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  1. so when do i move into the closet under the stairs.
  2. College is fine if you have a set path of any kind. However, there is a degree of flexibility with certain degrees if you do play it right. There's plenty of applications to non-STEM/Law degrees beyond teaching, but it also helps if you make up your mind. Getting a bachelor's degree can be tricky to fund, but getting the right degree does help.
  3. Nah, even mixed-race people get shit on once certain people figure out you're mixed race. It's usually the racial supremacy extremists who do this. (Black or White supremacists. Haven't seen Asian supremacists, funny enough.)
  4. If we're going to continue the parallel you brought up in the first line, it kinda goes through a looooot of smaller similar parallels that I'm not sure I'd be able to give appropriate wording to given that it's squicky material and it's almost 3 in the morning. But the Philippines is the one weird place where the rest of the region isn't sure whether or not to treat solely like menial labor since everyone there learns english as a second language due to the schools. (Country has a major brain drain issue. But that's another discussion.) But additionally, said countries in first-world asia tend to send their kids to the Philippines to grow up in the english speaking private schools. There's a substantial number of south korean, mainland china, taiwanese, and japanese children being put through the private schools in the country. (There's like a dozen in each major city or thereabouts.) Sensitive Content.
  5. I'm half-filipino but I'm tan enough that random people think I'm hispanic. However, I can confirm that in South Asian cultures, lighter skin is considered a sign of beauty and that's why skin whitening creams and treatments exist there. Additionally, yes Asian Cultures are kinda more judgmental but that's a nuanced topic and I only really have in-depth knowledge of the Filipino culture. The gist of it in the Philippines is more to do with the country being a really mixed shebang of cultures from all over the world blended together. However, the class stratification in said country revolves around people with very strong caucasian or mainland chinese(or japanese) blood where their skin is lighter and facial features less Australasian iirc. But yeah, being lighter skinned is also kind of a weird status-symbol on some level there.
  6. Have Devdan. He has the strength of ten men.
  7. Black 2/White 2 Draft -for fun, no competition unless you want to -starters are free -The 3 dragons are banned, but I can't seem to edit that right now. -State your version -At least 4 players. Which means around 8 mons for everyone. Postgame mons get a separate round. -You have to catch everyone you’ve drafted. {i} that even means fucking Lapras has to be caught if you do choose it{/i} -{s} you get more street cred for doing challenge mode{/s} -Game ends after you beat Benga. We're going there boys. -In the case of trade evos, if emulating, feel free to evolve the trade evo with a randomizer. -ingame trades are allowed - If you don't pick a Pokémon within 24 hours, A Pokémon will be chosen for you at random. -trades are allowed if you have access to them, if playing on an emulator, you may remove trade evos, as trading is allowed anyway. -Mons you pick apply to all mons of that line. I.E. banning rufflet/vullaby means the in game event ones are banned too. Picking Mincinno means you get skill link mincinno too. -Game exclusive pokemon are counted as two of one slot. I.E. Elekid/Magby are one slot and can be drafted as picks twice, for example. -undrafted pokemon may be caught, traded, taught hms only if necessary to advance and no available drafted poke can learn them -undrafted pokemon may not be used in battle. if only an undrafted poke remains un-fainted, must allow pokemon to faint and lose the battle, cannot use items while an undrafted mon is out -There will be two ban rounds. One at the start, and the other after the third pick. -8 rounds means you *can* also grab postgame mons. @Hylian Air Force @Ironthunder @saucegoblin @Hiddency @Ether I'll get to randomizing the order for this later. Banlist: Pidove, Lillipup, Zorua, Ferroseed, Braviary/Mandibuzz, Magnemite Onix, Leavanny, Tynamo, Axew, Mincinno, Darumaka 1. Iron Zubat, Drilbur, Ducklet, Skorupi, Metang, Bronzong, Pawniard, Cottonee/Petilil 2. Sharpy Sigilyph, Azurill, Deerling, Dwebble, Joleteon, Simipour, Yamask, MATPATRAT 3. Sauce-LE MONKE Mareep, Litwick, Sandile, Frillish, SKarmory, Simisage, Mamoswine, Simisear 4. Hylian OPPAN GANGNAM STYLE DUCK, Sandshrew, Growlithe, Joltik, Swablue, Aron, Mienfoo, eSPEON 5. Hiddency Scrafty, Venipede, Buneary, Volcarona, Vaporeon, Gligar, Driftblim, sPHEAL 6. Ether Magby/Elekid, Trapinch, Heracross/Pinsir, Roselia, Staryu, Riolu, Sneasel, Roggenrola
  8. https://filmschoolrejects.com/cats-butthole-cut-explained/ release the butthole cut.
  9. Finished in 226 turns. Could have saved some here and there but didn't feel like doing that.
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