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  1. Hi again! This time, that might be a bug. At chapter 15X, there is an axe user with a Devil Axe. When he attacked my Gerwulf, (who had a hand axe) he took the damage that Gerwulf should have taken, witch isn’t odd, however, when Gerwulf counterattacked, Gerwulf’s HP went up to ?? and continued to go up. And as the battle continued as long as the HPs went up and that I didn’t want to know how long it would have taken to stop, I turned off the emulator. Still, this isn’t that big of a problem, as long as it happens on the first turn.
  2. Hi! I’ve downloaded the patch that was on your first post but there is no boss in chapter 11 and I cannot end the map. Did I download the wrong one? I really enjoy the hack, at least the first chapters. The map design, the characters and the story are great so I thank you for all the work you’ve done to make this game!
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