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  1. Here's a picture of the very early design of the protagonist/lord, Sijewolf! Sijewolf.bmp
  2. I have a vision of how this hack will be, and here is how it would be. I need help to make this vision a reality, so if you know anything about Rom Hacking Fire Emblem 8, feel free to tell me.
  3. Nice drawing! The shading on the armor is really well done.
  4. Thanks! I will try to do that in my next attempt.
  5. Also Facial Features are not my strong suit so I just used an FE6 sprite as a base so lol
  6. Hey guys! I just created a sprite of Finn from FE4 and FE5. I used this official art from FE5 to serve as a reference. Tell me anything I did wrong so I can improve it. (I know the arms are bad and do not know how to fix them.)
  7. Hey i am trying to get good at FE and i want to play FE 4. I have already played FE 7, but it still isn't enough. Any help would be appreciated
  8. Yeah just school gets really overwhelming because I am probably the most lazy person at school tbh
  9. Hey! I am a big FE fan and I own all the 3ds games. Even though i am not good at them, I still enjoy playing them. I usually sit around all day so lol. I am going back to school next week, so yeah that's amazing. I probably won't post that often so don't expect much till June of next year. That is my introduction and I hope to enjoy this forum.
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