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  1. I'd say hero quests and such, but that was already suggested earlier. So instead I'm going to go with a custom map mode, sort of like geometry dash. And maybe maps that are well designed and popular enough can be introduced into the main game. Another thing I'd like to see would be themed missions based around actual chapters in the games, where you can only use units from that specific game, with characters that crossover in different games (Catria, Palla, and Est for example) being allowed in multiple. Finally, on the non-gameplay side, some interaction between characters from the same game would be nice. Such as Sigurd and Seliph, for example.
  2. FE4: The story is pretty great, certainly the best in the series, and though the massive maps can be tedious I would say they're more good than bad. FE5: The early escape missions. The levels are very well designed and you actually feel a sense of anxiety. Every time you stop to rescue a villager or enter a house you get the urge to look over your shoulder. And the story is pretty nice as well, not as grand as FE4 but it holds it's own and tells a much more human tale. FE7: This one is incredibly balanced in it's ups that I can't really decide on a favorite. So I guess the fact I can't pick a favorite is my favorite. FE8: The atmosphere. Even if the game is easy it still feels like you're against absolutely impossible odds. FE11: A classic story. Even if it didn't have supports, I felt it did a good job fleshing out the main cast. The "back to the basics" mentality is pretty good imo. Shadows of Valentia: This game has a great story and some pretty great writing to go along with it, but what really sells it for me is the voice acting. SoV has the best voice acting out of any game I've ever played.
  3. A) Cirosan's translation is certainly the best, but it's halfway done. Though someone else has probably already said this. B)I believe it's between chapter 6 and 7, though I'm only like 90% sure. I'm still on my first playthrough of Thracia.
  4. I haven't been here in a while, so here goes: I think Finn would be the perfect Jugdral rep, especially with his relative popularity and potential for a diverse moveset. Though I haven't worked everything out, here's what I have so far: For variety, he'd be a mounted unit. He'd use his Brave Lance, and that along with running over people with his horse would constitute his attacks. Side Smash: Finn spins his lance like he's doing a critical hit, before charging the attack. He then stabs diagonally downward, finishing the crit. Up Smash: Finn points his lance up to charge the attack, before stabbing straight upward. Similar to Marth and Lucina. Down Smash: Finn's horse rears up and stomps, doing damage to both sides at once. Neutral Special: The classic Shield Breaker, only this time it's diagonally downward, thanks to his higher elevation. Side Special: Finn points his lance forward and runs forward on his horse. Similar to Ike's in that it can be charged, though it's probably better compared to the Villager's side special. Up Special: Finn's horse makes a large, diagonal jump. Similar in shape to Roy's up smash. Down Special: Here's where things get interesting. Finn's down special is to draw an iron sword, before dismounting from his horse. Doing this, he gains the specials of Lucina, while having more of the regular attacks of Chrom. Allowing for much more versatility and making him somewhat of a combined character, sort of like the Pokemon Trainer or Zelda/Sheik in Brawl. The only attack he'd be missing would be Counter, as doing another Down-B would have him mount his horse. Final Smash: Finn would have him charge forward on his horse, and anyone in his way getting transported to an empty field. Eyval would appear, and cut through them with a sword, followed by Orsin throwing his Pugi. After that, Leif would hit them from afar with the Light Brand. Finally, Nanna would heal Finn, and he would charge on his horse, lance raised. After ramming the enemy, the attack would end, and Finn would have some of his damage healed. I'm not entirely sure about his victory poses or taunts, but I do know for sure that his victory music should be the opening notes of this: https://youtu.be/obg1N9sVqSE
  5. This probably won't be seen, but the serenes forest manga page has 404'ed, so I can't read chapter 1 and 2. If someone here has the files, or knows if it's been moved, could you please help me out? Thanks.
  6. Azel/Azelle in FE4. He doesn't get much screentime, and isn't reliable until late in gen 1. But I can really relate to his personal struggles, so he's my favorite gen 1 character.
  7. Oh that's a cool idea. I'm on board. And I guess hectorcopter would work.
  8. I was originally gonna say hectorcopter, but I felt that it would be too memey for an actual moveset.
  9. Hector Game: FE7 Neutral: Brave Axe, basically dancing blade but slower and more powerful. Side: Hand Axe, like Ivysaur's leaf blade, a thrown projectile that can be semi-controlled. Down: Counter, this one is pretty much mandatory. Up: Florina (Recovery), enlists the help of Florina and her pegasus to lift him to new heights. Final Smash: Armads. Activating this move in front of someone close will "zoom in" on them like in FE7. A battlefield similar to the battle screen will show Hector imitating the Armads animation from the GBA game on the victim.
  10. My favorite is probably a tie between Matthew and Sain. I like Matthew because I can relate to him in a good number of ways, and he has some great dialogue. Not to mention his turmoil over Leila is very well-written. I like Sain because...He's Sain. No further explanation is required. I wish that Lyn and Sain had supports, because those would have been highly entertaining.
  11. Another point is how unit growth is technically random. An "amazing" unit may get rng screwed, while a "terrible" unit may become beastly if the rng gods will it. It all comes down to the individual playthrough.
  12. Hello, I'm new here, and I'm not sure where the best place to ask this is, but this seems like the best place. Are there any plans, or any possibility, to make a Serenes Forest app? The website doesn't quite work on mobile, and I'm not on my computer often, so I think an app would help make this site more accessible to people like me. Thanks!
  13. I doubt this will be seen, but I'm having some trouble playing EN. The patch seems to only work on a type of rom that has been deleted off the internet, at least as far as I can see. Is there any workaround to this?
  14. Hi guys, I've lurked here for awhile, and made an account a couple months ago, but I'm just now being active. My first fire emblem was Blazing Sword, shortly before Echoes came out. Since then I've played most of Sacred Stones, the entirety of Echoes, and I'm on my first playthrough of FE4. But I still have a good idea of what goes on in the games I haven't played yet. I also wish to dabble in romhacking. It's a pleasure to meet you all!
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