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  1. I want to see Halloween!Lloyd (White wolfman) and Halloween!Linus (Mad dogman) >w<
  2. I want: Anette, Sylvain, Felix, Ingrid (full Blue Lions) I hope: -> 3 girl and 1 man.... =___= -> Mix house: 1BE, 2BL, 1GD or 1BE, 1BL, 2GD Example: [Green]Bernadetta, [Blue] Sylvain, [Red]Lisithea, [Colorless]Marianne
  3. 1) All~ [Blue/Magic] Bruno [Red/Sword] Lif [Colorless/Dagger] Aw!Anna [Colorless/Bow] Louise Summon: Bruno, Lif and Louise GHB/Tempest: Aw!Anna 2) All - Hel Army [Blue/Magic] Bruno [Blue/Lance] Conrad [Colorless/Dagger] Aw!Anna [Red or Green/Bow] Louise Summon: Conrad, Aw!Anna and Louise GHB/Tempest: Bruno 3) All - Alter [Red/Sword] Lif [Blue/Lance] Conrad [Colorless/Dagger] Aw!Anna [Green/Magic] Thrasir Summon: Lif, Thrasir and Aw!Anna GHB/Tempest: Conrad 4) All - Alter - Hel Army [Blue/Lance] Conrad [Blue/Dragon] Nils [Colorless/Dagger] Aw!Anna [Blue/Sword] Jill => 3 Blue... 1 out... 4.1) Option1: [Blue/Lance] Conrad [Blue/Dragon] Nils [Colorless/Dagger] Aw!Anna [Red/Sword] Severa Summon: Nils, Aw.Anna, Severa GHB/Tempest: Conrad 4.2) Option2: [Red or Green/Bow] Shinon [Blue/Dragon] Nils or [Blue/Lance] Conrad [Colorless/Dagger] Aw!Anna [Blue/Sword] Jill Summon: Shinon, Nils, Aw!Anna GHB/Tempest: Jill 5) I believe.... [Blue/Dragon] Nils -> We received a free Ninian not Azura... [Colorless/Dagger] Aw!Anna -> She's very high in the ranking IS need to put in FEH a Alt!Anna for down in the ranking. [Blue/Magic] Bruno or [Blue/Lance] Conrad -> I inclined for Conrad but I prefered Bruno ;__; (?) -> Must be a red or green unit: Severa (red), Louise (green bow or red bow) or Rinkah (green) Summon: Nils, Aw!Anna and other girl GHB/Tempest: Blue male
  4. Sacred stones need love! But I prefer to see a deck of Heroes... Hrid, Gunntha, Ylgr.... ='(
  5. Kuronga

    Picnic - FEH

    <--- Lecture I love Lukas x Felicia.... and Fernand... is a Sugar baby X'D I need him in FEH
  6. I think that was an accidental murder. Zelgius knew how strong his master and hoped that Greil had become stronger... So when he fought, he gave everything, but it was too much. Zelgius really was in shock... Was that all? Likewise, it sad me. His family rejected him, and the first person who accepted him as a student and treated him well was Greil, I think that for Zelgius, Greil was more than his master, he was his family. For that reason, he pained to separate from him and he expresses in his dialogue with Sephiran "I will miss the combats with my master" After looking for him to face him as in the old days, Greil rejects him. The only person who had not rejected, rejects him. That is why Zelgius urges him to fight. But when they battle, he defeats him but he didn't expect to kill him. He did not expect it to be that simple. I could even believe that Zelgius believed that Greil rejected him, his master preferring to die before the having to fight him seriously. For him, it was a relief to discover that Greil couldn't fight better because he cut his tendons. It was not that Greil had refused to give the best of himself, but gave his best under his condition. Zelgius lost that fight with Ike after knowing that he had not been rejected by the person he adored....
  7. Then tell me why they made the names of Flolina and Lilina so similar? Why did they give importance to that scene? Sincerely, must have an importance in the history, because they could make a CG to the meeting of the three lords, but they preferred to highlight the meet between Florina, Eliwood and Hector.... Honestly, I know that LynxHector is more popular. Even is possible that Hector has been in love with Lyn, but Lyn preferred the plains (since it is the majority of her finals she goes back to the plains) and Hector must stay in Ositia. Therefore, the relationship is incompatible.
  8. Honestly the best couple for Titania was Zelgius - Both are of similar age - Both were students of Greil - Both are feel admiration for Greil Zelgius isolated because he didn't want to be rejected, however Titania is tolerant and respects all races equally. Titania fell in love with Greil when she saw him fight, and Zelgius has a level very similar to that of Greil... I know that their relationship can come from hate to love, because I am convinced that Zelgius didn't want to kill Greil, but that it was an accidental murder (He didn't know that Greil cut his arm tendons when facing him) Titania never could save Greil's heart (he never forgave himself for assassinated to his wife), but would be nice if she could to save Zelgius' heart, helping him to forgave himself by killed his master. Honestly, my perfect ending to this game is that Ike will forgive the Zelgius' life and then, in the epilogue, after Ike left Tellius, Zelgius will redeem, taking the leadership of Greil's mercenaries. And of course, Titania stays his side as his wife and support. Thus, Titania would marry a strong man and could have his own children. And Zelgius, overcome the loneliness...
  9. For me is clear, the canon is Florina. If we compar the kanji of Lilina (リリーナ ) and the kanji of possible mother... Lyndis (リンディス ) Florina (フロリーナ) Farina (ファリナ) Lilina (リリーナ ) and Florina (フロリーナ) have names almost identical! You can check in detaill here: Also, when Hector and Florina meet, there is an obligatory event with a CG. In the route of Hector, this event is more developed That is problem with Farina, if you don't pay, don't reclute her and she is not obligatory character. Anyway, the three supports are incredible, but I notice that Florina has more hits.
  10. No 5*, no space... This is guilt of Xander... I spent my saved orbs for this CYL in him. Nah, it's guilt of those 3 pity rates in the festival banner....
  11. I agree. I always thought that Rudolf in Echoes seemed too old ...
  12. Wait! I assumed that the total characters of each game is based in total of units of the CYL.... For example... For Fates: 38/84 => 45,23% (Now, if you considere to Bride Charlotte and Heroes Anna here... 40/84 => 47,6%) For Awakening: 28/58 => 48,3% (Now with Heroes Anna, Fates Owain, Fates Severa, Dancer Iñigo, Summer Noire: 56,9%) For Sacred Stones: 13/43 => 30,2% For Blazing Sword: 22/54 => 40,7% (with Bartre and Zephiel: 24/54 => 44,4%) For Seals: 14/64 => 21,9% (with Eliwood, Hector and Karel:17/64 => 26,6%)
  13. Henry!! For Fates, Owain has his color hair hair equals to Henry!Owain and the support of Ophelia did reference to Henry. I think that Henry is canon husband of Lissa.
  14. Of course! I want to play with Hrid! Sinceraly, he is not my type of male character, but I want to can to play with all units... And the book II needs a male OC free as Fjorm.
  15. I-I got Xander!!! I completed Xander Team!!! (But my orbs for the CYL2 was sacrifice...) FAQ~ -- Why you spend your saved orbs for the CYL in Xander? R. I love Hector and I too want his brave version, but... I prefered Xander, he dances me!! -- Is Xander your husband? R. No, he isn't. My husband of Fates is Saizo.... But he hasn't alt... I wanted to see Saizo in yukata.... (I remembered his change the clothes in his support with Oboro... I hope him has a alt soon...)
  16. Who can I give firesweep bow to? Congratulations for your Ryoma!! Sumia has good abilitys as Close Def or Atk/Def Link. Faye only has firesweep bow (and that bow is horrible in enemy phase), but is a new unit for your feh-dex. It's okay. I hope that we can got Xancer (Although in my case, I think I'll wait for next year, reason: orbs (I spent even a lot of the orbs of the storm))
  17. I don't like Firesweeper bow.... If we could exchange heroes, I change to Faye for other heroes... Y__Y
  18. I am so sad. My rates was broken 3 times!! How is it possible? I only opened colorless! (for Xander)... TT__TT The first time was a Takumi and wasn't bad because he has CC. To try again. The second once was Faye (I hate Fate, she hasn't a good skill for give... and this Faye is my quarter Faye in my account!! I don't want more Faye) Then, I did a new intent, but in the process, a Saber breaks my rate (Pull without colorless) ARGGGGGGGGGGGGGGHH!! I'm disappointed... I don't want to know how many orbs I've spent... Y___Y
  19. My top: 1) Fernand - Echoes 2) Aimee - Path of Radiance 3) Wil - Blazing Sword 4) Rinea - Echoes 5) Boyd - Path of Radiance or Radiant Dawn Other units~ -> Mystery of the Emblem - Krys M/F -> Genealogy of the Holy War / Thracia 776 - Ethlyn and Quan -> Binding Blade / Blazing Sword: Wil, Nils, Pent, Louise and Lloyd alt. (I want a handsome Lloyd) -> Sacred Stones: Cormag -> Path of Radiance / Radiant Dawn: Aimee, Aimee, Aimee.... and Aimee XD Boyd, Shinon, Geoffrey. -> Awakening: Brady -> Echoes: Fernand, Rinea, Kliff, Deen, Luthier.
  20. My predictions: Heroes with Draconic Aura (08/16): Alm, Karla, Dorcas, Female Kana, Brave Lyn. I think that they'll be: Alm, B!Lyn, Kanaa Micaiah & Sothe BHB Banner (08/20): Micaiah, Sothe and 1 green: Soren or Titania. Always the BHB have 1 exclusive 5* and 2 units of pool of 4*-3* New Heroes (08/21): PENDIENT Heroes with Healing Skills (08/26): All colorless, I imagined that they'll be exclusive 5*, I'll hoped: Elise, Maribelle and Mist or Genny Legendary Hero (08/28): Red Legendary Hero and possibly female. Canditates: Celica (Then... The New Heroes will be from Echoes and GHB can be Fernand..?! I love him!! *w*), Lilina (The game of Roy need a banner...), Corrina (A new fates banner... I don't like it, not for now, please), hmm... others: Shiida? Micaiah? (I doubt that be them, but they have possibilities.) Heroes with Fury (09/06): I think that will be: Chrom Pony, Eldigan and Myrrh. New Heroes (09/07): CYL2.... [And I spent my orbs trying gotten Xancer... but I failed. (2 units obtained but out preferences!!) T__T]
  21. My 5* are: 01. Corrino 02. Alm 03. L!Ike +1 (+ 1 repeated) 04. Mia 05. Olivia +7 06. Alfonse 07. Marisa 08. Hana 09. M!Marth +3 10. Ogma 11. Soleil 12. Tobin 13. Joshua 14. Leif 15. BK 16. Arden 17. Zelgius (+ 1 repeated) 18. Palla 19. Xander 20. Siegbert 21. Eldigan 22. Chrom Pony 23. Sigurd (+ 1 repeated) 24. Azura +1 25. Shiro (+ 1 repeated) 26. Sharena 27. Charlotte Bride 28. Fjorm 29. Nephenee 30. Eliwood In Love 31. Catria 32. Cordelia 33. Tana 34. Camus 35. Oscar +1 36. L!Ephraim 37. Berkut 38. Xander Bunny 39. Clive 40. Finn 41. Legion +1 42. Xander Summer 43. Anna 44. Linus 45. B!Ike (+ 1 repeated) 46. Chrom Bunny 47. Sheena 48. Hector In Love 49. Hector 50. L!Hector 51. Chrom Christmas 52. Camilla 53. Gerome 54. Minerva 55. NY!Azura 56. Frederick +10 (HUSBAND OF AWAKENING FINISHED!) \(^w^)/ 57. Marth Pony 58. Gordin +2 59. Leon 60. Faye (+ 3 repeated) SHE IS MY TYPICAL BREAK RATE! :( 61. Jeorge +1 62. NY!Corrino 63. Hinoka Kinshi 64. B!Lyn (+ 2 repeated) 65. Roy In Love 66. Saizo +4 (HUSBAND OF FATES IN PROCESS...) 67. NY!Takumi 68. Jaffar 69. Frederick Summer 70. Sothe 71. Tharja +1 72. Tharja Bride 73. Celica 74. Canas 75. Arvis 76. Raigh +4 (I AM NOT A SHOTACON!!!!) 77. Sanaki 78. Tana Summer 79. Leo 80. Robino 81. Shigure Singer 82. Saias 83. Morgana (+ 1 repeated) 84. Reinhardt +5 85. Julia 86. Nino 87. Robina 88. Elise Summer 89. Iñigo Dancer (+ 1 repeated) 90. Henry Halloween 91. Camilla Bunny 92. Gunnthra 93. Olwen Green 94. Genny 95. Lyn Bride 96. Elise +1 97. Priscilla 98. Ninian 99. Fae 100. Grima Female 101. Myrrh 102. L!Lyn Hmm... A bit more of 100 different units... I am F2P, but I started to play when the gamer started... I think that I am under the average.... =/
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