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  1. it's reverse boss recruitment though. And Rinehardt appears really late in vanilla, so he's going to be one of the first characters you get in this patch. Olwen gets replaced by Zyle, the brigand boss of chapter 15, and there's not much I can change about that
  2. yeah, he replaces Brighton who doesn't have a personal weapon in vanilla. If the Dire Tunder was in the game, I would've given him access to it, like with Altena and the dragonpike, but it ended up being unused because the only magical prf needed was the Grafcalibur. But to be honest, we're talking about a unit that can use basically every normal magic in the game at base, has good bases, really good offensive growths (including a 5% move growth), 5 vigor stars and 3 offensive skills. I feel like he doesn't need any extra favoritism.
  3. the overworld sprite works fine, but the in-battle animations softlock the game, and while it is possible to give someone an overworld sprite that differs from their actual class, I don't really want to do that; it'd just look odd and might be confusing to anyone playing with in-battle animations. And no, I can't import the animation from FE4 either, there aren't really any advanced tools that could do that for Genealogy. And yeah, having like 5 dark bishops in a bit confusing - but I can assure you, having 7 wyverns is worse 🙃
  4. the dialogue is unedited, they will call Veld Leaf and Leafs portrait will appear in the dialogue. I haven't felt the need to change anything but gameplay
  5. It‘s Thracia, but you play the bosses and fight against the original cast! Follow lord Veld, his trusted knight Raydrik and his merry men, the deadlords, on a magical journey after the malicious prince Leaf and his pawn, baron Finn, kidnapped Velds love interest Bharat and find out that the real treasure are the ~40 generic-looking friends they make along the way! This hack replaces every playable character with a boss or NPC and vice versa. Since there aren‘t enough bosses to replace every unit, August, Dorias, Julius and Ishtar are included as playables. On top of that, Lara is unchanged since she funtions as both your thief in Manster and your dancer. This hack also gives most bosses who appear as a general or baron in the base game a new class, as there wouldn‘t be any variety between units otherwise. Note: This hack does not alter any dialogue, it‘s gameplay only (apart from some memes). Download Link The complete changelog can be found here. The Folder also includes a 0% growths version and an Everyone Is Largo version. The creeping realization that everyone is Largo is something I just wanted to share (his portrait gets reused like 5 times in the game). The Optional QoL/unit reordering patches from LM are also included. Known Issues: - Stoning bosses before they can participate in certain events (like Leaf in chapter 5) can cause soflocks. Just don‘t do that. Stoning bosses in general is fine though – and hilariously broken! - If a unit gets stoned, then recruited (like Trewds or Mishas replacement, at the end of the chapter), they‘ll stay stoned as the status doesn‘t get cleared between chapters. - If The door to the arena is opened while Eichner is on the field in chapter 5, he remains on the battlefield even though his sprite is gone until 1 othe action is completed. If you step on his tile while he's still there, the game crashes. I'll try to find a solution, thanks to Tortuga Jr.#6373 on discord for reporting this Note that I probably missed some bugs and glitches. If you encounter anything that looks like one, please contact me immediately on SF or on Discord (user Blade of Light#6050). Thanks!
  6. I discovered Gloryhammer (and their whole subgenre, for that matter)
  7. I don't watch a lot of anime (I don't even know if anime is the correct plural lol), but when it comes to skipping the intro of any series, I usually skip it after watching it once per season unless the music is really good
  8. that's not really how it's going to play out, most of the time. Especially with writers of any greater franchise; they're not going to give a damn about it, simply because they don't have to. It's usually just a term for people discussing writing, detached from the author
  9. I was always under the assumption that that guy was one of these "original" orcs, the tortured elves who became evil, and that was why he was in command. Looking him up, it doesn't seem like it, but even then, I don't remember anything he did that was actually genius. He just led a giant army and had the means to take Gondor bc Sauron gave them to him. So nah, they probably just wrote him out to make the victory more complete
  10. I can only speak German and English now, but I used to be able to speak (and I'm not talking about writing and reading) Latin. Basically, my mother got so pissed when I almost failed an entire school year because of Latin that she relearned some basic Latin and started chatting with me in Latin for a little bit. Didn't really help with my grades, though.´, I almost failed the next year regardless
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