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  1. He has a lot of potential; I'm hoping they don't screw him up. Honestly, Nintendo should make up for how they treated him in Fates. Edit: It'd be awesome as a B skill (or a skill at all, for that matter). Watch. I'm gonna get my hopes up, just to have him be a healer or something lol.
  2. From the beginning, my most wanted unit has been Shura. The wait is starting to get a little depressing lol.
  3. I was surprised that I figured it out; I'm terrible with technology. Thanks for the easy instructions :)
  4. Thank you for the info! I was thinking about merging only because I haven't pulled one with great IVs yet, and I was hoping that if I boosted his stats it'd make up for it (if it makes much of a difference).
  5. Okay! I wasn't questioning you, by the way; I was just wondering to do with my own extras.
  6. What does one do with extra copies of Marth? Just merge, right?
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