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  1. Not expecting to be dropped so unceremoniously, Xalrei stumbled back a few steps and fell on her rear. She weathered the scolding from her new position on the ground, head hung, unable to come up with any defense for her behavior against Nimbus. She shouldn't have boasted, or let him provoke her; in the first place, she had only gone after him so that she could get back to bed. She glanced up in time to witness Laselia's weakness, and though it gave her pause, she didn't understand why this was such a big deal; as long as she was a part of this group, and not playing the part of a caged bird back home, she'd be in danger. That... was something she learned the hard way. Xalrei grit her teeth as Laselia continued, not daring to explain her true feelings in front of a crowd, especially not with the humans nearby. Instead they were bottled up further, Xalrei latching onto her anger as a replacement for them. "I get it! I messed up! You don't have to keep saying it!" She shot up to standing, angry glare directed at her mother figure. "And 'Hold my hand'!? You weren't even there when I needed you the most!"
  2. Xalrei had been prepared to end her second duel with Nimbus with a decisive strike from Requiem, spear poised to pierce the sword fighter; however, the elf crumpled in front of her and all Requiem pierced was the air where he had stood. Who dared!? The dagger in Nimbus' back told her all she needed to know: Agni. She was angry all over again, but for a different reason. This wasn't even the first time he'd done it tonight! Was he looking down on her!? She could handle herself, damn it! She didn't need help, especially not from a human! With the thieves rounded up, and thus without anyone release her anger on, the ground was forced to bear it, tail and claws slamming into it in a huff. In the time it had taken the villagers to collect the thieves and Nimbus, Xalrei hadn't calmed down much, if it all; instead, her anger had turned inward, directed at herself. Stupid, stupid, stupid! How could you say all that and then put up such a sorry performance? That's why they think they have to baby you! In her anger, she had forgotten that Requiem could read her thoughts, but, what was it going to do? Console her? Doubtful. The scare that the shopkeeper had caused did, however, remind Xalrei of the cursed blade's presence. Even if it was only for the fact that the blade would've endlessly complained at her if they had been forced to protect Marina from the villagers; she had no intention of turning Requiem on the people of Aensbrook. They had every right to want nothing to do with the Hero, so the positive reaction from the villagers was a little starling to the dragon. At least they didn't have to fight them. With things seemingly resolved, Xalrei turned to leave, eager to head back to bed, but froze the second she heard the unmistakable voice of her angry 'mother'. Now, entirely off the ground, she was reminded that, if she wanted to, Laselia could, and would, drag her back to Zreiya if she felt the need to. However, instead of bowing her head and apologizing, her anger turned her towards defiance. "Yeah, dad will lose it if I die. I know. And it's not like I fought until I collapsed! I know my limits! You don't need to treat me like a hatchling!"
  3. "What the FUCK did you call me you big-headed, spikey-haired, arena chump!?" Xalrei roared as she lunged at Nimbus, swinging Requiem wildly in his direction. She missed? No, she wasn't going to allow him to say shit like that and get off scot free! Time for round two! Stab Nimbus real good!
  4. "Holding back? Don't make me laugh. You what? Grabbed a heavier sword? You think things'll be different just because of that? You see this..." She paused, about to call Requiem a sword. "...Thing? It's a much bigger game changer than your dumb sword."
  5. "O-Oh," Xalrei momentarily paused, caught off guard at the sight before her. "At least you're okay! And thanks!" Xalrei managed to awkwardly reply to the bisected zombie as she grabbed the ring on the table, momentarily inspecting it. It looked to be made of gold and fitted with a ruby, though the ring's age had dulled it's color and shine. It wasn't quite to her tastes, but, jewelry was meant to be worn, so... The feeling of magic flowing into her, empowering her, was a welcome surprise, raising her mood somewhat. Only for it to come crashing down as she exited the zombie's abode and Bladen explained just what had happened. "She what!?" A quick glance in that direction saw Lavinia hugging her fellow undead. Jade didn't appear to be mauling her... Before she could think on it, Bladen had flown off to the top of a nearby tree. While she could fly after him, try to make him explain further, there was truth in his words. Better to just end this now and sort this out later. Tonight really sucked! Once again gripping Requiem in hand, she turned her attention towards the man shouting from the arena entrance. Wasn't that... It was! He was with these losers? Part of her was glad he was. He'd really roughed up Taliyah during her run. If there was a silver lining in all of this mess, it was that she could pay him back for that and be justified in her petty vengeance. "Please. I handled you just fine earlier today and that was without this thing. What makes you think you have a chance now? Tell you what, I'll let you have you have the first swing. Not that it'll help you." Xalrei moves to 7,3, equip Requiem, use aged energy ring, taunt Nimbus.
  6. Xalrei had missed Jade's episode, laser focused on the thief as she was. What she hadn't missed was Bladen running in front of her and obliterating the burglar in the short moment she had taken to give the wind woman a nod of acknowledgement. Was... Was that the creation magic he had talked about? She moved to congratulate him, in minor awe of what she had just witnessed. She expected him to be in a similar state, or happy, or... anything that wasn't what she saw on his face. Confusion, fear, desperation. The hell? It was then she noticed the tears in his clothing. It looked like he'd been mauled by a beast, a wolf, or something, but, as far as she knew, these bandits didn't have anything like that. What the hell was going on!? "Are you okay, Bladen. What happened?" Remembering the wicked blade the thief had had, she called out into the house as well. "If anyone's in there, you okay?" As she waited for a response she finally noticed Requiem dropped at Bladen's feet. It was probably none too happy about that, best to pick it up lest it complain at her for ignoring it. Xalrei to 10,4 trade Requiem from Bladen, visit house.
  7. Something about Lavinia's choice of words didn't sit well with the dragon; though, the information conveyed wasn't anything she wasn't already aware of. Whether it was just her tiredness or the unfortunate timing of this being a night battle, Lavinia's words dredged up thoughts that Xalrei had no place thinking, let alone in the middle of battle. "I know what my life's worth. And I can handle myself." Even without the dangerous doubts now floating around in her head, Xalrei wasn't in the mood to be lectured by anyone. Even if it was Lavinia. Even if she was just looking out for her and, rightfully so given her current state, concerned about her. Back to the fight at hand, there had been a distinct lack of cry of pain from where Agni had cast his magic. Whoever he had been aiming must've been fleeing the house, unless Agni had snapped and started attacking civilians. While she wouldn't put that past him, that didn't seem to be the case here. Dashing off and around the corner, hoping to block the would be successful thief, she nearly crashed into a woman mad out of... Wind? Who the hell...? Regardless, she had beaten her there, standing imposingly infront of the thief. All Xalrei could do was stare the burglar down. Xalrei moves to 11,3, glares daggers at thief.
  8. Xalrei staggered back from her opponent. Not from the damage he'd dealt to her, but from the strain swinging Requiem around in an actual fight was putting on her. Before she could collect herself and finish what she'd started, Agni had taken it upon himself to swoop in take it for himself. Probably felt all self important for 'saving' her. "I didn't need your help." She growled out at him, eyeing up the significantly more armored ruffian than the one Agni had just slain. While the sword would likely protest, she returned it to her belt and took up her axe. Hearty as she was, Xalrei felt like she'd collapse if she kept letting Requiem take her energy. She wasn't going to eat dirt again in front of the snoble. Xalrei to 11-6, activate High Voltage, iron axe Armor Thief #1.
  9. Let sleeping dragons lie. A warning to be headed, not ignored. Whatever reason the arena goons had for interrupting Xalrei's sleep didn't matter to the dragon. She was tired, ornery, and more than willing to strike all of them down herself, if she had too. Requiem gripped firmly in hand, the cursed blade forming into a lance in her hands, she charged at the sword wielding elf closest to her. She wasn't the first with that idea, Jade already riding ahead and hitting him with a well placed shot, but that wasn't going to stop her. Besides, he was far too close to Nessraya, poised to strike if he wasn't put down. Xalrei to 10,6, Requiem Merc 2
  10. At first, Xalrei had been reluctant to share a bed with Nessraya, especially with Taliyah in the room; she was worried how far Nessraya would go. To her relief, she didn't go anywhere, simply supplying her with magic and giving her the comfort of a peaceful sleep. One that was hard to wake up from. At the crash outside she had barely stirred and once Lavinia went around banging on doors she had tried to pull her pillow over her ears. Once Nessraya got up and began to shake her awake she finally relinquished her hold on sleep, forced to accept that she would not get to sleep entirely though the night. "Mrrrrr..." Rising with a half-baked growl she began to get herself presentable, throwing on her clothes and then, once she was finished with that, her armor. As she fastened Requiem to her belt and made her way to the lobby, she tried to speak with the sword, wondering if it needed to be roused as well. 'You hear that? Looks like you're getting more than just deer.'
  11. 'Yeah, yeah, I'll get you your meal. I didn't forget.' Xalrei mentally grumbled at the sword, if such a thing was even possible. She knew Requiem's needs and its (basic) wants and, by asking Jade to use it, she had accepted the responsibility of providing for the cursed sword. She wasn't going to let it starve. Honestly... Only Erephis was here, apparently, the Lamia inviting them inside. Nessraya once again leading the dragon along, this time forcing her hold on Xalrei's claw into the her awareness. A slight tinge of pink took to her cheeks but, given that it wasn't as brazen as her touch at the bar, that was all that happened. As Nessraya explained the reason behind their visit to Erephis, Xalrei glanced around the unofficial library. For what she assumed was a personal collection there were quite a lot of books around. Simply the result of living a long life? "...What happened to your friend, anyway? Did he leave a note, or anything?"
  12. 'So what you're saying, is that I can't hit ghosts, but someone who could already hurt them would be able to? But if you had more power I could do that anyway?' Xalrei questioned her sword, trying to sort though it's almost cryptic words. She scratched at her chin with her free claw as she thought on it, the other taken by Nessraya as the succubus led her out of the tavern. Perhaps to Nessraya's disappointment, the act didn't fluster the dragon, though that was decidedly only due to fact Xalrei was more focused on the cursed sword at the moment. Once they were back out into the square proper, Xalrei shifted her focus back onto the succubus. "I know I suggested the library, but... How are we actually going get into it though? Erephis said her friend wasn't around, and I think they run it."
  13. While the rest of Riese crew were making peace with their traitorous comrades, the lone alien observed the battlefield, seeking a more vulnerable target than the Luna. She didn't feel it was her place to intervene, nor did she feel that the Almydis was equipped to deal with the machine. She hadn't known either of the traitors, and now, with the Luna painting a giant target on it with the threat of going nuclear, she never would. For the best, really; the battlefield was no place for emotions. She was glad, at least, that even before the threat sentimentality hadn't stayed their hands. Even without the promise of a catastrophic explosion, the Luna wasn't a machine to be ignored. Amidst the swarming of the Luna, one of the other pilots had broken off and nearly eliminated one of the approaching Saturns. Unfortunately the armor plating on mobile suit was just enough to keep it operational. Opportunistic in training, if not in nature, the infiltrator had her next target. Using the the Almydis' camouflage, Alriana repositioned and fired on the unsuspecting Saturn, shredding the damaged machine's cockpit in a hail of gunfire. Alriana moves to 10,16 Triburst Saturn #1.
  14. "A ghost...?" That seemed more serious than a witch running around the countryside. More serious than Ithraxl? That would be for Marina to decide, as the leader of the group. If she was as sorry as she seemed, Xalrei was already expecting her to want to investigate; either out of guilt or wanting to help before an incident happened. On a personal level, the dragon wanted to help, though, in the end, she would have to follow Marina's choice. Hopefully she would choose right. But that was still in the future, no matter how short. Better to focus on the present. "Maybe the library would be a good place to look? Erephis mentioned it earlier. Or maybe, at least, her friend would be a better person to ask about recent deaths?" Ghosts were mostly outside the realm of her understanding, aside from some common knowledge, as well her ability to 'handle' them. She assumed something like a ghost would be immune to typical attacks, probably needing special equipment... Hey, Requiem. Can you affect ghosts? Since you take soul energy or whatever.
  15. Xalrei crossed her arms as George told his tale. Tree looking person? Could witches do that? She brought a claw to her chin, eyes redirected towards the ceiling as she racked her brain for what this kind of monster this witch was. "What do you mean by 'tree like'? Did she have branches for limbs, or like, leaves growing on her, or something else? Being vague isn't helping." Xalrei herself couldn't approach putting two and two together without more information. She glanced over at Nessraya. Hopefully this was making at least some sense to her; she did know a lot more about magic than she did, after all.
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