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  1. Might I recommend Ephraim or Eirika? Ooo, or Felicia!
  2. My favorite Pokemon is Shellder, followed closely behind by Oddish
  3. Hello everyone! My name is Sergio! I am hoping to be able to get into the Discord, as I started playing Cipher not too long ago, and enjoy FE in general. Some of my favorite games include Guilty Gear, Mega Man (especially X), and Pokemon. Hope to get more into this community, so I look forward to talking to you all!
  4. I think the game would be better off being its own thing, but if they do any as DLC units or something, Ephraim and Eirika would be pretty cool.
  5. Hello everybody! I just recently got into FE: Cipher, and I am looking to trade for/buy some cards to flesh out my Nohrian deck. I just opened up a box of Series 6, so I have some trades that I can post when I get the chance. For now, here are some of the cards I am looking for: Camilla: Goddess of Death x2 Camilla: Beautiful Obsidian Princess x1 Corrin (Female): Chosen Princess of the Godly Blade x1 Xander: Unifier of the Kingdom of Nohr x2 Leo: Younger Dark Prince of Chilling Magic x2 Elise: Sweet Sister x1 Elise: Star of the Dark Sky x1 Effie: Army of One x1 Azura: Songstress of Water x2 I will update this list and add trades when I am back at my apartment and can check my lackey decklist and my cards. Thank you! (I have more trades from Series 6, file upload size limit has got me. Feel free to request a card, and I'll let you know if I have it!)
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