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  1. Alriana watched as the two armored knights surrounding her were reduced to both fine ash and a lack of existence, for failure to word it better. That must've been the evokers, though the fact that they had so much power did unnerve the lizard a small bit; it was a first to have her flight of fight response triggered by an ally no matter how brief. However, that small moment of distraction was enough for the final enemy to charge her and spear her in the side, the pain snapping her back to the much more immediate present. She snarled as she disengaged, leaving the cover of the forest to ensure she couldn't be stabbed again as she counterattacked. Aly to 13,8 dagger the soldier.
  2. Alriana's annoyance with this wind mage had grown to new levels, being the only person she was had been unable to dodge, if only once, in the absolute mess that was attempting to crash down on her. If she could remove him, then she should be in the clear. Alriana dagger mage 3.
  3. Alriana had weathered the first series of attacks as well as she could, but the sudden appearance reinforcements had her worried. She was confident, but not stupid; she knew she couldn't take on eight knights and walk out unscathed, or maybe even alive. "RRaaah!" With a growl she fell back to the cluster of trees behind her, her tail tripping the swordsman as she pulled back to prevent him from swinging at her. All there was to do now was tend to her wounds and prepare to fight. Aly to 14,8 vuln up.
  4. The contrast between the old Requiem and the new Requiem, Exander as it claimed, was as night to day. Gone was ever-present lust for violence from the sword and in it's place was a polite, as polite as an amnesiac sentient sword could be, being requesting to continue to be used. I, see. Should I call you Exander then? The contrast between now and a few minutes ago was still striking, tripping the dragon up somewhat. I mean, you were my mother's sword from what I was told. Maybe that's why I'm familiar. And, I will continue to use you. I'm still in need of your power. Tundyssa nearly jumped from the sudden voice addressing her, too engrossed with her mental conversation with her sentient weapon. She quickly regained her composure and turned to the zombie and vampire pair. "N, Not entirely alone. If you count Requiem as company." That reminded her, the blade was still technically out on loan from Jade, even if it was rightfully the royal family's and, by extension, hers. "Not really... There were those things," she pointed at one of the non-destroyed constructs, "that wouldn't die for a bit, but Requiem took care of them permanently. We ran into a weird human but she out paced us because of Tenebria. Probably around here somewhere. Something similar happen to you too, probably?" Ember almost yelped in surprise as Tenna approached her, the Helhound's eyes shooting open to see who had approached her; she had been too deep in her own thoughts to notice the footsteps approaching her. It was one of the few humans in the group; the one that seemed pretty afraid of monsters most of the time. Well, at least she was trying to get out of her shell. Ember couldn't fault her for that. "H, Healing? No I'm fine. I don't even think I fought anything today... I should be asking if you're okay with how you're stuttering." Sollowy blinked as a flurry of questions erupted from the elf as soon as the woman heard that Thesephine had found a partner in her; though it was short lived as the elf realized what she was doing and stepped back to bow and apologize. "It's no problem at all," she reassured the woman. "It's nice to have someone be so excited about our relationship for once~" It was a mood boost she certainly hadn't expected to receive after the day had gone so poorly, especially not down in some forgotten prison. Her name did sound vaguely familiar, like she'd heard it before, but she just couldn't place it; even with Thesephine's questioning. She'd just wait for Ilvira's response to see if that jogged her memory any. One of Xetketh's stalks wrapped itself around Miz as she leaned against her and hugged her arm, now free to roam as they pleased now that the tome was within sight. Though this Nessraya grabbed it from the boy before she could, going so far as to open it as though it was hers. She fought against her urge to try and tear it out of the woman's hands, both out of fear that the book would not survive the attempt and the sudden necessity to cooperate with these people after Miz had agreed to so do. Still, with how drained she felt, her control over her stalks was far from it's finest and a few of them glared at the tome that was hers held in another's hands. "It's both," she stated with a restrained annoyance, "and I would like my one remaining possession to be returned to me." She visibly baulked at the information Nessraya laid at their feet. An advanced beginner such as her was considered elite? Was this the fate that awaited them should they try to reclaim their powers? Was this the capstone of the current age? If she wasn't so disappointed she would've been enraged; though more information did eventually trigger her temper. "...And you let the humans call our kind Monsters? When did this happen? What happened to give those fools enough confidence to stand in your presence, let alone sling such ugly terms at our kind without fearing retribution? If a human tried to call a Changed such in the past, I can promise that they learned their lesson swiftly."
  5. Alriana nearly threw the dagger she'd had ready in her hands at the approaching, self-proclaimed, kitsune, but held back once she saw the numerous tails attached to the woman. With how the knights had been acting she doubted that the woman was with them. The way the kitsune acted all but confirmed that suspicion, though her knowledge of the lizard only made Alriana more wary. "Forget deal, how do know those things?" Unless she had been listening in, there was no way she should know any of that... "Because it's my job to know things, it helps me with my customers more~" She giggled, still all smiles. "Now, as you can see, they're already here. Since it won't stop all of them, I'll cut you a deal~ One thousand gold and their bridge is gone. Stop the rest from crossing over. How does that sound?" True to the woman's word the knights had felled the snag while she was distracted, now in formation and ready to attack. For a moment she considered the offer, but her decision didn't change even with the price slash. "No. Don't need help with them. Can handle myself." There was also the fact she didn't trust the woman to do anything but run with her money; she was just too suspicious. "Oh, my, really... Well, have fun, then~ I'll give you a discount on my wares after this is all over. If you survive." She smiled, turning and fanning her tails out in front of Alriana, their conversation over. "Good luck~!" "Don't need luck." Was all the lizard had to say to the haughty fox, moving into the cover of the forest to harass the approaching knights. Alriana to 16,8, dagger cav 6.
  6. Alriana grunted as the man's axe collided with her; her armor cracked off from the force of the blow and scattered into several large chunks around her. It was far from broken, but whenever it's damage exceeded a certain threshold it forcibly detached to ensure no more damage came to it. She'd have to gather the pieces later so she could repair it. Annoyance and a glare that could bring death were on her face, but Gean killed the man before he could even see her glaring at him. Aly to 15,9 She slunk off to the east; the frontline was too crowded and, especially with her armor effectively gone, no place for her at the moment. Perhaps she could maneuver into the knight's flank...
  7. Unlike the crows, the enemies casters weren't eager to take her bait. A bit disappointing, but at least one of the axemen had approached to attempt to hit Gean. Aly to 11,10 dagger the fighter.
  8. As Nessraya approached yet again, interfering with her line of sight on the winged boy and her tome, Xetketh's eyestalks extended to look past Nessraya and keep all eight of her auxiliary eyes on the boy. Never one to hide her displeasure, her main eye settled into a slight scowl as she stared at the woman once again, narrowing as more and more disappointing details reached her ears. She dared not speak for Miz of her empire, her attachment had always been to Miz more so than the empire itself, but that history had nary a mention of her was almost as infuriating as it was insulting. "...Oh course that bitch Hecate would have tried to have my name scrubbed from history, but what were my apprentices doing letting their master's name go uncredited!? Useless, the lot of them..." She huffed, folding her arms across her chest. "Only two centuries? What sort of dark age befell the world while we were sealed!? If the year you've spouted off is accurate, then we've been sealed for well near seven-hundred years! What have you lot done with the place!? The magic is so thin even someone who can absorb and convert it as well as I can't even manage a meagre flux!" Though she knew the woman in front of her couldn't have been responsible for what she was laying at her feet, the odds were that her ancestors were at least marginally involved and that was good enough for her. Sollowy had draped herself over Thessy's shoulders now that the pair had stopped hugging each other in relief, idly floating behind the Demon King like a cape as she liked to do so often. The elf with the interesting sword, probably the least weird out of everyone that they'd found down here now that the fairy thought about it for more than a second, had approached hoping to speak with Thesephine. The fairy was content enough with her lover being safe and sound, so, as long as Ilvira didn't mind a second set of ears listening in on whatever she wanted to talk about, the fairy had no problem with her. Ember had set herself in the complete opposite side of the room from the red devil and her henchman. As much as she wanted to put on a strong facade, the event of the devil's unsealing would likely haunt her into her nightmares, not to mention the waking hours. She shuddered a little just recalling it. Tundyssa sighed as she leaned against one of the non-crumbling walls of the throne room. Only just now were they making it to the rest of the group with how slow Tenna had to go after wearing herself out using her magic. Why she couldn't have just used her staff was beyond the dragon. Might as well get this over with now. What did you want, Requiem? She mentally called out to the cursed blade, attempting to stir it from whatever it did outside of combat. You sounded different, towards the end there... What did you want?
  9. Versaris had told her stand down, but Alriana wasn't having any of it. If this Rustal wannabe was intimidated by her than all the better. As he began to talk down to and lobby threats at Tasha she continued to glower at him, her 'hair' raising up like the fur of an angry cat. Then, everything happened at once. The man ordered everything searched and Versaris stepped forward and nearly robbed him of his arm, elsewhere it sounded like the others had started fighting. Then, in the midst of everything, Sixteen appeared behind enemy lines to attack one of the knights holding the clouded. Then, while she was trying to focus on her sister, Versaris ran up to hug and additionally place a kiss on top of her head. "Wha..." He was gone even faster than he'd hugged her, missing the forming blush on her face as she felt a warmth on her cheeks. Wh, What was that about...? By the time she exited the momentary daze the knights had formed up on the bridge; some of the others had already moved to intercept them. One final, worrying, note as she moved into her position was how eager her sister seemed to be to kill. She was the one with the invasive violent thoughts was she not? Or had Sixteen already accepted them and that was why she had said she didn't have them? "Mrhhg... Not the time for thoughts..." She muttered to herself. Aly to 11,8.
  10. Though still unwilling to engage at all with the group, Xetketh noticed a particularly familiar magic coming from the boy near the fox. Once he pulled out the tome she was all but certain of what it was, one of her Gespenst tomes, but she was unwilling to move closer to talk to him and try and retrieve what was hers. Instead, all nine of her eyes came to rest on him and the tome in his hands; staring intently without making any other noise.
  11. "Miz, I..." She returned the red terror's hug, holding her tight against her body as Miz began to sniffle and cry. Though her body was fast to reciprocate the comfort Miz sought, her brain was lagging far behind. She wasn't remotely used to comforting other beings, let alone Miz herself. Finally, she constructed the words she wanted to say. "It's okay, Miz. I'm here, I'm alive... My magic's gone too, you're not alone in that either. I'm so relieved you're alright Miz..." As the third wheel arrived and began to spout off questions all eight of Xetketh's eyestalks turned to glare at the woman while her main eye remained focused on Miz. She opened her mouth to shut down the woman for daring to disrespect Miz, but the red terror herself beat her to it. "If you want your answers, you will address her as such, and myself as Xetketh before you think to address me as Xety; that is a privelidge only she can have." She was nearly growling at Nessraya, in no mood for such impudence from someone so ignorant. "She is the Empress of Ishtaria and I her Direct Advisor. You may also refer to me as the Founder of Dark Magic if it helps one such as you better place our rightful spot in history. You can ask that medusa over there about the wretch of a human." As the rest of this ramshackle group eventually made their way into the throne room Xetketh had positioned herself and Miz on the outskirts. She was none too pleased that Hecate had managed to avoid death at their hands, nor did she want anyone approaching Miz while the both of them were effectively defenseless.
  12. "Mhm. Will do." Alriana had given Versaris a nod as he advised her to have caution with these knights, dagger drawn and held in reverse and flat against her wrist as she followed along behind him. She could almost taste it in the air, this knight Versaris was talking to was just like Rustal; just yet to be put in his place enough to lose his mind. She refrained from growling at him for the sake of the conversation the two men were having, but the disgust on her face wasn't so easily hidden. Not with the feelings even the smallest thought of Rustal provoked within her. At least the knight was just as loose lipped as Rustal was; probably not the only shared trait between the two men. She didn't know the significance of the names being tossed around, save for the Evokers of course, but the knight seemed particularly put off by the name Celine...
  13. What Is Love, Lizard Don't Bite Me After her talk with Ingverd, Alriana had wondered around the town looking for a weapon shop with the man himself in tow. Unfortunately for the ever combat oriented lizard, the town only had a traditional magic shop within it. Feeling somewhat unsatisfied, she had curled up on a shaded bench and ended up taking an impromptu nap while Ingverd had gone to the inn to figure out room situations. She was awoken by the sounds of the knight's horses and the seized wagons as they entered the square, stretching out to her full length and pushing Ingverd into the handrest on his side of the bench. "Mhhm, sorry." She offered as she sat up, shaking her head. "What's going on? Why the noise?"
  14. Sollowy to 15, 29. "Hhhhh, fuck..." Ember let out an uncharacteristic whine as she slowly rose to her feet. Never in her years had the Helhound ever run across something as terrifying as that red terror. The magic was gone now, had been gone ever since the woman had shrunk, but it was only now that Ember's legs stopped shaking enough for her to struggle to her feet. "Gods, lesson learned. Not touching anything in ancient ruins again..." Ember to 10, 33. "I don't owe you anything you damned bitch!" Xetketh spat at Hecate, glare still on every single eye as she ignored the miniscule medusa for the moment. "If you can't remember anything, then all the better! You can die cursing your own ignorance!" Though she talked big, she could do little more than continue to glower at the woman on the throne. Whatever had happened to her had robbed her of even the simplest Flux spell. Though, perhaps she didn't even need to raise a hand against the woman. The medusa wasn't loyal to Hecate, even willing to dispose of her if it meant freedom. She could use this. She turned ever so slightly to give the medusa the attention of her main eye while her stalks continued to glare at Hecate. "To keep everything short in the interest of finishing before her," the venom on that word was almost tangible, "constructs overwhelm us, she's responsible for sealing my master, Miz'Githon, and myself for her own, selfish, gain..." Out of the corner of her eye she saw an attempted fireball fizzle out before it hit the throne. A few of her stalks shifted off from Hecate to follow the trajectory of it to see a red heap in a very familiar dress on the floor. A flurry of emotions swelled within her, relief, hope, worry, and refueled rage towards Hecate, all of which was visible on various eyestalks. She so very badly wanted to rush over to Miz, but she could at least do her best to turn these outsiders against her first. "Ahem. I can't speak to anything after I was sealed, but this is likely the prison where she moved us to after the act; it's not familiar to me in the least. Killing her will almost certainly take out her constructs which, if it doesn't free us altogether, will allow for an effortless escape. Now, if you'll excuse me, my master is waiting." Her self-serving story and hypothesis given, Xetketh rushed towards Miz without regard for any of the others present. "Miz!" She shouted as she neared the heap of her that was on the ground, forgetting her full title in her relief as she stopped just in front of the red terror. "You're..." She stopped herself midsentence. The fox was right, the magic she'd felt earlier was all but gone. Miz even looked like she'd shrunk, somehow. She didn't want to say Miz was alright, not when she was so clearly distressed. "I'm here, Miz." Xetketh to 21, 24.
  15. "What's that supposed to mean?" Alriana's eyebrow twitched at being called an idiot. Her foot moved to get under and roll her sister back into the water, but she sat up before the lizard could dunk her sister. "Already hugged once... Touch me where? He already touches my head a lot." Alriana's ignorance only made the big deal Sixteen was making this out to be that much more confusing. She hadn't the knowledge to know the commitment attached to being lovers, nor the expectations Ingverd would have going forward. For lack of anything else to base her understanding on, she viewed it like she did familial love: something that just happened and became a normal part of life. "But why do you blush? What does it mean to blush? I still don't understand why you're treating this like a big deal, Sixteen.
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