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  1. Awesome thanks for the response it’s super helpful. Definitely gives me a bunch to think about.
  2. What does everyone think about Brave Claude vs Legendary Claude? I want to use one of them on my flier team but I’m unsure which would be better. I have a copies of both. Brave is +Spd and Legendary is +Def, though I’d be willing to use a trait fruit if need be. I also run Caeda with an enemy phase tank build, Shanna with Distant Counter/Iote and Spring Veronica as the magical nuke.
  3. Azelle has been my most wanted unit for a while now so I had to go in on this banner. I spent the tickets of course and somewhere around 200ish orbs. I ended up with the following: My free summon was a 4 star special red mage Eirika. Gave my existing copy another merge. First pity break was OG academy phase Edelgard about halfway to the spark. Again gave my existing copy a merge. Not long after got a 5 star neutral Lex before I even had a pity rate going again. Second pity break was an Erinys. +Def -Atk. I originally was just going to manual her for fodder later but I really don’t have many Lance units from Genealogy (the version of Finn we have is technically from Thracia 776). She also still has pretty high attack despite the unfortunate bane. On the remaining summons on the way to the spark I got 2 4 star specials in the same circle. OG Lance Azura and Nephenee. I sent Azura home (no use for her and bad fodder) but gave a merge to my Nephenee. At the spark I chose Azelle of course who was my number one goal. I figured I wouldn’t get him before this (I was right). I still had a bit of a rate going after the spark so I pulled a couple more blues and reds and got a +Atk -Spd Fallen Ike. Gonna build him I suppose. I know he’s insanely good and I do have a soft spot for fallen heroes for some reason. Darn speed bane though. I feel like I did pretty good. I've definitely gotten to the spark on a banner before without even one 5 star before. Ignoring the 4 star specials, ending up with 3 5 stars before the spark is pretty good in my opinion. Two of them on focus too even if one is the demote.
  4. Now that Azelle got in (hooray!) I'll have to take some time and think about who my new most wanted unit is now.
  5. I'm voting for Legendary Chrom. Mostly because I want to +10 him at some point but even that aside I think he's a good choice. He's a really good unit in general but even if someone had no interest in using him he has good premium fodder as well.
  6. I wasn’t really hoping for anyone specific, but a new unit I didn’t have or good fodder was ideal. It only gave me blue and red orbs so I picked red as I had less of those units. Ended up with young Caeda. I have her already but she’s one of my faves so I won’t complain about the free merge.
  7. I'll be on team feather mercenary as per usual. I'll wait to see what the early hours scores are and I'll pick one of the underdog teams. Only unit I have of these is Ike anyways and he'll likely be a popular choice.
  8. Because of this I wish we had a Choose Your Legends vote and a "who you want in the game who isn't in yet" vote separately. The main point of CYL is to give popular characters an alternate outfit and sweet skills. I know a lot of people who vote in order to make IS recognize they want a certain character in the game that isn't in yet, but then they can't vote for someone who they actually want a brave alt of. You have to make a choice to vote for someone new you want in the game or to vote for who you want a brave alt of. I personally never see a separate vote happening but if it did I know I'd definitely make use of it. Even just this year as an example I've been voting Chrom as I really want a brave alt of him. Though it's also been tempting to vote Azelle as I really want him in the game, but Chrom needs all the votes he can get so I'm sorry Azelle.
  9. I 100% percent agree with you. I'd love for Gatekeeper to get in as a free TT or GHB unit, but not a CYL unit. I'm a big Chrom fan so I want him to win the most of course, but I'm up for anyone who isn't gatekeeper to take the top two spots honestly.
  10. Yeah I’m a bit salty too. 3H definitely stole Chrom’s thunder last year. I’m still going to vote for him every single day though! I’m all for gatekeeper being added in as a playable unit but not as a brave CYL winner personally. I’m going to keep hoping for a Marth and Chrom 1-2 but the meme could very well be too strong. Oh well it’s up to players after all and if people vote him in then a win is a win. Though he better not win due to botting that wouldn’t be fair. The part where you say that things may change... Remember in Chrom’s words “Anything can change!”
  11. Yeah it doesn't look good for him yet again. I too will still vote for him though. Hopefully one day. I just hope we don't end up with 4 Three Houses characters again. I really like them don't get me wrong but I'd like more variety for this year.
  12. I wanted Plegian Katarina but ended up with Plegian Tharja instead. I used to hate her character, but she's grown on me a bit overtime. Though I still find her super creepy regardless. I am giving up on Kat for the time being.
  13. He's not in the poll, but my number one wanted character is definitely still Azelle.
  14. Finally more Thracia units and I actually know all of them for once as I'm finally (and currently) playing through Thracia for the first time. I'll definitely be picking up Asbel he's exactly how I imagined he'd be even down to this voice. I'm also tempted to pull for the Joint Drive skills Sara and Ronan have, but we shall see how pulling for Asbel goes. Miranda makes sense for the demote to me. I look forward to this banner.
  15. I only free pulled on the double special heroes banner. Went for green as I already had both colourless units but neither green unit (while red and blue didn't interest me). Surprisingly got Wolf Bride Nailah. I wasn't really hoping to get her but she was definitely fun to use while levelling her up. I also have a Rafiel from the wedding banner's original run earlier this year so at least they can be together. She's the blessed/cursed +spd -atk ivs but I really don't mind.
  16. I’m feeling a bit overwhelmed with all the Three Houses units/banners we’ve gotten this year. It wouldn’t surprise me to be more 3H this month but I’m gonna guess and vote for SOV. It’s been quite a while since we had a dedicated SOV banner if I remember correctly. As for banner I would want that would be gen 1 Genealogy. My most wanted character right now is Azelle though there are still a few others that could get in before him. In a way I kinda don’t want a Genealogy banner yet as my orb stash is pretty low at the moment haha.
  17. Should a +1 Jill be +Atk or +Spd? I got the +Atk on her debut banner and a second +Spd one just pity broke me on the Halloween banner. I’m going to merge one into the other but I’m unsure which is the better option. Thanks!
  18. I see a lot of people calling Grima Robin a catgirl, which could very well be right, but I see a werewolf personally. I’m a big Female Robin fan so I will definitely be pulling for her. Kinda sucks my +10 Legendary Grima Robin has had her unique skill majorly power kept though. Xane sounds really fun to use albeit tricky at times. I love how they incorporated his copy/shape shifting mechanics from his game even if he doesn’t actually change what he looks like. The other two units are fine I suppose. Kinda tired of seeing both Ninian and (young) Tiki especially though. As for the free unit Ena I might build her. I’m not fully decided on it at this point though.
  19. Used my trait fruits on OG Blue Olwen. I enjoy making my favourite "bad" units good even if it takes heavy investment. My Olwen was neutral and she desperately needed more attack. Bonus that attack is her superboon so she's now +atk -def. Her build so far is with a +spd refined Flora Guide+ and Atk/Spd Push 4. She works quite well on my horse emblem team.
  20. Personally I want Azelle from Genealogy the most. He’s probably my only favourite character in the series that isn’t in the game yet (I haven’t gotten through Thracia 776 yet to say who my favourites are from that game though). I doubt he’s wanted by many others as a lot of non Japanese players have never played Genealogy. Even with those who have Azelle is far from popular compared to other characters from the same game. I’m sure he will get in one day. For now I remain patient.
  21. For those looking for the Thracia 776 patch that released last year, try here: https://www.reddit.com/r/fireemblem/comments/bvdhj7/project_exile_a_complete_thracia_776_translation/
  22. Voted Marcia. Recently played the Tellius games for the first time and I really like her character. She’s probably my fave female Tellius character. Favourite male is probably Rolf, but I’m happy enough with the alt he got.
  23. Well got my copy of RD in the mail today and I’m confused. I had read that the reprints had the newer ESRB Logo and Nintendo Logo as well as a 2014 copyright date. Mine has the new logos but the original 2007 copyright. I’m guessing it is a reprint of some kind but might be a different batch from the 2014 ones and they just didn’t change the copyright on them. Not sure.
  24. After doing some online research the newer patched version of the game has a 2014 copyright on the back of the box as they were printed in 2014 and released in 2015. I have ordered a copy from Amazon and have yet to get it but considering it’s a new copy and not a used one it’s likely the patched version. I won’t be able to check until I get it of course.
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