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  1. Feels weird reinstalling the game just for the new abyssal but hey, lets see if my standard team can take on the new hero. Seliph, huh? and uninstalled, lol.
  2. Have sort of given up on playing feh, but always liked clearing abyssal maps. Wanted to see if my standard team was still up to the task. Needless to say, they didn't let me down:
  3. Now that my standard team is fully merged I wanted to present it
  4. Altho, odd atk would make perfect sense on him. Not gonna pull for it but will see... thx for the inspiration Edit: wait bartre has that skill - awesome
  5. Wtf? So I kept yoloeing. Think I did 4 summons and while still at 6% I got 4 blues and 1 red. ISHTAR! Crazy luck recently. My Naesala is complete!
  6. I tried for more Lancinas, after 20orbs I finally +10 my Reyson. Then I remembered Naesala still only has ss2 and Ishtar is on focus, hmm. Let's yolo! Got Hector. Hmmm... Btw, I haven't been able to clear my atrachment space. Sth changed? How do I clear it?
  7. I am curious what that game would be - send it!
  8. Gimmicky skills like these sound op - makes only sense for non-inheritable skills. Or who is gonna pull for a potential mythic/legendary healer if that one doesn't come with an op gimmick? Like an atk/spd +9 for everyone heal balm? Edit: very bad example as balms can be inherited, lol
  9. I think the same is true for all 3-4* units. Just look at Ferdinand! No point in investing if you have Oscar +10. It's probably more conspicuous with healers because we don't get too many healer exclusives. They just cannot make 3-4* units too interesting. Ferdinand is a little bit lackluster atm but chances are he will get a refine in a year or two and will have his moment to shine. I am not sure healers ever got refined (?), and that just shows the limited options for healers, the few meaningful skills have to be given to exclusive units, who might actually get a refine (I think some healer exclusives did get a refine - not sure tho)
  10. I wouldn't necessarily call it fucked. It all depends on your expectations and ambitions. I recently went totally casual, yoloeing all my orbs to zero when I get them. Sometimes I left a pity rate behind but most of the time I got some great results. My expectations hit an all-time low. The problem is, after a certain stage, you don't feel properly rewarded for what your doing. When I clear the latest abyssal map, I feel rewarded, couldnt care less about the equipment, but I feel accomplished, intrinsically I believe, because I know this was some more or less hard content which some day 1 players struggle to clear on infernal. Other than that there is nothing motivating left for me to do. I do 3x aa in a row on easy once per week for basic rewards. How many feathers and coins do I need anyway? 5orbs or 4 orbs per week from arena doesn't make a difference, especially if it all depends on a +10 bonus unit - guess thats where the feathers come in, lol. Yeah, why would I grind 1k level of tt? 10k feathers vs. 3k feathers? 220k points vs. 50k points? Thanks but no thanks. Same goes for pretty much anything else. Imo a game should make a player feel more invested - like for example how to make best use of stamina. Yeah, potions piling up...
  11. Granted, most of the investment is mindless grind but it's related to resource management which can be fun and challenging for some people. You can play feh with just a couple of units and don't really miss much, lol. So much for a demanding game.
  12. I mean mobile market
  13. There is definitely a market for more demanding games. In fact many a feh player has moved on to games which require more time investment. And many of those that still play just log in for the daily bare minimum. I am not sure this is the best long-term approach (financially). The only time that I feel truly invested is when I am clearing the latest abyssal map which comes once a month - and I have been doing it with one and the same team all the time.
  14. Got camilla on my free pull. But the I tried for another Lancina witg todays orbs and got her right away. Hmm....
  15. Yolo'ed a little bit and got a +atk Lancina. Think it was still 4% pity rate.
  16. Hmm... this could have been great, I mean who uses Iotes shield anyway nowadays.
  17. That dragoon shield looks great. Wondee if its gonna be inheritable.
  18. Been trying the whole week for another b!ike. Was hard to get any greens at all. At 4.66% and 1 orb left I decided to clear two squad assaults (I neglected/hate those) and got greeted by 3 greens. Picked the one in the middle b!ike is now +1. Think Im gonna save orbs for the next b!ike revival.
  19. Guarantued summons also apply to special heroes banners? I thought they said new heroes banners. Hmm...
  20. Merric has finally an alt - after seeing this banner I feel like I want to play shadow dragon again, hmm...
  21. The context was pretty obvious. You have a veteran player and NOT a new heroes banner.
  22. On Sunday I got a b!ike for free -atk. I already had him at +10... have been trying to get another copy (might as well start building a 2nd b!ike, lol), but no luck. Got a phina for free today. -atk tho.
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