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  1. So, well, I just happen to have a pretty all-inlcusive analysis of Lowen lying around, so yeah... Maybe it adds something to the discussion Alright, simply put, Lowen is actually a pretty amazing unit that is easily top tier in Blazing Sword. He is on a horse which comes with the usual advantages. High mobility and availability, Canto, access to the best weapon ranks in the game and so on and so forth. But mounted utility aside, Lowens stats and growths are pretty fine too. He has the third highest defence growth in the game after Hector and Oswin and coming off a decent defence base of 7 and HP of 23 Lowen will be able to tank rather well throughout the game while providing a lot of utility with his control of the weapon triangle as a paladin and rescue-dropping. And since the player gets enough Knight Crest throughout the game to promote all three Cavaliers to Paladins, there is no reason not to field Lowen… unless of course one would like to promote Oswin which, honestly, is not a too bad choice, but Kent, Sain and Lowen still have a greater claim over it than Oswin does. Both Kent and Sain can be trained in Lyn Mode and as a result will have inedible an edge over Lowen as they can accumulate weapon ranks and levels while Lowen cannot. And adding to that is the fact that Sain and Kent can be promoted with Wallace’s Knight Crests in Lyn Hard Mode to make them essentially a second Marcus. But all this only applies if the player decides to do Lyn Hard Mode before continuing with either Eliwood or Hectors story. And since Lyn Mode isn’t mandatory anymore after the first playthrough, the player can choose to directly start with either Eliwoods or Hectors story. Since Kent and Sain are reset to their default stats, they loose out on quite a bit of lead on Lowen. Lowen also joins four chapters prior to both of them with only slightly worse stats. He starts out with the same HP as Kent and one HP more than Sain, while having one point of attack less than Kent and two points less than Sain. With his skill base of 5 he lacks behind Kent with two points and is on equal footing with Sain. He is one point slower than Kent and exactly as fast as Sain, but has two points less luck than Sain and one point less than Kent. With seven points of defence, he has the same amount as Sain and one point more than Kent. Resistance wise Lowen and Sain have an equal amount, but Kent has one point more than both of them. Lowen also has one more point of constitution and all three have the same weapon ranks in Swords and Lances. With other words, their battle performance is almost identical with the one large difference, that Lowen joins four chapters ahead of both of them, two/ three levels lower and is the only one in his starting crew that is a great contender for the experience you’ll get in the first chapters in both Hector and Eliwood Mode besides Hector and Serra, but Serra doesn’t concern herself with battle experience and Marcus doesn’t need it anyways. This means that if you really want to, Lowen can have caught up with Kent and Sain in every stat while outclassing both of them in HP, defence and resistance within seven levels. That sounds like much, but is actually not all that hard to accomplish considering Lowens mobility and decent stats. Also, in Eliwood Mode he is the only unit on the first map worth feeding kills to, as Rebecca, Dorcas, Batre and Eliwood are all pretty bad and Marcus doesn’t need any experience and can soften up enemies for him easily. But Lowen can hold his own even without special treatment. While 7 points of speed appears to be rather slow, particularly with his rather mediocre 30% speed growth, one has to consider that this is Blazing Sword we’re talking about; where enemies attack speed is ridiculously low. Even in Hector Hard Mode, the hardest difficulty in the game, Lowen would stay undoubled if not weight down for the majority of the game save some bosses, Short Bow Nomads, Iron Sword Mercenaries and thieves while only taking minor damage from their attacks. The Archers in Chapter 12 of Hector Hard Mode deal 5-6 points of damage to him which means that with his physical bulk of 30, they would need 5 to 6 turns to kill him, if he is not standing on a forest or fort. Because on one of the forests, he would only take 4-5 points of damage, cranking up his survivability to 6 to 7 turns and if he stands on a fort… well, then the archers cannot kill him period. They would deal 3-4 points to him, while Lowen would recover 20% of his HP every turn. Well, 20% of 23 is 4.6 meaning that he would survive indefinitely. The brigands in the chapter would deal 9-6 damage to him, if he is wielding a Sword and 11-8 damage if he would be wielding a lance. While he would only survive two to three rounds of combat against the brigands, with a sword equipped and on a forest tile his avoidance will be high enough to dodge some of the incoming attacks. On the offense, Lowen would deal 9-10 damage against the Archers and Brigands, which means he would need three rounds of combat to kill them with an Iron Sword. While this sounds somewhat unimpressive, consider that everyone on the map minus Marcus, Oswin and Hector need at least three turns or more to kill an enemy on his or her own. Lowen also does well against the Mercenary on the map, only taking 3 points of damage from him when he has the Iron Lance equipped, while killing him in two rounds with the Iron Lance in return. The Pegasus Knight deal 6-7 damage to him with the Iron Lance equipped while he, as well, kills them in two rounds. Simply put, Lowen has favourable match-ups against the entire first map he’s in and can eat up the enemies’ hits like nothing. And this trend continues as Lowen will continuously and more importantly quicker than the enemy grow tankier and tankier. The enemies in Blazing Sword scale horribly, meaning that around the midgame, once he’s promoted, Lowen will double most of them while tacking only very minor damage and being able to dish out quite the amount of damage with axes and hard hitting Lances. While he will always be slightly behind Sain and Kent damage wise, he will tank much, much better than both of them. He will also laugh at Horse Slayers and Halberds since his sky high defences and the fact that effective weapons only deal double damage rather than triple damage will make them deal minor damage as well. Since his resistance growth is surprisingly high and magic users in Blazing Sword are pretty lacklustre, he will also be great against enemy Mages as he will take less damage than Sain and Kent and nuke them in return.
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