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  1. So whats are good skills to replace sol since it wont work good for Apotheosis? Ok thanks for telling me that, then I'll just leave Owain as a Dread Fighter.
  2. Ok so my childern are units are (and yeah a lot of them are pretty weird father wise cause i wanted to do weird pairings my first time) Robin!Lucina (Paladin) - Galeforce, Aether, Limit Breaker, Ignis and Aegis (also has all stats +2) rally movement + spectrum, defender, dual strike, rightful king, solitary, charm and defender.) She's married to Ingio and has all her stats capped. Chrom!Morgan (Grandmaster) - Galeforce, Lifetaker, Limit Breaker, Ignis and Rightful King (also all stats+2, veteran, slow burn, solidarity and rally spectum) he's married to Nah and also has all his stats capped. Frederick!Owain (Dreadfighter) - Renewal, Agressor, Limit Breaker, Luna, and Vantage. (Also has Rally Luck, Astra, Miracle, Avoid +10, Swordfaire and Resistance +10) he's married to Severa and has all his stats capped. Valkie!Laurent (Sage) - Magic +2, Zeal, Slow Burn, Tomefare and Focus. (also has Lifetaker and Rally Magic) Not married but has A support w/all his supports and has his stats capped. (btw should i make him a sorcerer for anema or no?) Gauis!Cynthia (Falcon Knight) - Speed +2, Galeforce, Lancefaire, Pavise and Renewal (also has rally speed, luck, defense, movement, counter and relief. She's married to Germone and has all her stats capped Virion!Kjelle (General) - Defense +2, Hit Rate +20, Indoor Fighter, Luna and Pavise (also has Rally Defense) She's married to Brady and has all her stats capped but magic and resistance. Stahl!Noire (Sniper) - Prescience, Aegis, Lifetaker, Hit Rate +20 and Bow Fair. She's married to Yarne and has all but magic and restiance capped. (might make a bride?) Kellum!Brady (War Monk) - Galeforce Dual Guard, Healtouch, Miracle, Rewneal (also has Rally Luck) he's married to Kjelle and will primary be used as a healerbot also has all his stats capped but restiance. Ricken!Nah (Mankete) - Swordbreaker, Wyrmsbane, Aegis and Limitbreaker (also has odd rythem, quick and slow burn, defender and magic +2) She's married to Morgan and has all her stats capped. (I heard that Mankete's aren't that great in Apotheosis, is that true? And if they are what would be a good class for her) Henry!Ingio (Hero) - Galeforce, Sol, Limit Breaker, Armshift and Aggressor. (also has patience, axebreaker, resistance +10 and Lifetaker.) He's married to Lucina and has all but magic and resistance capped stat wise. Lon ' qu!Severa (Hero) - Galeforce, Sol, Limit Breaker, Armshift and Axebreaker (also has patience and lethality) and she's married to Owain and has all but magic and resistance capped. Libra!Germone (Wvyen Lord) - All Stats +2, Tantivity, Renewal, Swordbreaker and Deliver (also has strength +2 and Quick Burn) He's married to Cynthia and has Strength, Skill and Speed capped but is still a work in progress. Gregor!Yarne (Warrior) - Patience, Astra, Odd Rhythm. Axebreaker and Sol. (Also has Beastbane and Even Rythem) - He's married to Noire and only has his skill capped. He's still a work in progress Is it feasible to make dlc! alm and dlc! erika rally bots since i dont really wanna use my good units as rally bots and should all my stats be capped before doing Aphthosis? I'm guessing I should used my FMU since she's married to Chrom and Olivia as a dancer as long as she stays away from the frontlines. Thanks you both for commenting, and sorry for the long response.
  3. ok then i can probably make Owain my vantage/vengeance crict bot since I believe he can reclass to sorcerer cause of Lissa (correct me if I'm wrong) and the and have him go though berserker before changing him back to dread fighter.
  4. ok, should i use a spotpass/dlc character for a rallybot cause i dont really want to sacrifice one of my good units for it, my Olivia is a lv 30 dancer and she can handle herself pretty well attack wise but shes still a glass canon defense wise. Right now i think only Owain and Lon'qu has Vantage but i have vengeance on F!MU, Henry and Tharja who are all sorcerers, (you get vantage as a swordmaster right?) i have the golden gaffe dlc so forging weapons shouldn't be a problem (is there any preferable weapons like brave weapons, killing weapons etc.)
  5. hi, I'm almost finished with the awakening story line and i want to try and tackle Apotheosis but im not sure about a few things What units should I use? (besides Chrom) First gen vs. Second gen wise and how high should their supports be? I'm currently grinding my supports for both the 1st gen and 2nd gen and all my first and second gen units are married beside Laurent, Tiki, Flavia, Basillio and the special spotpass characters (like Priam and Emmeryn) What skills and classes are best? I have the dlc for both dread fighter and bride and limit breaker. I currently have Libra and Fredrick!Owain as Dread Fighters and Lissa as a bride and currently trying to get/grind limit breaker for everyone. Who make the best rally bots, how many should i have and what rallies should they have? I want to do both the normal and sercet path so how much more difficult is the sercet path vs. normal path since Apotheosis is the same for all difficulties If you need my characters/levels/skills/classes and marriage supports let me know if it will help
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