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  1. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1G3u7BMK3ZYQGWpWtz1mLG80q66f0WMIKVo1v7Sb7ubE/edit?usp=sharing
  2. Hello, that bug is a common freeze that usually happens because of savestates. Try to load the game and restart the emulator instead of loading the savestate. If this does not work, send the .sav here and I will fix it. About the grammar, if someone is willing to help us by proofreading the game, we would be grateful. For the recruitment, there is a txt in the download folder. More scenes will be added in the form of base chapters.
  3. Here, I should have fixed Rhod. Yes, promote at level 19 for now while I fix, sorry for the issue. inheritance.sav
  4. Level does not reset upon promotion, that is normal. The general capped at level 20 it's not, my bad for sure, which unit is? Please send your .sav here or in the discord, I'll fix your save allowing the general to grow up to level 35 as intended.
  5. Hello, I think you should wait for the next major update, it should be the last big update but it will take a few months from now.
  6. I don't want units to be benched, it's almost impossible for a unit to get so screwed that a player should ditch them. It's really improbable because even if the unit gets screwed in 2 or even 3 stats (and we are talking about a 1 out of 1000 cases, being generous), skills and weapons will not be affected. Just to give you an example, after 30 levels, the probability of having a Zhed with less than 14 spd (not considering promotion gains) is inferior to 10%, the probability of his def being inferior to 24 (also without promotions gains) is also inferior to 10%. The probability of both being so bad, is less of 1% and well... a 16 spd for a Zhed after 30 levels is not good for sure, but most of the enemies will still not double him in hard mode. For other units like the mages in general, usually there is always the "staff bot option" if they don't level up a good spd or mag, so really, trust me... I think there should not be any instance of character that you should ditch. If a character turns out bad, please report it to use, I want every playable character to be a good unit. Oh no problem, I think I understand what you are talking about now:
  7. Yes but you can gain them from 5 tiles of distance. Mag+staff power. So mag+20 for heal, mag+30 for mend mag+40 for Recover and mag+10 for physic. In later chapters if would be more common to not be able to fully heal someone (with physic usually) but early game it's almost always full healing. It depends, Clovis starts as a brigand so he has really low def, to emphasize the change he gets a lot of def when he becomes a Wyvern Lord. Wyvern Lords have all different class ID, theirs gains and cap are all different. Usually there are small differences between classes, as example the axe hero has a higher str cap than the lance hero while the lance hero has a better spd cap, they are small differences usually. The gains are always class dependent, but even if you see two classes that looks the same in game, they might be different in reality. Wyvern Lords and Great Knight are the only one that does not take canto+ and yes, it's because they have a better def. Also Great Knight can benefit from armor march. Yes. Yes, level 16 as rogues. No. I think it would be kinda useless since Inheritance uses big numbers. Big numbers reduce the probability to have screwed units, it's easily provable. Also, one of the main points of branched promotions is to give the player the possibility to maximize the strength of a unit by promoting it in the best class based on how the unit has grown. As example, Zhed does not have a very good spd grow, but sometimes he can might be blessed with a good spd, in that case making him a Wyvern Knight instead of a Wyvern Lord might be the best thing since he will have a higher spd cap and better offensive skills, if he does not level spd enough, making him a Wyvern Lord and use him as a flying tank will always be the best thing. From my point of view, fixed gains would only remove gameplay options, but I'm open to discussions. Thanks for reporting. For the character menu, I don't know since it's a standard skillsystem feature. Can you send a screenshot of this please? A new feature in FEBuilder was added and we might be able to write characters descriptions in the guide (when you recruit them). In the description it would be nice to insert a brief introduction to the character and a detailed one on which classes he can promote, the skills he can gain and maybe possible builds, but since there are a lot of character it would take a while to implement it, but I would like to do it. About the reinforcements. Dialogues in general will be improved (I hope). Thank you for the feedback.
  8. Answering to a feedback: "Besides that, it's be nicer if some of the units weren't edited reskins. The maps are good though, I'll give you that." Yes. The main problem is that the only one making sprites for the hack was me, and I'm not very talented, also the game is really big and because of that many characters are like placeholders for now. We decided to release the hack to gain the attention needed to get someone to help us, and well... now we have a good sprites maker and 3 people helping us with the text. I have the possibility to use portraits from the repo but well, in my eyes using a free to use portrait that is used in a lot of other hacks or using a FE7 character are the same thing. The hack is complete but it will be updated for a long time, I hope we will be able to give a decent original characterization to every character, also the text and the narration will be improved. If you want to leave feedback about anything that you think can be improved, don't fear to be nitpicking, thank you.
  9. Once you get there, please tag me, I'll make an apposite channel.
  10. Hi, please join the discord server: https://discord.gg/4ZbGmt.
  11. Also MAYBE single units danger area like modern games might be coming.
  12. In these days I am working on the merchant, in particular, I decided to give him the ability to: Place Ballista, buy weapons, repair weapons and call for reinforcements. I can give him 2 more skills like these, If you have ideas, please suggest. I still have to implement the repair weapons event… I am at a good point but I think I will finish tomorrow, so, I plan to release the patch including this merchant rework tomorrow. Here more details about how it works:
  13. New update, fixing a bug in chapter 19. Not worth patching if you are not close to chapter 19.
  14. Well, you get a lot more Not, it will be also on the GBA, since I want the saves to be compatible. My idea is to make the sequel as another ROM, but using as base the first game, so that by loading the saves of the first rom in the second, they should work and the player should be able to go on (and promote units at 3rd classes like RD). In origin everything should have been on the same ROM, but a GBA ROM can't go past 32MB, so it was impossible to make "all in one". As plot, the second part would be after a time skip of 3-4 years from the first, so I also plan to change every character portrait, and also, by changing the rom I can also change their growts, like: "This guy is grown up so now he has less spd growts but more str", and I can also change their personal skills and skill parameters to adapt them to the "bigger numbers". (Also I plan to make it playable standalone without a save of the first part finished). I am a madman, I will never learn ASM, but I really love seeing how much the GBA engine can be pushed, making "crazy" chapters like 12 was really funny. I don't think I will ever use other engines, making the second part will take 1-2 years from now... Only God knows what will be added to FEBuilder in that time. Like, right now it would be really easy to make the event of "great inspiration" as a command, when I made it, instead, it was impossible without learning ASM. Also, if I had to use another engine, I would make a proper game and not an hack, but I'm not interested in becoming a game developer so I think it would never happen. It's normal to have preferences but not seeing the clear limits of a game, is simply blindness in my opinion. I say this while my favorite FE is FE6 but well... I can't stand people that don't want things to evolve. Mnh... maybe we should add a line where Claire states it clearly.
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