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  1. Unlike the medu-dragon, Sollowy had problem being warped mid-air, floating down to the ground with the slight bit of concentration. There was no time to waste; the enemy was within the walls and charging their position, Thessy already to charge into the fray... Only for the retreat to be called not two seconds after she'd dropped their stuff unceremoniously on the ground, hands reaching for the Bow of Yggdrasil. A heavy sigh escaped her as she returned her bow to her back, floating along after Thesephine. "At least we didn't have to fight right after the warp, not sure if I could've kept up after... That." As the approached the group, Sollowy couldn't help but notice how familiar the woman they were approaching was. She didn't remember ending their conversation on a good note...
  2. Xalrei entered the closest house she could reach with reckless abandon, throwing the door open with a loud bang sure to startle whatever residents were still present. As fate would have it, only a sole red-headed girl was in this house. "You need to bar your doors and find someplace to hide as soon as possible! Some real dangerous people might be heading this way!" Though she was yet to realize it, Xalrei knew the woman she was barking at. She'd seen her briefly last night, in Circe's crystal ball. Such was her rush that Xalrei didn't even realized she was shouting at a human yet. "Huh!?" Red twintails spun around, eyes locking on Xalrei. Her whole body froze up at the sight of a... A dragon, bloodied, toting a terrifying weapon... Her knees gave out in an instant. She collapsed to the floor, hands coming up, trying to cast magic, the spell failing no matter how much she tried. "L-L-Lll, liii, ligh, ghhtt, tt, t, t... P-Please... I'm, I, I'm not... P-Please, d, don't... Hurt me..." Spell failing, she curled up into a ball, hiding her body against the back wall as best as she could. "I'm s, s-sorry, I'm s, soss, s-sorry... I didn't... W, Want, this...!" "What the Hel...?" Xalrei was befuddled by the sight before her as the girl collapsed, instinctively approaching her to help the girl up only to brace as soon as she saw her trying to use magic! Had the girl actually managed to cast any of her spells they would've dropped the beaten and battered dragon like a sack of bricks. Instead, there was now an angry, and confused, dragon staring down at the new lump on the floor. "What the Hel's your problem!? I run my ass all the way over here and you try to ambush me!? You'd better start explaining your, self...?" As she stared down at the girl, mind a little clearer from the burst of adrenaline, the puzzle pieces started to fit into place. This girl wasn't a monster. She was a human, the one who'd been on the other side of that jail cell! "What's with your fixation on me, huh!? Answer me!" Why was she shouting? Red was confused, shrinking further into her ball, arms trying to cover herself, sniffling back tears. "I, I don't kn-know who you, are! I'm sorry! I'm s-so, sorry! Please, don't... Don't, h-h-h-hhuurt, me...!" A hiccup escaped between her words and she started to cry, too panicked over the sight of seeing such a terrifying looking monster face to face. "Then why are you apologizing and crying!?" She had to know something if she was having such a visceral reaction to seeing her. The problem, then, was getting her to do anything aside from sob out apologies from the corner. More than a little frustrated by whatever the Hel was going on, Xalrei reached out for the red-head's wrists to pull her hands away from her face. Instead of the girl's face, Xalrei's vision was instead filled with the vision Circe had showed her playing out for a few seconds, only to start cracking and finally shatter into pieces. Baffled, Xalrei blankly stared at the girl's face not even realizing it. "Let go! Ahhh! Help! HELP!!" Panicked shrieks rang out of the house, red struggling against Xalrei's grip, not that it did much. Neither did her calls for help, as no sound of help was coming... "I... I, I just, I didn't... mean... T-To attack, you, I'm... S-sorry, I... It was a ref, fflex, I, pl, please..." Her energy was spent, even if her heart was racing, she had no more power left to tug against the dragon, or continue her frantic noises. But I'm n-nnn, not, dead... Why? Isnn't, she a dragon? Why isn't she killing me...? "... Y-You're..." A small gasp, a sniffle, wide eyes staring up at Xalrei. She was still strained, but... "Hurt. I... I-I can..." With the opening of her hands, red began to close Xalrei's wounds instead of conjure another spell. "P-Please... Donn-nn't... Hurt me, miss dragon..." "Shut up! Stop screaming in my ears! I'm not gonna hurt you unless you make me!" Though recoiling a little from the loud noise in her ears, Xalrei didn't let her grip on her 'captive' falter for a second. Even if it weren't for the vision she'd been shown, something about this girl wasn't sitting right with her. Something deep inside of the dragon told her she couldn't let the girl out of her grasp. "How the Hel is that just a reflex for you!? Who are you?" To her great befuddlement, the girl started again with her spells. But, this time healing her? What the fuck was going on? "I wasn't going to in the first place..." A sigh escaped her, staring down at the red-head. "Are you starting to calm down now? What's your name?" Red kept shaking every time Xalrei yelled back at her, trembling on her place on the ground, head sinking again as she was finished with the spell. "I... My... Nnnnn-Nname is... Ten-nebria. Tenebria Oweyn... I'm... I, yo-you're a monnnnster, of course, it's ref-flex when you, come in, looking like... You do." Another heft gulp left the girl. She wasn't calming down at all, her body had just given out and wasn't responding to all of her anxiety. "P-Please... Let, me go..." Something about that name was familiar, stirring something in the back of the dragon's memory. Where had she heard that last name before? It's wasn't out here, so it must've been back at the academy... The only people important enough to have their names in books, especially a human name, were... "Wait... Tenebria, Oweyn? Like, the Coteon royal family...!?" The realization was enough to ignite the fires of her resentment, Xalrei's grip unintentionally tightening on Tenebria's wrists as her gaze turned to a harsh stare. A strong part of her wanted to strike the girl, to exact revenge for her parents on Coteon by taking away their princess. Requiem was easily in reach, Tenebria was effectively helpless in her grip. She'd even tried to attack her when she saw her, but... Staring down at the scared-out-of-her-mind girl, Xalrei hesitated. It didn't feel right to want to harm her. But, similarly, she couldn't just let her go... A tense moment passed in absolute silence, Xalrei's gaze not once leaving the pinned girl. When she did finally speak, her voice was restrained, forced by herself into an uneasy calm. "No. You're coming with me. You don't get a say in the matter. Someone other than me can decide what to do with you, even if it's letting you go." Getting of the girl and beginning to stand, Xalrei tugged light on Tenebria's arm. "C'mon, get up. I'll carry you if I have to." "P-Please, nnn-no... I, I can't. I can't, w, walk..." Tenebria was pulled up, legs immediately failing her, collapsing back to the floor. "Please... J-Just, let me, go... Please... I'm, nnn, nnoo, not supposed to be here..." "I said I'd carry you." Without anymore words, Xalrei hoisted the taller girl up to her feet just enough to get her arms under her, lifting her up and carrying her princess style, for now. "Then you made a mistake telling me who you were. You won't be killed , or hurt," probably "so just accept it." "L-Let, go!" Tenna didn't want to be carried! Especially not like this! Marina was supposed to be carrying her like this... Not a monster that was still causing her anxiety to spike, heart almost ready to beat out of her chest. "J-Just... Please...!" She was squirming as much as she could, but it wasn't doing her much good... Xalrei was already leaving. "St, Stop struggling!" Though Tenna's struggling wasn't potent enough to slip out of Xalrei's grasp, it was still annoying to a moderate degree. "I'll carry you over my shoulder if I have to! I'm not letting you go! So you can either have a comfy ride back to the fort or a rough and bumpy one!" "I, mmnh..." A hefty whimper and her continued panic shut her down, sitting frozen in Xalrei's arms now, pale as a sheet, terrified for her life... Her magic was failing her still. Without telling Xalrei, she'd been trying to conjure a light spell in her mind... It wasn't working. Xalrei seemed a little satisfied once Tenna struggling died down, even if she didn't know the exact reason for it. "Good... Now just sit there and I'll put you down once we're in the fort proper."
  3. As much as Xalrei wanted to help Bladen he was doing just fine by himself. Him drawing the cavaliers' attention away from her was probably his way of telling her to continue onto the village. 29,11
  4. Her surprise attack had worked better than she'd thought it would; Requiem pierced right through a weak point in the mounted monster's armor and made short work of his life. As drained as she was from using the cursed blade, only one of the group was brave enough to challenge her after witnessing the sight of her and Requiem. It ended the same as it always seemed to, herself exhausted but standing and Requiem with another meal. All that was left was to cover Bladen's retreat into the woods, then move onto the village... Xal to 29-16, smack Cav #11 off the map.
  5. "You don't have to tell me twice!" With the closest thing to Bladen's blessing that she'd get, not that she necessarily felt that she needed it, Xalrei focused for second. Her limbs began to crackle with electricity, lighting coursing over her scales, and then she was off in a mad dash for the woods, striking out at the mounted monster once she was safe behind cover. 26,18, attack the cav. What Are We
  6. Once again everyone had jumped in to clean up the mess of the enemy. Considering how Bladen looked, it was probably for the best that he hadn't had to finish the mercenaries off himself. She caught his jump into the air, but not the reason why, so she briefly joined him in the air. Her wings worked overtime to get her high enough with her armor still on and, as soon as she saw what Bladen had seen, Xalrei immediately wished she'd saved the energy she'd put into that for what she was going to do to this 'Hero'. Landing with a thump, she barely heard Bladen's voice, already moving south to confront Ariana: exactly what he didn't want her to do. Where it not for his mention of a village out there, and the chance they were in danger, she would've continued her charge right at Ariana and her men. Veering a bit off to the right, so she could talk with Bladen, she did her best to apply her vulnerary to her wounds. "I'm not letting you go down there alone, then! What if they see you and break off to kill you? I'm not letting that happen! And if you're so worried about me, just protect me like you said you would!" 26,23, vuln self
  7. Xalrei took a deep breath as she stared at the hole the group had torn into the encroaching monsters, her grip on Requiem tightening as she was already moving to act as a stop gap. She didn't even hear Asami. Taiyute had taken a hefty counter even if she'd downed her opponent. There was the matter of the fire mage to deal with-- Xalrei remembered the genasi telling her that she didn't get along well with fire. Part of her wondered, even as she readied her stance in front of the armored beastfolk, that if she shouted out who she was and ordered them to stop if they would listen. There was no way, right? Laselia would probably slap her hand over her mouth before she could get it out anyway. They were moving again. Xalrei braced herself for pain, well aware of the barrage that was coming her way. She wasn't quick enough to dodge the fire ball aimed at her, eyes shut as the flames washed over and scorched her scales. Then an arrow in her side, followed by another in her shoulder before her eyes were back open. She was dizzy on her feet and she hadn't even started swinging Requiem yet. The sword from the knight was easy to deflect, a hasty blow aimed at a target that shouldn't have still been standing. Such was his blunder that Requiem found his visor, the cursed weapon killing him in an instant, only for another to take his place. That swing went completely wide, perhaps unnerved by the sight of his comrade's swift death at such a fearsome looking weapon. Xalrei didn't really care, at least she was still conscious enough to drive Requiem into the joints of his armor enough to get him to back off. As she caught her breath there was another flurry of activity, everyone eager to finish off the enemies on their side. All that was left was an archer and the approaching swordmen... Requiem would surely yell at her, but she didn't think she could stay standing if the damn thing took more of her life force. Slipping her brass knuckles on, it wasn't hard to pummel the archer until they stopped standing. Xalrei moves to 24-26, brass knuckles Archer #1.
  8. Xalrei had come running as soon as she'd heard the crash of the launched boulder. After her encounter with Ariana, the fake Hero, yesterday she'd been walking about with her armor on, so at least she hadn't had to worry about that. Bladen had caught sight of her running and quickly chased after her, Asami obviously in tow wherever he went. Of course the part of their group that they happened upon had to have an unknown human in it, but, given the circumstances, all he got from her was a half glare. He looked like he was helping anyway, what with the thunder raining down on someone outside the walls. Everyone had already gotten to the residents on this side it looked like, so all she could do was advance and brace for the inevitable breach. Xalrei to 26,31.
  9. Xalrei hadn't missed the lamia's near slipup, but given her current staring match with the shield she didn't comment on it. "It's from Coteon. It has to be." Xalrei answered with a huff, staring harder at the shield. It had to be Coteon; Hwein had no business trying to assassinate her. The history lessons at the officer's academy had said Hwein was generally on good terms with Monsters... Weren't they having trouble with Coteon, too? Xalrei remembered something like that being mentioned somewhere. "What are you going to do with it?" A simple question, but one she didn't really know why she asked. Did she want to take it, and use it against the church in some ironic twist of fate? Or did she never want to see it again? It was hard to tell with anger clouding her judgement. Perhaps she ought to forget about it, at least for now, and save it for after her fortune was told. Speaking of, Bladen seemed to have a good idea of what he wanted out of this whole affair. Not that it was surprising. Bladen seemed well collected, even if he was a bit of a dork who got flustered too easily, and was too quick to put the burden of duty on himself... A tiny sigh escaped the dragon, shaking her head as she was reminded of what she'd agreed to let Bladen do. Though, much like the rest of her past, she couldn't take it back. But, she could at least learn from it. "Can you read my past, and future? I already know some of what you'll find, but maybe there's more..." She clapped a claw onto Bladen shoulder. "And he already said what I think about the future telling better than I could."
  10. Asami had well and truly interrupted their conversation, drawing all of Bladen's attention onto herself. There wasn't much she could do about that, however, so instead Xalrei opted to follow along once Asami started leading them to the fortune teller's. It was either that or get left behind in the alleyway they had appropriated. A few more quips from Asami at Bladen's expense and they were there. No sooner than Asami bid them enter he was already inside, asking questions of the fortune teller. Xalrei, for her part, raised an eyebrow at the fox but otherwise kept her mouth shut. She could see well enough that they were entangled; commenting on it would just expose her to Asami sharp tongue. Stepping inside after Bladen, Xalrei's eyes were immediately drawn to the shield Bladen had occupied himself with, stepping up behind her friend to get a closer work. What business a fortune teller had with a shield like this was beyond her, but something about the rusted piece of equipment sparked something in her memory. Just where had she seen the crest on it before...? Her eyes suddenly flashed wide open and her breath momentarily catching in her throat as her claws balled into fists, the dragonewt shaking in place. The bastards that had attacked her and her friends, the ones that had come after them during her first night with the group, they'd been wearing armor with these crests! "Wh, Where did you find this shield...?" Though she had voiced her question to the lamia behind the table, Xalrei still hadn't turned to look at her, her gaze firmly focused on the shield in front of her.
  11. Xalrei held her tongue as Bladen talked about his clan, about their honor, their shame, the losses they'd taken, the duty he had somehow decided was his to shoulder. All in the name of protecting her family, her sister, and now her. She didn't want to accept his conclusion, but for once had the sense to keep her mouth shut before she said something terrible. She couldn't tell Bladen to his face that she'd rather his clan hadn't come at all, given that Marina was apparently going to surrender anyway. Not after they were already dead. A huff tumbled out of her lips, her tail swaying behind her, agitated. "You, you really don't have to do this, Bladen. You shouldn't have to worry about honor, or anything like that. Not for an absentee princess like me." It hurt to call herself that, but it was probably how the population would view her. Or so she had convinced herself anyway. She didn't like how he was wording his plea, either. Making it sound like it was purely rooted in their friendship, and not at all tied to the name attached to her. A reluctant sigh met him, Xalrei's arms firmly crossed. "If, you really insist, I can't stop you. But that doesn't mean I want you taking risks for me. I can handle myself." If he was going out of his way to pitch it like that, he was probably bordering on her level of stubborn. And there wasn't really anything she could do about that, now was there? The appearance of Asami couldn't have come at a more unwelcome time, Xalrei still conflicted about her feelings on the fox. It seemed like she was here for Bladen more than herself, anyway. Xalrei was fine with regarding the fox with a grunt and letting Bladen handle her, content to complain at her where she couldn't be heard. If you knew so much you should've just told in the first place when I asked, not turned it into a fight...
  12. "It's less that I didn't want to, and more so that Laselia told me I shouldn't..." Xalrei shrugged and huffed, surprised Bladen hadn't asked for more. She'd already made her peace with retelling recent events if what she'd told Taiyute was any indication, so it wasn't like Bladen would be spearheading new ground. "If you don't want to ask that's fine, I guess. Just figured you'd be curious." It seemed that was going to be the end of this, then. Bladen had nothing to ask, and had agreed to keep her secret, so it was time to go back to, whatever they were doing. Or that was what the dragon had thought. Somehow, Bladen had worked it into his head that he now had a duty to protect her, because of some decision made before he was born, probably. Xalrei didn't actually know how old he was. "Look, Bladen. I... Appreciate the gesture. But, you don't owe me anything. What happened to my parents," despite her calm expression, Xalrei's claws clenched into fists, "wasn't something you could've stopped. And, I already have Laselia and Dorian watching over me. Constantly. I'd rather just have you keep being my friend, than another guard."
  13. "Then I'll just use a different weapon, you defective 'Hero'! And don't act like it did nothing, I heard a few of your worthless ribs break!" Xalrei spat back at the retreating Ariana, eyes still alit with her magic. She so desperately wanted to stone this pretender, but the thought of having her own magic turned back against her was enough to stay her eyes. Nearly as soon as Ariana hobbled off with her tail between her legs Laselia slithered up from the shadows, immediately hitting her with (deserved) criticism. "I'm fine, really..." She huffed as Laselia fretted over her, but all the same took the vulnerary and rubbed it along her lips and nose, the minor pain receding into oblivion. Ayane arrived no sooner than she'd done that, the dragon in no mood to try and calm the rightfully furious oni, so she was the tiniest bit thankful Amera showed up and managed to calm her. Now all that was left was the elephant in the alleyway... Bladen had followed without any further questions, which Xalrei was thankful for. Bladen was the one person in the group she would earnestly call a friend so, while she knew Laselia was just protecting her, having her only friend be on the receiving end of the naga's threats wasn't the most pleasant thing in the world. He was surprisingly understanding about it, and even managed to dispel some of the tension by being his usual dorky self. It was also... Nice, to have him earnestly swear to keep her secret, it showed that he really cared. Laselia had been pleased enough with his answer to slither off and make sure they weren't being watched, or at least that was how Xalrei interpreted it, so that was a held breath finally exhaled. "Thank you, Bladen." That was a good start, right? "And I guess I should explain things a little more, while it's 'private'." A sigh followed, and Xalrei couldn't resist the urge to cross her arms. "You don't know Thesephine had a sister because my grandfather decided I'd be safer as Ralsvelgr's daughter, Xalrei Idreis, instead of as who I really am, Tundyssa Adozosi. I didn't know myself until recently..." Better to gloss over just exactly how she'd learned, he and the fox were pretty close. "If you wanted to ask anything, about me, now's the time I guess..."
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