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  1. Well got my copy of RD in the mail today and I’m confused. I had read that the reprints had the newer ESRB Logo and Nintendo Logo as well as a 2014 copyright date. Mine has the new logos but the original 2007 copyright. I’m guessing it is a reprint of some kind but might be a different batch from the 2014 ones and they just didn’t change the copyright on them. Not sure.
  2. After doing some online research the newer patched version of the game has a 2014 copyright on the back of the box as they were printed in 2014 and released in 2015. I have ordered a copy from Amazon and have yet to get it but considering it’s a new copy and not a used one it’s likely the patched version. I won’t be able to check until I get it of course.
  3. I have played all FEs other than 1-5 and the Tellius games of course. I just recently played all the GBA games for the first time and I really enjoyed them.
  4. Thanks for the advice everyone! I will start POR on Normal mode and then RD afterwards on Easy mode. I’m just waiting for my controller to arrive (I’m playing POR on a Wii as I never had a GC growing up. I have a Memory Card, just need a controller). I am excited to finally experience these games!
  5. I just got POR for the first time and will be getting RD afterwards to play. I will likely take advantage of the data transfers as well. Throughout the series I’ve found that I‘m usually a normal/classic difficulty player. I have done hard on the odd occasion but usually don’t enjoy it that much. Knowing this and that the difficulty options in the localization of the Tellius games are a bit wonky I want to make sure I have a good plan going forward. Since POR normal is actually normal and easy was added for localization for this one I believe I should probably play it on normal. In RD easy is actually normal for the localization plus I’ve heard it’s considered to be a harder game, so in this case I should probably play RD on easy. Does this sound about right? TLDR: I’m new to the Tellius games, I enjoy most FE games on normal/classic difficulty. I plan on playing POR on normal and RD on easy. Does this sound reasonable?
  6. Anyone’s hero sort messed up after the update? I used to sort by origin which is more or less replaced by entry which is fine, other than the fact that not all heroes are actually within order of what game they came from. A few are but others are randomly near the bottom of my list. Edit: Never mind my sort by favourite number got turned on somehow and messed things up. Turning it off fixed the messed up sorting.
  7. Yeah Wii U does not have any GameCube Compatibility whatsoever only the original Wii has the GC controller and memory card slots.
  8. I don’t actually own RD yet. That will be a future investment as just getting POR was quite expensive already. Is there a way to tell if I have the patched version or not when I get a copy? I’m guessing by some small icon or serial number?
  9. I just bought Path of Radiance along with a GameCube Controller and memory card. I will be playing on a Wii as I do not own a GameCube. I will be buying Radiant Dawn at some point in the future. I’m aware of some sort of data transfer between Path of Radiance and Radiant Dawn I think? I’m assuming in order to do this I’ll also need to play Radiant Dawn on the same Wii? I really don’t know much about it. I mainly use my Wii U to play Wii games though nowadays. What does this data transfer do exactly? I will play both games on my Wii if it’s worth it but if not I’d rather play Radiant Dawn on my Wii U. Thanks for any clarification that you can provide.
  10. Well I spent 800ish orbs on the returning OG Spring banner in hopes to get the last 5 merges for my Spring Chrom. Camilla didn’t play overly nice but she did stop showing once I had exactly enough to +10 her (I didn’t really want her and I already had her at +1, but it could have been worse). At least I finally finished my Spring Chrom! In 800 orbs I got: Sue as a free summon Non focus pity breakers: Ranulf x2, OG Ephraim, Ylgr, OG Lucina, Yarne Focus pity breakers: Spring Camilla x9, Spring Xander x4 Goal: Spring Chrom x5 Total 5 star units: 24
  11. Here’s my pride and joy that I finally finished today! I also got a +10 Spring Camilla along the way but she doesn’t really have a good build at this point and I didn’t really want her much to begin with. Chrom was +5 and Camilla +1 before the banner had its rerun today. His build is rather interesting but I love the whole pseudo healer thing he has going on. Edit: I may change out his seal at some point I just haven’t decided on which one yet
  12. I am so excited about Sophia! I just finished Binding Blade and she was my favourite unit (I put a ton of work into training her and she turned out even better than my Lilina). I recently started on her as a +10 project in Feh as well. Her art really needed an update as she was often called Giraffe for that awkward looking neck. The new art looks so amazing and is definitely my fave of the resplendent heroes so far. Her release date made me chuckle as well considering it’s exactly on my birthday of all days.
  13. Got pretty lucky today got a +Spd Annette (I wanted her the most) as well as a +Atk 4 star Ferdie. I like it when I get the units I want and they come with good ivs. It's rare.
  14. I'd personally go with +Atk His attack is ok but could do with a bit of a boost. It's the hardest stat to boost with weapon refines as well. You can always refine his lance with speed or defense depending on what you are going for. Though I'd personally go speed for the refine, especially if you plan on keeping his original lance.
  15. I haven’t posted any of my +10 units yet, but I will post my 3 completely finished units. They are Silas, Male Morgan and my first/only +10 5 star exclusive Legendary Grima/Robin. I run these three on a mixed Tactics team with Spring Chrom. He’s currently +5 and if Camilla is nice this Spring I’d like to +10 him. Here’s hoping. My other +10's that are missing Dragonflowers are (I will post these once they are complete): Mae +10 (+9DF) OG Fae +10 (+9DF) Gordin +10 (+9DF) OG Chrom +10 (+9DF) Python +10 (+3DF) OG Male Robin +10 (+0DF) OG Female Robin +10 (+0DF) OG Lissa +10 (+0DF) OG Felicia +10 (+0DF)
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