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  1. "If you're that sure about it..." Xalrei replied, crossing her arms. Even if what the lizardgirl had just claimed about herself was true, Xalrei wished that Taliyah wasn't so quick to put herself down Though she could still see that, in the end, she was just trying to help her out. "Thanks, Taliyah. And with her, you don't need luck..." She said, managing a smile and grumble to Taliyah and Gabriela respectively as the siren began to lead the small group away. "Yeah, what you were saying sounded pretty interesting. Green aura floating in the trees? Not exactly common." Xalrei added, joining Nessraya.
  2. "You'd better..." The dragon grumbled out a warning, squeezing the smaller woman's hand, a bit harder than she needed to, as Nessraya led them to their table. She sat down with a tiny huff, resting her arms, but not her elbows, on the table. "Mn. I suppose so. And how about we get some cider? How does that sound?" Near immediately after she posed her question, a trio of drunks decided now was the time to get loud. She would've just tuned them out if not for the topic of their conversation. "Oi," she hollered over towards the card playing trio. "Where were you when you saw the 'witch'?" Her interest was entirely professional; due to the hungry cursed blade at her side and the lack of magical development on her scales part. She couldn't afford to get blindsided by a magic user. It was not out of some curiosity born from rumors she'd heard about witches. Absolutely not. Speaking of witches, apparently the mysterious woman was an agent of one: ouka. What was she doing here delivering a weapon to Ayane's bodyguard then? Was Ouka nearby? She sighed. "Looks like this 'date' is getting cut short, Nessraya."
  3. "Don't do it in public..." She grumbled, her tail still staying well away from the Nessraya as she kept up her guard. "Please." Xalrei added, pleading with the succubus. At her words of caution Xalrei turned to stare at the man, studying him for any sign of hostility. He wasn't leveling it at them, at least, and his stance didn't appear all that defensive despite his uncomfortable expression. Neither Gabriela or Taliyah appeared overly concerned, either. Things seemed to be alright, for now. "It doesn't look like he's threatening them, at least. But I agree. Wouldn't hurt to keep an eye on him." With the newcomer entering the inn, Xalrei's attention was temporarily directed towards her. She seemed to have her own eyes on the Oni as well. And that spear on her back, a potential acquaintance? Though that conclusion just didn't seem to sit well with Xalrei, for some reason. There was no reason why it shouldn't. Maybe she was just being paranoid...
  4. "It's not that it isn't to my taste, exactly..." Xalrei was determined to dance around the subject as much as possible. She wasn't proud of getting kicked out of the very first tavern she'd gone to, nor did she want to admit that to Nessraya. "There's nothing wrong with that, is there? She's my friend, so I gotta watch out for her." She grumbled a bit, but didn't let the teasing get to her otherwise. "It sounds like she's had it rough, too, so I don't want her to feel down about herself." "It takes a lot to get me drunk too; though, probably not for the same reasons. Wonder who can last the longest..." Any further musing was cut short by the succubus' approach, Nessraya deciding to try a 'hands-on' approach. "He-Hey!" Xalrei squeaked as a shiver ran through her body and a crimson hue took to her face. She quickly took a step back from the succubus once her own tail got involved, maneuvering it out of her grasp during her retreat. "Don't do that here!" She added in an angry whisper, crossing her arms and taking up her best attempt at a defensive position. "That's off-limits, okay?" She added, softer. "I'll let you know if I'm up for... That later, alright? Right now I just want to relax... The kind without your magic."
  5. "Not really..." Considering how her last stint at a tavern had went, she should probably lay off the alcoholic beverages entirely; she wasn't looking to ruin everyone's fun. Xalrei shook her head, pointing at the excitable lizardgirl as she dashed off. "Taliyah was pretty down after dinner, so we were gonna take her out for a night on the town. She wanted to come here, so... Here we are." Speaking of her friend, a glance in her direction sent Xalrei into a miniature panic. Another Oni!? At least this one hadn't immediately drawn his weapon. She tried to relax, not wanting to rush over and nag Taliyah when she seemed to be doing okay. This was a tavern, no one was going to pull a weapon on her. Hopefully. She turned back to Nessraya. "What about you, Nessraya? I know you subsist on..." She fought the forming blush, her face still tinging red despite her efforts. "Magic. But what about 'spirits'?"
  6. All though Xalrei quickly realized Nessraya was just teasing her, the dragon's knee-jerk reaction certainly gave Nessraya what she was looking for. "Wha... D-Date!? No, it's not, I'm just-- Ugh..." She sighed and grumbled, a crimson blush now adorning her face. Gabriela deciding not to join in and poke at her when she was already so flustered was a small mercy she was thankful for. Taliyah confusing the situation --or maybe she could just see what Xalrei couldn't-- and boasting to the town about a date made her feel like she wanted to disappear... She shook her head, a begrudging smile on her face. At least Taliyah seemed to be doing better, that was the real goal for heading back out into town. "C'mon, it's this way." Xalrei quickly took back her position at the front of their little group, leading the gaggle of girls towards the tavern. Pushing open the doors to the Accidental Gopher revealed a pretty standard tavern. The smell of alcohol in the air, a variety of monsters chatting with each other in varying states of drunkenness, and overall a warm and almost friendly atmosphere. Just a place for people to get drunk and have a good time for whatever reason they could think of, or maybe even for no reason at all. There were some rougher looking folks in the back, but that was to be expected. As long as they kept to themselves there was no reason to pay them any mind. "Well, we're here. Let's have a good time together yeah?"
  7. "If you want, we could talk to her about it together. So you don't have to do it alone." Xalrei offered as she began to lead her small group out of the inn. She didn't want to go into the idea further and risk bringing Taliyah's mood back down, but she had to let her friend know she was there for her. "But enough about that! We're going out to have fun, not to worry about things like that." Exiting the inn revealed the group that had gathered was dispersing -save Nessraya-, Xalrei blissfully unaware of the exchange between the general and Marina just moments prior. "Oh, uh, hey, Nessraya. We were going to walk around town a bit, maybe go shopping or visit some of the other places around town. Do you want to come with?" Maybe if the succubus agreed, Xalrei could figure out what their relationship was supposed to be. She had gone to Nessraya to escape her dreams for a night, fully expecting to act as if it hadn't happened come morning; however, Nessraya was still flirting with her and now giving her gifts. Was it just her being playful, or was there something more sincere there?
  8. Dinner was officially over. Everyone was more or less finished with their meals and heading out to enjoy(?) their respective nights. Who was even still at the table besides herself? Gabriela and Taliyah; the sword too, if it counted. No one else. While she had promised Requiem a deer, checking up on Taliyah was a higher priority for the dragon. Her friend had been far from her cheery self during dinner, except maybe when she was scarfing down her food; Xalrei needed to know she was okay. She rose from her seat, walking around to the lizardgirl. "You doing alright Taliyah? Did your nap help?" It bothered her more than she cared to admit how much that sounded like a certain Naga instead of a concerned Xalrei. "If you want we could go check out the town some more, maybe check out some shops since we got sidetracked last time." The other option was dragging her along into the forest to find a deer, but given Taliyah didn't seem too fond of the cursed weapon, that was probably off the table for now. "Oh, you're welcome to come too, Gabriela; might as well pick up from where we left off earlier, yeah?"
  9. You keep saying cryptic stuff like that and you can go back on the wagon. Without the deer. As much as Requiem interested her, and as sure as she was she could handle the demon blade, she wasn't about to bend over to it. She'd picked it up on a whim and could just as easily return it; for now, at least, she was the one in the position of power over the blade. As of now it was just another weapon to the dragon. Admittedly a very interesting and powerful weapon, and perhaps the childish side of her found it 'cool', but that was the extent of her investment into the cursed weapon. With her attention split between Asami and the needy sword at her side, Xalrei had missed out on the finer details of Ayane plight. What she caught was that this 'Ouka' was here now, ready to stir up even more trouble on Xensat. Dealing with her was being shunted to their group, Marina in particular being singled out by Asami. No shortage of work for the hero it seemed, and with that work would come more chances for the dragon to evaluate the reformed hero. Of course, that was assuming the both of them survived dealing with Ithraxl. Not that she had any intention of dying, or letting death claim Marina for that matter. She was simply aware of the risks involved in their journey, even more so with this new and mysterious threat. As for Ayane herself, she was here for vengeance, to cut down the witch that had taken everything from her. A solid enough reason for the dragon; vengeance was one of the fires fueling her, perhaps even the hottest of her flames when she allowed it blaze. She seemed determined to take on the task herself, but would she actually follow through with that plan now that Asami had forced the task on Marina? Or would she join them to pool her resources, hoping to be the one to drive her sword through the witch? Xalrei saw more benefit in Ayane joining them, they could use her strength, but she wasn't about to stand in the way of her vengeance.
  10. The cressida had easily been torn apart by her bullets, her aim unhindered by its forest cover. For Apotheosis suits they were awfully fragile, especially with the Sacarian Knights and foot soldiers available for direct comparison. The human opponents were quickly dwindling down to nothing, the few exceptions either behind the pilot seat of mobile suits made with Sacarian technology or piloting battleships. This was quickly turning into a battle between humans and their alien invaders and, somehow, the humans seemed to have the advantage. She'd made the right choice. There was no question. Jesicka's sudden transmission confused her. The cheater captain didn't have the seriousness she'd expected of her in this situation. It was almost like this was an entirely different person. Was that because of her inability to remember anything? She quickly silenced the line of thought; she'd never particularly cared for the android, why should she care about that and, more importantly, why should she distract herself thinking about it? There were more important things taking her attention, like the data Roxanna had sent over on the Knight mobile suit and Thorvald's orders. "Understood, Papa Bear. Moving to disable armor." Aly cast Alert, move to 12,11, Acid Shotgun Poe
  11. Nessraya's kiss had caused the dragon's cheeks to blaze completely scarlet and for her to fumble her carefully held fork, the dinnerwear falling onto her plate with a noticeable clunk. Though, with the news Erephis had given them about the strange vial Taliyah had had on her, perhaps it wasn't as noticeable as Xalrei thought. At the very least she certainly hoped that was the case; she didn't want to draw more attention to her embarrassment. It was a bit concerning that Taliyah had been in possession of something so dangerous, though. She opened her mouth to ask the lizardgirl where she'd gotten it, but before she could multiple interruptions got in the way. Firstly, Ayane had appeared again, making a beeline for Asami. Near immediately after Requiem was already whispering into her mind, prompting her to prepare to fight. It was a good thing the Oni's blade wasn't drawn like when she'd done the same to Xalrei, else the dragon may have been more willing to heed the cursed sword's urgings. Had it picked up on the supposed curse on her blood? Or was Ayane just itching for a fight? Either way, the cursed sword wouldn't be getting what it wanted. At least not here. Hopefully. 'Yeah, it's an inn. Even worse place for you.' If Requiem thought she was going to be the first one to draw steel the blade was sorely mistaken. Though, it had succeeded in putting her on guard, a claw resting on its hilt. 'Slow your roll, it's just the woman from before. Unless you noticed some other source of that hunger.' Thinking about it, with Requiem so hungry for blood it would warn her of potential threats, the demon blade could warn them of ambushes, couldn't it? As long as it was feeling hungry at least. 'If you're so hungry I'll go stab you into a deer or something.'
  12. After Taliyah had fallen asleep to Gabriela's singing, Xalrei had left the two alone lest she be lulled to sleep as well. While a nap wouldn't have been a terrible idea, the arena had worn her out plenty, she had other means of relaxation in mind. The sauna, in particular, captured her attention; the thought of melting away her soreness from the fights and her fatigue from traveling was more than appealing. Of course, she couldn't go unbothered now could she? Laselia had chosen to drop in on her and wouldn't leave despite her attempts at shooing the Naga away. In the end, Xalrei relented and they conversed while her worries melted away. First about her father, Ralsvelgr, and how he was fairing with her surprise departure. Laselia said he was worried, but fine, which helped her guilt some. From there conversation drifted to the dusty old council and how they were still respecting Ralsvelgr's wishes for peace. That had sparked a mini-argument between Xalrei and her 'mother', the young, hotheaded dragon not agreeing with her old, wise father on staying out of the war. The argument didn't last long, Laselia cutting it off before Xalrei could get too heated. The final topic only worsened her mood, occupying her thoughts long after she had parted from Laselia. Her guardian had run off once there wasn't a Xalrei to guard, to the opposing side at that. Laselia said it wasn't her fault and that Ralsvelgr was working on a solution, but she couldn't help but feel guilty and responsible for it. The feeling had lasted well into dinner, leaving her uncharacteristically quiet at dinner and picking absentmindedly at her food. She didn't even notice Nessraya until the succubus had grabbed her tail, jumping at her sudden touch. "Wh-What are you doing...?" Her question was quickly answered as Nessraya tied a ribbon to her tail, in front of the entire group. Her cheeks tinged scarlet to match her new accessory as she struggled for a response, eventually deciding on a default reply. "...Thanks, Nessraya. I, really like it." This was an unexpected, but extremely welcome, pick-me-up.
  13. "Well, I can't make you go into the arena if you don't want to. Not everyone's idea of a good time is sparring in front of a crowd." Maybe that would spark Gabriela's interest? She seemed to like attention, though, given the firmness of her stance on the arena, Xalrei doubted it would make her budge. Still, no harm in trying. Meanwhile, Taliyah's expedited retreat only caused a faster pursuit from Xalrei. "You don't need to act tough in front of me, Taliyah. I don't mind giving you a lift. And..." In one fell swoop, Xalrei caught up to her and scooped her up into her arms, carrying her like a knight would a princess. "It'd bother me more if I let you head back by yourself when you're not even steady on your feet."
  14. "It's free to enter, if that's impacting your decision at all," Xalrei corrected. She wasn't sure if it was a genuine misconception or if the Siren really didn't want to fight in the arena. She didn't know her that well, but she probably meant the part about getting dirty. The bit about hypnotizing someone on instinct was a bit worrying; though it seemed Gabriela was well aware of the risk so Xalrei wasn't really worried about it. "If you change your mind about the arena tell me how you do, yeah?" As Taliyah tried to leave Xalrei called after her. "Oi, you shouldn't be moving around if you're hurt, Taliyah." She followed after her, quickly closing the distance between them and put a hand on her shoulder. "If you want to leave to go lay down at the inn or something, I'll carry you there, you know. Wouldn't due to hurt yourself more getting there."
  15. "She just got knocked out in the arena," Xalrei assured the siren. No sooner than she'd spoken Taliyah was already starting to stir, much to the dragon's relief. As the lizardgirl sprung up Xalrei was already rising to catch her, but she managed to cat herself, at least. Now she was just standing with her arms crossed. "Hey! Be careful, Taliyah. The healers patched you up, but you still got knocked on the head pretty hard. Take it easy, okay?" Honestly, she should've just stayed on her lap if she was just going to get up and hurt herself. "Stop that." She was tempted to flick her nose, but it probably wouldn't work out so well with her claws. "You did fine. I mean, you probably shouldn't have tried your luck against Puff, but other than that you put up a good fight. You're a lot lighter on your feet than me, so it was cool to see you dashing around the arena."
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