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  1. I bought the Wii U version of Tokyo Mirage Sessions way back when and have yet to really dive into playing it. I know the Encore version has all the DLC included as well as new costumes and short additional character side stories (plus some other stuff I might be missing). As nice as it sounds I don't really see any reason for me to double dip and get Encore as well. For those who have/are playing both versions is there anything I'm majorly missing out by only playing the Wii U version? Thanks.
  2. I know most people are summoning Christmas units now, but on the other seasonal banner I managed to pull a Groom Pent in the same circle as Picnic Flora (was aiming for Flora for a better IV as my old one was +spd). I wasn't going to keep Pent but I think I will now. I love my Bride Caeda/Groom Marth pairing so guess I'll bring Lousie back from the dead via grail shop so she can be with her husband once again. Now I just need more refining stones lol I was just getting caught up in all my refines too!
  3. Considering my main unit is Spring Chrom (he iscurrently +5 and I'd love to +10 him at some point) who was part of the very first seasonal banner after launch I really hope they give a slight upgrade to the really old weapons. I love him so much but his original weapon is super meh. Even just a small Hp increase for the after combat healing would be fine. It would only benefit IS as it would make more people want to pull for the older seasonals again. I think the best way to do it is to start when each corresponding season rolls around with the year one units and give them all slight weapon improvements (don't really need to change their effects just need to make them a little stronger is all). So for example this Spring, Spring Camilla, Xander, Lucina and Chrom's weapons could go from "heals 4HP after combat if unit attacked" to something like: Heals 8HP after combat if unit attacked or heals 4HP per attack unit makes. Something along those lines. Nothing gamebreaking but just a little boost to make their weapons go from trash to ok/decent. I honestly highly doubt this will happen but I would gladly welcome it. I definitely have some fave seasonal units from year one I rarely use due to bad weapons (looking at you +3 Summer Elise who's weapon only grants Atk/Spd+1 to allies within two spaces). Oh well. Only time will tell.
  4. I'll fill out my own as well. Shadow Dragon: Gordin/Caeda Gaiden/SOV: Python/Mae New Mystery: Roderick/Cecil Blazing Sword: Eliwood/Rebecca Awakening Gen 1: Chrom/F!Robin Awakening Gen 2: M!Morgan/Lucina Fates Gen 1: Silas/Felicia Fates Gen 2: Forrest/Midori Three Houses: Claude/Annette
  5. Who is your favourite male and female character from every game in the Fire Emblem series? For games with multiple generations feel free to choose a male and female from each gen if you'd like. For games you haven't played or ones where you don't feel you know the characters very well you may skip. Characters that are recurring in more than one game (ie. Catria) are allowed to be listed multiple times if you so wish. Below is a simple list you may copy and edit if you'd like. Shadow Dragon: Gaiden/SOV: New Mystery: Genealogy Gen 1: Genealogy Gen 2: Thracia 776: Binding Blade: Blazing Sword: Sacred Stones: Path of Radiance: Radiant Dawn: Awakening Gen 1: Awakening Gen 2: Fates Gen 1: Fates Gen 2: Three Houses: Bonus if you want: Heroes OCs:
  6. I recently finished playing on Eliwood normal mode and I've heard that Hector normal mode is supposed to be more difficult? I know there are additional maps and unit starting positions vary between the modes but what exactly makes Hector normal mode harder than Eliwood? Do enemies have increased stats, or is it something else? I'm just curious as I'm going to start playing Hector normal mode soon and I want to know what to expect. thanks!
  7. I've almost played through the game once now (I am about to start Chapter 30 in Eliwood mode later tonight) so here are my current faves: 10. Louise: Haven't really used her yet but plan to in Hector mode she seems super sweet and her relationship with Pent is great 9. Priscilla: Super handy healer and I love the dynamic between her and her brother Raven/Raymond 8. Florina: Typical weak character to start that becomes good once trained but she's super cute and wants to do her best to help Lyn 8. Kent: Most people prefer Sain but I like Kent. Super loyal knight with some sweet red hair to boot. 7. Lyn: Strong lead female at least for her mode which is why she isn't higher. Her crit animations are super sweet and I love her promotion. I really like bow units even if bows aren't great in the GBA games. 6. Canas: A guy that uses dark magic who isn't actually dark himself he just likes to study it. I love that it shows dark magic isn't necessarily always evil it just depends on the intent of the user behind it. He has a sweet Monocle too. 5. Lucius: Probably my favourite "appears feminine but is actually a guy" type character that is common throughout the series. It was also super refreshing to a use monk that starts offensive with magic and gained healing capabilities later as it's always been vice versa for me in other games I've played. 4. Nino: I did't use her yet as my Erk turned out super good this time but I plan to try to train her when I play Hector mode. Some great character development and she's just trying to "do her best." 3. Rebecca: As mentioned earlier I love archers and Rebecca has been super good for me. I also really like her design as it's very different from most other Fire Emblem characters I've seen. Also village girl that takes up arms that takes guts. 2. Ninian: What can I say? I'm a sucker for the canon Ninian/Eliwood ship it's just too cute. I also like that she comes across as a rather quiet and shy character which is a nice contrast to most of the cast. 1. Eliwood: Same as I said above with the ship he is also fairly handsome. He is my fave lord in this game and probably even among my top 3 favourite lords in the whole series. He is very kind and selfless. Even though he knows he's not great in battle he still takes up arms. He also likes to treat everyone as equals even though he is a lord.
  8. Thanks for the tips! I managed to do the map on my first try so it definitely helped. I appreciate it.
  9. I just finished my Felicia today. I'm not going to bother posting her as she's the typical fury/desperation build, but I'm pretty happy with her. I am moving to to Python as my next merge project. I'm also trying to save up orbs for Spring Chrom's return. I currently have him at +5 if I ever manage to finish him I'll be sure to post him as he has a rather unconventional build that I love to use. Plus I have yet to see anyone with a +10 Spring Chrom.
  10. So this is my first time playing through this game so I’m on Eliwood normal mode. I knew ahead of time about the chapter 23 split how it’s either against Lloyd or Linus depending on the total levels of your lords adding up to level 50 or not. I didn’t worry too much about this requirement as I’ve been using all three Lords the whole time. I just got to chapter 23 and I got Lloyd’s chapter (I hear his is much harder). I was a bit confused so I checked the levels of my lords... Lyn 16, Eliwood 15, Hector 18 = 49 total not even kidding I missed the Linus map by one level lol! I’m up for the challenge and am gonna give it a shot but any tips for this chapter? Any help is appreciated!
  11. Thanks. I plan on giving Hector mode a shot too as I've heard it's a bit harder than Eliwood mode. After that is when I'll consider giving Binding Blade a shot.
  12. I keep hearing that Binding Blade is one of the harder Fire Emblem games. As a fairly new player to the series I want to be prepared if this is the case. I started with Awakening and have played each game since. I've also gone back and played Shadow Dragon and New Mystery. I am also currently playing through Eliwood mode in Blazing Sword. I also always play on normal/classic. Should I be ok to play Binding Blade? If so any tips? I won't be playing it until after I finish Blazing Sword first.
  13. Thanks Paper Jam that's what I was wanting to know. I won't bother making a copy of my save then.
  14. I guess what I'm mainly trying to ask here is in order to play Hector mode (I don't have it unlocked yet) can I split my current save at the end of Lyn mode and use one copy to complete Eliwood's mode first, and later go back to the other copy that's still near the end of Lyn mode in order to start Hector's mode? Or will that save be locked to Eliwood as I started it before Hector mode was unlocked? I just want to know if there's any point in splitting my save or do I have to start with a whole new save in order to play Hector mode?
  15. I recently started playing this game for the first time and I already know about the three modes. I do have a question about them though. Can I duplicate my save before the start of Eliwood’s mode and come back later after completing Eliwood’s in order to start Hector mode without having to start from scratch? I’d like to get 19xx without having to do Lyn mode all over again if that’s possible basically. My game has no previous saves so I do not have Hector mode available at the moment.
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