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  1. See blade the thing is heal staves cost 2250G in the supply armory and mend staves cost 2000G when buying it from the vendors. That's totally absurd.
  2. Hey blademaster really really loving this hack. Characters seem to fit their niches, difficulty is perfect and the way you get us to manage funds by stealing is really great. There are only two things really that bothered me. First, the absurd cost of healing staves(and some vendors only selling mend). This may lead to players relying on vulneraries or forts. Secondly, the lore which is wonderful. Great dialogue, but I've not played corrupt theocracy (well played but quit because tbh it was awful op characters).It's a plus point that I try to keep track of what's happening and all without knowing the prior references(the story interests me that much) but maybe you could add like a lore button in the options menu or something. Also, I wonder how you're going to wrap up all the plot points in 25 chapters. But still having a lot of fun with this.
  3. Why don't you make a discord and put the server link in the OP?
  4. Looks really promising and innovative. Keep it up. Are you a one man team?
  5. Wait, does this have a proper strength/magic split?
  6. That's a weak argument. Anyone who has played fire emblem knows growth of characters is subjected to RNGesus.
  7. Are the final chapter reinforcements supposed to be infinite?
  8. How the hell do you beat the final chapter?!!! All my units are close to 20/20 and just get fucked up by Jormund.
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