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  1. Is there any iOS emulator that allows FEH to work?
  2. How do we know the rewards already? And do you guys know in which score?
  3. I'm calling on regular Veronica. It is an alliance of princesses after all.
  4. Hi guys! This is one of my few videos in my channel now. I wanted to show the potency of Anna's prf weapon along with other skills. It's high investment, but it's worth it, and it improves her one rounding potential. Explanation in the video. I'll be showcasing this again in Arena once she becomes a bonus unit again (probably a month). Also, I appreciate subscribers. I'll be posting more videos on some true solo Infernal GHBs soon (and maybe Abyssal if possible), and showcase of some underused skills if there are any more.
  5. Alongside the Laguz I'm smelling Stefan and his Vague Katti. His Brand is that of a lion after all.
  6. Make it either Heroes for Hire, or Mentorship: Heroes for Hire: Holyn, Volke, Rennac, or anyone else you recruit at the cost of money. Mentorship: Those who are adept at their own skills and have a particular student: Pent, Saleh, Shinon come to mind.
  7. From New Mystery of the Emblem: Kris: Hero's Guard (Sword Infantry) Weapon: Reprisal Edge+ - 14 Mt Rng 1 - If foe initiates combat, grants Atk+6 during combat. Assist: Rally Up Speed+ Special: Draconic Aura B Skill: Quick Riposte 3 C: Defense Tactic 3 Stats (level 1) HP: 17/18/19 Atk: 7/8/9 Spd: 8/9/10 Def: 7/8/9 Res: 4/5/6 Stats (level 40) HP: 36/40/43 Atk: 31/34/37 Spd: 32/35/38 Def: 26/30/33 Res: 21/24/28 Special Quote: "Look nowhere else, I am your opponent!” "I'll come at you with everything I've got!” "For Prince Marth!" "Prepare yourself." Status Page: "No matter what happens... I'll stand by your side."
  8. Reading Glasses for the girl who can't read.
  9. Jill: Mistress of Wyverns Axe Flier Stats: HP:36 Atk:33 Spd:38 Def:27 Res:26 Weapon - Firesweep Axe+ - 15 Mt - Unit and foe cannot counterattack Special - Blazing Thunder B Skill - Lunge C Skill - Hone Fliers
  10. I would appreciate the original DC sword units get a refine. (only accessible to non-legendary versions, if any) Ryoma - refined Raijinto grants his legendary version's Bushido as a special refine. Ike - refined Ragnell accelerates special trigger at default and grants him Guard 3 on special refine Xander - refined Siegfried grants his personal Chivalry - If number of allies within two spaces (excluding unit) >= number of foes within two spaces of target (excluding target), grants Special cooldown charge +1 to unit and inflicts Special cooldown charge -1 on foe per attack (same as special fighter but with a different condition)
  11. Poison Dagger. Every dagger except Flora and HS!Xander can double him.
  12. If I remember correctly there is no unit in the current summoning pool who has Def Ploy. Only Arvis and Summer Gaius have it. So I'm feeling: Res Ploy - Sonya, Lute Spd Ploy - Deirdre Atk Ploy - Katarina, MorganF Panic Ploy - Luke, Zelgius So I'm seeing Lute, Katarina, and Sonya/Deirdre
  13. Lethality - Cooldown 4, exclusive to dagger units only. Instantly kills an enemy if amount of damage unit can deal >= 1. Does not trigger specials. So basically we have this probably potentially broken special that is only exclusive to daggers (assassins). It's high cooldown is a reference to how low the percentages are to trigger it in the original games. But it can only trigger if unit can naturally deal at least 1 damage to foe. "Does not trigger specials" meaning it doesn't trigger Holy Vestments, Aegis, Sacred Cowl, Miracle, and even Ice Mirror. May really sound broken though.
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