...and I just as easily waited for him to come get ready for bed. W-when he came in, I...I said..." Again, a little clumsy on my part since I's with dashes look bad (I-I looks more like a TIE fighter than a stammer), but it generally flows better imo. On the repeat read, it isn't quite as bad as I originally said, far less glaring things, and more nitpicks like the stammers and waits being kinda off.
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