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  1. Black 2/White 2 Draft -for fun, no competition unless you want to -starters are free -The 3 dragons are banned, but I can't seem to edit that right now. -State your version -At least 4 players. Which means around 8 mons for everyone. Postgame mons get a separate round. -You have to catch everyone you’ve drafted. {i} that even means fucking Lapras has to be caught if you do choose it{/i} -{s} you get more street cred for doing challenge mode{/s} -Game ends after you beat Benga. We're going there boys. -In the case of trade evos, if emulating, feel free to evolve the trade evo with a randomizer. -ingame trades are allowed - If you don't pick a Pokémon within 24 hours, A Pokémon will be chosen for you at random. -trades are allowed if you have access to them, if playing on an emulator, you may remove trade evos, as trading is allowed anyway. -Mons you pick apply to all mons of that line. I.E. banning rufflet/vullaby means the in game event ones are banned too. Picking Mincinno means you get skill link mincinno too. -Game exclusive pokemon are counted as two of one slot. I.E. Elekid/Magby are one slot and can be drafted as picks twice, for example. -undrafted pokemon may be caught, traded, taught hms only if necessary to advance and no available drafted poke can learn them -undrafted pokemon may not be used in battle. if only an undrafted poke remains un-fainted, must allow pokemon to faint and lose the battle, cannot use items while an undrafted mon is out -There will be two ban rounds. One at the start, and the other after the third pick. -8 rounds means you *can* also grab postgame mons. @Hylian Air Force @Ironthunder @saucegoblin @Hiddency @Ether I'll get to randomizing the order for this later. Banlist: Pidove, Lillipup, Zorua, Ferroseed, Braviary/Mandibuzz, Magnemite Onix, Leavanny, Tynamo, Axew, Mincinno, Darumaka 1. Iron Zubat, Drilbur, Ducklet, Skorupi, Metang, Bronzong, Pawniard, Cottonee/Petilil 2. Sharpy Sigilyph, Azurill, Deerling, Dwebble, Joleteon, Simipour, Yamask, MATPATRAT 3. Sauce-LE MONKE Mareep, Litwick, Sandile, Frillish, SKarmory, Simisage, Mamoswine, Simisear 4. Hylian OPPAN GANGNAM STYLE DUCK, Sandshrew, Growlithe, Joltik, Swablue, Aron, Mienfoo, eSPEON 5. Hiddency Scrafty, Venipede, Buneary, Volcarona, Vaporeon, Gligar, Driftblim, sPHEAL 6. Ether Magby/Elekid, Trapinch, Heracross/Pinsir, Roselia, Staryu, Riolu, Sneasel, Roggenrola
  2. https://filmschoolrejects.com/cats-butthole-cut-explained/ release the butthole cut.
  3. Finished in 226 turns. Could have saved some here and there but didn't feel like doing that.
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